DIY Snowflake Wreath by

DIY Snowflake Wreath

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We all have our own first reaction to snow. Mine is forever shrouded in the pre-history of the early 70s – a time so fundamentally different than today, that it may as well be depicted by hieroglyphs carved into living stone. But it probably involved a lot of running and whooping and behavior closely resembling a family pet.

As told to me by my babes, Baris’s first encounter with snow was markedly different.

He was suspicious of the stuff. Who knew what it contained and where it came from!

DIY Snowflake Wreath by

He eyeballed it warily as his mother held him above a snow-covered Kazakh park. He began to suspect two things at that moment:

  1. The woman named Mom who held him above this frozen wasteland would need to be watched closely, and
  2. There was more to life than milk and diapers. Much more.

As my babes lowered his little body down towards the pillowy white snow, Baris’s legs seemed to be magnetically repelled by the hideous white stuff. His torso continued on a downward trajectory, but his feet and legs hovered safely above the frigid scene below him.

DIY Snowflake Wreath by

Something had to give. He was flexible, sure, but he was no gymnast! At some point physics would take over, and he, along with his diapered rump and chubby legs, would be plunged into what could only be described as certain white death!

His big eyes went wide as the full extent of his impending doom became clear to his inchoate 1-year-old brain.

His rear end settled into the snow-covered grass just as his legs came to rest in front of him. He regarded his feet, then took in his surroundings and then glanced up at the traitor who had placed him in this predicament. Tears welled in his eyes and his lips began to quiver…


DIY Snowflake Wreath by

We may love or loathe a snow-covered landscape and the temperatures that make it possible, but I think we can all agree that the singular snowflake is above reproach.

No two are alike, and we adore them all in their infinite perfection.

In my last post, I showed how to make a light-up snowflake with resplendent colors, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, just as not everyone swoons over a snow-covered hill.

But I think this week’s snowflake will resonate more broadly. This DIY snowflake wreath has a classy elegance that should appeal to almost everyone.

So enough of my jawboning. Let’s get making!

materials for snowflake wreath

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DIY Snowflake Wreath VIDEO Tutorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our snowflake wreath before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

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DIY Snowflake Wreath Tutorial

Step 1 – Make 6 bunches

Lay a pine and pinecone branch on a table, then fan out the stems of a red frosted berry spray and place it on the branch.

man making a snowflake wreath
pine branch with berry spray on top

Place a pine pick on the branch so the branch sticks up above the pick.

faux stems for a wreath

Nestle a faceted berry spray into the pine pick and fan out its branches.

man making a snowflake wreath
man making a snowflake wreath

Zip tie the bundle just above the first branches to keep the tie from showing.

man making a snowflake wreath

Repeat this until you have 6 bundles.

Step 2 – Prepare the foam

foam floral disks

You’ll need to excavate 6 channels on each foam disk. I started with a ruler to get the lines in the right spot.

man making a christmas wreath

I used a wood dowel to make the gouges bigger, but they still weren’t big enough to accommodate the bundles.

man gouging foam for a wreath

I finally got the channels deep and wide enough with a fat Sharpie marker. An X-acto knife would probably be easier for this step!

man making a wreath

Step 3 – Trim the bundles

Trim the bundles with a wire cutter until about 2-3 inches of each stem remains.

man cutting stems of faux greenery
man holding a bundle of faux greenery

Step 4 – Glue the bundles

Add hot glue to one of the channels, and then lay one of the bundles in and press down until the glue hardens.

man gluing florals to a foam disk
man gluing florals to a foam disk

Repeat this with the other bundles.

man making a floral snowflake wreath
man making a floral snowflake wreath

Slather hot glue in the channels of the second disk and everywhere else and then glue it on top of the first one.

man making a floral snowflake wreath
man making a floral snowflake wreath

Step 5 – Fill in the wreath

Pull a bunch of needle clusters from one of the spare pine branches and insert them around the edge of the exposed foam disk.

man holding faux pine boughs

I first punctured the foam at an angle with a small stick, then I added a drop of hot glue and inserted the pine.

man making a pine snowflake wreath
man making a pine snowflake wreath
man making a pine snowflake wreath

Just keep poking and sticking until you’ve filled the foam.

man making a pine snowflake wreath

Stick a faceted berry spray into the edge of the foam disk between each bundle. Make a pilot hole with a wooden skewer or small dowel.

man making a pine snowflake wreath

Next, trim the end off the faceted berry spray…

man making a pine snowflake wreath

Squirt in some hot glue…

man making a pine snowflake wreath

Then jam that sparkly sucker right up in there!

man making a pine snowflake wreath

After the six faceted sprays, fill the center with small pinecones. Maybe start with a larger one in the middle…

man making a pine snowflake wreath
man making a pine snowflake wreath

And then surround it with smaller ones.

man making a pine snowflake wreath

For a final pop of color, cut the little stems from a red frosted berry spray and stick them around the pinecones.

man making a pine snowflake wreath
man making a pine snowflake wreath

Step 6 – Add lights!

It just wouldn’t be a Navage Patch wreath if it didn’t have lights! Add 3 strands of remote-controlled fairy lights and hide the control boxes behind the greenery.

man adding fairy lights to a pine snowflake wreath

Phew! Alright, let’s have a look at this beauty!

DIY Snowflake Wreath by

I love the faceted berry sprays.

DIY Snowflake Wreath by
DIY Snowflake Wreath by

It looks great during the day, but it really comes alive when the sun sets!

DIY Snowflake Wreath by
DIY Snowflake Wreath by

If you like our snowflake wreath, please drop us a comment below and let us know!

DIY Snowflake Wreath by
DIY Snowflake Wreath by

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  1. This is beautiful! I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas. I’m creatively challenged, but I’m good at copying!

  2. OMGosh, this is awesome!! I was just thinking we need a redo for our door wreath and this fits the bill. Love the snowflake shape.

    You guys rawk! 🤩

      1. Beautiful! Love this wreath. I’m looking forward to making a couple of these. Your instructions are so clear and the photos helpful. Your posts are the best! Thank you.

  3. What a beautiful alternative to the traditional Christmas wreath. Please let us know what you used, and how you attached, the hanging mechanism. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! I’ll have to keep this in mind for next year when the holiday floral picks are more plentiful. Well done!