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DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

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These gorgeous DIY Christmas wreath ideas (and a couple of swags!) will save you money and help transform your house into a festive holiday home!

It’s no secret my babes goes a little gaga for seasonal and holiday wreaths, but she’s especially nuts about Christmas wreaths.

And can you blame her?

She grew up in a country without wreaths.

I’m serious!

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by

Wreaths are a distinctly Western phenomenon – in her native Turkey, they are unheard of!

When we first moved to The States, she couldn’t even pronounce the word “wreath.”

Reth, she called it, and her first reth was a scrawny little thing she made for Halloween in 2013.

But that warped and wobbly little spider reth lit a passion inside her.

By Christmas of that very same year, not only could she say wreath, but her wreath-making skills blossomed. She was hooked.

Since then, she and I have made all sorts of wreaths for The Navage Patch.

This year, we want to share with you this stunning collection of our very favorite DIY Christmas wreath ideas. We love all of these Christmas wreaths, and will be making some of them to hang around the Patch this holiday season.


DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath

by Jo-Anna at A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

This Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath would be perfect for the vintage feel we’re aiming for this holiday season, and it’s really so easy to make! Head on over, and let Jo-Anna tell you how she did it!

DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath

by Greg and Handan at The Navage Patch (hey, I know those guys!)

This is our most popular wreath and our most popular post, and for good reason! You won’t believe how easy it is to make – just head over to the post and see for yourself!

DIY Pinecone Wreath

by Ananda at A Piece of Rainbow

Ananda is known for her incredible floral arrangements and gorgeous wreaths, and this DIY Pinecone Wreath is no exception! We especially love the fairy lights. We’re suckers for fairy lights! Let Ananda show you how it’s done over at A Piece of Rainbow.

DIY Star Anise Wreath

by Kris at Driven By Decor

Kris’s projects are defined by an elegant style that shines through regardless of what materials she is working with. Her stunning star anise wreath is a perfect example. Handan just can’t keep her eyes off this wreath, so I know what I have to do in the next couple of weeks! I’ll bet this wreath smells amazing, too. I think I’ll try to work some cinnamon into mine.

Handan has also been eyeballing a gorgeous pinecone wreath from Etsy (Cadeau De La Nature) for the past few weeks. I know I don’t have time to make all of the DIY Christmas wreaths she loves, and if you find yourself in the same boat, you may want to consider buying one like this. It’s okay, we won’t judge. πŸ˜‰

Winter Ice Wreath

by Woman’s Day Magazine

Depending on where you live, this Christmas wreath idea could last for a few weeks or maybe just for a special occasion. Either way, it looks incredible! Can you picture it at sunset, filled with golden light? Bonus: once everyone arrives to your party, you can chuck it in the punchbowl! πŸ˜†

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

by Crystal at A Pumpkin and A Princess

Crystal keeps it simple with her Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath. There are only 3 components to her beautiful wreath, but it sure looks more complicated than it is. Check out how she made it over at her blog!

Christmas Ornament Tree Wreath

by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

When it comes to rustic and upcycled Christmas decor, Donna is the best in the business! We love the juxtaposition of old mason jar lids and shiny ornaments in her old-meets-new Christmas wreath!

DIY Ornament Wreath

by Rachel at The Crafted Life

If Donna’s ornament tree wreath is too rustic for you, perhaps a pop of color is what you need. Rachel’s vibrant DIY Ornament Wreath should fit the bill – head on over to The Crafted Life to see how she make it!

Holiday Bow Wreath

by Woman’s Day Magazine

Got bows? Of course you do! Put ’em to good use and make a holiday bow wreath!

DIY Snowflake Wreath

by Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate

This DIY snowflake wreath is a fun twist on the traditional Christmas wreath. Chloe has a great tutorial on how to make this beautiful snowflake wreath, so be sure to hop on over to her blog to see how it’s done!

If you’re pressed for time or can’t DIY the snowflake Christmas wreath above, you can grab one for yourself at

Let it Snow Christmas Wreath

by Krista at The Happy Housie

Krista’s yarn ball wreath is perfect in red and white, or you can mix things up by introducing new colors. The white yarn balls are the perfect canvas to experiment!

Peppermint Monogram Wreath

by Chelsea at Two Twenty One

Here’s a sweet little Christmas wreath you’ll have be tempted to lick every time you pass by! For the super ambitious: spell out the word CHRISTMAS with alternating red and green candies!

Candy Cane Wreath

by Linda at It All Started with Paint

If monograms aren’t your cup of tea or if you need to keep the sweets at bay, then you may like this easy Candy Cane Wreath by Linda at It All Started with Paint (ain’t that the truth!).

Simple Holiday Wreath

by Sweet Paul at Sweet Paul Magazine

We love the winter berries and snow in Sweet Paul’s simple DIY Christmas wreath. Head over to Sweet Paul Magazine to see how he made this beautiful wreath.

Ice Skate Wreath

by Better Homes & Gardens

Hit up any tag sale in the Northeast (or anywhere it snows in the winter), and you’re almost sure to find some old ice skates for sale. We picked up a couple years back, and we’ve used them in a few outdoor Christmas displays. Looks like we now have another use for them!

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by - Ice Skate Wreath

Pinecone Wreath with Cardinals and Ornaments

by Better Homes & Gardens

You can’t beat the look of a brilliant red cardinal on a white background. It works in real life with cardinals on snow, and it works in this simple and striking red and white wreath.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by - Pinecone and Cardinal Wreath

Upcycled Embroidery Hoop Wreath

by Tanya at twelveOeight

Handan is a sucker for banners, so she jumped all over this DIY embroidery hoop Christmas wreath. Best part? No embroidery skills needed! Head on over to twelveOeight to see how Tanya did it!

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by - Upcycled Embroidery Hoop Wreath
Source: twelveOeight

Buffalo Check Christmas Wreath

by Amanda at Domestically Creative

I feel like I’m constantly telling you that Handan is nuts about this thing or that. In this post alone, I’ve mentioned her love of wreaths and banners, and now I have to also mention that she goes bananas over buffalo check! So yeah, she saw Amanda’s wreath and started drooling all over her laptop. Fortunately for me, this is another no-embroidery-skills-needed DIY Christmas wreath! πŸ™‚

Christmas Wreath with Bells

by Rachel at Shades of Blue Interiors

Okay, at this point, I should probably just shut up about all the things Handan goes ape about, because otherwise the list is going to get embarrassingly long.

Rustic bells?

Yep, they’re on her bananas list, too.

Anyway, both my babes and I dig this wreath, because I also love those rustic bells! Head on over to Shades of Blue Interiors to see how Rachel made it.

Christmas Swag with Bells

by Kris at Driven By Decor

It’s swag time, and the rustic bells are back again! I’m a big fan of Christmas swags – their freeform style appeals to my wilder nature! πŸ™‚

Clip-On Christmas Swag

by Handan and Greg at The Navage Patch

My babes found an old faux Christmas tree at the Put and Take years ago, and she turned that tree into 3 awesome Christmas decorations, including this clip-on swag! The best part about this swag is that it takes no more than 3 seconds to hang and take down!

DIY Pompom Wreath

by Amy at Mom Advice

We love this simple and plain yet cozy DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath – it makes us want to curl up inside it and take a nap! Make this wreath at your own peril! It may never make it onto a door because everyone will want to cuddle it!

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by -
Source: Mom Advice

If you want a little festive touch on your pompom wreath, you can add a few mini ornaments like this one from Target has. Or if you’re feeling a little lazy, you can just buy it from Target!

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by - Pompom Wreath

DIY Tinsel Wreath

by Country Living

About as simple as they come, Country Living’s Christmas tinsel wreath will add a little sparkle to your holiday. You may want to make your stars look a little less starfishy though. Man, that really threw me on first glance. I couldn’t figure out what starfish had to do with Christmas! πŸ˜†

I hope you liked our collection of DIY Christmas Wreath ideas! I’ll be making a couple of these for Handan this year. How about you? Any favorites of the bunch? Let us know in the comments!

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DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas by
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  1. Really wreath is so Important to us, and these all wreath are amazing, so gorgeous and stunning. I just love it Thanks for the interesting post and amazing pics.

  2. Love, love, love this post! I adore wreaths too and am always looking for great ideas and this had plenty! Thank you for doing all the legwork! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas! I really like that buffalo plaid and have a piece of fabric I could use but since I don’t have a cutting machine for the lettering, I think I’m going to make a banner like the sweater hoop. Wish me luck!

  4. Greg and Handan,

    There are so many pretty wreaths here on your blog that I need one for every room in my house! Love that white loopy yarn wreath with the bottle brush trees, an the swags with the rusty bells. Love the multi-colored ornament wreath, and the anise star. . . too many to mention!
    You two have a lot of great ideas and I use many of them. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you both.

  5. The wreath is such an American staple – y’all will have a wreath for any occasion! We do have them at Christmas, though. My wreath this year is a bauble wreath in pastels with small snowflake fairy lights and two pastel metal bells in the middle with a small Noel sign. Topped off with a big bow in purple and mint.

    My favourites here are definitely the ice ring (oh how I wish the weather allowed us to have something like that. I’d have an ice puddle), the ice skates definitely, and the loop Yarn wreath, of course, is still a winner!

    1. You’re not kidding, Jay! There’s not a month goes by without some sort of wreath to commemorate something! I also love that ice wreath, and this year, it’d have a good chance to last until Christmas! (Though I still think it would look better in a punch bowl!) πŸ˜€

  6. I can’t believe I’m just seeing this now—-on the 27th of December!!!!! So many great ideas and so much time (and money I’m sure) before next year’s holiday season. As much as I like reading the Navage Patch, I’m afraid I may need an “intervention” because of you and yours! But, that’s a good thing–I think! Anyway, keep up the good work—and truth be known, I’m a bit jealous that I can’t get a hummingbird to come sit in my hands the way you did!

    1. Better late than never, Sue! Intervention Intershmention – if you like it, do it! That’s my motto, lol! Hey, about that hummingbird – he was near death when I picked him up and revived him. Once he came to his senses, he was outta there! The blue jay on the other hand…he just couldn’t get enough of me! πŸ™‚

  7. Thank You! I made the yarn loop wreath for my mom who is in assisted living. I used some of my Dad’s bottle brush trees and figures from his train display. A wonderful way to preserve the memory. I enjoy your posts immensely and I truly believe handmade is the very BEST.