Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

Best Father’s Day Gifts 2022

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These are the best Father’s Day gifts for 2022, compiled by a dad for dads! Ditch the kitsch and get him what he really wants!

Ok, lemme give it to you straight. Father’s Day is fast approaching, and dads all over the world are starting to sweat. With each passing day, the tension rises as sick anticipation churns the guts of a billion hapless schmucks who are about to receive one (or two or possibly three) gifts they simply don’t want, to celebrate a day they never asked for.

When did Father’s Day become a novelty joke of a day? Have you searched for “Father’s Day gifts” on Amazon? Page after page after page of kitschy crap that no man would want within a quarter mile of his property.

If you think your man wants socks, madam, you are grievously misinformed about his wants and desires.

And if you give him a “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt or coffee mug, please know that each sip from its porcelain rim will be swallowed with a painful grimace, and each time he wears it out in public, a small piece of his soul will wither and die.

Oh, sure, he’ll smile when given the offending token by a smiling and innocent child (you are the guilty one, madam!), and he’ll put on his best show of appreciation, but deep down inside, he’s weeping – weeping and wondering how the world evolved to the point that it celebrates His Day with Toilet Timers, “May the Forks Be With You” Aprons, Nut Samplers, Novelty Toilet Paper, and multi-tools that no one ever uses.

This year, I beseech you to break from the mold! Stray from the norm! Put down the daddy/daughter socks and rethink your FDG (Father’s Day Gift) strategy. You can spend as little or as much as you’d like (you can even DIY him a gift!), but please just get him something he’ll use for more than 5 minutes after receiving it.

What’s that?

Oh, you want me to give you some ideas? Little old me? Well, I’m tickled. Truly, I am!

Very well, I accept.

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

Here is my list of the 30 best Father’s Day gifts of 2022, compiled by a dad for a dad! Some of these products I own and love (I tell you which ones), and some I’m pining for (you better believe I’ll be pointing those out to anyone near me who may be curious). I’ve included a few wowzers in this list, too. Hey, he’s worth it, right? Isn’t he the same dad who once fought off an angry grizzly bear with his bare hands while hunting the Wild Wumpus of Western Wyoming?

Yeah, he’s worth it.

Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $30

1. Digital Meat Thermometer

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

Your man can’t become a certified Meat Master cooking with a timer, and he’ll never truly know the internal temperature by poking the poor hunk of beef with his finger or proclaiming he has some sort of Jedi-like ability to sense when the meat has been cooked to perfection. Nope, he needs an instant-read digital thermometer. The pros use them. He should too. I use mine nearly every night of the week!

Get Dad a digital thermometer here!

2. Plain Cotton Baseball Cap

blue baseball cap

Yes, plain. While there may be a time and a place for slogan hats, logo hats and picture hats, being a dad also brings the responsibility to carry one’s self as an independently-thinking human being, not a walking billboard for Bass Pro Shops or Adidas (nothing against either company – I love them both). I own the cap pictured above, but they come in all sorts of colors. Caps with words and pics are still good, but it might be time to throw something a little more restrained into the mix.

Get Dad a baseball cap in his favorite color here!

3. Meat Shredder Claws

meat claws

If Dad likes to barbecue, he’ll want some meat claws to help rip apart the chunk of flesh that spent the past 10 hours smoking on the grill. Somehow, I have two pairs of these. [Somehow? You have almost two of everything, my babes, because you never remember where you put things! 😂 -Handan]

Get Dad these meat claws here!

4. Slim Leather Wallet with RFID Blocking and ID Window

leather wallet

This is the best wallet I’ve found, and I’m really picky when it comes to wallets. I hate lugging around a big, bulky wad of leather and plastic, so I went on a crusade to find the best small wallet that could still fit more than two cards, a dollar bill and a fruit fly wing. This wallet can not only hold a ton (without bulking up), but it’s made of real leather, looks great, and still costs less than $15 – the same price I paid years ago for my first one! I’m on my second of these wallets, and I have a third in my desk drawer when the second eventually gets a little too old. Hey for $15, I don’t mind switching it out for a new one every 3 years!

Get Dad this beautiful, slim leather wallet!

5. The Bourbon Bartender

bourbon cocktail book

The two spirits that best define a man are whiskey and gin. Bourbon is having a bit of a renaissance right now, and if Dad is looking to jump into the game, he’ll want some cocktail recipes to kick things off.

Get Dad The Bourbon Bartender here!

6. Bristle-Free Grill Brush

grill scraper

I’d been using the same old-fashioned wire-bristle grill brush since 2013 until it finally gave up the ghost last week. My dad gave it to me when we bought our first house in Connecticut, and it served me well for nine years. The only downside to that brush was the need to be vigilant about rogue metal bristles that would slough off the brush-head and take up residence on the cooking grate. Swallowing one of those would be a real pain in the neck! Fortunately, my babes discovered a different kind of grill brush – one without bristles! It works beautifully, and I no longer have to worry about bristles in my bratwurst!

Get did this awesome bristle-free grill brush here!

7. Serbian Chef Knife

serbian chef knife

If you’ve ever seen those videos on social media of guys cooking beautiful meals in the forest or in a field, you’ve undoubtedly seen this knife in action. I bought this a couple of years ago as a photo prop for recipe posts, but after trying it out, it has replaced my two fancy Shun Ken Onion Chef and Santoku knives as my everyday, go-to knife. I paid $39 for this knife two years ago, so it’s a screaming deal at $20! For comparison, those discontinued Shun Ken Onion knives fetch about $1000 each on eBay.

Get Dad a super-cool-looking Serbian chef knife here!

8. Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener

A good knife needs a good blade. Help Dad keep his Serbian chef knife razor-sharp with this inexpensive knife sharpener.

Get Dad a knife sharpener here!

Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

9. Yeti Rambler 20-ounce Tumbler

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

Some like it hot, some like it cold, and others like to mix it up with both. I’m an iced man, myself, and this tumbler keeps the ice whole, not melted, on those long drives into civilization or when working outside in the hot Florida summer sun. Handan has one, too, and it keeps her coffee hot and toasty for as long as she needs while sipping at her desk.

Get Dad this Yeti Tumbler here!

10. Bee Habitat for Better Pollination

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

If Dad likes to garden or grow fruits and vegetables, he might really like this wood pollinator house. This bee management system is designed to attract only beneficial pollinators – not the swarming kind. As a bonus, it’s interactive, so Dad and the little humans can watch Mother Nature at work!

Get Dad this beneficial bee house here!

11. Fire TV Stick 4K

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

Okay, look, maybe Dad fell asleep under a rock 10 years ago and is just now waking up. Perfect! He’ll have no idea what streaming TV is, so imagine his pure joy when he receives this Amazon Fire Stick! Seriously though, if he (and by extension, you) don’t have a Fire Stick or something similar, boy-oh-boy are you missing out! We cut the cord almost a decade ago, and we’ve never once regretted it. And if you’re already a Prime member, this little device makes even more sense!

Get Dad this must-have Amazon Fire Stick 4K here!

12. Greatest Plays Coasters

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

For the Dad who just can’t get enough of those perfect plays by his favorite team! Each set of four coasters depicts the most memorable plays for the team selected, so the football nut known as “Dad” can relive the glory with each sip! The link below takes you to the Patriots set, but from there you can find the other teams.

Get Dad these Greatest Plays coasters here!

13. 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protection with Bluetooth Technology

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

This is one of the best gifts my babes ever got me. I use these on an almost daily basis. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming, running my woodworking equipment, sanding, hammering, the list goes on and on. They protect my ears from excessive noise while letting me listen to my favorite tunes. One of the best things I own!

Get Dad a pair of WorkTunes Connect here!

14. Kaito Emergency AM/FM Radio/Charger/Flashlight

Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 |

The weather’s wild out there – especially here in the Florida panhandle. With hurricane season underway, I’ve got my mind on emergency preparedness. If the electric grid goes offline, the only reliable sources of power (after the batteries die and the fuel runs out) will be the sun and my muscles. Give Dad a little peace of mind with this solar- and hand-crank-powered AM/FM radio, flashlight and charger.

Get Dad this emergency system here!

15. Instant Pot

instant pot fathers day gift

It’s become a classic and a kitchen staple for good reason! I’ve had one since 2015, and it’s one of the most versatile tools in my kitchen! If Dad’s into cooking, he’ll want one of these. From slow-cooking to pressure-cooking to low-temperature yogurt-making, this little wonder does it all!

Get Dad an Instant Pot here!

16. Jump Starter Battery Pack

jump starter dads day gift

I wouldn’t have a car without one. Handan got me one of these back in 2015, and it’s saved my bacon more than once (and I’ve helped several others, too). Mine is a big beast compared to how small they’re making them now. This really is a great investment, not only for Dad, but for any teens who drive and for yourself, too!

Get Dad a jump start booster here!

Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $200

17. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

dash cam father's day gift

If Dad gets into a fender-bender, it’ll be his word against the other jerk, who obviously is the guilty one. Help Dad prove he did no wrong with a dash cam. In this day and age, you can never be too careful.

Get Dad this handy dash cam here!

18. DeWalt Circular Saw

dewalt circular saw gift for fathers day 2022

The circular saw (along with the drill and impact driver) is one of cornerstones of any workshop. Like me, Dad may already have one of these, but if (like me), he’s almost qualified for AARP, he may want something a little lighter. This DeWalt is one of the lightest in its class, weighing only 8.8 pounds. My arm hurts just thinking about the saw I currently have!

Get Dad this lightweight circular saw here!

19. Miko Foot Massager

foot massager

Yes, Dad enjoys a good foot massage after a long day of wrestling crocodiles and dancing with pit vipers. When he comes home, battered and torn, he’d like nothing more than to stick his barking dogs into a heated foot massager and quaff a cold one!

Get Dad some foot relief here!

20. Pegboard Organizer


Look, Dad’s got a full plate, what with building bridges left-handed (it’s the only way he can be satisfied – building them right-handed is too easy), negotiating Middle East peace treaties in his underwear, signing extra-large business deals in crayon and generally engaging in Matters of Great Importance. It’s just possible that he may find it difficult to keep the garage neat and tidy. Help him help himself with this handy pegboard organizer, and you’ll never have to look at another wayward screwdriver again!

Get Dad this efficient pegboard organizer here!

21. Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker

bose soundlink best fathers day gifts 2022

I still have the first generation Bose SoundLink that I bought back in 2009, and I still use it all the time in my workshop. It sounds just as good today as the day I bought it. Word has it this Bose SoundLink Flex has sound that puts mine to shame! Oh, and did I mention it’s waterproof? If Dad likes to take his tunes with him, no matter the weather or the conditions, this is the portable speaker for him!

Get Dad this amazing Bose portable speaker here!

22. Blink Outdoor Wireless Weather-Proof HD Security Cameras

blink camera best father's day gifts 2022

Let’s face it, the world we live in now, is not the world we grew up in. Crime is up and the need for vigilance is up in lockstep. These three cameras offer an affordable way for Dad to monitor your surroundings without the need for hardwiring. The batteries are good for two years, and the cameras can be monitored and controlled via Dad’s smartphone. I’m looking into these same cameras for our house here in Florida. (Also comes in 1-, 2-, and 5-packs)

Get Dad this security camera 3-pack here!

23. Smart Weather Station

best father's day gifts 2022 weather station

If Dad’s into weather, he’ll love his very own weather station! The wireless all-in-one sensor array measures wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV and solar radiation, and Dad can follow along on the included display or his smartphone!

Get Dad this wonderful weather station here!

24. Apple AirPods Pro

apple airpods best dad gifts

C’mon, everyone has them! Don’t make Dad be the caveman of the neighborhood and the doofus about town with his antediluvian corded earbuds!

Get Dad these AirPods here!

Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $300

25. Outdoor Patio Cooler with Wheels

patio cooler

Summertime? Check. Patio? Check. Rolling cooler? No? Well, Dad’s life just isn’t complete without a place to park a few cold ones while he and the family are outside enjoying the summer!

Get Dad this rolling patio cooler here!

26. DeWalt 20V Max XR Cordless Brushless Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit

dewalt combo kit

As I previously mentioned, the drill and impact driver are two cornerstones of every workshop. If Dad is just starting out in DIY or maybe just looking to upgrade, why not get him the best? These are DeWalt’s most powerful, lightest and most efficient drill and impact driver, and they will probably last long enough to be passed down to the little hammer monkeys when Dad hangs up his tool belt.

Get Dad this powerful drill/impact driver combo kit here!

27. Blackstone 28″ Outdoor Griddle

blackstone griddle

Griddle Nation is on the rise. Did you know? Don’t let Dad miss out on this hot new trend. Heck, even I have one now – a slighter larger version of the one pictured above. It’s a wonderful addition to any patio, deck or outdoor kitchen, and Dad will love cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all the hungry mouths in the household!

Get Dad this sizzling outdoor griddle here!

Splurge Gifts For the Dad Who Has No Equal

28. BenQ Short Throw Projector

projector best fathers day gifts

Besides it’s incredible picture quality (BenQ is a well-known and highly-regarded name in professional photography circles for making color-accurate computer monitors used by the top pros), this projector has the astounding capability of projecting a 100-inch screen from only 3 feet away! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Get Dad this unparalleled projector here!

29. Breville BES870XL Barista Espresso Machine

breville espresso maker

If Dad loves coffee, then he’ll be over the moon when he unwraps this beauty. I’ve had this same model since 2015, and it has been an absolute joy. And that’s how good it is – it’s still the same model after all these years! Of all my tools, this is easily the most used – several times a day for 7 years! I wasted so much money at Starbucks before investing in this machine, and it has been a real game-changer. Not only are my lattes and cappuccinos better than Starbucks, but a quick calculation tells me I’ve saved about $25,000 over 7 years by making my own coffee creations instead of paying the daily Starbucks toll (I included Handan in that calculation).

Get Dad this incredible espresso machine here!

30. Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

traeger smoker

Dad likes to grill, but how’s his smoking game? I used to do a lot more smoking than I do today, because I just don’t have the time to tend to the fire like it needs to be tended. Today’s pellet smokers (like this Traeger), can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, and don’t require the constant fussing of charcoal and wood smoking. Someday, I’ll get one of these, because I sure do miss making barbecue! Any Dad in America would be thrilled to receive one of these beauties.

Get Dad this convenient pellet smoker here!


Hey, and if you get one of the gifts above or any other gift for dear old Dad, why not tag it with one of our free printable gift tags? Just click the button below for an instant download – no need to visit The VIP Patch!

Best Father's Day Gifts - TNP
Best Father's Day Gifts - TNP

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Keep up the tremendous work!

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  3. Great list; thanx for all of your hard work. Faves on my honey’s list include Grateful Dead tie dyed T shirts from Liquid Blue and gift cards to a local music/book store so he can choose his music!