DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by

DIY Light-up Snowy Village Wreath

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No one has this light-up snowy village wreath – so be the first on your block and in your town to make it and be the envy of your neighborhood!

There’s gonna be a white foam shortage after this one.

Soon, hordes of foam-sprayers across the land will look down at their foamy creations and realize that they’re yellow. Slowly, it will dawn on them that everything they’re ever made with spray foam looks like stained yellow teeth.


What good is yellow, especially at Christmas?

Ooooh, it’s winter – let’s all go outside and play in the yellow snow!

We all know how snow turns yellow.

But then the hordes of yellow-foamers will read this post or watch social media or listen to the buzz in the air, and they will learn of a different foam. A better foam. A foam that is white as un-peed-on snow, and they will rejoice!

DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by

They will throw down their cans of that Other Stuff, and they will pick up cans of bright white foam, and together they will usher in a new area of foamy crafting!

(And if they chance upon a gap or a crack, they will fill it and get back to crafting.)

As some of you may have guessed, this light-up snowy village wreath is a direct descendant of our Halloween Fire Wreath. After we thought of the fire wreath back in August, we immediately saw that the technique would be brilliant for Chrismtas!

But our first attempt was…sickly.

You see, we used the same Stuff we used for our fire wreath – that yellow foam that everyone knows. When we put lights behind it – either warm or cool – the wreath was yellow. But we expected that – we were ready for it! I shook up a can of white spray paint, and drowned that hideous yellow beneath a layer of Rustoleum’s finest.

And in the end?

A sickly yellow glow. Yellow foam = yellow glow, no matter the paint color.

This yellow conundrum led us to look into spray foam a little deeper, and then we found our salvation: bright white craft foam. This stuff sprays white and stays white. Just look at the difference between the two foams!

two blobs of foam on a table

If you want to make this wreath without lights, then by all means, use the Cheap Stuff and then spray paint it white. But if you intend to light it, know that the yellow foam will color the light, regardless of the white paint on top.

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DIY Light-UP SNOWY Village WREATH VIDEO Tutorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our DIY light-up snowy village wreath before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Watch Our Tutorial On YouTube

DIY Light-UP SNOWY Village WREATH Tutorial

Step 1 – Prepare the foaming area

First, we laid a heavy plastic tarp on the work table. The foam won’t stick to it when dry.

I knew from my first attempt that maintaining a circle shape with a well-defined inner circle is tough when freehand-foaming the wreath form. This is especially true for this wreath, because we wanted the foam to be about 9 inches wide all around.

To help keep a defined inner circle, I covered a bowl with plastic and put it in the middle of the form.

wreath form on table with plastic covered bowl in the middle

I then measured out 9 inches from the bowl and marked the plastic.

preparing to make a snowy village wreath

One of the wood houses was the right size to use as a jig to trace out a circle all the way around the wreath form. This line marks where I’d be foaming to.

making a snowy village wreath

After tracing my circle, I flipped the form upside down.

man holding a wreath form

Step 2 – Add lights

I secured one strand of 100 warm white LED lights to the form. I used plug-in, but you can also use battery-operated LED lights. As long as they’re LED, you’re good.


I used zip ties here and there on the first pass.

man putting led lights on a wreath form.

And then I wrapped the rest around the form. Notice I left a good amount of cord coming from the top. This is the plug, so you want to leave enough to go over your door.

man putting led lights on a wreath form

I flipped the wreath form over so the lights were against the table. Time to foam!

man making a snowy village wreath

Step 3 – Foam

I foamed the wreath going back and forth from the bowl to the outer line (wear nitrile gloves and safety glasses). The whole wreath took 3 cans of foam, but I stopped after the first when only the bottom third was foamed so I could nestle in the wood houses before the foam hardened.

man putting spray foam on a wreath form
man putting wood houses into foam

I arranged my 7 houses, and then got back to foaming the rest of the wreath.

man putting wood houses in foam
man foaming a wreath

After the the wreath was fully foamed, I built up more foam underneath the houses. This would let me more easily add trees there when the foam had hardened.

man foaming a wreath

Step 4 – Add trees

I used bristle brush trees of all sizes and colors for my snowy village wreath. I either pulled off or snipped off their wood bases and then stuck them here and there into the foam.

man putting bottle brush trees on a snowy village wreath
man putting bottle brush trees on a snowy village wreath

It helps to put a small dab of hot glue on the stem, even if the tree seems to be sticking in firmly. This is especially true if you’ll be hanging this wreath outside.

man putting bottle brush trees on a snowy village wreath

Some of the trees didn’t have a place for the stems to stick, so I cut those stems off and glued the trees right on the wreath. The number and placement of trees is totally up to you.

man putting bottle brush trees on a snowy village wreath

After a while, my babes declared it to be perfect, so I holstered my glue gun and showed her the final product.

DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by

And for those curious what the back looks like…

DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by

And finally, out on the door near dusk on a rainy day…

DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by
DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by
DIY Light-Up Snowy Village Wreath by

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  1. This is super cute! I am thinking white LEDs would make it light up a bit whiter (if wanted). This is giving me ideas…

    BTW, I love the glass trees in the upper window lite that the wreath compliments!!

  2. I love this wreath and I’m not a huge wreath fan. Very ingenious of you Greg! And everyone will be imitating you. The sincerest form of flattery.

  3. I don’t know how to out do yourselves every single time, but you do! I hope you never stop. This is beautiful!! Thank you so much!

  4. I keep trying to downsize my crafting and decorations but you make it impossible!! My husband DOES NOT thank you, but I do!!

  5. I LOVE it. What a great way to use spray foam and it is beautiful. You’re always an inspiration to all crafters. Thanks

  6. Brilliant! Absolutely Gorgeous! I can think of so many options. 🤔 One question..did you leave the plastic on the back, and cut away the excess? Appears so, however it could be.just the foam flattened flat and set? I will send a pic of mine, when completed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wreath and ideas! Merry Holidays 🤶
    (Washington State)

  7. Once again, you have outdone yourself. I love it! I really want to try this one. I have 3 cans of foam left over from my glowing Halloween wreath. Unfortunately, it is the yellow stuff. Great. Now I need to go get more craft stuff. I am going to have to watch an episode of Hoarders to so I won’t feel so bad about my craft supply addiction.
    Access to an outlet will be a problem on my porch. Do you have a recommendation for LED battery lights?

    1. Hi Lynn, I just linked a great battery LED lights I found on Amazon in the supplies section. The cord is clear, it’s dimmable and it has a remote! Annnd it’s the cheapest I found on Amazon! 🙂

  8. WOW! I just can’t think of anything else to say. Well, ok, incredible. I could go on but I think you get the message.

  9. Greg – this is very clever. I am curious as to what appears to be giant jingle bells next to each side of the doors. Next time you may want to use battery operated lights with a automatic timer. I find they save on the electric bill.

  10. I don’t know who really comes up with these amazing things you create but, you out did yourself this time. This wreath is gorgeous. I wish I had half of the imagination of Handan and yourself. I don’t think I can follow the directions and have it come out just like yours. Although I would try to think of my own arrangement to make it different. I try to anyway. Like I said, not enough imagination. Long story short, it’s beautiful!!

  11. Stunning wreath! And as usual, done with very clear instructions on how to do it. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching the how to videos. You always make things look/sound so simple. And thank you for making the goofs and before we attempt the project. Well done!

  12. does the loctite foam stay true white? the DAP bright white craft foam is sold out all around me.
    thanks for the insight

  13. Beautifully done. It goes especially well with the glass trees in the window above the door. Like they were made for each other.

  14. I am not a wreath person, but I will make an exception for this one! This one knocked it out of the park. I absolutely love the colors! And I want a link to where you purchased the glass bottles showing over the door. I have a bottle collection and need to add to it! 😂

    1. Thank you so much, Tina! Those bottles are actually Christmas trees, and most came from Target dollar spot, though i think some also came from Dollar Tree and other places. I’ll have to chack with Handan.

  15. Wow….another great project. I would have never thought of that! So happy that I joined your blog. Love your projects!! Happy, happy holidays to you and yours!

  16. Oh. My. Word!
    You two are unbelievable!
    Yes, you will be duped!
    Out with that polyester batting stuff and in with FOAM!
    May your Christmas be as Merry and Bright as you two have made it for your followers!
    LUV U 2!

  17. I can’t believe I saw the first copies of this project just two days later! The DIY and crafting communities really just spend most of their time stealing from one another…until it’s so rampant that 5 Minute Crafts does it! 🤣🤣 I mean there’s inspiration, and I don’t think you need to credit every single inspiration you’ve ever seen, but then there’s just blatant ripoffs…

    First and best here, Dudes!

    1. Jay, it’s getting ridiculous – everyone is stealing from everyone, and no one is giving credit. It’s pretty frustrating. But we’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing and try to keep one step ahead. Merry Christmas!

  18. I totally love this. If I can find the foam I might try this. One question, what did you use on the back to hang it? I live in Florida, will it stay white when exposed to sunlight? Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks, Marie! I used a flat metal door hanger hook that I embedded into the foam on the back. As for sunlight, that’s a big NO! This foam like all other foam yellows horribly in sunlight (it’ll stay white forever indoors though). So if you want to hang it outside, you’ll have to paint the foam white after it hardens.