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Welcome to our Free Printable Fine Art and Paintings page. Every Friday, we’re sharing three digital painting reproductions from artists whose works are now in the public domain.

All of the paintings below are high-resolution JPG files which you can download and crop or resize as you like. As home printers can’t do justice to these paintings (they have limited color inks), we recommend getting these paintings printed in a professional print shop such as Office Depot, Staples, or Amazon.

Important Note: We do not charge for ANYTHING on this website, nor do we have the technology to collect credit card information. If you encounter a request for credit card information, it is not coming from us! There must be malware or a virus on your computer that is redirecting you.

If you missed last week’s fine art and paintings, you can find them in the VIP Patch under the Oil Paintings section.

How To Download free paintings

Please follow these simple steps for downloading this week’s paintings:

  1. Click on the image (it will open in a new window)
  2. Right click on the image in the new window.
  3. Select “Save As” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Save to your computer or thumb drive if you want to have it professionally printed.

Let us know in the comments what artists and works you’d like to see.

Joseph Farquharson: Sheep in the Snow

Painting of Joseph Farquharson – Sheep in the Snow

Christian Krohg: Braiding Her Hair

Painting of Christian Krohg - Braiding Her Hair

Claude Oscar Monet: La Grenouillere

Painting of Claude Oscar Monet – La Grenouillere

Paul Gauguin: Guitarist

Painting of Paul Gauguin - Guitarist

We’re currently digging!

Printables FAQ and Support

Thank you so much for your interest in our free printables! If you’re having any difficulties accessing or downloading our freebies, please visit our Printables FAQ and Support page.

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  1. I wonder if the trouble some people might be having is related to the platform they are using? I’ve had no trouble downloading the art prior to today’s Monet Waterlilies. I’m using Windows 11. The Monet wants to download as html! The rest downloaded as jpg. If I use the snipping tool on the Monet I end up with a much lower quality file. Hmmm, puzzling….

  2. These are a great resource. Unfortunately, when I click on the image, it says, “Oops! Page not found.”


  3. I’ve loved looking at the paintings you and Handan have selected for us each week. I’m with you. The Monet is nice but…….. Personally I like Matisse. Especially the ones with the cats. Find them whimsical and fun. But hey, isn’t that why it’s said that art is subjective? Keep up the good work.

  4. This is such a delicious idea; thank you so much for making it possible for folks to have beautiful artwork in our homes! I have shared the link to Fine Art Friday with my “Creating a Cozy Life–Hygge Style” group on Facebook as I know they love knowing about great ways to make their homes even more homey and reflective of their tastes. This Monet is one of my favorites and will appear on my bedroom wall very soon!

  5. Just a quick comment about copyright for art works: as I understand it, US copyright covers the life of the artist, plus 70 years after (some countries laws differ – up to 100 years after the death of the creator) so you can get caught out if the artist produced the work as a younger person then lived a long life. I got caught out by something painted when the artist was in his twenties, ca1918, but died in 1975. Copyright doesn’t expire until 2045! The Monets are safe though!

    1. I second Lisa K’s request. Starry Night by Van Gogh is my absolute favorite! My daughter scored a print at a thrift store and I’ve been trying to steal it from her for years.

  6. Fine Art Friday is fun! Please keep featuring a few obscure paintings each week along with the more recognizable works. I enjoy discovering something new.

    1. It’s fun, isn’t it? and no worries – since last year we built a great source library in our database and we’ll be sharing some amazing works from very well know to lesser known artists with you every Friday.

  7. Thank You Greg and Handan , for Fine Art Fridays!
    In this World of chaos and high-speed everything, I greatly appreciate these Fine Art Works which you have accessed and shared with us all. You have brought a bit of Old World Class to our lives, as much- or as little as one would choose.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Chris, each week we bring 3 new paintings into the Fine Art page and the previous three get moved into the VIP Patch. You can find Water Lilies there! 🙂

  8. Should be pretty clear to all what’s what, but the titles are from previous pieces. Thanks so much for putting these together for sharing. Amazing!

  9. Ummm… Greg… The titles for these current paintings are the left-over titles for the previous week’s paintings, I think… And so are the comments below the paintings… Maybe it’s just me?

  10. The titles don’t match the prints. At least for this weeks art works.
    Love them – I love water and nature scenes.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. Hi – everything downloaded except the Monet — the page not found error message kept populating — JUST KIDDING ! I read where you got 50 comments saying the same thing and you answered the same thing — it was funny. The reason I’m commenting, to say thank you for the blue pumpkin images — beautiful — and, I wish I could source this, but i just don’t remember where I saw it — maybe YouTube — but it’s a documentary about the horrendous lives of the workers in this one small town in China where they reproduce master’s paintings, and the focus of the doc is on this one man, who has several workers — they work horrible hours, for little pay, and painting and painting all day — he is a specialist in VanGough reproductions. He thought the paintings he made were being sold in a gallery in Arles, so he saved money for a year and made a trip there, only to discover to his horror, it was just a tourish shop and they were selling the paintings that they paid about $12 for, for $300 …. But, the reason for my comment, he stood there in VanGoughs spot where he painted starry night and the others, and he was amazed at the color of the night and the brightness of the stars. I think he was able to go inside the VG museum, where he was moved to tears. When he got home, he began painting his own subjects, and they were very good. It’s a fascinating docu. Sorry for the long comment, cheers, Patricia

  12. Love these. Saw Monet’s Water Lillies at the New Orleans Museum of Art 28 yrs ago! The asters are my favorite! Gorgeous

  13. Your paintings are beautiful. If you happen to find pictures of pine trees that are in the forest that have like a mist around them, or pine tree forests with snow? or maybe by a lake??? I would love to see winter scenes. Thanks!!

    1. I have a few winter scenes, some have mountains around a lake, some have snowy landscape. We’ll be posting them in October, just before winter.

  14. These are fun! And I like seeing Handan’s choices – broadens my exposure to artists I may not have yet experienced. I am your Halloween nightmare, Greg. I adore all the decorations featuring cute little children dressed up in their cute little costumes and their sweet little innocent faces. I’ll pass on the blood and severed body parts – there’s enough of that in the news every day. But, as my friend used to say, “that’s why God made chocolate and vanilla.” I hope this is an enduring feature of your blog. It’s really nice. Thanks for taking the trouble.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, it will endure! As for Halloween – we’ve softened over the years. You sure wouldn’t have like our first displays in CT back in the day, lol!

  15. I love a lot of the things you put out for free, and truly appreciate the hard work put into them. Glad to hear everyone is well after the accident. Appreciate every day as the gift it truly is

  16. So grateful you and Handan are both safe after your accident! Missing the progress updates on yournew house. Always love to see the wonderfully creative things you do.

  17. I’m thankful you and your wife are safe. For all that some folks love to mock NYC drivers, Floridians are by the far the most reckless and selfish drivers I have ever seen. Thanks for the lovely paintings.

  18. So glad all are ok! Makes anyone thankful and appreciate life all the more!
    On the subject of paintings, I would love it if you could get some
    Albert Bierstadt paintings. Storm in the Mountains and Storm in the Rocky Mountains are just 2 of my favorite!

  19. So very happy to hear everyone was okay after your accident!!
    I had a collection of beautiful frames I’ve been filling with the artwork you provide. Thank you!

  20. Hi Greg and Handan!
    So sorry to hear about your accident! Thank goodness you’re alright. Thank you for sharing the beautiful artwork to print. I love the ones you choose, many of them would look great framed in my home.

    1. No. Although the original works are not ours, I’ve done my own digital edits and restoration, so the resulting files are copyrighted by us. Thank you for asking.

  21. Greg,

    Thank you so much for these beautiful prints!

    My heart goes out to Handan and the loss of her mother. My sympathies to you and your family. Take care.


  22. As so many others have said – thank you for sharing these fine art pieces.
    I’m so sorry for you all with the death of Handan’s mother. It is a terrible club to join. Hugs from afar.

    1. Hi Kathleen, Robert William Wood’s paintings are copyrighted until the end of 2055. So we won’t be to share anything from him. But I’ll look into his style and will try to find similar paintings that are in public domain.

  23. I haved loved Monet for YEARS and similar paintings by other Impressionists. I FINALLY figured out why his paintings move me. Many of them have gorgeous sunlight in them. My small robin’s egg blue bathroom as 22 (some only 3×4″) Monet prints in it. It’s a great place to do art appreciation!

  24. In your video, you transformed dollar tree pumpkins into white pumpkins with beautiful blue flowers on them that were printed on tattoo paper. You said we could get them somewhere but I couldn’t understand you. I have poor hearing. Could you please let me know if they are still available? I would love to make some. Where do you get the tattoo paper and what brand? Thank you so very much. I love your channel and your humor. LOL Thank you, Dana

  25. What a fantastic initiative! Sharing high-resolution reproductions of fine art for free is a remarkable way to make art accessible to all. The selection this week, featuring Camille Pissarro, Claude Oscar Monet, and Martinus Rorbye, is a true treat. The step-by-step guide for downloading and printing makes it incredibly user-friendly. It’s reassuring to know there are no hidden charges, and the warning about potential malware is considerate. Your dedication to art and sharing it with the world is truly admirable. I’m excited to download and enjoy these magnificent pieces, and I eagerly anticipate more in the future. Thank you for spreading art’s beauty!

  26. Love the fine art. Thanks so much for this! My favorite artist is Georgia o’ keefe, Toulouse Or trec. Gustav I limit and Johannes Vermeer. My favorite contemporary artist is Francoise Nielly. She paints with a knife. Love her stuff, check her out. Thanks again!✌

  27. Happy Holidays Greg and Handan!🎄 I’m loving all your outdoor decorations and the whitewash on the the brick exterior. Beautiful! Missing the interior updates and looking forward to more.

  28. I noticed there were fewer comments. I always wait to move your email cause I enjoy reading the comments also. We still love your writing so don’t give up.

  29. This is a fantastic Fine Art Friday. I have loved The Ballet Class, and Degas since I was a child and loved seeing it come up in my email. Thank you!

  30. Have not been getting emails (probably my inter-mittent-net, grr!) BUT I do enjoy reading your blog and all the diy. Don’t lose heart Greg – is sky diving really that appealing??? Bought my other half a tandem sky dive voucher for his bday as he kept saying he’d like to do it. When he opened his gift card, all he could say was “Oh what have you got me into”. He loved it- I prefer staying inside a plane! Cheers and blessings for the festive season.

  31. Hi there! I was looking back through the email for a Fine Art Friday piece you posted…it was the one with the sheep in a pasture but I can’t seem to find it in any of the links! I checked the VIP Patch and couldn’t find it either. Any chance you could direct me to it? It’s the Fine Art Friday image found in the email sent out on Nov 10, 2023. Thanks so much!

  32. Thank you for all of this! I love everything you are doing here on your website 🙂 you are excellent! Found you today and I have enjoyed browsing your site.

    I re-discovered the artist Max Ernst, one of the main pioneers for the Dada and sureal movements. His artwork is very weird and interesting. Also, Mary-Kate and Ashley have an art/fashion brand on Instagram that is worth checking out. I feel like the twins are ahead of their time. Kinda like when you see fashion models that are wearing something you would never wear but it’s hard to look away. Lol

    1. Thank you, Cheyenne! I love Max Ernst, but his works are not yet in the public domain, so we can’t share them! I had no idea about the twins, lol!

  33. Re painting French doors: oh yes, Yes, YES! I have 2 sets I’ve been trying to ignore. Will try your foam roller technique, too. TYFS