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Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner

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This farmhouse Christmas banner is a simple and beautiful DIY made from Dollar Tree letters and burlap ribbon.

Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in real farmhouses around the holidays.

You know, the houses that sit on land where corn grows and cocks crow, where cows moo and pigs…poo?

Surely, the farmers and farmer-families in their farmhouses are aware that their way of life (minus the back-breaking work) has been hijacked and exploited for financial gain by companies run by men with soft hands and hard hearts.

So I wonder, do the real farmhouse inhabitants actually decorate according to what we’ve been force-fed by Big Retail and that Texas couple as “farmhouse style?”

Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com

I like to think that the real farm families are having a good laugh at all of us still chasing the farmhouse dream. I like to imagine they sit on black-leather-and-chrome sofas as they gaze at modern art hanging on their walls while chefs whip up an Asian fusion dinners in their sleek and ultra-modern kitchens.

Oh, I could be wrong. It’s happened a time or three in the past. It’s just what I like to imagine.

Back in the non-farmhouse real world, we’re still trying to out-farmhouse each other. I keep expecting Target or Walmart to come out with the Farmer Brown fashion line with pre-faded denim overalls and faux-muck muck boots. I’m sure it’d be a big hit!

Maybe International Harvester could come out with a road-legal tractor that we could all zip around town in – you know the ones with the the huge back wheels and two little dinky ones in front?

It doesn’t get more farmhouse than that!

Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com

Anyway, we’re still happy to do our part for the Non-Farmer Farmhouse Cause, so this Christmas season, my babes decided it was a fine time for me to snatch up another package (or three) of Dollar Tree wood letters so I could make her a super-duper authentic-farmhouse Christmas banner.

You could make this farmhouse beauty on burlap fabric, but we decided to dial-up the farmhouseyness by scoring some black-bordered jute webbing from Amazon. The only way this thing gets more farmhouse is if a galvanized steel chicken wears it as a necklace.

Now that’s farmhouse!

Actually, there is a way to make it even more farmhouse, but then you’d lose the red Christmassy colors. Dollar Tree also sells galvanized letters, and if you’re brave enough to make a Christmas banner from those, then you’re hardcore farmhouse. You’ve got cow’s milk running through your veins and hay sprouting from your head.

We wanted to keep it a little Christmassy and have some red, so we went with the wood letters which we painted with glitter paint (so not farmhouse, I know, but needs must, madam, needs must).

Okay, enough of my pointless and non-sensical yapping. Let’s make a farmhouse Christmas banner!


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Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com

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Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our super easy farmhouse Christmas banner before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.


I first dug through the 3 packs of letters and extracted the ones I needed.

wood letters from dollar tree on a table

Then I brought them out to my spray tent and gave them a few coats of glitter red spray paint.

man holding a can of red glitter spray paint

There’s been an alarming uptick in glitter-usage in my life these past few weeks, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. There’s this farmhouse Christmas banner, those Harry Potter wands I made with glitter glue sticks, and there’s another Christmas project coming up involving glitter that I think you guys are going to love.

Once you cross into glitter territory, there’s no turning back.

This glitter paint is an odd bird. When I first sprayed it, I could swear it was just clear goo with some glistening red stuff in it. But after a few coats, actual red appeared on the letters and gave a beautiful, rich and sparkly finish.

red letters and burlap ribbon on a table

I cut off a piece of webbing about 5 1/4 inches long.

man cutting burlap ribbon with scissors

Then I folded the webbing in half the long way.

man folding a piece of burlap ribbon in half

Starting at the folded-over corners and working towards the middle, I cut at about a 30 degree angle.

man cutting ribbon with scissors

This is the shape I was looking for.

man holding a piece of burlap ribbon

Next, I folded over about 1/2 inch of the top.

man folding over the top of a piece of burlap ribbon

And then I creased it with my fingers.

man folding over the top of a piece of burlap ribbon

I put hot glue on the back of the first letter.

man putting hot glue on the back of a wood letter

Then I placed the letter in the center of the jute webbing.

Man gluing a red letter onto burlap ribbon

First letter done, 13 letters to go.

man holding a piece of burlap ribbon with a red letter m glued to it

I repeated these steps for the remaining letters.

merry christmas spelled out with red letters on burlap ribbon

Next, I ran a line of hot glue along the top back edge.

man gluing burlap ribbon over on itself

And then I folded the flap over and glued it in place.

man gluing burlap ribbon over on itself

Once I had done this to all the letters, I handed them over to my babes so she could weave a black ribbon through all the letters. And with that, our easy farmhouse Christmas banner was finished.

Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com
Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com
Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com
Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com
Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com
Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com
Easy Farmhouse Christmas Banner - TheNavagePatch.com

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  1. Thank you Greg! This is so cute and absolutely perfect. It truly will be a treasured addition to our handcrafted Farmhouse Christmas displays. Simple and fabulous!!!!

  2. LOL – I live in a farmhouse – I laughed at a meme I saw – something about real farmhouses would/could not have white!
    And have you seen the women’s line in Target? – Prairie styles!
    Love the banner – going to find that ribbon today – might go with something other than glitter, because in a real farmhouse we like to “steer” away from creating messes…

    1. Awesome! I knew we had some real farmhousers here! I can’t believe Target has prairie style…I will look for it next time we’re there. I hear you on the glitter mess, but I will say the glitter spray paint isn’t messy, and the letters don’t shed, so keep it as an option! (Good pun though) 🙂

  3. I’m beginning to think I only look at your blogs to enjoy your creative writings! Of course your craft ideas are a bonus!
    Thanks for the good laugh today!

  4. I grew up on a working farm, I guess there really is no other kind of farm. I get a chuckle out of the “farmhouse”craze, like you do. And, yes, pigs do . . . poo.
    I like your crafts. But I love your wit and sense of humor.
    I always have a simple Christmas craft ready for after Thanksgiving dinner, and I think I just found this years. Nothing like last minute.
    Thanks for the craft and the laughs.

    1. I love hearing from you guys who are actual farmers! I suspected you snort and laugh at the whole “farmhouse” thing. I’m happy we gave you some last minute inspiration! 🙂

  5. That is so cute!! Love it! And love you guys!! Still craftin’ even though you live in a small apt!! We are in the process of moving to Florida as well-and realized that some of the Christmas Decor doesn’t really work here!! I will definitely make that banner for sure!!

  6. Totally understand the need for glitter. My phone case has glitter in it and just cracked slightly slowly leaving a tiny bit of glitter wherever it goes. Of course glitter on the car console…makes me smile every time I see it. Great craft and glad you went with the glitter.

  7. Yes I am laughing! I live in the country on an acreage. When my husband was alive we had chickens, pigs, cows and horses. He grew up on a farm😁. I love your blogs. I also love the crafts❣️ Keep them coming and may you and your loved ones have fun and cozy holidays.

  8. Loved your garland. Two years ago I scored a bolt of the jute burlap ribbon with green stripes at a discount store. I added lots of different wreathes and bows to a fish-tail cut piece like yours and made ornaments with them. I used jute and baker’s twine to thread through the tops to hang. I was very pleased with myself for using up a bit of my stash of ribbons, jingle bells, green pipe cleaners, etc. They made great package tie-ons, too. For this year’s batch, I added alder bush “pine” cones dry brushed with white; my poor SO NEVER knows when he is gonna be TOLD (I mean encouraged!) to pull over to the side of road so I can harvest some more!.