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Free Watercolor Spring Printables

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Decorating for the season is a snap with our FREE watercolor spring printables! As always, these spring watercolors come in several sizes and with different background color options.

Said no one, ever:

1. I don’t think winter was long enough this year!

2. Oh, we’re moving North for the weather!

3. I’ve had enough summer. Bring on the slush and ice!

4 Free watercolor spring printables

4. The dry winter air does wonders for our wooden floors!

5. This puffy down parka really makes me looks slim!

6. Yeah, but it’s a dry forty below zero, so you don’t feel it as much!

Free watercolor spring printable - the earth laughs in flowers

7. Ice storms are so much fun! Let’s go driving!

8. Oh my god, you’re shoveling? Can I come over and help? I love shoveling!

9. The flu? More like the FUN, amirite??

Free watercolor spring printable - spring in the air

10. Snow days are the BEST! There’s nothing better than shoveling while the kids sleep and play video games!

11. I just love seeing the heating oil truck backing up our driveway!

12. Jumping out of bed barefoot onto a cold wooden floor is the best feeling ever!

Free watercolor spring printable - blossom by blossom the spring begins

13. You know, I think we could do with a few more snowstorms!

14. The roads are so pretty five days after a snowstorm!

Free watercolor spring printable - live life in full bloom

15. Oh my gawd! Going to work in the dark? Coming home from work in the dark? Best. Thing. Ever!!

16. It’s amazing! My energy bills practically disappear in the winter!

Free watercolor spring printable - bloom where you are planted

17. Windburn is Nature’s rouge! It’s totally free and non-toxic! Vegan, too!

18. Winter power outages are so much fun! We pretend like we’re Pilgrims freezing through the first winter in the New World!

Free watercolor spring printable - spring has sprung

19. Spring always comes so early! It’s not fair!

20. I’m always so sad when it gets warmer and the first flowers bloom!

Free watercolor spring printable - april showers bring may flowers


As usual, here’s some information on these free watercolor spring printables: we designed these 10+ free spring printables in two colors and two sizes: 8.5×11 inch and 16×20 inch. The 8.5×11 inch sized printables are PDFs, so they are not scalable. But the 16×20 inch printables are JPEGs, so you can scale them up or down as necessary. If you need help with scaling down these printables so you can print them on your home printer, then make sure you check out Handan’s “How To Easily Resize Pictures” post.

Also, if you don’t have a large format printer like the Canon i8720 Printer (prints up to 13×19 inches) and are wondering the best place to get these spring watercolors printed bigger than 8×12, we recommend trying Staples in your area or Amazon print shop. Both stores offer custom-sized prints on matte or glossy paper, and they both cost about the same. Staples also offers Engineering Prints, which are really affordable for large-format prints, but in some areas (like ours), they must be ordered from their online print shop.

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download today’s free watercolor spring printables – you’ll find them under the Spring section of The VIP Patch.

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  1. You forgot—I love the look of salt dried on my car. It looks so fresh and bright. Pictures are beautiful and I loved the comments. Made me laugh. Now I think I’ll read again.

          1. Where I live, it works like magic with washing your windows and rain 🙂 Hey, did I just invent a solution to drought?

    1. LOL, yeah that salt is also great on the front lawn, too! Yes, we’ve used that site before – Handan loves it, but thank you so much for sharing the tip with us! 🙂

  2. I love the 16×20 black background with the wreath. You have it placed against the fireplace. How did you do that? I did the white yarn wreath against a black background. That was easy to do. This has me a little stumped. I could use your input. Thanks Diane

  3. I think you have both outdone yourselves! Looking forward to printing up a couple of these. The Seattle area has had more snow than in years, I’m ready for spring.

  4. These spring prints are really lovely! I especially like the botanicals. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  5. We moved North for the weather; now I can enjoy summer instead of feeling like a steamed lobster! I love spring, but once the temperatures get above 75°F I’m getting cranky and above 80° I’m done!