All Good Things Must Come to an End

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was never meant to end this way.

We were supposed to be doing what we do here…forever.

That’s what I was told, and that’s what I expected!

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my half century on this wayward chunk of rock and water, it’s to expect the unexpected.

So it is with a heavy heart that I announce that The Navage Patch dead.

(i’m not dead yet)

(yeah, but you will be soon)

Ah, TNP2PointOh, I hardly knew ye!

How brief our time together! How fickle these winds of change!

Can you believe it, madam?

Just yesterday it seems, my babes stood in this empty nest with her baby Yoda – both full of hope and wonder!

Just yesterday, when we tore out all that nasty carpet and replaced it with beautiful hardwood flooring!

Just yesterday, when we transformed the original red-walled dining room into this marvelous beauty!

dining room makeover

And could it have been much more than a day, madam, since my babes fulfilled a years-old promise and gave me the kitchen of my dreams?

Kitchen Remodel Reveal –

It doesn’t seem so.

It couldn’t have been!

But wasn’t it just…so very recently…that we put the finishing touches on our new craft room?

New Craft Room -

Could it not have been hours ago – last night, perhaps – that the final brick was placed in our new fireplace?

Fireplace Makeover -

Ahhhhh, the fireplace! Just in time for Christmas in our new Southern home!

Not quite as cold as New England, but still a little nip to the air, eh?

And what of the laundry room, madam? Has the caulk yet dried on the countertop?

Laundry Room Remodel Reveal -

And the stairs! That Sisyphean staircase makeover! Wasn’t it just this morning that I finished painting the last damned spindle after staining those infernal handrails?

A day, madam! We’ve only been here a single, glorious day!

How can it all end after just one day?

How can we say goodbye to The Navage Patch?

(maybe you don’t have to)

(i can think of a way)

(yes! there is a way!)

It’s true, you know. The Navage Patch v2.0 is slated for termination.

But in its place shall rise the mightier Navage Patch v3.0!

The only question is where will The Navage Patch v3.0 (new and improved flavor, fortified with vitamin D) rise?

Take a guess, won’t you madam? I know you’re going to shout at your computer right about now, but I think we’ll have a little poll before I actually tell you, hehehehe.

Yeah, yeah, I know…I’m an asshole. You’re not the first to call me that, madam, and you probably won’t be the last!

So let’s have a vote!

Where are my babes and I (and the two fur jerks) moving?

Where is The Navage Patch Moving?

Scroll down for the answer!


When opportunity knocks, you must answer the door.

As a reminder for those who’ve forgotten, or for those who don’t know, my babes is a civil engineer. She (and we) have spent our lives traveling from country to country and state to state, where she works on large-scale infrastructure projects and large to mega-scale construction projects.

Two weeks ago, Handan got a call from her boss (not her direct boss for her current project in Atlanta, but a higher boss in another state who overseas her career path) telling her of an upcoming opportunity.

Her company just landed a new project – a multi-billion dollar program lasting at least ten years to rebuild and refurbish all of the schools in the 20th largest school system in America. They want Handan to be the Program Controls Manager, which is a very nice promotion!

The school system is in Jacksonville, Florida.

So there you have it. The New Navage Patch will be in Florida, and I can officially be called Florida Man.

The plan is to rent for about a year while I get our current home ready to sell. So that means I’ll be back and forth, back and forth. It’s a six hour drive, so that’s not too bad for me.

But this is exciting for The Navage Patch because it means for a year, we’ll be able to show you rental hacks and tons of small crafts until we find and buy a new home!

We are so looking forward to this adventure! My babes and I both love to fish, and we’re going to be very close to the water, no matter where we live. The best part for Handan is that her 3-hour-per-day commute will be cut to 40 minutes!

It will be our pleasure to take you with us as we transition from Georgia to Florida. There’s going to be so much to do!

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    1. We go where the work is, Carole. Politics doesn’t play a role in any of our life decisions. We’re too busy making and moving to worry about red and blue, lol! 🙂

      1. Carole, We can find red and blue EVERYWHERE in the USA. I prefer shades of color, rather than primary colors. But that is just me.

        1. Same here, Kate! I hope you guys are headed for SC 😊 Beautiful beaches, mountains and lots of good ol Southern hospitality. Blessing on your move, wherever the road takes you.

        2. I live in a blue state In a red county that’s smack-dab in the center of state. You can’t miss them, with red caps w flags attached to their vehicles and flaunting it all. When we were wearing masks they didn’t and went so far as to ignore six feet even when marked, and aisles marked for direction, like alternate aisle. Also ignored. No pink or lavender or purple here. Nope. Then is when you walk in your grace.

          1. I hear you. I live in Blue Oregon but in a VERY RED county and my house is 6 blocks from the VERY red state of Idaho. Smh sad sad state of affairs they are getting themselves into.

      2. Welcome to my home State!!! Yep!! Born and raised in Naples Florida!! My grandchildren are the 5th generation to be born here!!! Summers get a little brutal, but Florida is worth it!!! Welcome!!! OH YEAH. WE are also house hunting. Florida is getting bombarded with people moving here so if you see something you like, better snatch it quick!!! Good luck!!! Love yall!!!

    2. Yep, there’s one of those ‘tolerant’ lefties. I hope TNP is moving to Texas or Arizona – we travel between both, and love them both! I guess the upside of moving is there is *never* a shortage of projects for TNP 🙂 Good luck with the move!

      1. Thank you, Patty! There’s plenty of good folks in every state and country I’ve been in (and as far as the states go, that’s pretty much all of them). Red and Blue, left and right – they don’t concern us – just what’s in a person’s heart. That’s all that matters when all else is stripped away. 🙂

        1. Congrats on the Florida move! I used to have a 3 hour daily commute, it was brutal! You have a marvelous attitude about all the moves, thanks for contributing to the internet being a happy place! We’re looking forward to all the new adventures you share with us!

        2. True statement. If we live by the Golden Rule then we can be at peace with all. Good luck for this new adventure. I am looking forward to being entertained and enlightened by this new chapter in your lives.

      1. Amen! Good for you not putting politics into your decision and follow your heart. I saw the negative Nancy above telling you to stay away from the red states but I say come on down if you love real old fashion hospitality! We welcome you! In my opinion, blue states are a disaster and have the highest crime rates in the country so I’d run as far away as possible from the blue states so it’s actually what works better for you! I on the other hand, prefer to live in a safer place where people believe in law in order! I love living around people who don’t hate America and have each other’s back! Good luck on your new journey wherever it may be!

        1. Thank you, Birdie! I’ve lived in red, blue and purple and I can say they all have their fair share of awesome people (from all parts of the spectrum) and wretched people (from all parts of the spectrum). So far, we’re loving Florida and the people so far have been amazing! 🙂

    3. I guessed correctly!!!
      Do I get a prize? Lol
      We bought a 2nd home in Florida in the panhandle… we are now snow birds and it’s wonderful!
      The other 1/2 we are in the beautiful U.P. Of Michigan on a big lake with loons, eagles, waterfalls and lots of lake shores to explore!
      It’s the best of both worlds!
      Can’t wait to see your great beachy/coastal ideas.
      CONGRATS!!! That’s a huge bump!

    4. Welcome to FL!!!! Super happy that is for a good reason that you’re moving. Change is always positive…Can’t wait to hear the adventures!

    5. Let’s keep politics out of it. It’s sad how everything now becomes polluted with it. We’re still the UNITED States last time I looked. From this Jersey girl now living in the South… I can fully appreciate how we all really do want to simply be happy & stay healthy. {{{hugs}}} Gina

    6. Congratulations on the move and congratulations on your Babes fabulous promotion. So excited to see all you will be creating through this new opportunity.

    7. The red states are where there are jobs worth having and having the freedom to live you life the way it was meant to be lived. Plus, in this economy, which is extremely poor and getting poorer, you go where the jobs are. Maybe you don’t work and don’t want to work. But for the rest of us, we are happy to have a job in a state that protects our rights and doesn’t tell us how to live.

      Move to a red state. Enjoy our freedom. It’s yours too, promised in our Constitution. Also yours too.

      1. Ignorant comment again sadly. Plenty of Blue states and Red states are prosperous and poor too! Once again, no political comments necessary when the topic was about their happy move to FL!

    8. Y’all will love Jacksonville! It’s very much a younger generation place to live. It has so many amenities for you and your family to enjoy. It’ll be hot and humid like Atlanta but up a notch or two. Congratulations to Handan. I know you’re super proud of “your babes”!!🌻

    9. You are going to love Jacksonville. I hear it is so pretty and if you’re lucky enough to be by the water, the breeze keeps you comfortable. Good luck in your new adventure!!

    1. LOL, we’re not going anywhere, Vickie! Well…I mean, obviously, we’re going somewhere, but The Navage Patch will endure, no matter where we live! 🙂

  1. You are moving to Texas! Everybody is moving to Texas. Texas is exploding with people happy to live in our beautiful, but very hot, state. I cannot wait to see if I am right.

      1. The reason I said Louisiana is because with all the crazy storms of the past few years it would be logical that there is plenty of work for Handan! I don’t know how you do it. All the work you put into your homes and then you have to leave them behind. 😥

  2. What a bummer! You just finished your beautiful home. I have no idea where you guys are going but I’m sure you’ll be happy wherever you are.

    1. It is a bummer in one sense, but with Handan’s line of work, the only thing we can count on is change, lol! Seriously though, we make military families look like they have petrified roots! 😂😂😂 As with all our moves, we’re looking forward to this one, and I’ll be sharing all the details very soon!

  3. Man, you probably didn’t finish unpacking. I hope you saved those moving boxes. Arghhh, saying goodbye to that dream kitchen will be tough. But think of all the new DIY blog-worthy projects your new home will have. I hope you’re going to someplace less humid.

    1. Nope, we didn’t finish unpacking. Basement and master bedroom still full of boxes, lol! Yeah, that kitchen is going to be tough to leave, but you’re right – new home = all new projects! No comment yet on the humidity – that info could be used to rule out some states! 😀

  4. I think it is Texas…We were stationed there when my husband was in the Air Force and two of our three daughters were born there. It is hot, but beautiful.

  5. Wow! I bet you still have uncured paint at your current joint!!! My husband was in the Navy so we get the whole move where the job takes you.

    Didn’t see Washington on the list…bummer, maybe next time 😉

    On the positive side, your current home is going to sell quickly and probably above the asking price, it’s gorgeous 😍

      1. Whoa! Florida?! Time to start stocking up on Tommy Bahama and learning bocci ball 😜

        Dumb question, maybe I missed a post, but what about Barish? Is he moving with you too or..?

        No doubt that wherever you guys land you will make your little space in the world phenomenal!!

        1. Hey Mo! I almost missed your comment nested in with another. Baris is off at school, so we didn’t have to factor him in too much. Our drive time to Virginia Tech will be 9 hours instead of 6, but it’s an easy flight for him to visit. Besides, he’s going to have the theme parks 2 hours away for vacations…what a life!

  6. Can’t wait to see the plethora of projects dreamed up soon! As long as The Navage Patch continues, all will be well. Looking forward to the new adventure!

    1. Yep, The Navage Patch is wherever we hang our hats and gloves…or bathing suits and sunglasses…or cowboy hats and spurs….or cacti and desert pet rocks…or wine grapes…or oranges…or….you’ll find out soon enough!

  7. Not sure where your going but you might want to edit this post to say somewhere that the blog is not ending just the current house situation is changing.
    Maybe I haven’t had enuf caffeine but I honestly thought you meant the blog was done.

  8. Well, where ever you go, the people who will buy your house will get an incredible home. Good luck with the move and I voted Arizona. I lived there for a year and it has my heart.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  9. Oh that beautiful home you’ve created 😩. Someone will be so lucky to get it! Best of luck wherever you go! Looking forward to you sharing your new journey!

  10. At least the people who buy your house are the luckiest people around. It’s beautiful and I will follow you anywhere.

  11. Ah, Man! I think I would fall on the floor and have a Major Hissy Fit! Seems that you JUST finished all the projects on your list. I’d want to pack up the entire house and take the whole thing to where ever you are uprooting to.
    However, I for one am glad we will still hear and follow you, updating another home full of projects. Unless you can literally move that house. I didn’t see Washington State on that list! Move to my part of the country. Not many bugs. The weather is tolerable. And the people are great!
    Wherever you move to, the neighborhood will benefit from you and your family.

    1. Washington State is absolutely beautiful, and I’d live there in a heartbeat! But the opportunity that takes us away is in the Lower West…or was it Southwest? Or was it Deep South? Gah, I just can’t remember! I’ll try to remember by tomorrow 9am, lol!!! 😂😂😂

  12. At least the people who buy your house will be the luckiest people around. It’s beautiful and I will follow you anywhere that you go.

  13. OMG! You guys are moving? I mean, like you said, you JUST finished making your new house a beautiful, gorgeous home! You can’t be moving already! You’re really gonna leave that kitchen?? Okay, I have to admit, though, that I’ve absolutely loved watching the progress (since I’m not the one doing all the work), so I’d love to see you do it all over again, but really? You’re moving again???! I can’t believe it!

      1. Well, I wish you both a smooth, quick move and can’t wait to see amazing projects you do in the next house! It’s gonna be hard to beat this one! Too bad you can’t take your cabinet guy with you, huh?!

        1. LOL, Deb, Handan and I have already seriously talked about flying him out/ having him drive to wherever wherever we are and putting him up in a hotel…it would STILL be cheaper than HD, lololol!

          1. Welcome to Florida!! We’re down in South Florida, but I’m happy to have you both as fellow Floridians! And wow, congrats to Handan on the amazing promotion! Glad this move won’t keep you two apart quite as much until you sell the house the way it did last time. Looking forward to more great posts from the Sunshine State!

  14. Wherever it is, don’t do it during the winter or summer. Doesn’t leave you much time does it! LoL
    Seriously…adventure awaits! From reading all your stories, adventure is nothing new. 🍸 where you go we will follow. Now that sounds creepy. 🤣

  15. Oh, yeah…you’re hilarious. Isn’t that always the way: around the time the garage gets cleared out and completely organized (somewhere near the end of the project list) is also when it’s time to move to a whole different house in a whole different state? This will be fun–looking forward to the next part of the saga!

  16. Folks We are looking at the next Chip and Joanna ! Wherever you go just dont quit the Navage Patch. I would miss reading about all your Dollar store adventures. Ill be checking in tomorrow.

    1. Holy crap, that was a brief stay! The new owners will be SO lucky, too!

      I voted Texas since it seems everyone is moving here lately, and now I have this fantasy y’all will buy a First Texas home (a local builder), with a floor plan similar to mine, so I can see what amazing things can be done with this place that my own brain will never conjure on it’s own, haha. 😋

      But seriously, what exciting news! Looking forward to learning where y’all are headed and following along on your future adventures!

  17. I just hope you stay away from hurricane and forest fire areas. We don’t want anything to happen to you! When we moved with the Navy we didn’t have any choice and we ended up in some pretty odd but safe, except Japan with an 8.4 earthquake, destinations.

    1. We’ll be just fine, wherever it is we’re going! I’ll make sure of that! Hmmm…DIY Man Against Nature…now there’s a show idea, lol!

  18. As long as you keep doing Navage Patch, with all yr DIY’s and other posts I’ll be happy. Also can’t wait to see you transform your “new” place.

  19. Awww I was hoping Utah would be on the list. =) Well…happy moving wherever you are going. Thank you for continuing to brighten so many people’s lives. We love you and your family.

  20. Looking forward to the answer – I’m in the UK so I haven’t a clue about US states, and no idea if there was a hidden hint in there somewhere, but I fancy New Mexico, just because! Such a pity to be leaving that wonderful new kitchen so soon after getting it, though. I hope your next place is just as wonderful – I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    1. There are always clues, Suzie, but in this case they were subtle and not very helpful, as they would apply to all the states listed, lol! 🙂

  21. I hope you end up In a wonderful location! I cannot wait to hear where that is! CAN I BUY YOUR HOUSE? I loooove your kitchen and laundry room!

  22. All your work will certainly be enjoyed by the new owners. Now, you’ll get to transform a new place. We’ll be waiting and watching.

  23. To totally had me there for a minute! I was about to be really sad thinking that you guys were moving on from the Navage patch. So glad that is no the case. Best of luck in your new adventure!

    1. LOL, thanks Katelyn, The Navage Patch isn’t going anywhere! The house may change from time to time, but my babes and I will soldier on!

  24. Man… Washington state isn’t listed. I was hoping you were headed here, specifically west of the Cascade mountain range. You could’ve been my neighbor… a woman can dream, can’t she?

  25. I have to admit I’m excited there will be a v3.0! I voted for New Mexico. It’s a gorgeous state with the most amazing sunsets! Truly the land of enchantment. I’d love to see what you could do with one of our beautiful homes. Georgia O’Keeffe anyone? ;->

  26. I hope “petrified” was not a hint for Arizona. I voted New Mexico. I lived there for 12 years and even though I no longer do, my heart is still there. I love that state!

  27. Hmmmm I must have missed the ‘none of the above’ button. I was thinking Virginia, but not a choice on the list. Personally, not that you asked, but none of those states hold any appeal if you ask me, but again, you didn’t.
    Your home will sell in a hot flash, the two of you have made it beautiful, and who wouldn’t want to live there ? No matter where you all (still not saying “ya’ll”) end up, you know we will be right there with you. And, if I may be so bold to call you an asshat for making me think one or both of your dogs was ‘gone’ to the great beyond. Asshat. Still love you.

    1. LOL, I’ve been called far worse, Cheryl! Nope Virginia is not on the list…not that we wouldn’t love to live there, but the move and the new project for Handan are a done deal somewhere else. 🙂

  28. I actually envy you! Moving to an entirely different area of the country is exciting: new sights to see, new people to meet, new adventures to have, and a new house to make your home! In my experience the next move was always the best. But…moving is a lot of hard work, which is why I’ll probably stay put, (our retirement has bred complacency). Best of luck in your new venture; I look forward to all the details

    1. It certainly is exciting, and fortunately Handan and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to moving – we’re pretty much always up for it! 😀

  29. Well, a new place for you to make wonderful before you move on. Just think of the happy homeowners you are leaving in your wake!! You have the perfect attitude for the job that Handan has – that is a blessing!! I hate moving – I grew up in one house, went to 3 schools before university, and I’m currently trying to figure out what to do with my parent’s home (their second during their 66 year marriage). Looking forward to seeing where you are going next on your adventure!

  30. Oh boy! A new house and adventure! Can’t wait to see where you all are going this time. Can’t wait to see the house you settle on. One good thing is this: You are leaving your current home in MUCH better shape than you found it in. Blessings to you and your nomad family! 😉

    1. You are so right, Cynthia – this house looks amazing now, if I do say so myself! Thank you for your blessings – we can’t wait to start our new adventure!

      1. I wish you all the best on this move; I’m sure you are pros at it by now and will enjoy the warm winter and water in Florida. It’ll be fun to follow your adventures and I love the DIY crafts. Travel safe and be safe!

      1. Are you sure you aren’t secretly a house flipper. I can’t wait to see all of the DIY’s you do. I was looking forward to all of the things dream up for Halloween. Maybe!? I hope your move goes smoothly, and easily! Can’t wait.

  31. You scared the doggie do out of me! How dare you! Oh man…… ok you are going where you are going and no matter what I say is gonna make a difference BUT what Jewish mother never gave her opinion? So I do hope it is not to a “backwards thinking state” and all know which ones they are( never end a sentence in this manner). Wherever you go,I hope to see you right here on my IPad. Safe travels,mask up,safe distance and don’t let your drawers get in a knot.

    1. Awww, sorry about that, Gilda! Don’t you worry, we have no intention of leaving your iPad! And it has been my experience in the nearly 50 states I’ve visited (or lived in) and the 5 foreign countries I’ve lived in that there are backwards thinkers and forward thinkers in equal measure. Handan and I do our own thinking (almost always about DIY and crafting), so we’re not too concerned about the whole red state/blue state thing. In one of my very first posts on this blog I said I’d never talk politics, and I’ve kept to that promise. It’s been an easy promise to keep. My babes and I kinda live in our own bubble universe, insulated from the politics of others, so wherever we end up, nothing will change! 🙂

  32. You were just getting things fixed in this new house! Oh, dear! Well, you’re young enough to do it still. Moving is hell, though. Good luck.

  33. I imagine you’re glad you haven’t started fixing up your basement! To finish that huge area and then have to move… ugh! Based on the weather lately and some other developments, I hope it’s a relatively safe state… Congratulations?

  34. What does Handan do for a living? I think I missed that info as I only recently (past 12mos) began following your family’s adventures.

    1. Hi Meg, she’s a civil engineer, so she moves from project to project around the world. This is just the next step (though we hope this one will be for a good many years!)

  35. I picked Arizona on the account of Handan’s allergies! Strange though, this morning, my daughter and I were talking about South Carolina🤔 Wherever you all go, I wish you nothing but the best! Looking forward to the 5 of you sharing your adventures with us!!😊😊😊P.S. My sincerest condolences on the loss of your dream kitchen😥😥😥

  36. I just hope it’s not TX! I’m trying to get out of TX. It’s just too insane there these days. Handan’s allergies would get a real workout and the critters, of all makes, sizes, and political persuasion, are everywhere.

  37. The new chapter in life begins !!
    It will be great wherever you move to, We’ve said the very same things each time the wind has blown us in a new direction somewhere on this planet
    The greatest of luck and best wishes to you wherever you call home next. Can’t wait to read and experience your next chapter 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! We’re both firm believers that everything happens for a reason, and it will always be for our good (even sometimes when it doesn’t seem like it at first).

  38. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fainted. I’m not kidding! My heart is still racing. How can you leave your beautiful home? I would love for you to come to Ca., but I don’t think Ca will be your home. I’m thinking more South Carolina or even Arizona. I just want you and Handan to be happy together. You, two, are strong, young, and adventurous. Thanks for letting me come along and share your experiences.

  39. I am so happy to hear that you are not closing shop, because I love your work/your post.
    What make me so sad, when I read where there are those people that make these crazy, lying, unjustified statements. There is little to no love amongst Americans anymore. Just constant displaying so much hatred, lies and just playing lack of love. For God is love. They often displayes these nasty comments and nasty actions, and don’t even know, nor understand why they are doing that. Why people are choosing to accept all these untrues, and they are running with that. People are getting too involved in politics, and not enough involvement in what Jesus said to do as a follower of his and his father. They need to ask themselves, why am I thinking, feeling and behaving so unchristian like? Would Jesus act this way? What would Jesus do?
    With all that being said, I am so looking forward to what you are bringing to us in your new space. I know it still going to be fabulous. Please keep in mind, God will be the final judge no matter where we live. You and your family stay sweet, and always put and keep God first. Good luck to you with you new home wherever it might be. Finally, don’t judge others, for we don’t want to be judged. Because that’s for the true, righteous God to do. Yes, so many evil people has joined the devil, and being judge and executioner. So sad, but these things are happening because Jesus said they must happen. He told us what to watch for. What we are seeing, is some of what God said will happen. We all have to stay strong, and don’t get caught up in the devil and his followers, mess. Keep loving and show love. Keep Cultivating the fruitage of the Spirit. Put on the suit of armor. The devil will not make himself easily visible. He will seek and find that which is good, and try and penetrate it. Even spreading evilness on this sweet site. Stay strong and let us rely on the true God.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment, Ivory. I’m not a religious man, but I agree with what you’ve written here. There is too much intolerance and hate in this country and I’d say in all others. We try our best to tune out the negative and focus on the positive. I can’t change anyone’s mind who has become hardened to a particular belief, and that’s okay. I’d rather just live my life, enjoy my time with Handan, make a thing or two and write a few words about it in such a way that it brings a smile to our readers. Blessings to you and your family.

    2. You’re right. People have become to judgmental of others. I know some angry people but I’ve never walked a mile in their shoes.

  40. Well…as long as we have the Navage Patch, you can move wherever you like. So I know you were waiting on my approval. 😁 I think moving a round just gives you more new things to post about. Which is great for your audience. And if moving means you make more money, that is just the greatest. You do need to think ahead for your retirement!!! So good luck and I am so happy the Savage Patch will live on…. Good Luck and congratulations to Handan and your son!!!

  41. I love this blog. Creativity knows no politics! But being creative makes the world a better and more beautiful place and we all need that regardless! Keep up the great creations!

    1. Thank you, Pat! You are so right about that! It seems you can’t take a step these days without stepping in a pile of someone’s political opinions. There’s too much negative. We prefer to focus on the positive!

  42. Cant wait to see your next project, you have such wonderful ideas that I envy. Stay safe and be happy no matter were you go that is all that matters. All the best from south east Queensland, Australia.

  43. Oh no! Or….yay? I’m not sure! I’d feel terrible about moving after doing so much work and having a home I loved. Unless you didn’t end up loving it as much as you thought, or you werent into the locale? I know you’re moving for Handan’s job, but it will still be within the USA! You could be getting shipped off to India again! *laughs*

    I look forward to seeing the 3rd Patch!

    1. It is “yay,” Jay, but we did love this house and this town. But when an opportunity like this comes along for Handan’s work, we just gotta jump on it! More details in 1.5 hours!

      1. Florida!! As an Aussie, obviously I don’t really know what the US states are like, but I have heard Florida called Hell’s Buttcrack 🤣🤣 But the job sounds amazing! Perfect for Handan! I hope you find the perfect home for the 3rd iteration of the Navage Patch. As a fellow renter, I look forward to seeing the projects you’ll come up with and solutions to problems you’ll definitely have 🤣 I wish you all the best and an easy transition to your new state!

        1. LOLOLOL! In all my years, this is the first time I’m hearing Hell’s Buttcrack for Florida. I love it, and I plan on using it until the locals try to throw me out! :D:D:D

  44. Well this is interesting news! At any rate both of you have increased the value of the home, housing prices are still good, so yay! We’ve moved many times and have loved everywhere we lived. WI to AZ to CO then 4 more places in WI. We mostly lived in the country, had great neighbors, but man, I would pack up and move again tomorrow – – I like the adventure of it 🙂 My husband says I have a bit of the wanderer in me. Can’t wait to hear where you are going it’ll be another chapter to your family story!

    1. You’re like us, Jean! We weren’t planning on moving this soon, but now that the opportunity has presented itself, we’re totally up for it!

  45. Australia! Yay……oh wait, that wasn’t on your guess list. Awww….you guys would love it here! Not to worry! I am sure all your hard work has helped bring a great price for the house and the next one will be your blank slate to play with. Can’t wait to know where you are headed. I voted California coz it is like Australia with all the gum trees. (eucalyptus, for you Yanks!)

  46. OMG very exciting. Welcome to Jax. First thing you need to know, we refer to it as Jax LOL. And I recently read your post about your name pronunciation…just so you know, Micklers landing is pronounced with a long i. People go nuts about that. I’ve been here 20 years now. You learn these things.

  47. I’m sure the right family will love the home you have both decorated so beautifully. Jacksonville has received tons of money to upgrade their schools so your mate will have plenty to do. We live just south of Jax in St. Augustine. You’re right about the beaches. A lot of history here as well. Good luck and safe travels to you both.

  48. Good Luck on your move to Florida. I lived in Jacksonville from 2004 until 2020 when we moved to Kentucky. I hope your family finds it way more enjoyable than we did. 🙂 Two of my children are still down there. Along with a plethora of friends! So we still visit often. Many blessings to you all on your new adventures! <3

  49. Oh wow, I’m so sorry. The primary Covid hotspot in the nation. Please get good N95 masks and wear them religiously. I was really hoping to hear you were headed to New Mexico, the land of enchantment. It truly is with it’s breathtaking sunrises & sunsets along with the amazing cultural art events.

    1. Zoe, there’s nothing to be sorry about. We are excited for this move. Covid is everywhere – it will be a part of humanity forever, so for me, it’s not something I stress about. Hotspots will come and go. We will endure and flourish! 🙂

  50. I voted FL, and I was right! I’ll live on this high for the rest of the day Lol! I wish you guys the best, and as another commenter said, here’s hoping for beachy/coastal crafts.

  51. If I lived in the USA I would buy your house – as it stands – in a heartbeat. But I don’t – I am in the UK and I don’t think my hubby could do the commute from Georgia to Nottingham UK LOL.

    Good luck on your new move – don’t do too many renovations to your rental properties as you are just increasing the value for the landloard to rent for 🙂 but I can’t wait to hear about your adventures

  52. And here I was hoping you would come back to Connecticut! LOL I know you were not a fan of the winters here so I am sure you will love Florida. I would die of the heat though!

    Seriously – good luck with the move. I look forward to following along with all of your new adventures!

  53. Best wishes on your new adventure! There is a tear in my eye for the beautiful home you have made and will leave behind. Whoever is fortunate to get it will be lucky indeed. All the improvements and beautiful touches have truly transformed it into a desirable living space. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  54. We lived in Jacksonville for 8+ years! Great place! Both my oldest were born there! We still visit often! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see what this brings to the blog!

  55. Congratulations to Handan on this promotion! Phew, this sounds like a major undertaking…in other words, right up her alley! Big changes and challenges for you both, but also some exciting opportunities. Buckle up! 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for your family.

  56. Congratulations to Handan on her new job opportunity! I was a civil engineer for over 25 years. It can be a very interesting and rewarding job, but it can also be one of the most frustrating careers that will consume all of your time. Now that my children are grown and out of the house I decided to leave the stress and do what I enjoy for once. Lol.
    Good luck to you both in Florida. The summers are hot and muggy and the hurricanes are always fun! 😂

    1. Thank you, Mandy! I’ve heard that too, from other civil engineers, but luckily it’s not like that for Handan. She literally knew when she was 6 that she wanted to be a civil engineer, and she hasn’t looked back since, lol!

  57. I welcome you to The Sunshine State, where hospitality is a way of life! Congratulations to Handan on the promotion! You won’t need much here; sandals (socks are a no-no), sunglasses, and sunblock are a must, and of course whatever else you need for the beach. Greg, Jax has a great Ikea, so rental hacks will be easy as skipping clam shells on the waves.
    WELCOME! 😎 We are delighted to have you both join us! 😎

  58. So excited for your Jacksonville move! Beautiful area! Close to so much. Make time to enjoy it! Best of luck and I’ll be following your journey!

    1. We really intend to, Susan. For the past several years, we’ve been way too caught up in work to enjoy anything, but we’ve both agreed that things will change in Jax. We’re going to carve out time for ourselves. 🙂

  59. Best wishes for your latest journey. I hope you find a wonderful home to spruce up, now that you’ll have more time 😃

  60. GET OUT!!! This is too cool! You guys will be in my backyard. Welcome to Jacksonville and please let me know if I can answer any questions about the area for you. I have lived just north of Jacksonville, my entire life. I can recommend cool restaurants, areas of interest, things to do, the best beaches and waterways, anything you need really.

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Navage Patch. Hope you enjoy FL as much as we do.

    1. Awesome! We can’t wait to check out your city, Jessica! (We’re actually moving there, sight-unseen, lol – just like so much of our lives) 😂😂😂 We will certainly need to learn all about the area!

    2. Sorry! One piece of unsolicited advice since you have doggos. Assume that all water more than ankle deep has alligators. I’ve seen and heard of too many unsuspecting newcomers whose animals have fallen prey to our giant lizards.

      I digress, Welcome again to JAX! Duuuuuuvallll…(you’ll hear it soon enough). 🙂

      1. No worries about that! Our girls are bukbukbuk chickens when it come to water! Oh, and are you saying Duval is pronounced DOO-vull and not Doo-vALL?

        1. It’s Doovahl… 🙂 Our hometown football team isn’t great but you would think we are Super Bowl contenders with our hometown cry of “Duuuuval”…

  61. Welcome to Florida! I think you would really like the Jax Beach area. It’s kind of like it’s own little small town within a town. We are down in Central Florida, but have had friends who lived up there over the years and always enjoyed visiting them. Also, Thank you for the refreshing political, or shall I say, un-political viewpoint. I have friends here in Florida that span the complete political spectrum. Various shades of blue, red, and perhaps even purple. They are all beautiful people!

    1. Thank you, Naomi! Yeah, having lived all over the country and world and befirending people of all political and religious viewpoints, and having been, at varying times, blue, red, purple and outside the spectrum myself, someone’s politics no longer offends or even interests me. There are far, far better and more interesting things in life than political viewpoints! 🙂

  62. Yippee!!! We just bought our “retirement house” here in Florida! We are still holding on to our Northern Virginia house- it needs a little update to be ready for sale-and we come back and forth for now. There are many,many sturdy older houses that could benefit from you and Hadans magic!! Consider selling a lot of the current furniture you have-and just bringing the bare minimum- you can buy new things here on offer up and next door for great prices!!

    Also-two of my grown kids are Hokies! Married to other Hokies!! Go Va Tech!!

    1. An older house may be the way to go. We’ve already been thinking along those lines. But that’s a decision for a little farther down the road. Go Hokies!

  63. How exciting!! Thank you both for allowing us to ‘move along with you both’ in your futures adventures. I pray God continues to bless you both.

  64. Well, then welcome to the Sunshine State!
    We may not have real seasons here (unless you count hurricane and rain season ;))let alone snow, but I am sure you will find lots of things to love here, too!
    And now that you are close enough: if you ever need anything, help, recommendations (we do know a very dedicated and sweet realtor for example) or anything else, feel free to ask 😉
    So once again, welcome and good luck on all your upcoming endeavors!

  65. Welcome to Florida! You’ll find the perfect home here in Jacksonville. Lots of fishing, beaches, close to everything.

  66. So sad to see all the political statements. I know we are living in a contentious times right now – I am 77 and living in one of the states mentioned. Just live your life the way you see fit, fight for what you feel is right and do try to do good for others. Congratulation on a wonderful opportunity for Handan. Looking forward to all new adventures with the both of you.

  67. How long did it take you from beginning to end to rehab the Georgia home? I really enjoy your posts. Yay for you and for Florida (I live in Central FL). I didn’t know about the 3 hour commute to work – that’s brutal. 40 Min will be a breeze!

  68. I am so happy for you guys! i totally adore this Atlanta home and all you have done to upgrade it but am excited to see what happens in Florida. I can almost smell the sea breezes now! Wishing you every happiness and blessings in your new adventure.
    Blessings, Sharon
    East Tennessee, Go Vols!

  69. Geesh, I was almost having an anxiety attack. Not nice to trick old ladies with heart conditions. Can’t imagine a day I would go on line and not find TNP. It would be a day without sunshine. Love you guys and was hoping it was SC , but in Charleston even going into the city can take an hour at least and it is only 25 miles give or take a few.

  70. lol I got spoked for a moment!! I thought you were closing down your website.. I can’t wait for the new adventures you will be able to write and show us!! Thank you for being great hosts and I absolutely love ya’lls projects.. I can’t wait!!! Whoohoo good luck on you next chapter in ya’ll life hurray.. 👏🏻 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

  71. WOOOOHOOOO yes I had a feeling it would be Florida (I’m a born an raised Florida girl), congratulations on the promotion Handan!!
    Welcome to Florida, I’m sure you are going to love it here.

  72. I was in a panic when I first read your post, as I thought the Navage Patch was going away. SO glad that is not the case! I live about an hour from Jax and go there alot. You are going to love it!!

  73. SAY…W*H*A*T???!!! You just “knocked me for a loop!!” That…house…omg…this “better be worth it!!!” We have relatives that live in Tallahassee & they absolutely love it, retired there. Oh, the things you can see…IF…YOU EVER take a break…aaah, youth….yes?? franki

  74. Somebody is getting an amazing dream home with that house ! I am so happy that you got to do so much there and have no sadness in leaving projects unfulfilled, that doesn’t always happen in life.

    I love all you dream up…. keep dreaming… I will be waiting to hear all about it, no matter where you lay you head at night.

    Enjoy your new beginnings, life is best when lived!!

    1. Well said, Tiana! We have great pride in the work we did here, but when it’s time to leave, we have no problem letting it go. Such is the nomad’s life, lol!

  75. Congrats. Jacksonville is a cool city. We live in Central FL but enjoy Jax too. Lots to do and they have actual seasons. We have hot and hotter only LOL

  76. OMG!! My jaw dropped when I saw Jacksonville!! I was born and raised in J-ville! We live in North Jax out by the airport. I am so excited for y’all!! It really is a beautiful city with the St John’s River running through it. We have the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars here. Congrats and kudos to “Babes” on her promotion. I pray that the transition and move will be a smooth, and uneventful one. So I don’t know if I’m the first or not…but it remains important to me to offer a very heartfelt WELCOME TO JACKSONVILLE!!! ♥️

  77. Let your lives continue on the adventure you were meant for. We’ve moved many times in our 50+ yr marriage and I have a feeling there could be others still. Our “Uncle” sent us all over the world and we never looked at it as a bad thing. New people, new places, etc. make your lives fuller and richer for the experiences. But oh my, I love what you’ve done with your home. Again, home is what you make it. Let the challenges and adventures begin. Good luck to you both and we’ll continue to follow along on your journey.

  78. Well I’m Canadian and love your blog and will hope your family finds love and laughter in your new home. I’m excited to follow your new adventure and don’t care what colour your neighbours are only that you bring joy to the ‘hood

  79. Congratulations on your great news 🥳
    Welcome to Florida! Jacksonville is a great place to work and play. I wish you the best in your new adventure. I will obviously continue to follow you on your wonderful blog. Best of luck on your move.

  80. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Look forward to the next chapter and all the newbies you will have for us in your new home. Keep up the good work and Congratulations to Handan! Sorry about giving up that awesome kitchen. Will have to find another to get started on!

  81. Congratulations!!! I have never been to Florida. We have vacationed in most of the United States with our Fifth wheel camper but never Florida.

  82. Florida is gorgeous! You’ll love it. I’m not familiar with that area as I spent my summers in Destin which is located in the panhandle. Barish will love the beach!!!

  83. Florida is a beautiful state. I am sure you will love it. The beaches are great. Of course the heat is worse the farther south you go. I enjoy your post so much and look forward to some great ideas from you in the future. Good luck!

  84. CONGRATULATIONS on the new chapter in both your lives!!
    Enjoy the Navage Patch sooo much!!
    Made the yarn wrapped pumpkins 🎃.
    Absolutely adorable!
    Gave about 10 different sizes to a friend and she Loved them. Now I have many orders! lol My fingers will get a work out. Found that if the $ store doesn’t have the yarn you used. I used about 6 different kinds of yarn at one time and got delightful results.
    On another note, checked my email at 9am today and it DID NOT tell us where you were moving, just a blank. Another one of your sense of humor jokes?
    Hope your happy& blessed wherever you two end up!!!😊 Thanks for all your great posts!

    1. Oh cool! I’m glad you’re liking those pumpkins! Yeah, I haven’t seen that particular yarn this years at DT – it can be hit or miss with those things. Our email did go out – it was a plain one though – no fancy pictures or anything…just a link back to this post! 🙂

  85. CONGRATULATIONS on the new chapter in both your lives!!
    Enjoy the Navage Patch sooo much!!
    Made the yarn wrapped pumpkins 🎃.
    Absolutely adorable!
    Gave about 10 different sizes to a friend and she Loved them. Now I have many orders! lol My fingers will get a work out. Found that if the $ store doesn’t have the yarn you used. I used about 6 different kinds of yarn at one time and got delightful results.
    On another note, checked my email at 9am today and it DID NOT tell us where you were moving, just a blank. Another one of your sense of humor jokes?
    Hope your happy& blessed wherever you two end up!!!😊 Thanks again!

  86. I live in Huntsville, AL, but Jacksonville, Florida, has always been one of my favorites places to visit and possibly live one day. I have family there and in Ponte Vedra Beach and I simply love it! You will too! Best wishes on the move and your new adventure!
    Nicole Roper

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole, it really sounds like an awesome place to live and we are so looking forward to starting our next chapter there!

  87. Congrats on the move to Florida (I knew I guessed right!) and you will still have wonderful weather – not like us up here in Ohio (blah) – maybe one day we will live somewhere sunny 🙂
    Packing is never fun, but you’re halfway there since I’m sure you still have unpacked boxes!
    Enjoying TNP so much!! Just made the bead (not bread) wreath! Super fun and already on my front door 🙂

    1. Yay, I’m glad you made the wreath! Yup, you’re right about the boxes – many are still unpacked, lol! But there’s still a ton to pack. Well, I have plenty of time to do it, so all’s good! 🙂

  88. I, like others, had a momentary panic attack that blog was shutting down. Then I quickly got to ‘moving to Jacksonville ‘ part thanks to the benefits of a long ago Evelyn Wood type “sped riddin” course. Then I thought, bummer, you are just finishing a to die for beautiful remodel. Resale price will put the smile on that pumpkin. I was a Floridian for my first 65 years in Orlando and Clearwater and for past 6 years have lived in one of those red states next to Georgia. Good people are good people and idiots are idiots wherever they are and however any of them vote. Temperature and humidity in Jacksonville should be a little less intense than middle and further south. Closer to the water is good for that. I look forward to your new adventures. Good luck and happy travels to you and Handan.

  89. SOSOSOSO sorry we are loosing you and you have not got to enjoy all your hard work. Congratulations on the new job. It is very important as are you. At least you got to experience Georgia yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!. Good luck and best wishes and keep the post them!!!

    1. We love Georgia, Lela, and the great thing about Jax is that it’s a stone’s throw from the GA border, so we can finally visit Savannah! 🙂

  90. Congrats to New Adventures! Wow some many( positive) responses. It must make you feel good that so many people are Reading your Blog/Emails,Congratulating and Welcoming you to Florida. Hope your son is doing Well with College, I’m sure you both miss him.

    1. It’s makes us both feel incredible, Kathy! We worked so hard years on this blog, and it’s immensely gratifying to see all of this support! 🙂

  91. Maybe your new home adventure should be from scratch, so you don’t have to tear out so much. I am sure your present home will sell easily and for a huge price. I would die to have that same house out here in Oregon. Several million $$$$s for sure.
    I have followed your blog for years. I loved your Conn. house, also. I’m sure I will continue to enjoy your new adventures, too.

    1. Someday we’ll build from scratch, Cynthia…someday! Yeah, location is everything. If this house were in San Francisco, we’d be loaded, lol! 😀

  92. Wow! Born and raised in Jax. Went to one of those schools Handan will be helping with. I, like Nancy above, live in North Jax, close to the beach and not far from Fernandina Beach. I didn’t know the school project was happening, but know our schools have needed some live for a lot of years. So happy for Handan’s opportunity, and maybe you can stay here a few years. Welcome to Jax!!

  93. Oh, my gosh, you have to scout a whole new set of dependable, knowledgeable workers! That has to be the toughest part! Well, at least Pinterest goes wherever you do, so Handan will be happily finding new projects for you. Was looking forward to seeing what you all did with the outdoors at this house, though, as we are Southerners, too.

    (Florida isn’t really Southern–just relocated Yankees.) (Time to duck!!) lol

  94. Greg, I check in on your blog everyday, just for your jokes, recipes, and great ideas. I am so sick of politics being a part of everything we do from the time we get up until we go to bed. Is this all the US has to think about. We should all be banding together to try and get covid under somekind of control. Thats what we use to be about, not stuipid bickering about left right red blue pink green or whatever color you want to be. People are still dying 250.000 kids contracted covid in the last week. I think those stats are alot more important than what color you want to be. We are a strong and powerfull country when we work together but when there is constant issues that really dont matter all we have strived to be is lost. I know you guys are going to be happy wherever you are. You have that as long as we are together mentality. I would suggest masks also. I have had the shot, I am fine but I still wear a mask, not for myself but for my fellow Americans. Keep up the great work you have been doing, it gives me a break from all the crazyness going on. Lets all also remember to say a prayer on the 11th to remember those who are no longer with us.


    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment, Kim. A lot of people would be so much happier if they turned off the news and just lived. Hopefully, we’ll get back to that someday! 🙂

  95. Hi Greg and Handan, let me welcome you to the Sunshine State! I have lived in South Florida most of my life (born in New York). Our state has a lot to offer. Not the least being our beaches, amusement parks and of course sunshine. However, you will soon find out we have two seasons: very hot and not so hot. That being said, we do have 6-7 months of glorious, to die for weather! The rest of the year you just have to cool off in the water. Congratulations Handan on your promotion! I’m sure you will love living in Florida. Look forward to reading about all your new adventures!

  96. Congratulations on moving to Florida!! I lived in St. Pete for 8 years. Had to move up north though for a new job also. You will love it there. I am thinking of buying a vacation home down there in one of the mobile home communities. I can t wait for all the new craft ideas you guys will come up with. Have a safe and smooth move. I wish your family all the best!!

  97. Whew! You guys have a lot of folks who really love you so much! I wanted to reply yesterday, but got tired of scrolling to find the end. Just want to say congratulations to both Handan on her wonderful promotion and you, Greg for being the best husband to Handan! Good luck on your move, too! And finding a new home, eventually! Can’t wait for more lovely DIYs and craft projects!

    1. Thank you so much, Gail! We’ve been floored by the response. It really helps to give me strength. No one likes moving – I mean the physical act. It wears the body out. But knowing we have such awesome readers waiting to see what happens next makes the sore back, sweaty brow and pounding heartbeat all worth it! 🙂

  98. My heart sunk when I read and reread that you were moving. That gorgeous home you are leaving. But I know you will do another AMAZING home, with your beautiful Reno skills. Wish you the best.

  99. CONGRATS on the promotion! That is an unbelievable opportunity. Since I live south of ATL, but used to live in FL, I can honestly say that I envy you!! I wish it were us moving back to the Sunshine State! But, we get to visit Jax since our daughter moved there last year—and is loving it! It is a military town with lots of things to do and places to go. And you thought GA was hot!! 🤣🤣🤣 Just wait til next summer. Definitely look for a house with a pool unless you live very close to the beach!😊 Our motto is, “Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride”. So happy for you both!

    1. That’s a great motto, Tina! I’m happy to hear it’s a military town – after living and working in Afghanistan, we both feel a kinship with our brothers and sisters in arms. I’m ready for the heat!

  100. Welcome to Jacksonville (Jax)! You will love the opportunities for outdoor activities here. And our schools definitely need a good overhaul. Thank you Handan for taking on the opportunity!

  101. Ahhh, did I miss something? I’ve clicked the link in your second email on Friday morning (here in Australia) to see where 3.0 will be and it’s taken me back to your original bomb??!!

      1. My apologies Greg, I really should know not to wait til the caffeine is flowing thru the veins before I open such important emails! Looking forward to there possibly being some ‘coastal’ influence from NP 3.0. Could use some inspo for my Aussie abode 🌞 🌊 ⛱ 🍍

  102. Welcome to the great city of Jacksonville. Have lived here for 40 years and love it. If you need any info about the city I will be glad to help.

  103. Woo-hoo way to go Handan, what a feather in your cap! Greg I’m sure you are so proud of her 🙂
    Jacksonville is a great place, you will find the right property and do your magic with it – looking forward to following the next journey
    Congrats to you both !!

  104. Welcome to the Sunshine State. I am a Florida native and love it. I did do four years in Michigan. I say it that way because for a Florida girl it felt like a prison sentence once the 6 month winter hit. I was so happy to return to the sun again. Jacksonville has so much to offer.
    Enjoy and congratulations!

  105. Congratulations, Handan for being recognized and appreciated in your career. If there are two people who will make the most out of this move it is you and Greg. May you be blessed and protected and filled with joy! One more thing – Go Hokies!

  106. Greg, Greg, Greg! I can’t hide my disappointment. I was so hoping that your new move was going to be to Australia. But on a less selfish note – I wish you nothing but happiness. Congratulations. How exciting. Best wishes.
    Suzanne (Australia)

  107. I am very happy for all of you! Home is where your heart is , no matter where is the location . I have lived in Florida for 30 years and this state is growing by leaps and bounds throughout these decade and it only gets better.. Jacksonville has a lot to offer to people of all ages and it is a hop and skip away from St Augustine. Congratulations on your new adventure and I look forward to your new version!

  108. Oh guys, wishing you the very best of luck in your quest for a new (permanent) home. What an adventure! I’m incredibly jealous, I am now 65, recently widowed and financially unable to pick up and leave for somewhere nicer. Still, I have a roof (paid for in full) over my head, fire in the grate (or radiator) and I know where my next 10 meals are coming from (the freezer!) AND also a wonderful daughter, son in law and 2 grands just a mile away. (Hold on, why would I want to be anywhere else!? well maybe somewhere warmer.)
    You guys have the time of your lives in Florida and keep us posted!
    Much love Eileen x (in the UK)

    1. Thank you, Eileen, and I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. I hope you find comfort in your children and grandkids. I know there’s nothing like Florida in the UK, but I hear Wales is balmy this time of year, eh? 😀

  109. Congratulations on Handan’s promotion. You will be super close to St. Augustine. I fell in love with it when visiting in 2000. I’ve heard it is beautiful at Christmas time when they light up luminarias everywhere. Best wishes for your move.

  110. Well, being from Texas, I was really hoping you were coming here. But, I wish you and yours all the best. I love reading your blog posts, so I hope that will never end.

  111. I can’t wait to see what you will have up your sleeves in Florida! Mainly because in approximately 3 weeks WE will be Floridians too! (St. Lucie County) I look forward to my new home and I envy your short stint in GA. We’ve been in our current home (NYC) for 25 years! There is A LOT of stuff! Best of luck to you and Handan and looking forward to your future posts!

  112. Jacksonville is a great area! We love going into the city. I live in the neighboring county and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Congratulations on the promotion!

  113. Be safe there, wear your masks, yada yada yada. If you bought your new home in Naples, I could stay with you a couple of days while I visit my 98 yo aunt. Of course, I’d pay rent and help with the chores and crafts. I have some wonderful recipes that I could use while there. Kidding aside, congrats to Handan’s promotion, you go woman!!! Greg, keep us posted as often as your time allows, we’re a nosy bunch. God’s blessings to you.

  114. I know the saying goes “all good things come to an end” but quite honestly it should be “all good things keep getting stronger and better” this is y’all….. I don’t know y’all personally but I know that wherever you n your babes set foot ITS GOING TO BE GREAT BECAUSE THIS IS 🧍🏻‍♀️🐶 🐶 🧍‍♂️…love you guys….especially when you say Handan immediately I sing “Nana, Nana, bo-bana Banana-fana fo-fana
    Fee-fi-mo-mana Nana! Thank you for always sharing your stories with an all in one theme: excitement, laughter, suspense and drama…smooches for the 🐶🐶

  115. Congratulations Handan!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. You will make a big impact on the education of Florida’s children. I taught for 39 years, and I know how important having a nice learning environment is for students’ success. Greg, you will put some style in the Floridian atmosphere. This is one of the things I love about you two. You bloom wherever you are planted.

    1. We certainly do, Marian, and we’re already in love with Florida! Handan was born for tropical weather, and I like it more and more with each passing year! 🙂

  116. Welcome to Jacksonville, FL. We have been here for 20yrs, and just love it. We are a military family and both of us have retired and stayed. There is so much potential in Jacksonville, and since it is such a large city acreage wise, I’m sure you will love it. And we have been pretty lucky during hurricane season. So good luck, and you just might be my neighbor.

  117. Jacksonville is great. You should check out Jax Beach, Ponte Vedra, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach. All in the same area. I was born and raised in Florida. After a decade in Massachusetts, we moved back home. I LOVE north Florida. Welcome!

  118. Congratulations to Handan and all of you! Wish you guys the best wherever your lives take you. Adventurous considering you have a HS going son 🙂 The only thing that I am a little sad about is we just bought a new home and are in the process of moving. Given that you guys were just 20 mins away, I thought we would finally invite you guys over when we settle down. Well, may be it can still happen. Either way, looking forward to all your projects/updates.

    1. Hi Rupa, I know, you guys were going to be neighbors! But we’re not selling that house yet, and I’ll be back and forth for a while. Don’t worry about Baris – he’s in college now! 🙂

  119. Good luck in your new adventure and move! My daughter just sold her house in JAX and moved to PA this past weekend! Florida is beautiful with lots to do… just a little too busy for me! I’m glad to see my daughter move, and now she will be a little closer to me! Can’t wait to follow the adventures!

  120. As Molder from The X-Files want to say, all nuts roll downhill. Must be true I’ve been living in Tampa, Florida for 21 years. Summers are really hot so we prepared but we have the best winters.

  121. What an exciting time for your family! I hope your new adventure gives you no end of happy surprises, and if you guys ever need a getaway, you’re always welcome to take a little Canadian vacation! We’d love to see you in the Great White North. 😉

  122. Welcome to the Sunshine State! So glad to almost be neighbors. I reside in Central Florida but our kiddos live in Jaxs. So much to do here and I don’t mean the Theme Parks. It is a beautiful state, amazing beaches and people. Can’t wait to see Navage Patch 3.0!

    Welcome! Susan, New Smyrna Beach

  123. Welcome to North Florida! I’m in Tallahassee but one of our favorite places is St. Augustine, which you, I’m sure, will find delightful.

  124. Welcome to North Florida. So happy for you although I know it hard moving this soon and leaving your beautiful house. My husband and I live off I-95 South, While we aren’t in the town of St. Augustine, it is our address and St. John’s County. We love it here. My daughter and her family live in Crescent Beach. My son and his family live in Jacksonville Beach area. Can’t wait to see where you guys wind up down here. Good luck and happy times are here.

  125. You will like Jax. We’ve been here 30 years. Let me know if you want to know all the best antique and thrift stores in the area!

  126. WOW! I’m sure your new home will be fantastic. I have to call Handan’s boss. If I had known you would move I would have insisted you come to Richmond, VA. I’ve been begging you to come.
    Guess I just have to be content watching from afar.

  127. I wish you both the best in your new home. You make anything you touch beautiful. Florida is not my choice…but you will do your magic as always!

  128. Good grief! Does everything have to become political? Use your facebook and other sites for political commentary. I come here to enjoy the adventures – and learn a few things, too. I usually enjoy reading comments and often learn as much from the comments and questions as I do from the original poster. Sorry to see such a wonderful site and decorating/DIY resource get mired in the muck.
    As for Florida…spent much time there over the years and enjoyed it although I do love my seasons. I’m in Texas now – not too much in the way of “seasons” here but a bit more than Florida. Enjoy! PS: Lived in North Georgia previously…loved it.

    1. We have an apartment that’s 20 minutes from her office, Barbara. It’s in an amazing and vibrant part of the city, and it’s close to everything! 🙂

  129. My grandchildren are in the Jacksonsville schools so will be looking forward to witnessing Handan’s handiwork. Hope you’ll like Jacksonsville. We enjoy our visits there.

  130. I’m from GA and have lived in both Jacksonville and CT. We’re practically twins!! lol Hurricane season was always an exciting time when we lived in FL. I learned quick our first season there to NOT stock the freezer during those months, our first hurricane left us without power for a solid week. When it finally came back on the entire neighborhood cheered, it was exhilarating! haha If it had been a place we were staying longer than three years we certainly would have invested in a whole house generator. Enjoy your next chapter, I’m sure the 3.0 will be even better!

  131. My family and I live just down the road from you in Palm Coast/Flagler Beach! I know the apartment community you have chosen as our oldest has a home not far from there. Welcome to our glorious purple state! As we are a magnificent collection of varied people who all bask in all the joy that Florida offers. Blessings for a wonderful adventure here and may I suggest a visit to Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens in Jax. You won’t be disappointed!