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Free Fall SVGs & Cricut Joy Giveaway

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Our Free Fall SVGs are ready for cool weather and pumpkin spice…are you? Don’t forget to enter the drawing to win a Cricut Joy!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve hit you guys with new free printables or SVGs, but the wait is over. We’re back, baby!

But boy-oh-boy, have we been busy! I think we accomplished more in the last few months than in any other 3-month stretch since this blog began. Makeovers and projects galore! I’m still catching up on writing some of them, but you’ll see everything in due time.

Now back to those SVGs…

Free Fall SVGs -

Actually, the SVGs can wait a second while I make a few observations.

Okay, so as I sit here and write this, it is the morning of August 5, 2021. Now, in my understanding, this date was, is, and always shall be the height of summer. These are the hazy days of August that, when I was young, I spent walking through shallow creeks or wading out into silty-bottom ponds with a fishing pole in my hands and old sneakers on my feet. August was the month when summer really hit its stride.

Time slowed down.

Colors warmed up.

And the droning call of cicadas became the backdrop to days spent fishing and swimming and just being.

August was the most bittersweet month – like 31 Sundays – each moment all the more poignant because the specter of school hung just out of reach in September.

September, madam!

September was when school started!

And when school starts, summer dies.

And when summer dies, fall rises to take its place.

Free Fall SVGs -

Well, just yesterday afternoon, as Baris and I headed out towards Home Depot, a big, yellow school bus turned into our subdivision. I stared through the windshield in shock and horror.

I saw little heads framed by green vinyl seats.

“Boy,” I said, turning to Baris, “when did you start school last year?”

“Ummmm, I think it was August twelfth,” he said.

I looked at my watch to confirm the date.

August 4th.

“Those monsters,” I whispered to myself, “they’ve stolen summer.”

So here in north Georgia, summer is officially dead.

But I’m no longer that carefree kid with a fishing pole in one hand and the handlebars of a bike in the other. And summer no longer holds the magic it once did – especially Southern summers in the Swamp Furnace.

So if the first day of school means summer is dead and fall is risen, I say bring it on!

I’m ready to go outside again and walk without fear of combusting. I’m ready for the world to get pumpkin-spiced. I’m ready for fall!

Free Fall SVGs -
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So let’s celebrate this glorious season of sweaters and dried leaves with some beautiful free SVGs made just for you by my talented and hard-working babes!

And because we’re feeling especially warm and fuzzy and cozy and all that autumnal claptrap, we’re going to give away another Cricut Joy!

All you have to do is enter….

Oh, and a kind word is always appreciated and goes a long way to keeping us going. Not for the Joy – that is merely a thing – but for the work my babes puts into her printables and SVGs. She spends longer than I’d like her to on each and every one to make sure they’re the best free printables and SVGs out there. Case in point – today’s freebies started out as six, and they were supposed to be finished by last Friday night.

But the six became ten.

And the ten became twelve.

And (I’m not kidding here) the twelve became fourteen.

Then, finally, this morning she settled on sixteen.

Free Fall SVGs -

We aim to please, and no one I’ve ever met or seen works harder than my babes!

It’s no lie to say we subsist on coffee and comments. The former fuels the brain and the latter feeds the soul!

Now enough of my blathering. You didn’t come here for the fat man with the bullhorn. You came for the free fall SVGs…and the Cricut Joy!

Free Fall SVGs -

We love to see our printables out in the wild! If you display our free printables in your home or use our free SVGs in your projects, and take a picture and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

Free Fall SVGs

We created today’s FREE Fall SVG designs as JPG, PNG and SVG files which are resizable and compatible with Cricut and all other cutting machines.

Now go ahead and click on the button below to download today’s freebies – they are all in the “SVGs – Stencils” & “Fall” sections of The VIP Patch.

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Cricut Joy Giveaway

Here it is folks – the Cricut Joy Giveaway – just in time for fall! The drawing will be held at 10pm EST on Sunday, August 22. Subscribe to our email list below for one entry, to our YouTube channel for a second entry, follow us on Instagram for a third entry.

If you are already subscribed to our email list or social channels, you will need to do so again below to be entered. But don’t worry – you won’t receive duplicate emails from us!

Open to residents of the US and Canada only.

Congratulations to Debbie from Stillwater, Oklahoma! Enjoy your Cricut Joy!

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  1. Thanks for transporting me down memory lane. Swimming, walking in the woods, riding bikes with friends, August was the best part of summer. But we also had to help mom with canning. Not so good since it robbed us of adventure time. Miss the good old days! Thanks for the new SVGs too and can’t wait to see what you have coming to the blog.

    1. I loved your comments on summer when you were a child they were sweet and nostalgic. But here in the south august is hell month. And September is only marginally better. Fall won’t be here til late November, if then. I have gone entire winters without putting on long pants. but thank a to global warming things may be different soon.

      1. Oh I hear you, Angela! I remember last September (our first in the South) the first couple of nights got into the 40s and I was like SWEET, hell is over. But no, it was just an anomaly. Things got right back to furnace level by the end of the week, lol!

        1. Yes, those first sweet sips of the fall nectar are sweet…then you’re slammed with the heat again. Talk about the feeling of a hangover! Fall is fickle here in the South!

  2. i have always been a crafter and DIYer but just recently was gifted a Cricut – your designs have definitely given me more inspiration. And I really like your story – so touching – I wish my husband was as interested in my crafting as you are of each other. The coffee thing – so get it – the first request my daughter had of me with my Cricut was to make her a t-shirt that said “Half Human – Half Coffee” – LOL. Thank you for all you do – both in crafting and in projects for the home – take care.

    1. Hi Karen, welcome to Cricut world! I hope you find our SVGs useful. Believe me,I wasn’t born interested in crafting. It was something I grew into with Handan 🙂 btw, I love that expression for a t shirt – gotta do one for Handan!

      1. Already made a shirt using the buffalo SVG – we took a trip to South Dakota a number of years back and saw these awesome animals up close and personal – with their babies – just feet away. Thanks so much.

  3. Love your blog, especially the humor you bring to this blog. I look forward everyday to get your blog and all your DIY projects.

  4. First, thank you for the printables. They are much appreciated. And may I say you are spot on about school starting in August. It is an abomination. And usually the hottest month. And most importantly to me, as a cross stitcher and crafter who loves to change out all my pictures, pillows, banners, table linens etc every month, every chart or pattern I have ever seen uses the school motif for September. This causes me great consternation when all my August crafts show summer scenes as the Big Cheese rolls by my house. And school has been in a month when I put out September. I know this is a prime example of a first world problem. But the air conditioning bills alone should sway even the non crafty people in charge.

    1. You are so welcome, Thea! I’m with you – August belongs to summer…we need to take it back! Oh, and the Big Cheese – I love that! 😂

  5. Love, love , love your blog. Makes me laugh and I love the Dollar Tree crafts you and Handan come up with. Oh, you’ve done a fantastic job on your house too. I would like to see more printables and make it easier to print them.

    1. Thank you so much, Nanci! We’ll have many more printables as we head into holiday season. Regarding your printing issues, we’re always willing to help and improve. What exactly are your issues with printing?

  6. I truly love your site, your stories, projects, videos, tips etc. Thank you so much for the free gifts! So glad I found you guys!

  7. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into your lovely printables. As a crafter myself, I know how many hours it takes to produce handmade items. So, again, thank you so very much!!!!!

  8. Sure hope I win but if I do, I will need to learn how to use it? Do you have any tutorials on YouTube? Fingers crossed! Blessings, Sharon

  9. Fall has always been my favorite!
    Thank you for the beautiful printables
    Such pretty fonts. I love the variety of projects you share. 🍁🍂🌾🐚🌻🏈

  10. Thank you for the printables and the laughs! My favourite SVG is sweater weather.
    School still starts in September in most of Canada. Since you are past school age, you can still wade in the creeks. LOL
    Thank you too for including Canadians in your draw!!

    1. You are very welcome, Joanne! We love our neighbors to the north and hated to see you excluded from so many drawings, so we figured what the heck? Sure, shipping is a little more, but it’s so worth it! 😊

  11. I am also a country girl. August was spent like there wasn’t any tomorrow and we stayed out until dark every night. Those creeks and bicycle rides were the best part of being a kid. I feel for the children of today because they have no idea how much fun they are missing!!
    I also love all your designs and all the hard work you put into sharing them.

  12. Greg, your childhood summers remind me of the freedom and joy that summer brought me as a child. As long as we were home before the streetlights came on we could ride our bikes all over the place.
    Handan you did a wonderful job with these graphics. Now I just need a cricut, lol. You and Greg do so many great projects and provide me with such inspiration to decorate and organize my home. I’m finally finishing the butterfly wreath for my front door. I painted the wreath back in June but didn’t get around to buying the butterflies until last week. Let’s just say that life threw me some real curve balls this year.
    Thank you both for all that you do!

    1. Right, Julie? We roamed the whole town on our bikes from morning to night without cell phones. Can you imagine that today?? I wish you luck in the drawing, and I hope that those curveballs have straightened out for you. ☺️

  13. Love the free printables. Always enjoy your writing and seeing all your projects. I would love to win the cricut. Like someone else stated, I would have to learn how to use it. Thank you.

  14. My FAVORITE site! Now, if only I had a Cricut so I could do some of the things you do, I would be SOOOO HAPPY! Thanks to both of you for all your great ideas, your interesting comments and your ingenuity! Love it, love it, love it! Elgie Cloutier

  15. I’ve never been able to understand why the schools in the South start in August and, here in the North, we wait until after Labor day.

    Really enjoy everything about your blog. Thank you

  16. You REALLY should consider writing a novel. One filled with your humor please.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Cricut. I feel like I’m missing out when you post a tutorial for any project that involves one. I do enjoy your writing though.
    Thank you Handan and Greg for ALL you guys do for us!

    1. Thank you, Annie! That idea has been bandied around, but I just don’t know where I’d scrounge up the time write a book. It’s definitely something I’d love to do though! Good luck to you! 😊

  17. I love the SVGS. Thanks Babes! You’re incredibly talented. Both of you are. Love your site. I need to win this Cricut more than anything in my life right now, I want this so bad!!! I have discovered crafting after I lost my job last April due to the pandemic. So needless to say, I am unemployed and just barely able to get a few supplies from the dollar tree. Thank goodness for them!! Big shoutout to your site and to the Dollar Tree. Thanks for brightening my days with your stories, etc. Love reading your posts and all the creativity you guys got going on! Keep it coming.!!!

    1. Thank you, Sandy! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through such difficulties due to the pandemic. It makes me so sad and so angry to think of the lives and livelihoods that have been impacted. Stay strong. Things will get better!

  18. Love your posts & all printable s& svg. I loved the visual of summer & I still hate school starting for my grands. It starts a routine that steals my time with them.
    Thanks for all you share🍁🍂🍁

  19. Hi!
    I have been reading your blog for a few years now and really enjoy the projects and the humor. I am a firm believer in jumping right into projects and adapting my plans along the way. Somehow they always seem to work out in the end. I suspect that a lot of that also happens for you. Keep up the great work! And take good care of each other.

    1. Oh, you hit the nail right on the head, Marcia! Handan is the planned one, and I fly by the smoking seat of my smoldering pants, lol! Somehow we get it done in the end though. 😁

  20. I found you this summer when I was making family shirts for a theme park with a galaxy far far away…. Then followed the garage makeover. These are incredible.

    Love your work! Thank you!

  21. Most word art isn’t really my style, but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating it, which is good because I kept scrolling….And oh my gosh! I absolutely LOVE the squirrel! Handan, you are amazing.

  22. Thank you so much for the freebies, I know designing these takes time. You guys are the best!
    Love to see your emails pop up in my account…. and I don’t say that about many emails! I think here in the south we go back early so we can get out of school late May or by the first of June so we can enjoy it before it gets super hot. Looking forward to more Fall things because as the saying goes I love Fall most of all. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Patti, you’re so very welcome, and I’m happy to read that ours is an email you don’t mind receiving! Even us sending twice a week is enough to make some people write to me demanding we send less frequently, lol! I get you about the shifted summer break down here, but as one raised up North, it takes a little adjustment. Fortunately, Baris is off to college this week, so no more adjustment is needed! 🙂

  23. As always I appreciate all your hard work for all of us. I have used your free prints as gifts for people to hang on their walls, for myself to use for holidays, and I’m just starting to use your SVG”s to learn the process on Cricut with my daughters. Loving all the work you guys are putting in on your house. Take care and stay well.

    1. I’m happy to learn that you’re using our printables AND SVGs, Carolyn! I hope your Cricuteering is bringing you all joy! 🙂

  24. Yay! The printable look great! Thank you for putting in so much effort! And thank you for the opportunity to win an amazing prize! Keep up the good work!

  25. Hands down my favorite blog! You both are funny and instructive at the same time, that in and of itself is rare indeed. Enjoy your stories and adventures, love the DIY’s! My son in law is a Star Wars fanatic and enjoyed the printables I gave him for Christmas and Birthday. Just beautiful in his den. Thanks guys!

  26. I love every. single. one. of those SVG designs! Can’t sit to use them , because I do love fall most of all. Thanks for sharing them!

  27. I’m waaay past school age, but I do remember things you talked about . But I love fall.
    I do get some good laughs over your writing. I have room in my house for a Cricket Joy ! I can promise, I’d give it a great home.

  28. Greg you said (wrote) the magic word-PES! Is it true?! I know Y’all are Cricut folks-as am I, but Brother makes an amazing machine called a Scan-N-Cut (it scans-Handan would love it I think) but it has the ability to connect wirelessly to the Brother Luminaire embroidery machines using PES which would make any creative brain explode with all the possibilities! Personalizing gifts has never been easier! I cannot wait to try out your images in PES on my Brother embroidery machine! Woohooo! Thank you both for all of your excellent images and inspiration!

  29. Love your blog – even if you did defect from the lovely Connecticut – where school starts when it should. LOL Hoping to win the cricut this time as I want to make ALLLL of your svg’s!!!

  30. Thankful for folks like you guys with creativity and the willingness to take your weekend time to help fill our lives with loveliness!

  31. Thank you for the SVGs and the opportunity to win a Cricut Joy. I am really new to the crafting world and I have been watching tons of videos to get started. I am slowly getting supplies, and the thought of possibly winning a Cricut is truly exciting!

  32. Summer really is stolen away from children (and teachers) far too soon! Love your writing style. I personally think you are hilarious! I agree with the lady who said how nice it would be to have a husband who loved crafting as much as I do. Hurray for you and Handan!

  33. Thank you for amazing crafts and spellbinding commentary. Love to read your posts. Thanks for offering another Cricut joy. Mary

  34. I love your blog and how funny you are! You and your Babes are a perfect team! I love Handan’s designs and all of your projects too, You inspire me and make me smile! Thank you!

  35. “You didn’t come here for the fat man with the bullhorn.” Well, yes I did. I love the way you write and are so self deprecating. I’d love to win the Cricut. Alas, they don’t fit in my budget.

  36. Do you really need another person ogling about you, Handan and Baris? YES, yes you do. Oh I forgot the pups. I love seeing them enjoying all your’s and Handan’s hard work. From your childhood, I think you and I grew up in the same neighborhood. It was great. Loved being a kid. Growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but with you and Handan it’s is a whole lot better.
    I have a question. Do the svg files work with a Cricut Joy? I bought one and it is still in the box, unopened. I will have to look at your tutorials on youtube, huh?
    Thank you for everything. HUGS

    1. LOL, thanks, Cecilia! Where did you grow up? I’m Connecticut born and raised. As for the Joy – yes! SVG files do indeed work with it. It takes the same files as any other Cricut machine.

      1. I’m a small state person too. Delaware, born and raised. I am in Alabama now, so I know your experience of North to South too. See, I think we’re siblings of another couple. Thanks for the reply and I will have to get the “Joy out of the box” (lol) and watch some tutorials. Thanks for the tuts too.

  37. Thank you both for all you do!!! I really keep coming back here just to read your blog posts lol you are an awesome writer….don’t ever stop!!

    Hugs, Robin

  38. Your summer memories match mine – so sweet and nostalgic! I am also a transplant to the south. It has been six years since we moved to Florida from Utah, and I’m still not used to the absence of colored leaves and frosty mornings that signal Fall to me. However, I’m glad not to shovel snow or drive on icy roads during the winters. I guess its a trade-off.

    Thanks so much for the printables. I have used some of your tutorials and prints, and they are amazing. This isn’t something I can do and I’m so grateful for those who can and share!!!!!

    1. Isn’t it great not having to shovel anymore, Elizabeth? When I was a kid, I loved winter. It meant skiing and fun! Sure I had to shovel the driveway, but I didn’t have to worry about all the other homeowner headaches that come with cold weather. But after a few years living as a homeowner up North, I quickly tired of the frosty white season! The South suits me just fine. Leave the snow to the kids and the skiers. I’ll take the sun! 🙂

  39. I can’t wait for your blog is in my email. I love your writing. It brings me joy. I have many of your printables. They are beautiful.
    When I was a kid, we will say 60 years ago, we didn’t need no stinkin’ batteries, we had imagination. Soup cans and string we had our own telephones. Hiking, swimming, you name it, there was no such thing as a video game. We still had a black and white tv. Oh the good old days, how I miss them.
    ok, back to our regularly scheduled program. I have saved all of your blogs so I can try them out. I’m a newbie, can you tell? Keep em coming young man, and Handan too.

    1. Even though our childhoods were separated by about 20 years, it sounds as if they were much the same, Ellen. Things started changing faster in the 80s, and that was the second half of my childhood. I feel lucky to have gotten 8 years of the 70s (even though for most of them, I was too young to remember anything). I can’t imagine how it is for kids these days – a non-stop barrage of noise and information. No thanks. I’ll take the 70s!