DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

DIY Iron-On Vinyl Pillow (With 6 Free SVG Cut Files)

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Learn how to make to make an iron-on vinyl pillow with a Cricut Maker or other cutting machine, an iron or EasyPress 2 and our free downloadable cut files!

What is it with women and pillows? I don’t think there’s a house in America with a woman at the helm that’s not piled floorboards to rafters with ’em.

And I don’t mean the nice, normal kind you sleep on.

Nope, I’m talking about throw pillows – the rabbits of the pillow world.

They multiply when you’re not paying attention.

Hey, that’s a nice sofa you have there! Oh, I see you have a couple of throw pillows! Well, aren’t those cute!

[Turns around briefly to take a phone call. Turns back around moments later.]

What the?? There are FIVE pillows now? Where in tarnation did they come from?

Handan is no exception.

She too has been seduced by The Pillow.

It’s not hard to see why.

They are sold everywhere.

And they’re always convenient – a bin at the beginning of the checkout line or a shelf in the front of the store.

They’re soft and fluffy, and once you grab one, it’s hard to put it down again.

So home with us they go.

And the throw pillow pile grows ever bigger.

As DIYers, this throw pillow quagmire has taken a new turn. It’s not enough just to buy the finished pillow.

Oh, no! That’s for rookies!

Now the game is all about making our own throw pillows!

No holiday can escape unnoticed…

No life event can go unannounced…

No cutesy phrase can go unspoken when they are all emblazoned on a throw pillow for all the world to see!

Well, if my wife likes throw pillows, who am I to deny her?

Now that I’m on my way to becoming the Cricut Master of the Universe, I figured I could design a little something in Cricut Design Space™1, have my Cricut Maker cut it from iron-on vinyl, and then I’d use my brand new Cricut EasyPress 2 to transfer the design onto a pillow cover.

Easy as pie!

With a little help from Handan, of course!

So even though I’m well into my journey to becoming the Cricut Master of the Universe, I’m still somewhat of a noob, and when it comes to the EasyPress 2, I am a total noob, or rather I was. As I type this, I consider myself pretty darn proficient.

Do you know why?

Because the EasyPress 2 is that EASY to use!

But, look, you don’t need an EasyPress 2 to make this iron-on or any other! A regular iron on the cotton setting will accomplish the same thing. An EasyPress 2 is easier of course. It has a much larger footprint than an iron, and it heats quickly and evenly and precisely maintains whatever temperature you set it to up to 400 degrees.

You will need a Cricut Maker or other cutting machine though. We’ll have these free cut files for you to download at the end of the post.

Free SVG cut files

DIY Iron-On Pillows

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

After uploading a suitable SVG design to Cricut Design Space™ – one that sums up pretty much everything in my life – I paired my iPad to my Cricut Maker via BlueTooth.

Next I laid a piece of iron-on vinyl on the mat (vinyl with glitter, mind you – this will be my Babes’ pillow, and I want it to sparkle!).

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl
using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

I fed the mat into the Maker.

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

After toggling the “Reverse Image” button, I commanded my Maker to MAKE! Reversing the image is crucial when doing words and letters with iron-on vinyl.

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

I still get excited and insist on watching it cut!

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

When it finished cutting, I peeled the mat from the vinyl. One of the first tricks I learned was never to peel your material from the mat but to peel the mat from the material. It makes a huge difference!

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

Next I weeded the iron-on design so that just the heart and letters remained on the plastic backing.

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl
using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

My iron-on vinyl was ready!

using a Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl

It was time to move the Maker aside and bring forth my Cricut EasyPress 2!

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |
DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

I set the temperature to 290 degrees. The EasyPress 2 heated up in just a couple of minutes.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

I laid the pillow cover over the Cricut EasyPress mat and then put the EasyPress 2 on the pillow cover for about 5 seconds. This gave me a smooth and wrinkle-free surface for the iron-on vinyl.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

Next, I positioned my iron-on vinyl design on the pillow cover.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

And then I placed the EasyPress 2 on the vinyl and pressed down for 15 seconds. It has an on-board timer that makes this process a snap.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

After 15 seconds had passed, I flipped the pillow cover and iron-on vinyl over and pressed down with the EasyPress 2 for another 15 seconds.

For those using an iron and ironing board, be sure to cover the vinyl with a dishcloth before ironing. Press the iron down on the vinyl for 20-30 seconds, then lift the iron before repositioning to a new area of vinyl. Overlap presses to ensure full adhesion.

I let the pillow cover cool for a few seconds, and then I peeled back the plastic.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

This process was really so easy! I see a lot of new throw pillows for Handan and t-shirts for Barish in our future!

Handan brought me a pillow insert, and I stuffed it into its new cover.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

Instead of adding the new throw pillow onto the pile in the family room, I decided to give this one a place of honor in my office.

DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |
DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |
DIY Iron-On vinyl Pillow |

Creating beautiful iron-on pillow covers is a breeze and an absolute joy with the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2! You’ll be seeing many more Cricut projects from us in the future as we explore the limits of what these awesome machines can do!


As usual, here is some information on these free iron-on vinyl designs: we created today’s freebies as JPG, PNG and SVG files which are resizable and compatible with Cricut and all other cutting machines.

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download today’s freebies – they are all in the “SVGs – Stencils” section of The VIP Patch.

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DIY iron-on pillow with free SVG cut files pin image
DIY iron-on pillow with free SVG cut files pin image

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  1. One can never have enough throw/accent pillows on beds, sofas, chairs. It’s all good. Men just need to come to terms with this. Now if I can just teach my hubby to put them back in place after he moves off the sofa. My work is never done.

  2. Love to win circuit to make different crafts. This would be new craft for me to learn. My dream is teach craft to people. I’m a people person.Right now not working because health, depression, & etc. Pray God give something to do in my life to help people & etc. God Bless.

  3. I don’t have a cricut but I wish I had one just so I could make that “Support wildlife – raise boys” one! LOL. Our 3 boys are adults now but I totally love the graphic!

  4. I have a ton of throw pillow covers, sadly my husband is not as understanding, so I only have a few of them out at a time 🙂 Still keeping my fingers crossed for that Cricut Maker <3

  5. Like everyone else I’d love to win the Cricut giveaway. My sister & I shared one before she passed. It went to her daughter who I’m happy to say uses it all the time to make items for her church’s rummage sales, the proceeds of which go to her local Children’s home. I admit, I miss it desperately but an accident related retirement income doesn’t allow for such purchases in this day & age. I content myself with cutting out by hand usually using an exacto knife. In many cases I can pull it off I’m proud to say. A lot of patience, taking your time and loving crafting to bits is all it takes. Oh! Just a fun tip.. you can easily sharpen exacto knife blades using the bottom of a stoneware coffee cup! I use them so much in my crafts I was forever buying new blades or struggling with dull ones. Not anymore! Love love the pillows you made! I’m hoping there is a pdf of the design file! Those are right up my new livingroom theme ! Gone are my Boho days and in with French farmhouse! I’m in love with this new look. Lots and lots of revamping furniture and making decor. Retirement has afforded me the time to learn so many new crafts and the time to fill my hone with pretties.. I’ve made!

  6. We are having our first grandson in September…the ‘Support Wildlife Raise Boys” will be so perfect for his nursery. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into doing these files. they are just amazing.

  7. Greg & Handan, The Cricut seems amazing! I’d really like to learn to use one. The possibilities are endless. Love your postings.

  8. I would absolutely love a Cricut! The possibilities are endless. I had to stop working 9 yrs ago, brain tumor. Was put on disability, which is a very small window to get anything for myself. I do so many different types of crafts to fill my time, I give alot of them away to family and friends. I absolutely love your ideas.

    1. Hi Tish, I know that “g” & “h” are the same font, but I honestly don’t remember the font’s name. As I keep designing printables and SVGs, I have way too many fonts in my computer and I don’t know which one I used at the time. But from the looks of it it is most likely some sort of typewriter font. Sorry I couldn’t help much!