Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal (ORC Fall 2022 Week 8)

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Our One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal is finally here! 8 weeks of mayhem and madness have led to this stunning result!

This is week 8 of the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge. For those unfamiliar, ORC is a biannual challenge for interior designers, decorators and stylists to finish one room in their house in 8 weeks. The challenge is also open to guest participants like us. Every week (more or less ๐Ÿ˜) we posted an update on our blog and on Instagram as we took you along with us as we transformed a mundane guest bedroom into something stunning.

Welcome to The Navage Patch!

If youโ€™re joining us from the ORC website โ€“ welcome! Iโ€™m Greg, this is The Navage Patch, and my wife Handan and I are giving a makeover to one of the guest bedrooms in our new Florida home. This is our first One Room Challenge, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done to this room!

When my babes informed me two months ago in no uncertain terms that I’d be entering One Room Challenge as a guest participant, my first thought was no followed by way, followed by a spoken sentence that went a little something like, “Are you nuts? It’s the start of our busiest season for the blog, you unhinged cacklebag!”

Actually, what I really said was, “Okay, my babes,” but inside I was seething. How dare The Loon heap even more work upon my creaking old bones?

But I internalized my annoyance and, let’s face it, fear, and sighed the sigh I’d sighed a thousand sighs before.

If my babes wanted me to be in the ORC with our guest bedroom, I’d ORC the sh!t out of that room, even if it meant I’d be busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest for the next two months!

Because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing while juggling a dozen other Halloween and Christmas projects, because a Challenge ain’t a challenge unless it keeps you bug-eye awake at night stressing about accent walls, paint sprayers, luxury vinyl plank, antique mirrors and why we don’t just say eff this bullcrap and move back into adobe huts, teepees and log cabins.

But enough of my jabber-jawing. Let’s jump right in and see what kept me crawling, climbing, huffing and puffing for the past eight weeks!

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

Okay, to rewind a bit, the room looked a little something like this when I started the project:

ORC Fall 2022 Week 1 - Guest Bedroom Makeover -

After 8 weeks of Halloween and Christmas crafts punctuated by frantic weekly scramblings to cobble together enough progress for an ORC update, I got the room looking like this (with a little help from my babes)!

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

This room represents the biggest departure from our usual style to date, and we love the results!

We love to see our DIY projects out in the wild! If you try this DIY project and take a picture and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

And though we didn’t check off every item on our original to-do list, we ended up with a gorgeous guest bedroom we love and can’t wait to share with my family. And when it’s not occupied, it’s going to be a great place to take photos!

So let’s take a closer look at the elements of this novel Navage Patch room makeover! Source List is at the end of this post!

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

When we first moved into our Connecticut house in 2013, The Navage Patch had yet to be hatched, and neither Handan nor I knew diddly-jack-squat about interior design and style. We immediately changed all the gold and yellow walls (yes, really) of that house into…various shades of color that had no business coexisting in the same home.

Fast forward a few years, and we repainted everything to shades of gray – a vast improvement.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

When we moved to Georgia, we dispensed with color entirely and went almost exclusively with shades of white, and we loved it.

But white gets a little plain vanilla after a while, and by the time we moved to Florida, we were ready for some changes.

We dipped our toes into these new design waters with our son’s bedroom makeover.

And now with this guest bedroom makeover, we were ready to take things into uncharted waters – at least for us.

Our son’s accent wall was our first time experimenting with such a concept, and with this makeover, I took it to an extreme conclusion. It was a lot of work, but it adds so much visual interest to the room that I’d happily do it again in another room. (Translation: I’d begrudgingly suffer through it again to make my wife happy and to please my social media overlords. ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

And then there’s the color. Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn is the darkest we’ve gone on a wall, and we wonder why we waited so long! But we didn’t just put it on the accent wall – I slathered that stuff over three walls…AND (here’s the crazy part)…the ceiling.

Not only was this our first time painting a ceiling anything other than white, but I went full dark side and painted the crown moulding and baseboards to boot!

Some called me crazy on social media, but I just held my head high and pretended I’d done this sort of thing before and totally knew what I was doing and why.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think it makes this room rich, elegant and unbelievably cozy. And for those who say a room must have white trim, I just say, Diff’rent Strokes…

Instead of the standard ceiling fan with light, we went for a fandelier. This little wonder is beautiful and kicks out more air than its diminutive fan blades might otherwise suggest.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

We think this carpet is perfect for this room. Anything more ornate would compete with the other elements, but this one complements everything. As the big Lebowski would say, “It really ties the room together, man!”

And then there’s this antiqued mirror sliding door. I will write a full blog post about it soon, but this door caused untold anguish when in the final week on the final stretch, I left 24 antiqued mirrors outside to dry on a 4×8 sheet on foam insulation on a table on a windy day. When I came back outside 10 minutes later, I discovered broken shards strewn all over the driveway and lawn. All of them shattered beyond recovery. That nearly caused me to throw in the towel on ORC, head south to Mexico and glue my butt to a bar stool while waving a middle finger salute back across the Gulf of Mexico.

But instead, Handan and I restarted the project, worked all day and night and managed to finish it and the room before the ORC deadline.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

It was so worth it – the door is a gorgeous addition to the room!

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

We went with the same LVP for this room as we did for our son’s bedroom. It’s inexpensive, it installs easily, and it looks great – why mess with success?

I love the Jasper wall sconces generously provided by Kichler Lighting. Those who’ve been following us for years may recall seeing Kichler products used in every house we’ve owned – bought by us, not given – so you know we really love and trust the company and their products.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

I was going to makeover the two nightstands, but I ran out of time, so that’ll happen sometime in the future. For now, they’re great just the way they are.

I made this sherpa pillow for Handan, and she loves it! I’ll be posting about that one soon on our social channels and shortly after that here on the blog.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

Would you believe that door handle started out as a Dollar Tree Plus table decor? Amazing, isn’t it?

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by
Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by
Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

This was a free frame from Put & Take, and the art inside is a $3 Goodwill pillow cover.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

This was a $7 Goodwill vase that I painted with Drylok and then black acrylic paint. It makes a classy planter with a high-end look. You’d never guess how much it really cost!

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by
Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by
Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

We got this bowl from Target and filled it with seasonal doodads and a big sleigh bell we painted gold.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by
Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by
Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

I love this work of art. It’s a digital print we had printed at Office Depot depicting an Albanian sentinel resting with a pipe. We’ll be sharing other works by this same artist and some other artists in The VIP Patch.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal ORC Fall 2022 by

For my very first ORC, I think I did a pretty good job, especially considering the monkey show our lives were during the past two months. Next spring, I’ll be joining again, and hopefully since it won’t be our busiest time of year, I’ll be able to give even more blood, sweat and tears and make it absolutely magnificent!


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  1. BRAVO!! BRAVO!! Take a bow! Absolutely stunning!!
    I have always painted the ceilings in my rooms the color of the walls. I love how it looks in this room.

  2. I love what you did with your wall behind the bed. Very creative and looks great with the paint colour. Bravo! Glad you are planning to address the night tables. You might consider removing that scrolling detail as it really dates them and they take away from your focal point. Chalk paint in just one shade lighter than the walls on plain tables with a crystal knob would really add sophistication and pull everything together. And a new light switch decor series which you can get is the grey would look nicer framed. Hope you don’t mind the comments! Keep up the great work. Enjoy your blog. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Gwyn! Actually, we kept that scrollwork intentionally, as it keeps the room from feeling too modern! Eventually, I’ll be lightening the stain color, but we do want to keep a natural wood tone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is beautiful and so cozy for guests! I am so impressed with the accent wall. I painted a huge expanse of built-ins and our fireplace mantel/surround in Peppercorn and love the rich look it projects. The lighting off your accent wall makes it look a different/lighter color than the ceiling in the photos almost as if you used a lighter shade on the same paint chip. Crazy how light and texture can do that. The grouping of gold frames on the wall and around the light switch is a great idea too. Always look forward to seeing what you’re up to, it lights a fire for me to start or FINISH a challenging project.

    1. Thank you, Angie! Yes, we went so cozy because a guest room should really only be used for sleeping, so it can be a little darker than other rooms. I’m happy to hear we inspire you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This room is just gorgeous! keeping the trim and ceiling the same peppercorn as the wall(s) really makes the room feel larger and very cozy – good call! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful accent colours and I can’t wait for a tutorial on that pillow you made for Handan, that is o pretty!

  5. Really amazing job you guys….it looks so high end and I love the feel of the darker colors, the geometrics that have repetition and variation…you really have an instinct for design elements and color ways….i’m impressed every post what you guys do….super fun and I know this blog has to be a ton of work so thanks for sharing along your journey.

  6. I have to admit that I was uncertain about painting the ceiling, walls, and woodwork the same dark shade but it worked so well in the overall design. The room isn’t as dark as I thought it would be. In hindsight, I think white crown/trim would have made it look choppy. As for nay-sayers on colored ceilings, try it. I have two rooms with very pale blue ceilings and love it. Once again, you and Handan, have done a terrific job!

  7. Very cool! The wall treatment is so very Mid-Century Modern which is all the rage here in Palm Springs. The wood designs are absolutely fabulous! I am going to sit on pins and needles for the barn door episode. Amazing what you can do with simple materials and (a ton) of time and elbow grease. Many thanks, friend!

  8. That’s it guys…….We’re definitely coming down to spend some time sleeping in this treasure of a room! Take some time off from painting and save us a couple of days in the spring!

  9. All the blood, sweat and tears paid off. Room looks gorgeous and cozy. Looks like somebody already booked a stay too lol. Great job as always!

  10. It turned out amazing. It was a definite well worth it labor of love. From the walls to the flooring, and yes, the “fandalier” is another awesome find. You two are so fun to learn from. I would love to see pictures of how you did the empty frame wall though. I have always wanted to do one of those, and that just looks fabulous. Thank you, and I can hardly wait for the next project.

  11. AHHH-mazing!!!!! You guys have really knocked this one out of the park!!! There is not a single thing about the room that I wasn’t oohing and ahhing about. But I do have to say, I will be looking forward to reading how you did the mirrored door. It’s a show stealer. Y’all have a great Thanksgiving, you deserve it!!

  12. Greg and Handan, congratulations on a magnificent room makeover! Once again, you have floored us with your design skills and creativity. As difficult as it was to meet the challenge amid so many other demanding projects, you have clearly demonstrated that, as humans, we can be at our best when things are at their worst. Best of luck in the ORC competition.

  13. WOWZERS HOOOLY SHITZELS!!! You NEVER cease to disappoint!! Absolutely love it all!! By far the best I’ve seen in a while! Stunning wall & color choice is jaw dropping! Not to fancy, not to mid century or to modern…just PERFECT! That door is GORGEOUS, can’t wait for the post! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. What paint sprayer did you use? Unable to find any information on it through a search of your site.