Free Printable Adult Coloring Page Calendar by

Free Printable Adult Coloring Calendars for 2021

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Our free printable adult coloring calendars for 2021 will satisfy your need to color between the lines while reminding you of that luncheon on Tuesday. 

Maude called.

She has a conflict on Tuesday, and she has to reschedule the bridge club luncheon. I don’t know – something about Larry dropping a bowling ball on his left pinky toe. Yeah, right on a bunion, apparently. Anyway, Larry’s got a doctor appointment right when the luncheon was scheduled. And he’s gotta take Maude’s car because his is in the shop after he ran into a telephone pole. Yeah. Possum in the road. Mmmmhmmm. Babies, too. No, no, they’re all fine.

Larry’s car, on the other hand…

And your kids called. They won’t be home for Thanksgiving.

Something about a ski trip up north. Everyone will be there. Can’t miss it. You know, the usual. They send their best.

Oh, and the plumber called, too. He can’t fix your broken toilet today. Asked if he could reschedule for next Wednesday.

Huh? Oh, something about a ruptured water main at the elementary school. Kids floating away on their desks or some such.

Hey, what’s the matter? You look a little stressed!

You know, I have just the thing.

Free Printable Adult Coloring Page Calendar by
Free Printable Adult Coloring Page Calendar by

Here, try coloring in these free calendars. And while you’re at it, you can jot down the new luncheon date. Next Thursday, I think Maude said.

And don’t forget about the plumber! If I were you, I’d call him up and tell him you’ll be home all day on Tuesday, and if you don’t see his backside fixing your toilet, you’ll whack him in the plumber’s butt with a monkey wrench!

Oh, and about your kids? Just remind them who paid for all that ski equipment, and let them know that Thanksgiving dinner is at 3:00 sharp…or else!

Free Printable Adult Coloring Page Calendar by
Free Printable Adult Coloring Page Calendar by

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Free Printable Adult Coloring Calendars

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download these free printable adult coloring page calendars. We’re offering both of these calendars as PDF files and you’ll find them in the “Planners” and “Coloring Pages” section of The VIP Patch.

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Free Printable Calendar 2021 -

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  1. Christmas came early; tjank youI think I will run one off for a friend who loves to color! It sure is an anti-stressor for a lot of people. I craft, I play solitaire and Word Blitz. I read blogs! To each their own!

  2. Will you be doing a coloring page calendar for 2022? I think it would be a great gift for my daughter. Thanks for all of your awesome art!