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Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal

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At long last, here is the teen bedroom makeover reveal! We made huge changes, and we did it all without breaking the bank!

All good things must come to an end, and Barish’s bedroom makeover is no exception. We’ve been working on his new living space for the past four months, and I’m happy to report that we’re done!

Well, not exactly.

We’ve only finished his first room.

I still have a lot of work on the second room, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Let’s enjoy a victory lap before we head back into battle!

These were the major goals I set forth in the first post:

  • More light! Every man needs a Man Cave, but it shouldn’t be his bedroom!
  • More storage. On any given day, the floor shows more clothing than carpet. We need to manage his laundry better, and we need to give him more space for everyday stuff.
  • More work space. School is getting tougher, and the workload is increasing. He needs a desk that will give him the space he needs to crush his coursework.
  • A place to chill. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. He needs a space to lounge and relax with his buds while they watch TV or play video games.
  • A place to rest. Let’s find a new place for his bed. Teen brains need sleep, or they get even more dopey than they already are!
  • Update the rooms with a fresh, new look. He’s a teen now. It’s time to cast away trappings of boyhood and usher in a more mature style.
  • Keep it simple and on budget.

I’d say we nailed all of these goals! Note that the “manage his laundry better” will be addressed in the second room makeover.

Okay, first, let’s rewind a bit and remind ourselves of what we were up against.

This was his study space.

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And here is where he laid his little head each night.

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I’d like to point out that his room was relatively clean when these photos were taken!

Now, one of the conditions of his bedroom makeover was that he must make a concerted effort to keep his room clean from now on.

No more minefield on the floor.

No more school papers under the bed.

No more sock sculptures and underwear art hidden in the nooks and crannies and darkest corners.

No more forgotten food. Oh, jeez, I have to tell you the mother of all forgotten food stories! But since this post is first and foremost about the room reveal, I’ll put the story at the end of the post. Not everyone loves my rambling stories, I’m told. (Only the awesome and smart ones!)

Before we head into the reveal photos, I’m the proudest dad in the world to announce that Barish has lived up to his end of the bargain. For the first time in recorded history, his room has been clean for more than a single day!

So let’s jump in! You can find the source list is at the end of the post.

Wow, look at all that light! White walls are the cornerstone of this light and open room. Just in time, too – I think I found some mushrooms growing in the carpet when we started this makeover!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

I love the beaded curtain we hung between Barish’s two rooms. It’s such a wispy little thing, but it has a huge impact and really defines and separates the two spaces.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

Here’s a peek through the curtain from his bedroom.

Barish loved the faux greenery I used for staging the early posts so much that we bought him a faux fiddle fig tree from Hobby Lobby.

Besides looking great, it’s a blast to say. Go on. Try it. Faux Fiddle Fig. 

You’ll recall those air plants are live. And I’d like to acknowledge that The Boy has managed to keep them alive for over a month now.

You can be impressed.

I sure as hell am!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

We bought the blind from Lowe’s, and it’s perfect for that Craftsman style window! And holy cow! Window blind technology has come a loooong way since the metal slats ‘n’ string days! This little beauty raises and lowers with just a couple of fingers. They even had motorized ones, but c’mon – who’s got time for that? This is America! We’ve got smartphones to stare at! We can’t be waiting around all day for a dang window blind to open!

My parents bought me the trunk pictured below the summer before my freshman year of college.

Trunks were a thing back then.

So were cardigans.

And Docksiders.

Don’t ask me why.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

I threw a piece of 1/2 inch plywood in the bottom, secured it with some glue and brad nails, and then I screwed some casters underneath.

Presto! Instant coffee table!

Price: $0

Like I said in the beginning, this makeover had a limited budget, so most of the decor was DIY or make-do.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

Since the boy liked his initial allotment of air plants in their DIY air plant holders, we decided to give him a few more.

Handan made a sphere (well, almost – it’s more like a dodecahedron) from some sticks, and we plopped in a few more air plants.

You really can put them anywhere!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

I’m so happy we finally hung Barish’s framed video game poster. It sat in the storage room for far too long!

We also added a few more pillows to his DIY daybed. We all know that women just can’t have enough throw pillows in the house. No room is safe!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

That fan had been sitting in our basement, unopened, since 2014 when Handan bought a couple of them on sale from Home Depot. It’s a relief to finally put it in use. It’s an awesome fan, too, especially after we swapped the original yellowish glass dome with the white one pictured below. We also tossed the wimpy warm incandescent bulbs in favor of some brighter and cooler-temperature LEDs.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

We bought the leather recliner back in 2013, so it didn’t count as an expense for this project! It’s a bit of a beast, especially since it occupies the middle of the room, but it’s comfy, and the boy likes to twirl around while dangling from it.

Damn teenagers. Always rubbing their flexibility and general lack of overall body pain in your face!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

Fake plant, faux-aged terra cotta pot, fabulous IKEA hack beneath it!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

Did I mention how much I love the beaded curtain? It’s pretty groovy, man!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

That’s my prized Martin D-35 acoustic guitar that I gave to Barish. I hope to hear it being played one day!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

I bought this bat for Barish after emptying the magazine of an M-16 automatic rifle into a Vietnamese field.

I’m not kidding!

We went for a tour of the Cu Chi tunnels when we lived in Vietnam, and at the end of the tour, right next to the snack bar and gift shop, they had a row of M-16s and AK-47s chained to a wooden bench. For $10 American, you got a magazine with 10 rounds which you could empty with a single squeeze are dole out one-by-one.

Of course I took the single squeeze route. It’s not every day I get to fire an automatic weapon!

The vegetation in that jungle field never saw it coming!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

Ah, The Boy’s closet!

From Chaos, Order.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

I made those hooks exactly like I made his wood wall art.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

And the winner of the most fun project of the makeover?

You guessed it!

Fired Alcohol Ink Art.


You may recall from the original post that there was a zebra head hanging in the middle.

Well, after Clumsarella Barish bashed into it and sent it tumbling to the ground 3 times, we swapped it out for something a little more low profile.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

That wood world map is perfect on the wall by his desk.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

And speaking of that – his desk was by far the most expensive element of this makeover. We hemmed and hawed and considered building one, but time (which as we all know = money) forced us to buy one instead.

I’ll tell you though, it’s a hell of a desk for the money! I, for one, am thrilled we bought instead of built!

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

And here we are back at the TV sitting on its hacked IKEA Kallax stand.

This is the Movie and Playstation view.

Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal | TheNavagePatch.com

And that, my friends, is a wrap on Barish’s first room. As usual, it went longer than planned, but we’re thrilled with how it turned out.

And the boy?

Well, he couldn’t be happier. He feels grown up now.

Don’t forget to read my little story after the source list!

Source List


The Mother of All Forgotten Food Stories

To create enough room to work in, we initially moved a lot of Barish’s crap up into the spare bedroom, which is already filled with a lot of other crap. Among the artifacts we unearthed and moved, were a couple of old backpack bookbags. I thought nothing of his old gray and yellow backpack as I carried it up to the spare room and deposited it on the floor. It never occurred to me to open it up and have a look.

Months later and just a short while ago, Handan and Barish were upstairs refilling his new closet as I was preparing dinner down in the kitchen.

I heard Handan shriek, and my ears pricked up.

“Oh, yuck! Pew!!” She was gasping for air.

Naturally, I assumed the boy had floated a gnarly air biscuit that was depriving his poor mother of oxygen.

I smiled to myself and continued chopping onions.

But it didn’t end there.

“Oh really? That’s disgusting! Go and show your dad, so he can yell at you!”

Huh? Show me a fart?

Perhaps something else was afoot.

I placed my knife on the cutting board and waited for The Boy to galumph down the stairs.

“What is it, Boy?” I said.

He held out a clear plastic clam-shell package in his hand – the kind you might find filled with cupcakes or cookies in the bakery section of your grocery store.

I looked through the plastic.

Chocolate cookies?

They looked like the big, soft and chewy kind. They also looked a little old. They must have been sitting there for a long time.


The boy usually gobbles anything with sugar within a day.

“How long have the been there?” I said.

“I don’t know.” He said. The stock teenager answer.

“When is the last time you used that backpack?” I pressed.

“I don’t know.” He said.

I knew that he hadn’t used it for school since junior high, and here we are near the end of his sophomore year.

Something didn’t feel right about this.

Cookies would never last that long in his room.

Even old cookies wouldn’t make Handan gag.

I reached out and took the package from his hand.

My eyesight is going, so I had to hold it at arm’s length and squint to make out the label.

The first thing I saw was the date.

It was over a year old.

Then my eyes slid down and read the contents.


I froze in fear.

A cold sweat broke out on my brow.

How could it be?

Where were the maggots?

This was some Egyptian-level mummification!

I had to know.

I brought the package closer and flicked it open.

I brought it closer still and inhaled through my nostrils.

“JEEZUM CROW, BOY!” I slammed shut the clam-shell package and carried it to the garbage can. “How did you forget about half a damn chicken for a year?!?”

“I don’t know.”


Parents, beware.

Just when you think it’s safe to enter a teen’s room…


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Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal pin image | TheNavagePatch.com
Teen Bedroom Makeover Reveal pin image | TheNavagePatch.com
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  1. You might want to look up the meaning of “Netflix and Chill” before you tell you son that’s what the area is for! Of course, you may be a little more ‘open’ to those things than a mother of a daughter! Lol!

    1. LOLOLOL!!!! Shows what I know. I’ve been unplugged from mainstream everything for the past decade, and it’s starting to show. I thought that was Netflix’s official slogan, LOL!! Oh well. I changed the post, and now I’m going to crawl back under my rock where I still understand things. 😀

  2. Wow, what an amazing makeover! It looks awesome.

    Man, that forgotten food story brings back memories of high school when a friend of mine forgot about a lunch in her locker for a year. That sandwich was green and sprouting legs of its own to make an escape when she finally found it at the end of the school year. It was so gross.

    Docksiders!! I remember them well from my high school years. I had a pair so comfy I wore them until the toe box split open from the sole. Could never find a new pair that fit as well again.

    1. Thank you, Laurie! OMG, sandwich in a school locker for a year, and it didn’t reek up the whole hall? LOL! I was the same way with Docksiders – I’d get a pair and wear them until they fell apart…and then I’d use them for fishing 😀

  3. As clever as you are, couldn’t you find a way to hide the electrical cords on the corbel sconces? (Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.). Love what you have done. I’ll join you under that rock, though. Not in to all that streaming stuff.

    1. Lol, no worries, Jo! We didn’t want to drill into the bookcases in case we wanted to change the lights in the future, so we let ’em hang free! 🙂

  4. The beaded curtains are groovy! Love what you’ve done with the space as it’s now so fun and colorful. One suggestion. Maybe take the alcohol ink photo that is above the tv and set it on top of the frame of the other guitar? It sort of looks like an orphan stuck all by itself. Then you can make something bigger to hang above the tv! Don’t ask me what cause I’m not that much of a genius. Maybe a bigger alcohol ink picture? Love them!

  5. You both did such an amazing job making over the bedroom. I can’t even guess which I like best. So many great ideas. Love the vertical chess set. The alcohol fire prints. The wood on the walls, I could go on all day. But we don’t want Greg to get carried away he has lots of more stuff up his sleeve I am sure. Just a wonderful job once again. Love your blogs.

  6. okay I am calling first dibs on the room when barish goes off to college, I love everything about it, love all of the diy’s and the beaded curtain I love the sound it makes when you walk through it haha I am still sitting on my arse most of the time my last fall jacked my back and now I have ambulophobia , and I am a nutbasket xx

    1. just looked up Netflix and chill move over greg I am joining you under that rock lmao xx

  7. Wow, I’ve been following this makeover for the past few months but didn’t expect it to turn out so well. You guys did a fantastic job!!! Love how bright it is in there now & that wooden world map is giving me life! As always, amazing work. Can’t wait to see the boy’s (love that) other room later this year. Should be just as amazing!

  8. Great room makeover!!!!! As for the teen mishap…I have two teens and found that the easiest way to prevent disgusting food situations,and to keep my sanity, is to have a rule early on. Food is only allowed in the dinning room, or kitchen. Easy!
    It works!

    1. Thanks, Rev! We have a sorta similar rule. The thing with the chicken is he bought it in New York City on a school trip and must have forgotten all about it on the ride home!

  9. What a lucky young man Barish is to have such fabulous, caring, clever parents. It’s a fantastic room his friends will probably want to move in. 😉

  10. Wow, awesome rooms! It is so awesome, that I should think Barish will keep it nice for a while–and show it off to all his buddies!

  11. Wow, just wow! Barish is one lucky young man. On the topic of keeping things neat: when my son got a car to drive, he became very protective of it. He drove a a neighbor girl and her friend to school, and was upset when they ate in the back and got crumbs in the car; he was out there vacuuming it that afternoon.

  12. You guys screwed up! This kid will never want to leave his room, you will never see him until he is grown and leaves the nest, lol, if he ever does. Great, great job you guys!

    1. LOLOL! Thank you so much, Donna! We still make him come downstairs to watch movies with the old people every now and then! 🙂

  13. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! I love the twig sphere with the air plants. Is there a tutorial coming for that? Also, can you please tell me the name of the plant hanging next to the world map? (Which is super cool, btw) I did make some of the fired alcohol ink pictures. So fun! Looking forward to the second half of the makeover.

  14. i love the beaded curtain. I had one when I was a teen, green bamboo. with pink fish net on the ceiling. ha!
    I also love the air plant its very cool.

  15. Oh my word, you made me laugh so hard with the poor mummified half chicken I had to go back up and look at the pics of the room makeover all over again coz I completely forgot all the compliments I wanted to pay you guys for the room makeover. Aaai, the curse of getting old 🙂 You did an amazing job. Love so many things about the space, the beaded curtain, that beautiful wooden map – wowsers!!! And the trunk and the space and the air plants (be still my beating heart) and ……. Stunning

  16. Absolutely amazing. Everything works so well, there’s a great cohesiveness to the room, and just a very cool vibe. It’s really a place where he can be comfortable as well as productive. When school starts getting harder it really makes a huge difference to have somewhere comfortable and uncluttered to work in.

    I’m still a big fan of the closet, and I absolutely love that trunk as a coffee table. And of course that map on the wall.

    I hope Barish is happy and proud of his new room!

    (And as for gross food stories: when I was in college I was preparing for a new year by emptying out my book bag which hadn’t been touched since late October. It was now March and when I opened it up…god, the smell. I had left a banana skin and half an orange in a plastic container and they had rotted and let me tell you…the smell was unlike any I had ever encountered. I ended up having to chuck away everything from the bag itself to all the notebooks and files as the smell had penetrated everything and just couldn’t be gotten rid of. Never again.)

    1. Isn’t it weird that fruits and veggies usually smell so much worse than meat when they’ve been left for too long? I think the worst smell I’ve ever suffered was in San Francisco at the turn of the century. My roommate, Kevin, had left a bag of potatoes in the little cabinet over the fridge that was never used for anything. He totally forgot about the potatoes, and I never knew they existed. The smell reached us some months later – no one knows for sure. But when Kevin opened the little cabinet door, there was a plastic bag filled with jet-black liquid and the most unholy smell I’d every encountered. It would have been much worse, but since he made the mess, he cleaned it up, and I had a great laugh watching him teeter back and forth between retching and hysterical laughter.

  17. OMG the room looks just perfect! I love how you arranged the desk area. You did an amazing job – congrats!

  18. I’m disappointed in your design. Not up to your usual standards but rather a collection of mismatched things,( I did not say junk). So white TV stand👍,medium brown wood bed,👍,DARK brown huge desk🥵,and the most granddaddy gaming chair ever!! And then you did the alcohol ink stains…nice but not here! You need a statement…..even a $10 poster mounted would be better that the grouping of small stains. I can’t believe you put such a King Arthur desk in there. What happened to light and bright. Why have white walls and white TV stand with all the dark!heavy wood furniture?? I just don’t get it. So I know this is harsh but you can take it. Go sit under your beloved 1970s beaded room divider and meditate and hopefully embrace my remarks as constructive feedback.

    1. LOL, there are no words spoken by man or woman that can offend me, Gilda, so you’re all good! The bedroom makeover in question was started 4 years ago and finished 3 1/2 years ago. Since then, we’ve moved 3 times and grown more into what we do. Have you checked out our son’s current bedroom makeover? Check it out here.