Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

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Learn how to make watercolor tattoo Easter eggs, and give your Easter baskets a little twist this year! They’re easy to make and edible, too!

My wife recently informed me that we’d be doing one or two Easter posts this year. This was new territory for The Navage Patch.

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

Until now, I’d steered our little ship around the holiday each year, deftly side-slipping the pastels and flowers, carefully maneuvering past the Peeps and jellybeans, all while keeping a prudent eye on the cheery baskets full of phony paper grass and hollow chocolate rabbits. Hollow!

In the Real World, rabbits aren’t hollow.

In the Real World, rabbits are entirely full of the roots, stems and leaves that they’ve gobbled from our most prized shrubs and perennials.

In the Real World, rabbits are jerks.

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

Anyway, back to the Easter posts. Each year I’d find an excuse not to write one, or I’d make sure we were elbows-deep in some hideously long project that left no time for Easter frivolities.

But each year, my beloved Handan would read more and more Easter posts by other bloggers.

And why couldn’t we do an Easter post?

And what’s your problem with Easter, anyway?

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

At least she’s with me on the rabbit thing. Awful little things. They’ll chew through your garden and then your soul, if you let them!

Anyway, back to the Easter posts. Now where was I?

Ah, yes!

Handan wanted us to do a couple of Easter projects.

All the other bloggers are doing them, my babes!

You guys know me. I can’t say no to this woman!

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

So I sighed the sigh I’d sighed a thousand sighs before and flapped my arms in her general direction. This was my signal that I was listening and she may proceed with yapping her idea at me.

She yapped and yapped and yapped – nothing new there.

But then a single word escaped her droning and made a beeline for my earhole:


At once, my mind locked onto the word. Tattoo and Easter?

I’m in!

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

I turned off my WiFi (WifeFilter) and really started to listen.

The woman wanted to make Easter eggs [LAME], but she wanted to tattoo them [AWESOME!!]

My head swirled with the most wonderful images of eggshells emblazoned with flaming skulls and fire-breathing dragons!

This was gonna be great!

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

But my dreams of having an Easter basket full of badass crumbled when Handan explained her idea more fully.

We would be using temporary tattoos. [hmph, fine!]

And we would be making watercolor tattoo Easter eggs with flowers and feathers – you know, stuff that normal people would like.

I again sighed the sigh I’d sighed a thousand sighs before.

“Okay, My Babes.” I said, “It actually sounds pretty awesome. I’ll go get some eggs.”

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

They may not be flaming skulls or fire-breathing dragons, but I gotta say that the tattoos Handan came up with are pretty awesome!

And making these watercolor tattoo Easter eggs couldn’t be easier.

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How to Make Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

First, you’re going to download our free watercolor tattoo Easter egg printables, and then you’re going to print them out on some temporary tattoo paper – we used Silhouette temporary tattoo paper.

printing the watercolor tattoo designs

Next, cut out your tattoos. Cut as close to the image as possible.

Man cutting the watercolor tattoo designs
Man cutting the watercolor tattoo designs

Position your temporary tattoo on the egg.

Man positioning the watercolor tattoo on the egg
Man placing the watercolor tattoo on the egg

Carefully press the tattooed side of the egg against the damp cloth. Tighten the cloth around the egg, but not hard enough to break the shell. Rub around the image with your fingers.

Man pressing the tattooed side of the egg against the damp cloth

After about 20 seconds, take a peek under the damp cloth. The tattoo should be transferred.

Man taking a peek under the damp cloth

Peel off the backing and gently brush any raised areas with the cloth.

Man peeling off the backing

That’s all there is to it! You’ve just tattooed your first egg! Maybe you should buy it a motorcycle now? That egg was Born to be Wild!

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Egg

Okay, okay, these particular watercolor tattoo Easter eggs were Born to be Mild, so maybe an Italian scooter would be more fitting. Perhaps a pink Vespa?

Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!


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Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs pin image
Watercolor Tattoo Easter Eggs pin image

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  1. Fabulous, beautiful idea as usual Handan, my damn printer isn’t working d so will have to save this for next year. Never mind Greg maybe you can tattoo pumpkins for Halloween with flaming skulls etc.

  2. These are gorgeous. Though, I think some flaming skulls and maybe some dragons would have been cool to keep people pondering your next move. (always a good thing in my book) The Born to Be Mild and pink Vespa comment had me snorting my coffee. I love your posts! They crack me up.

  3. As a proud Bunny Dad I can absolutely attest to the fact that they will chew their way into your soul. Luckily mine doesnโ€™t eat my shrubs!

    And your eggs are so white! I thought you painted them. All our eggs are brown. Like American butter is so white – ours is bright yellow.

    These are lovely. Great idea, Handan. Iโ€™m quite partial to using temporary tattoos on candles/glass candle holders for a quick twist. Especially the gold or white temp tattoos. I wonder if my bunny would like a bunny glass with fake tea light…?

    1. Jay, didn’t rabbits chew their way across your country years ago? I hear they’re great pets. But wild ones? Not so great! We have both brown and white eggs here – what a magnificent time to be alive, lol! Your yellow butter though – that’s a sign of quality lacking from most of out mass-produced butter. PS – If I find another den of bunnies this year, I’ll be sure to mail them down under! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Eh, I think there was sooomeetthhiinngg about rabbits down under but I *mumble mumble* Theyโ€™re great pets! ? My little mini lop is about as mild as they come and prefers sleeping and waiting expectantly for her human servants to bring dinner. We pay the rent but the animals clearly seized power decades ago.

        Maybe to appease Greg, you can temp tattoo all the dragons and flaming skulls he likes at Halloween, Handan! And a bunny, because theyโ€™re worthy of Halloween, too (as they leave behind the remains of your summer vegetables).

  4. You nailed your first Easter post. I haven’t decorated Easter eggs for years but this year I’m a-going to do it with your watercolor designs. And who knew there was tattoo printer paper? A little behind in the times here. Thank you so much for these beautiful images.

    P.S. I feel your pain on the rabbit dilemma

    1. Well, thank you, Peg! As far as Easter posts go, I guess it’s not so bad! And yes! Rabbits are cute little demons! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. I ordered the 9-piece white wooden eggs from Amazon and tattooed them tonight. They turned out perfect. I’ll treasure them for years to come. Thanks again for the awesome idea and tattoos.

  5. These are beautiful!
    You donโ€™t mention the sticky paper that comes with the printable tattoo paper. Did you use the sticky paper for the eggs?

  6. Sorry Greg, I know that they try your salvation to the limit, but I love the bunnie ones the most!

  7. Thank you so much for these beautiful designs. I choose to order some solid white plastic eggs with ribbon hangers. I will tattoo those and send them to my granddaughters ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they will be a hit! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job on all of your Spring/Easter posts….. we love them!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I just purchased some tattoo paper from Amazon and even found white plastic eggs for sale while I was there! Yay, No need to blow-out a dozen of my eggs!
    I can hardly wait for all the goodies to arrive. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Are you still planning to offer the large printable, ” THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DAY. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THIS DAY TO USE AS YOU WILL…
    You mentioned that it was one of Handan’s favorites so I look for it all the time.
    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Lynn – oh yes that’s one of my favorites! It will be included in the new set of quote printables and that’s coming right around the Mother’s Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Okay, look Giselle – I know where you live, so I’m going to mail you a box of bunnies every time I find a burrow in the yard! I already promised the same to Jay in Australia, but I’m willing to split the shipments! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Great first Easter post!!! I do so enjoy reading Greg’ humorous descriptions of events! Great site and wonderful newsletters!!!โ™ฅ

  10. How about some Sugar Skull tatoos. That might fit the manly side.
    I plan on doing some egg gourds with sugar skull painting.

  11. I purchased the Silhouette temporary tattoo paper. In their directions, they instructed me to put an adhesive sheet over the printed tattoo page. Your directions did not mention that step. Does that mean, I can omit that step when making your tattoos?

    1. Hi Sue, you may omit that step. That adhesive sheet makes cutting easier for the Cricut or Silhouette machine. It is not necessary when cutting out the tattoos with scissors. Have fun making your eggs!