DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern

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This beautiful and elegant DIY wood veneer lantern is made from a simple Dollar Tree vase and wood veneer edging.

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -

Okay, look, this was never supposed to be a blog post. I just want to clear that up right away. So if there are some missing pictures, don’t get all Judge-y Judy on me, alright?

Sometimes we make stuff only for Instagram – usually in the form of short videos called Reels over there in IG world. So if you only follow us here on this patch of internet we control, you may also want to check out what we do over there in Zuck’s back yard. It’s a vast and roiling utopia of fabulous fame, fantastic fortune and filtered phonies. Click here to follow us there.

Anyway, I was saying that we made this wood veneer lantern for our Instagram crowd (another fine bunch, but surely, madam, not nearly as fabulous as you), and we had no plans to blog about it.

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -

But then a few people asked in the comments if there was a blog post about it, and then a few more DM’d me to ask the same thing, and then even more people emailed me to ask the very same question.

You have spoken (well, written, to be more precise), and we have listened (or read, if you want to be all technical about it). Your wish is our command, enquiring madam! You want a blog post, you get a blog post!

So forgive the video-captured photos as I dismantle the Instagram Reel to present you with our wood veneer lantern tutorial.

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern Tutorial

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -

Veneer edge banding is mostly used to hide the layered edges of plywood, but we’re finding it’s great to craft with, too!

package of wood veneer edge banding

I started by cutting a length of veneer the same as the circumference of the vase.

cut piece of edge banding

Next, I applied super glue to the inner side of the veneer.

man applying super glue to edge banding

Then I wrapped the veneer around the top edge of the vase. This top band serves two purposes – 1) it’s a better anchor point for the upcoming veneer strips than plain glass and 2) it looks good!

wrapping glued adge banding around a vase

There’s nothing necessarily hard about gluing a band around a vase, but because nature saw fit to hobble us with only two hands, clamps make the job even easier. I put one mini clamp right in the middle.

edge banding veneer clamped to a glass vase

Then I turned the vase and wrapped the rest of the veneer towards me, securing each end with a clamp.

gluing veneer to a vase
gluing veneer to a vase
gluing veneer to a vase

Since gel super glue takes a relatively long time to set, I sped up the process with accelerator.

gluing veneer to a vase

All banded and ready to go!

glass vase with veneer band

I cut 8 pieces of veneer – each 9 inches long with a 45-degree angled cut on one end.

cut piece of edge banding

I put super glue on the angle end of the veneer.

man putting super glue on wood veneer

And then I pressed it against the veneer band, making sure the top edges were lined up.

gluing veneer onto a vase

Accelerator makes the craft go quicker!

spraying glue accelerator on super glue

I added the next piece directly across from the first piece. Then I added pieces of veneer between those first two.

gluing veneer onto a glass vase

I added the second 4 pieces in between the first 4, and the flipped it over to start gluing the bottom. You can see in the picture below I attached them.

making a wood veneer lantern

I put super glue on the end.

making a wood veneer lantern

Then I pressed it in place.

making a wood veneer lantern

Then, holding it in place with the back of a clamp, I sprayed it. This was to prevent bonding my finger to the vase, which may or may not have happened before I thought to use the clamp technique.

making a wood veneer lantern

After I finished gluing the last of the veneer strips in place, I inserted a string of fairy lights into a glass ornament and placed the ornament in the vase. As luck would have it, the ornament wedged itself halfway down the vase, so it looks suspended in air.

And that was it! A simple lantern made from humble materials, but it looks fantastic!

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -

I hope all you fine madams of Instagram liked the more in-depth tutorial, and for our readers who don’t do the ‘Gram, here’s the Reel that started it all.

It looks great sitting atop our IKEA linen cabinet with the custom DIY cane weave doors!

DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -
DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -
DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -
DIY Wood Veneer Lantern -
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  1. Thanks for bringing it to the blog! I love it this lantern, but not a ‘Zuckerberg-Gram fan, so I would not have seen it there. What tool do you recommend for cutting the veneer smoothly?

  2. I LOVE it, but… Do you think it would be possible to paint a wash of color or stain the veneer first? I don’t see why not, but just wondering. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Awesome lantern!!!! Thanks for posting the how to instructions. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Another amazing idea!!

    1. It’s tucked just behind the lantern, so we ran the wire up and over the top and down the back side. You can see it if you walk up to it and look for it, but to the casual eye, it’s not seen.

  4. Looks great!! I have the same question about the battery pack for the lights.. How did you hide it. Please show picture(s).


    1. Thanks, Mona! I’m not home at this very moment, so I can’t post a pic, but I just ran the wire up and over the top and down the back. The battery pack is on the “ground” just behind the lantern.

  5. This looks fantastic! I’ve wanted to make something similar for a patio light but couldn’t figure out how to get thin enough wood that would bend. I didn’t even think of veneer strips! Very clever, good Sir! I might’ve put the band at the top on last over the top of the veneer strips, or maybe put a second band over the top. And one of those cork rounds on the bottom, just to finish it off and protect the bottom/cupboard. I’m also curious about the battery pack! One day they’ll have lights that can be charged up with no visible battery, I’m sure, and it will be fantastic!

    I really love this and I’m so excited to have finally found a solution to my wood problem. Once again, you’ve saved the day!

    1. Hey Jay! Good idea about the second strip. We also toyed with putting a strip around the bottom, but decided to keep it simple. Cork bottom is a great thought, especially for outside use. The battery pack is behind the lantern. If you were to look up close you’d see it, but it’s well-hidden for pics and the casual eye. Hope you make one for your patio (and it’d make a great pendant light, too!)

  6. Y’all come up with some of the easiest and cutest ideals. I’m glad you decided to do a blog for us. Love all the things y’all do. Be safe and have a great weekend.

  7. Well, someone already asked my question of where the batteries were! Great project. I’d love it stained a medium brown or painted aqua with a white wash (beachy vibe). Thirty plus years ago, my entire life was stained MinWax Provincial! But it goes beautifully with the caning in the doors and natural wood of the mirror!