diy vintage christmas banner

Free Printable Vintage Christmas Banners

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Our Free Printable Vintage Christmas Banners are just the thing you need to complete your Christmas display. Print ’em out, string ’em up and hang!

Welcome to the Christmas Printables Blog Hop, the gala printables event of the season! Thanks and kudos to Carrie at Lovely Etc for organizing this brilliant hop! Today we’re sharing our beautiful vintage Christmas banners and 14 more stellar Christmas printables by some of the swankiest ladies in Blogtown. Pour yourself a cup of tea, load some paper in your printer and get ready to press Print All on this fabulous collection!


My babes is a woman of her word.

Remember when she wanted me to make that antiqued panel mirror for her?

DIY Antiqued Panel Mirror (Pottery Barn Inspired)

She blathered on and on about her plans for the thing. Seriously, she sounded like your Aunt Maude at the hair salon with a juicy piece of gossip.

Yeesh, when my wife gets excited about something, she yaps more than a chihuahua at a squeak-toy convention!

The one thing she yammered on about more than anything else was all the banners she’d be hanging from it.

At the time, I really had no earthly idea what the loon was squawking about – banners and garlands and such – so I just nodded my head, smiled and offered small noncommittal encouragements like, “Oh, that sounds good,” and “You don’t say,” and “Okay, my babes.”

Meanwhile, my mind is thinking of Christmas tree garland – you know the shiny silver and gold stuff like my dad used to drape over the Christmas trees of my youth? And for “banners,” my brain kept thinking of medieval wars and pirate ships and the like – long banners waving in the breeze.

My primitive brain couldn’t reconcile those mental images with the antiqued panel mirror sitting in our dining room.

Therefore : “Won’t that be nice?” Followed by a smile.

But do you know what?

She kept her word about the banners (apparently also known as garlands – who knew?), and I learned exactly what she meant with all her endless banner blabbings.

(Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with pirate ships and medieval land wars.)

Since I unveiled my Pottery Barn knockoff, placed it upon our dining room buffet and took the pictures for that post, there hasn’t been more than a hot second it hasn’t been festooned with a seasonal banner.

She hung the first banner the moment I wrapped up the photo shoot for the post.

happy halloween garland hanging across an antique mirror

And even before the last of our two trick-or-treaters rang the doorbell this Halloween, she’d removed the banner pictured above and installed the vintage Christmas banner that hangs there as I type these very words.

diy vintage christmas banner

But did she stop there? Do you think one simple “Merry Christmas” banner would be enough for my babes?

Please, madam.

My wife is an over-caffeinated squirrel with ADD and a printable addiction.

Why have one perfectly decent banner with letters that spell out “Merry Christmas” when you can make four more banners with a bunch of Christmassy images on four different backgrounds!

diy vintage christmas banner


If my wife had a motto, that’d be it.

Well, that’d be one of them, anyway.

“Hey babes! Can you do me a coffee?” Would be another.

And let’s not forget, “Don’t be a jerk!” This one is always directed at me for some unfathomable reason. Me? A jerk? Perish the thought, madam!

Anyway, let Handan’s printable addiction be your gain!

We’ve got 5 sets of super cool free printable vintage Christmas banners for you today.

diy vintage christmas banner

Oh, and if you’re new here and visiting from the blog hop, we welcome you to The Navage Patch!

diy vintage christmas banner

Free Printable Vintage Christmas Banners

As usual, here is some information on the printables: we designed these free vintage Christmas banners in several colors and in two formats: PDF and JPG. As you know, PDF is not scalable, but the JPGs can be scaled up or down as necessary. If you need help with scaling these vintage Christmas banners, then make sure you check out Handan’s “How To Easily Resize Pictures” post.

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download today’s free printable Christmas banners – they are all in the “Christmas” section of The VIP Patch.

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Note:  If you don’t have a large format printer like the Canon i8720 Printer (prints up to 13×19 inches) and are wondering the best place to get these large printables printed bigger than 8×12, we recommend trying Staples in your area or Amazon print shop. Both stores offer custom-sized prints on matte or glossy paper, and they both cost about the same. Staples also offers Engineering Prints, which are really affordable for large-format prints, but in some areas (like ours), they must be ordered from their online print shop.

diy vintage christmas banner

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  1. These are great! I love your printables! I think it is wonderful how blogger’s get together and share each other’s posts and ideas. Gift tags are important too. Has Handen created or will create some? That would be fantastic.

  2. Just what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve admired this banner for a long time and love all the extras you added. Thank you!!