Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by

Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath

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This beautiful moss & mushroom spring wreath is so easy to make! Let your creativity flow with this magical light-up wreath!

My babes has been yammering on for months about making a wreath with little light-up mushrooms.


Because apparently mushrooms are a thing.

Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by

But not just mushrooms, which she keeps telling me are hot right now (like how on trend is a fungus ever going to be??) Nope, not just mushrooms – she also wants moss with her ‘shrooms.

Now look, I’m a fun guy, pretty easy going…I can mold myself to fit the situation, but this wreath of hers was starting to sound like some deranged hippie pizza you might find in California – the land where pizza went to die. Walk past any cemetery from San Diego to San Francisco, and you’ll hear the Italian residents tumbling in their coffins. They’ll remain that way until broccoli and avocado are officially banned as pizza toppings.

Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by

Anyway, back to the Cali pizza wreath. When my babes gets a bee in her bonnet like this, it usually means she’s onto something. I’ve seen her intuition at work enough times to know it’s not something to be truffled with.

So even though I’m up to my elbows in manly outdoor work involving power tools, large timbers and possibly grizzly bears, I agreed to step back inside and take up the hot glue gun once more. I’ve had a nice break from crafting, but it’s time to get back in the saddle and make a moss & mushroom spring wreath for my babes.

She’s been asking for it, so she’s gonna get it. Just one fun guy making fungi for his babes.

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Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath VIDEO TuTorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our DIY moss & mushroom spring wreath before you read the detailed tutorial.

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Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath Tutorial

Step 1 – Make mushroom caps

For this step, it helps if you have some kind of small curved surface. I tried small paint palettes from Dollar Tree but found a DT incense holder worked even better. You’re trying to make little mushroom caps from hot glue – each one 1/4″ to 3/4″ in diameter, so anything you can find with a curved surface that hot glue won’t stick to will work.

man holding an incense holder

If you do happen to come across an incense holder like I’m holding in the picture above, be sure to close that little hole with some super glue, or it will want to blow an air bubble in your hot glue.

I found the mushroom caps were even easier to remove if I rubbed the incense holder with Bees Wax sprayed onto a paper towel, but any cooking oil, Vaseline or furniture wax/polish would also work.

man rubbing wax on the tip of an incense holder

To make the mushroom caps, I squeezed a bit of hot glue onto the top of the cone, spread it around a bit with the tip of the glue gun and then let it harden for about a minute or so.

man making mushroom caps with hot glue
man making mushroom caps from hot glue

I used tweezers to peel the cap from the incense holder. Fingers work, too, but mine are fat and clumsy, so tweezers worked better for me!

man pulling a hot glue mushroom cap from an incense holder

And here’s a beautiful mushroom cap!

man holding a hot glue mushroom cap
man holding a hot glue mushroom cap

I used 24 mushroom caps for my spring wreath, but you can use as many or as few as you’d like. I actually started with just a few, but Handan loved them so much, she kept asking me to add more and more and more!

Step 2 – Wrap the lights

man holding string lights

The 8-foot strand of lights wrapped nicely around the wreath 11 times. See? I made an easy wreath even easier!

man wrapping fairy lights around a wreath form

Step 3 – Add the moss

Here’s the creative part! Pour yourself a coffee (or tea, if you swing that way), and settle into your artistic self.

man holding a pack of preserved moss

Don’t worry! This kind of art doesn’t take skill or talent – just let the fungus flow from your eyes to your fingers and start gluing moss here and there around the wreath form.

man gluing moss to a wreath form
man gluing moss to a wreath form

There’s no right or wrong with this part. If you want a moss wreath made from a single color – go for it! I like a mix of color and texture, so I used a big pack of the greens stuff shown above, plus two smaller packs of mixed mosses.

man gluing moss to a wreath form

I used some faux greens we had on hand to add new elements of color, texture and interest.

man gluing moss to a wreath form

Handan also let me cannibalize some moss from this old classic that we still carry around with us – that’s how excited she was getting watching my progress!

man gluing moss to a wreath form

When I felt I had enough moss, I started adding mushrooms. And this is why we used firecracker string lights for this moss & mushroom spring wreath – each LED light juts up from the main wire on its own little wire. In other words, each light on this strand is a potential mushroom stem. All it needs is a little cap.

Step 4 – Pop a cap

There are 200 lights on the firecracker string light strand, and I covered 24 of them with caps. How many mushrooms you make will be up to you.

There are two methods, each is equally easy, and each works just as well. Either put a dab of glue on the LED light and stick a cap on top, or put a tiny dab in the middle of the cap and stick it on a light. I used both methods.

man gluing hot glue mushrooms onto a moss wreath
man gluing hot glue mushrooms onto a moss wreath

Let’s change perspective for a moment and see how this wreath comes alive!

diy moss & mushroom spring wreath

It’s like a mini ecosystem or a fairy garden!

Now let’s take a look at our moss & mushroom spring wreath hanging on our front door. It looks great during the daylight hours…

Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by

But it really comes alive once the sun dips low!

Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by
Moss & Mushroom Spring Wreath by

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  1. Love it! So unique and different which is right up my alley! I also love the arrangements on each side of the door. Where did you get the glass egg containers for those?

  2. This is awesome! Just love the moss and lights and everything else. Gonna start collecting supplies. Happy spring!

  3. Really cute!
    I think it would also be sweet as a table decoration in a runner form for Easter. Just add some little bunnies or chicks! Or on your patio table with some woodland creatures and a bonsai tree in the center! OMG you’ve created a monster!!

  4. This wreath is AWESOME! Love it.. so cute and so simple. Running out and getting supplies tonight! Thank you as always for your cute ideas.

  5. OMG!!! ITS AWESOME!!! I just love mushrooms…We made cement mushrooms for my flower beds back 13 yrs ago and still have them…Im gonna have to make one of these wreaths…tysvm for sharing!!

  6. Love it! Iโ€™m a long term fun guy and little spores have always had a place it my heart โค๏ธ If itโ€™s got a shroom on it, Iโ€™m gonna love it! You can also make the mushroom caps from translucent Sculpie, which allows you to add some subtle color if you wanted, too! (You should definitely experiment with translucent sculpie – itโ€™s great for so many crafts!) Or make slightly bigger mushrooms, or more detailed caps. I love the fake moss hanging in the centre. Nice little touch! The US Wreath strikes again!

    1. Jay, I’ve never heard of translucent Sculpie, but I’m damn sure gonna check it out, so thanks for the tip! And yes, The Wreath never dies, lol!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath!!! Thank you for sharing how you made it! I’m going to try to create one. You are full of such ingenious ideas!!! Could you also do a tutorial on the planters with the glass eggs at either side of your door? They look amazing too! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

  8. My husband and I made a set of these for our front door and love them! Thank you so much for sharing!