DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

DIY Wood Bead Wreath

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This Wood Bead Wreath is a simple DIY that can be easily customized for any season or holiday by swapping out the greens.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

I know, I know!

Yeesh, don’t you think I know?

It’s not even Halloween yet, and here I am throwing a Christmas wreath at you!

But look, it’s not my fault, okay? Handan made me do it!

Seriously, she’s been chittering like a housecat in a henhouse for the past two months for me to make her a Christmas wood bead wreath.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

Her reasons?

  1. It’s so easy even I could make it in a few minutes.
  2. She can’t wait to share it with you.

The reasons I didn’t made it sooner?

  1. We had to wait for the wood beads to be delivered from Amazon, and
  2. It was friggin’ August! I checked the temperature outside 5 minutes after she asked for the wreath – 92 degrees and humid as a rainforest.

I told her in no uncertain terms that she should march herself to the refrigerator, open the door, fish an egg from the carton and promptly start sucking.

Christmas in August! The nerve of that woman!

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

But now that we’re in October, the Georgia furnace has been turned off, and the weather is pleasant and perfect. Just this morning we were beautifully nested in the 40s. Perfect shorts and sweatshirt weather! You should see the natives though – they’re swaddled up in long pants, parkas, and (I swear I’m not making this up) a man just walked by our house as I write this wearing winter gloves (the temp currently stands at 51 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Back to my point – it’s now cool enough that I allowed myself to indulge my babes in an October Christmas wood bead wreath.

But that wasn’t enough, was it?

Nope. It never is, madam.

It never is.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

Not content with one wreath, she wanted me to make another one, because the first one only took me 10 minutes, and god forbid I have some idle time! This time she wanted a more petite and svelte wood bead wreath. I thought the first one was good enough. Big. Tough. Manly. But my babes wanted a second, so who was I to say no?

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

Anyway, that wasn’t enough either, was it, madam?

Nope. It wasn’t.

Oh, she loved the wreath – she wasn’t asking for another one. But what she did ask for is that I write about it and post it immediately.

As I’ve done on countless occasions in the past, I tried to inform her that she was loonier than a late summer morning on Lake Michigan.

No madam in her right mind wants to read about Christmas while she’s still scrambling to get the Halloween decorations up!

But the loon wasn’t having it. She was sure you’d enjoy this Christmas wood bead wreath, no matter the season!

And you know what? Maybe she’s right. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard to make! And you could just as easily make it a fall wood bead wreath, or Halloween or spring or…well, you get the point.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

The thing is, this wreath is easy. Like Simple Stupid easy. And with the deals on Christmas florals going on right now at Hobby Lobby, maybe the loon isn’t so loony after all. Maybe, just maybe, she’s onto something.

You decide.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath

diy wood bead wreath supplies list


I gathered 17 beads – we found that was the perfect number for our wreath.

wood beads and a wreath form

This really couldn’t be any easier. I put a dab of hot glue…

gluing wood beads toa a wreath form

…and stuck on a bead.

gluing wood beads toa a wreath form

I repeated this 16 more times, and I was halfway finished with the wreath!

gluing wood beads toa a wreath form
gluing wood beads toa a wreath form

Good job, Glue Gun! Time for you to go home now.

wood beads glued on a wreath form

For our centerpiece floral, we used a tree topper from Hobby Lobby. Just had to cut the wire…

cutting a start shaped tree topper

I made the first wreath with some straightforward Christmas picks – traditional greens and red berries.

arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath

I first placed them on the wreath form to get an idea of how they’d look.

arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath

Then I joined the two picks with some wire.

arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath

Next I attached the picks to the wreath form with wire where my fingers are pointing.

arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath

I used a blob of hot glue to secure the tree topper to the greens.

arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath
arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath

As a final touch, I stuck some lamb’s ear to give an offsetting shade of green.

arranging floral picks for a wood bead wreath

And that’s it! I told you it was easy!

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

I love my Christmas wood bead wreath, and my babes does, too. But you know how she is. As I mentioned earlier, she wanted me to make a more slender version without the deep traditional greens. No problem!

I made another with just lamb’s ear and the tree topper.

DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
DIY Wood Bead Wreath -

Well, we hope you like our DIY Wood Bead wreath. It’s a little taste of Christmas for you before the leaves fall! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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DIY Wood Bead Wreath -
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  1. She was right, we do want to see Christmas wreaths in October. Love this so much. Elegant but easy the perfect combination. Thanks for your humor and talent. I enjoy your emails and posts.
    We went to El Paso in the middle of November after being married, being from VA we were looking forward to the warmer temps, 70’s , Yeah. The people there were in winter coats and us in short sleeves. Different strokes….. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Great tutorial! Something ih think I can do. I’m a horrible wreath maker but I’m gonna try. Thank you!

  3. Greg, dear, you hafta remember that us Christmas crazies craft Christmas almost all year long. My church’s bazaar is coming up in mid November and I am alternating making pumpkins for my vintage/craft/whatever booth and dreaming up Christmas stuff, too. SOOOO…your post was very timely. Nice tutorial. Now, got make a fall one, please!

  4. Your wreath looks awesome, Greg! And wooden bead wreaths are quite trendy no matter what the season! I made one using ping pong balls – which I already had on hand. I thought wood beads would be too expensive, but the half ones are quite reasonable. I also love the checked flower trim you added. I was hoping you had made that, too! It’s a lovely piece to inspire us to make a version of it, too! Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Gail! Oh yeah, you can make this as custom as you’d like! For those with the time and inclination, this wreath could be a canvas for creativity! For those a little more squeezed – let Hobby Lobby do the heavy lifting with their pre-made picks and just arrange them nicely and BINGO! πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Greg,
    You know your Babes is always right. I love both of your wreaths. It is still in the high 90s in Calif., and these just helped me cool off a bit. I can’t wait to make one. You and Handon always put a smile on my face. What a cute couple!


    1. Thank you so much, Marian! Hmmm, still in the 90s, eh? I’m guessing you’re somewhere east of LA and west of Joshua Tree. Am I close?

  6. Greg,
    Handan was absolutely right! It’s NEVER too early to post a Christmas wreath or idea. After all, it takes time to locate, order, or shop for the supplies. All of us don’t have half wooden beads of this size (or any size!) on hand. And, suppose Amazon sells out??? This wreath is absolutely lovely – farmhouse enough to please all of that genre, sleek enough to please ladies like me, and easy enough that anyone can make it. It is, indeed, beautiful. Thank you for listening to your wife.

  7. This is lovely! One question, though, how did you hang it? I was wondering if you could add one of those little zig-zag picture hangers to the back of the wreath ring. That way, you wouldn’t see the nail when you hang it.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Ellen! We hung it with the hook shown in the long picture. Two other options are Command strips and the zig zag hanger you mentioned. You could also hang it from a ribbon.

  8. Those of us in the “craft-challenged” category always appreciate your simple, do-able projects! I made something like this using wooden thread spools many years ago. Being a preschool director, I am thinking pipe-cleaners and smaller ACTUAL wood beads plus some fun ribbon so the kids can make Christmas ornaments. Toss that at your babes and see if it sticks! ;-P Thanks for jogging my memory!

    1. I bet your thread spool wreath looked awesome, Amy! And I think your pipe-cleaner idea is perfect for tiny hands. Have fun with it! πŸ™‚

  9. I LOVE both wreaths! I ordered smaller wooden beads to string with some felt balls for Christmas this year…now I need the bigger wooden beads to make one of these! Great job on yours! PS – I am also from VA, so I know all about the heat in the fall! I am in the NE now…took my children back to VA to see my grandma for Halloween a few years ago…they were SO excited to wear costumes without coats!

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Laura! When I wrote the post, the link went to the 2 inch (50mm) beads we used. But the company seems to have redirected that link to a smaller type. I even checked my Amazon order – sure enough it says “2-inch Split Wood Beads,” but when I clicked on it, it also took me to those smaller beads. The company likely sold out of them and quietly switched the link. I think that is a terrible business practice. Anyway, a further search on Amazon revealed that the 2″ beads seem to be sold out everywhere. I did find them on Etsy though, and I’ve updated the post to link to an Etsy seller. Unfortunately, they are more expensive, but it’s better than nothing.