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Amazing FREE Vintage Botanical Prints

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These gorgeous FREE Vintage Botanical Prints by famed natural history illustrator Adolphe Millot are perfect for a farmhouse gallery wall!

Handan and I are big fans of Cavallini & Company. They’ve spent years amassing a huge collection of beautiful vintage illustrations and prints that they sell from their San Francisco headquarters.

There’s just one problem.

It’s the word “sell.”

Handan and I love their offerings, but we’ve never been a fan of shelling out good money for something we can make (or in this case, print) for ourselves.

With most printed vintage things, there’s usually no need to pay for it…if you know the right places to look.

And folks, Handan can always find the right place.

Free Printable Vintage Botanical Prints - TNP

So after some digital sleuthing, Handan uncovered a treasure trove of vintage botanical prints by famed 19th/20th century French natural history illustrator Adolphe Millot.

These are the very same vintage botanical prints sold by Cavallini, but theirs differ, say, in the color of one carrot or in the placement of one flower. Just as we do with all of our free vintage printables, they also make some digital alterations to the original illustrations. These changes go unnoticed by most, but they are enough to copyright their prints, which helps them hunt down those who infringe upon their copyright.

Handan and I wanted to share with you the true Millot works, sourced from several antique encyclopedias and books and presented almost in their original form. We resized our free vintage botanical prints to fit a 24×36 inch frame and we made some slight alterations and color enhancements to the original encyclopedia scans, so they would print out perfectly on a commercial printer or a home printer.

Note also that Cavallini sells a vintage poster kit that includes two pieces of dowel, some adhesive and string for those who don’t DIY. For those who like DIYing, just last week, we showed you how to make a better magnetic poster hanger for under $3! If you make a whole bunch of them, that cost goes even lower! But if you prefer ready-made kits, you can buy some Cavallini poster kits to hang these beautiful vintage Adolphe Millot posters.

So here is our summer gift to you – gorgeous free vintage botanical prints and super easy and cheap DIY magnetic poster hangers to display them!

There’s no reason you shouldn’t have the best farmhouse gallery wall in your neighborhood!

There’s no reason your house shouldn’t be the Talk of the Block!

Go now and start printing!

Floral Set – 6 Vintage Botanical Prints

We love to see our printables out in the wild! If you display our free printables in your home or use our free SVGs in your projects, and take a picture and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

Vegetable Set – 4 Vintage Botanical Prints

I love these the most – probably because I’m the Chef of the Patch. And yes, we know that mushrooms are neither fruit nor vegetable, but we didn’t want to create and extra category for Fungus! 🙂

Tree Set – 4 Vintage Botanical Prints


All these vintage botanical prints are designed to fit 24×36 inch frames. But you already know that 24×36 inch scales down easily to 20×30 / 16×24 / 12×18 / 8×12 / 4×6 inches with no problems. If you need help with scaling down these printables so you can print them using your home printer, then make sure you check out Handan’s “How To Easily Resize Pictures” post.

Note:  If you don’t have a large format printer like the Canon i8720 Printer (prints up to 13×19 inches) and are wondering the best place to get these large printables printed bigger than 8×12, we recommend trying Staples in your area or Amazon print shop. Both stores offer custom-sized prints on matte or glossy paper, and they both cost about the same. Staples also offers Engineering Prints, which are really affordable for large-format prints, but in some areas (like ours), they must be ordered from their online print shop.

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download today’s free vintage botanical prints – they are all in the Vintage Illustrations section of The VIP Patch.

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Free Printable Vintage Botanical Prints - TNP

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  1. You are my heroes!!!! Love Cavallini! Question: What is the missing printshop in the directions? It only shows Amazon. T’you!

    1. Your adblocker is wrecking my post again, Derry, lol! You’ll have to turn it off, and then you’ll see all the links properly. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these guys!! I love them and will find many ways to enjoy them!! I love all thing botanical!!!! Thanks again and have a WONDERFUL day!!!

  3. Hey Greg, maybe there should be a section where you enter your email so it knows that you are already subscribed? That way you don’t have to enter it as a new subscriber and end up with many duplicate emails. How do I get access without joining the email list yet again? I love the prints, not sure I will print them but like to keep my options open. Thanks.

  4. So frustrated, here it is again I click on the email come to your site and no place to put the password smh why? I have to keep registering for it to send me the password which I have then it gives the place to put the password in ): I am using my Google not Firefox which usually has issues with sites so don’t know why.

    1. I have the same issue, except it never gives me a place to put the pw.. is it bcuz I’m viewing from my cellphone?

  5. Hey Greg! Can I clone you? I am a new subscriber and having a blast. Two questions: On the video for the alcohol paint wall and light switch plates, does it work for both metal and plastic plates? Does it work on porcelain?
    Could you also email me the instructions on entering a password without having to subscribe each time you want to download?
    Thanks Dude! Blessings from Port Huron, Michigan, an international border.

    1. Hi Susie! Yes, you can clone me, providing you make two – one for you and one for me! Alcohol ink would work on any non-porous surface. As long as the metal has been painted white, it should work. Ditto for porcelain. I will get those instructions out to you now. Say hi to Canada for me!

  6. God love you. Your husband is hilarious. The jokes need some work. Hanging cages came out terrific. Laught though the whole story. God Bless you both?

  7. please send me the instructions to download a print without subscribing every time.
    I have already signed up and have my password.

    1. Hi Dixie, you don’t need to subscribe every time. The password you were sent is the one you will use. From time to time, we reset the password, but the current password is always written at the top of the emails we send out.

  8. Hi! I love your sharing! But I get trouble in receiving email and the code after entering name and email address. TuT

    1. Of course you can! I see that you subscribed to our email list. You’ll be receiving an email with instructions on how to access the VIP Patch & our free printables. Please let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

  9. You know – I NEVER comment on posts (not sure why ?) but I just have to tell you that I have enjoyed all your posts for some time now! Your story, your sweet relationship, your wonderful humor ?, and – of course – ALL your wonderful DIY’s and printables bring a lot of joy to many people … and I wanted to thank you!! Welcome to the south (it’s awfully hot this summer, I know) and when you decide to take a road trip, come visit Auburn, Alabama!

    1. Hi Deb! I’m sure glad you commented! Thank you so much for your compliment and for your Southern welcome! You’re not kidding about the heat, lol. I get soaked just stepping outside for a few minutes these days. 🙂

  10. Hello,

    Love your site, but am always struggling with where to put the password to gain access to print. Can you help direct me as to what I am doing wrong. Your site is my favorite go to for all your info, such a variety of knowledge from you two.

    Thank you!


  11. You guys are so kind and generous!! Thank you for these lovely posters, oh my gosh, they are perfect for our home. I’m new to your site but see myself as a dedicated visitor. I very much like the crafts, woodworking, etc that you have shared with your readers. Make it the best day.

  12. You forgot to photoshop out the text under your website link on several of the posters…Im assuming that is the original publisher name or book which it is from. (Mushrooms and the trees And some others…). While using public domain images can be alright, removing the original credits is actually not…

    1. Ana, it only takes you back to put the password again if you don’t enter the password correctly. Check the password from our last email we sent you and enter it correctly with punctuations and everything.

  13. Love these! Trying to access, but hitting “subscribe” doesn’t bring me to any form – just the freebies page. I know I’ve subscribed in the past, but don’t have the most current password. Help?! Thanks!