DIY Christmas Pillows

DIY Christmas Pillows

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DIY Christmas pillows are easy to make (no sewing!), and they’ll bring a ton of holiday cheer into your home this Christmas season!

Jeezum Crow, here we go again with the pillows!

The pillows she made a few Christmases ago are no longer enough.

She needs more.

More pillows.

DIY Christmas Pillows

A mountain of pillows to feed her insatiable appetite for soft and fluffy things! (And don’t even get me started on fuzzy throw blankets – we have those things bursting out of storage trunks like Gremlins that have been exposed to water.)

Every damn holiday now needs at least 5 pillows to make it official.

Fourth of July?

Not until we throw a bunch of patriotic pouf-melons around the house.


Hold your headless horses, Nancy! We haven’t plopped down the spooky butt-fluffs yet!

Thank god we don’t make a big fuss over Thanksgiving, or I’d have an iron-on turkey waddle in my armpit every night of November!

DIY Christmas Pillows

If there’s a bright side to this depraved pillow addiction…if there’s a silver lining to this spongy situation…it’s that these pillow covers can be removed from their fluff-nuggets when the season or holiday passes so that new pillow covers can take their place.

This is decidedly not the case with throw blankets!

The blanket situation in this house is so dire that when my babes isn’t looking, I pilfer a couple from one of the bursting storage chests and lay them on the dog beds.

Then, when they smell like old dog and are marred by dirt and grime and a new layer of fur, I surreptitiously dispose of them and start the cycle anew.

Hehehehe. The perfect crime. 

DIY Christmas Pillows

Shhhhhhh!!! Don’t tell Handan, or the next time we’re shopping at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Joann or Walmart or Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond1 she’ll grab replacements from the strategically-placed piles of fuzzy soft goodness that line the checkout aisles, just waiting for some sucker to reach out and stroke them.

Then, it’s game over, man!

No rational human being with a functioning sense of touch can withstand the unbearable softness of a brand new fuzzy throw blanket! They are scientifically engineered to be so soft, they actually scramble your brain and overload your senses! You’d have to be an unfeeling monster to pass it up after making the grave error of touching one!


Back to these DIY Christmas Pillows!

DIY Christmas Pillows with 15 Free SVG Designs


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DIY Christmas Pillows

We used our Cricut Maker to cut our Christmas pillow designs, and yes, we remembered to flip the image on the very first try this time! For the first pillow, we chose black HTV.

cricut maker on a table

Here is the design after weeding.

weeded and flipped htv design

I then placed it face-down on our cotton pillow cover after first ironing the cover and preheating it according to Cricut’s Heat Guide.

placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover
placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover

Since the design was slightly bigger than my EasyPress, I did two full pressings to cover the whole area. I found this worked better than moving the press around.

placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover

Before peeling, I turned the pillow cover over and pressed from the back side for another 30 seconds.

placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover

Time to peel…

placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover


DIY Christmas Pillows

For the next pillow, we used red glitter vinyl to make the poinsettia in the design really pop.

placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover

When positioning the designs on the covers, I sometimes use a ruler to make sure the design is centered and level.

Sometimes I use my eyeballs instead of a ruler.

Usually it works.


placing heat transfer vinyl onto a pillow cover
peeling htv from a diy christmas pillow

We love the red glitter for this one!

DIY Christmas Pillows

We also wanted to make one with Infusible Ink. Since Infusible Ink is not compatible with cotton, we used a polyester pillow cover.

We chose the buffalo plaid Infusible Ink transfer sheet and decided to try Cricut’s iron-on protective sheet. It’s primarily made for HTV, so of course we used it with Infusible Ink! 😆

making infusible ink pillow covers
making infusible ink pillow covers
making infusible ink pillow covers

Worked like a charm!

DIY Christmas Pillows

Okay that’s it for me – I’m heading back to our Cricut Command Center to make some more of these DIY Christmas pillows!

1 If you’re new to The Navage Patch, you may not know that Handan is Turkish, and English is not her native language. She has a ton of “Handanisms” – little English flubbles that make her so dear to me. One of her most frequent “Handanisms” is calling this store “Bad, Bath and Beyond.” It’s just the funniest thing, because no matter how many times I’ve corrected her over the years (countless), she just can’t seem to say it right. Of course, every time she says it, I crack up and make fun of her, and then she calls me a jerk. LOL, small price to pay for such comedy.

Bonus “Handanism:” we were in the car one day a few years back, and she wanted to buy some clothes for Barish and me, so she asked if there was an Apple Crumble and Finch nearby. 😆 😆 😆  [LOL…as Dad would say, you’re so lucky that I love you! LOLOL – Handan] It took me a minute, but when I finally understood what she was asking for, I laughed so hard that I nearly ran the car off the road!

free christmas SVG designs

DIY Christmas Pillows with 15 Free SVG Designs

As usual, here is some information on these free iron-on DIY Christmas pillow designs: we created today’s freebies as JPG, PNG and SVG files which are resizable and compatible with Cricut and all other cutting machines.

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download today’s freebies – they are all in the “Christmas” and “SVGs – Stencils” section of The VIP Patch.

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Love free SVGs?

Check out our guide on Where to Find the BEST Free SVG Files!

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  1. More cool designs. Okay, spooky butt-fluffs made me snort my coffee. Seriously. The visuals alone rolling around my brain…Geez.

    With all these pillows and pillow covers you make, I think a spring project will be building a cabinet to store them all in. Am I rright?

  2. I’m with Handan… you can never have enough throw pillows!
    I love all the designs, thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I really want to make some pillows. I have seen some videos on different materials that are compatible with the infusible ink. I saw the link to some on Amazon. Looking forward to trying them. A lot of items showed up when I clicked on the link. Do you have a specific one you recommend?

  4. Merry Christmas Greg and fam! I enjoyed the post even though I don’t have one of those fancy machines! I just go old school with carbon paper ;-D You certainly do have lots of fun-filled project days!

    1. Merry Christmas to you, Constance! Hey, go with whatever works, right? That’s cool that you can make pillows with carbon paper – as soon as I read that, my mind went back to vocabulary quizzes in the 70s, but now that I think about it, those tests were run off a mimeograph or spirit duplicator machine.