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Florida Kitchen Remodel Plan

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This is the project we’ve all been waiting for! We’re launching our kitchen remodel, and we’ve roped the family room into the fun as well!

the kitchen

I feel like our entire (almost) two years in this house has been nothing but a rambling, shambling preamble to this very moment.

the kitchen

Sure, we’ve expanded the backyard, planted shrubs and trees, expanded the patio, built a pergola, built a gazebo, built privacy screens, re-landscaped the entire front yard, limewashed the brick exterior, built a fire pit, remodeled the dining room, ripped up all the carpet and laid down LVP, gave makeovers to our son’s room, the guest bedroom and the lanai, reconfigured three closets, organized the garage, made a craft room, rebuilt the pantry and remodeled the garage entryway…but without a kitchen remodel, have we really actually done…anything?

Cast your memories back two years and feast (or starve) your eyes on the Lean Green Culinary (time) Machine.

empty kitchen

It boasted all the features one could reasonably ask for in a kitchen – a dirty fridge, a rickety oven, miles of golden turds cabinets, countertops made of what feels like recycled plastic and enough green to host a frog and toad convention.

Now, since the kitchen and the family room share the same wide open space, we can’t very well remodel one and leave the other hanging out in the early 2000s all by its lonesome. That would be cruel and unusual punishment for a family room whose only crime is being boring, outdated, and…green. Feast your green-loving eyes on these realtor pics of the family room.

family room in green
family room

Ah, the fireplace. That miniature flame-burping ventless wonder. Let’s put a pin in the family room (edit: I’ve been writing this post for two nights now – I think I’ll bump the family room to a separate post!) and get back to the meat and potatoes of this remodel.

We knew before we bought the house that the kitchen would eventually land on the trash heap of time – all of it. Every last scrap of golden oak, laminate and discolored appliance.

What we didn’t know was that the tile floor would be joining it – all 1300 square feet of it. That’s all the tile from the kitchen, family room, Baris’s bathroom and the hallway leading to the two guest rooms.

But it’s like I say when it comes to DIY, renovation and remodels – in for a penny, in for a pound. When my babes has something grand brewing in her squirrely little brain, there’s no time to get caught up in price-taggery.

green kitchen

I don’t say this as someone who wantonly tosses money around like a corn farmer spreads manure (that was OldMe™️, a markedly different beast than the souped-up NewMe™️), but as someone who understands the consequences when The Magnificent Shrimp tries to do the right thing by pinching a penny in the wrong situation. I’ve seen it time and again, and the results are devastating. It’s like inverse buyers remorse.

Nowadays if there’s an option on the table that will make the project orders of magnitude better but also cause mild to moderate bulging of the eyeballs, I do my best to steer Handan into the bulge. The bulge may hurt for a bit, but it’s usually worth it in the long run.

The Floor

Such is the case with the tile floor. The floor that’s there now isn’t horrible. I mean it’s not as bad as falling into the prize-winning vat of honey at a honeybee hullabaloo and then blindly stumbling across the street into a fire ant convention. But it wasn’t great either. The grout was horrid despite a good acid cleaning back when we moved in. And worse, when we start shifting walls around (spoiler alert – some of those walls have already been shifted), and when we remove the old island, there are going to be naked areas devoid of tile.

We tried to find replacements. I mean really tried. We drove all over the Emerald Coast asking every tile shop we could find. We even tracked down the home builders whose kith and kin built these homes back in the Long Long Ago.

No dice.

It appears these tiles never existed despite gracing the floors of nearly every house in our subdivision (including, ironically, some of the new ones!)

Well, you can’t say we didn’t try. We even had our awesome contractor Franklin take a tile and show it to his shadowy network of contractor friends who dabble in the tile black market and the grout underworld.

Not even the whiff of a scent-trail to follow.

These tiles could work for the CIA and the NSA, and neither agency would be any the wiser.

So yeah, we’re replacing 1300 square feet of tile with these faux-marble beauties from Home Depot.

Man holding floor tile

In the end, we’re going to be much happier having ponied up the dough to have the tile busted up and removed like an unruly bar patron. I know that if we found suitable replacement tile and went that route, Handan would always be looking at the floor with a sneer on her lips and regret in her soul until the day her inverse buyers remorse would get the better of her and we’d have to find a way to replace those tiles after putting in a bitchin’ new kitchen!

The cabinets

What a difference four years makes! Or to put it another way – eff you Covid and the damage you did to wood prices! I distinctly recall cacking up a Chewbacca-sized hairball of fear and disbelief when we were told our cabinets for the Georgia kitchen would cost somewhere in the $30,000 range.

$30,000?!? I wanted cabinets, not the mother-loving Taj Mahal!

Oh how I long for that day, now!

Let’s just say things have gotten out of hand since that summer of 2020. I’ll leave it there, and let your mind fill in the blanks.

But in for a penny, in for a pound, right? So bugger the price-taggery! Let’s buy them anyway. We may even have enough left over for a piece of the Taj Mahal!

We considered a few options for cabinets and cabinet installers and settled on some custom cabinets from Marquis Fine Cabinetry – a cabinet maker in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. They make the cabinets right down the street which is fantastic, and their prices were significantly less than we were quoted for KraftMaid for a custom-made product that is at least as good.

Bonus – the owner Nick hails from Iran and speaks fluent Turkish! He and Handan had a nice chat about the motherland while I stood by smiling and not understanding a damn thing.

Story of my life.

Vincent is our point man at Marquis – he’s the one formalizing Handan’s design for our kitchen. He and the team at Marquis have been a joy to work with, and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to make for us!

The 3D renderings you’ll be seeing later in the post were created by a talented interior architect named Asraful who is a master at bringing dream spaces to virtual life. He can help you visualize your interior design, makeover or remodel project for any room in the house for a very reasonable fee. You can find Asraful on Fiverr here.

We’re going for a similar style as we had in Georgia – white cabinets with shaker trim.

Kitchen Remodel Reveal –

You can’t go wrong with a timeless classic like that. And since we only got to enjoy our Georgia kitchen for one year, I’m ready for more shaker!

Trends come and go every 3-5 years. The classics stay relevant for centuries (and sometimes millenia!).

For the island, we’re going for a slightly different look: Modern European style. Island cabinets will have wood slab doors which will compliment the surround cabinets and the family room fireplace wall.


Simple is the word for the knobs and pulls. But unlike Georgia, where everything was satiny brushed nickel, we’re pivoting toward aged brass, bronze and gold for this kitchen. But not in an 80s brass-n-glass way. We’re going to be a little more classy about it.

Or so we’re telling ourselves.


Remember when we bought a huge chunk of “Terra Bianca Quartzite” for our Georgia kitchen?

Kitchen Remodel Update -

On our recent rock-shopping trips, I keep seeing similar slabs with tags saying things like “Fantasy Brown Granite” or “Fantasy Brown Serpentine.”

What the devil? They were obviously all the same rock, but quartzite, granite and serpentine are not. So what the heck is it?

The only person who could untie this knotted conundrum was Señor Google.

It turns out that Fantasy Brown is classified as a Dolomitic Marble. In a nutshell, that just means that is was marble that was subject to high heat and pressure in the Earth’s crust (more heat and pressure than it took to form the marble). This process changes the chemical composition of the rock and yields a denser and more durable stone. Not as dense and durable as granite or quartzite but more so than marble.

Good thing we sealed our GA countertop every other week for the first couple of months!

Well, no Fantasy Brown this time, but we have picked a rock. Handan picked it this time. It’s a quartzite (for reals this time) called Scorpius White, and here it is.

slab of quartzite

We’re planning on using three slabs of this beauty – two for the island (there will be leftovers) and one for the surrounds. Hopefully we’ll have enough left over to make a backsplash – something along these lines:

stone backsplash

Between the range and the hood, I’m planning to install a quartzite shelf similar to the one pictured below.

kitchen with marble shelf

The continuous hood above makes the stove area feel a little claustrophobic – like you’re boxed in while boiling potatoes. We’ve got a different idea for our hood.

And this leads us to the range.



In Georgia, we bought a 48-inch ZLINE dual fuel range. It was my first gas stove, and it was AWESOME! I felt like celebrity chef when I cooked on it, minus the celebrity and chef’s hat. This time, our space only allows for a 36-inch range, but that’s okay. Baris is off at school, and we’re too busy to entertain much, so 36 inches is more than enough for me. Though we looked at pretty much every brand out there, I’m again planning to go with ZLINE – you simply can’t beat the price/performance ratio! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be cooking on this lovely machine!

zline range

Range hood

Our Georgia house wasn’t plumbed for venting outside, so the ZLINE hood I had vented into the room through some substantial carbon filters. But this time, I have the roof vent! Instead of a stand-alone hood, we’ll be getting a ZLINE hood insert, and I’ll be building a custom hood cover a little something like this:

kitchen with range hood


Well, it was bound to happen, I suppose, but not for the reasons you might think. If I told you I was getting a fridge with a big honkin’ touchscreen on it that connects to the internet, you’d probably think I wanted it to play video games while I sous vide. Or perhaps you’d wager I’d be watching football while flipping flapjacks. (Jokes on you – I don’t watch sports and was only vaguely aware that some sort of big game transpired recently). Or maybe you thought I’d be streaming hot and steamy food porn while fiddling with my flan.

Wrong again.

I didn’t want a damn virtual reality session every time I reached for an egg. I have enough devices to keep me stupefied, thank you very much.

But The Shrimp? Well, she wanted it so I could have easier and more constant access to Google Calendar, because apparently I’m a forgetful old coot who can barely remember why he started writing this post.

Besides, who wouldn’t want Alexa, Siri, Zuck, Bill and those two secretive recluses from Google studying my every movement and collating my words each time I open the door in search of a ripe tomato?

Anway, here’s my future fridge. It’s a Samsung, and it’s probably smarter than I am.

samsung bespoke family hub 4 door flex fridge


When we moved here, the two things we replaced first were the fridge and the dishwasher. We went with Kitchenaid for both. The fridge we replaced was a grody bucket of slime that now sits in the garage – cleaned of its slime, of course. The new fridge has been a noisy, irksome beast, and for the money we paid, Kitchenaid should stuff rocks in their pockets and run into the nearest lake.

The dishwasher is performing better. It’s probably the best we’ve owned. Certainly better than the loud and messy Cookie Monster it replaced.

So the dishwasher stays – for now. I’m not so sure about Kitchenaid, so I’ve got an eye permanently peeled in its general direction.

Wall oven/microwave

Yes, I’m going to have a wall oven and a range oven.


Because those range ovens are dinky affairs not suited for roasting much more than a squab or two or maybe a Cornish game hen.

The wall oven will see the most roast in this new kitchen, and since I don’t need three ovens, I’m getting a microwave combo. I’m sure there are people out there who use that infernal machine for actual cooking, but around here it’s pretty much been relegated to coffee rewarming duty with the occasional leftover reheat thrown in to keep it on its toes.

microwave oven combo

Fun fact: both my current oven and microwave must know their days are numbered. The microwave’s annoying beeper-speaker quit a few months back, and more recently, both units blew their lights in the same week! How exciting!



It’s amazing how an indentation in the countertop meant to ferry water toward a drain pipe can be so expensive. Then again, kitchens are becoming like weddings and funerals. The Kitchen-Industrial Complex knows it’s got you by the balls, so it squeezes like there’s a million volts running through its arm. So I guess it’s no surprise that the once-lowly drain trough has attained exalted status along with the price tag to support it.

Fortunately, there are sill bargains to be found, and they don’t look like a medieval scupper clogged with boiled cabbage…which is a real plus in my opinion. We’re going for this sink. It’s got a workstation. Handan tells me I need a workstation in my sink. Why do you think that is??



Oaky, while we may have gone a little pre-Christmas Ebenezer Scrooge on the sink (bah!), for the faucet, we’re going full-on Christmas-morning Ebenezer. I’m talking fatted goose with all the trimmings.

kitchen faucets

The two options we’re considering may not look like much, but one has a touch sensor and the other one is touchless, and that is worth a fatted goose’s weight in gold!

Pot filler

I’m American, born and raised, so that means I’m inherently too lazy, stupid and entitled to walk two steps to the sink, fill a pot and then walk two steps back to the stove. Those steps really add up and can cause all sorts of maladies that would require bottles upon bottles of prescription medications!

So to save my health, I’m really left with no choice but to have a pot filler behind the stove. Besides, it just looks cool, so when I’m not filling up a tub to cook a vat of spaghetti, I can point it out to all who pass by in the hopes they’ll think I’m an amazing chef whose so busy when preparing delicious feasts that he simply has no time to turn around to fill a pot with water. 😁


In Georgia we went for a bunch of hanging glass orbs over the island. Of course, in no time, they were covered in a fine mist of grease. Having to remove those orbs and wash them every month was an exercise in squandered time and pointless futility.

Well, maybe not so much pointless, but it was annoying as all get out.

This time, we’re eyeballing a lighting solution that’ll not only look better IMHO, but it shouldn’t be the grease magnet those glass orbs were.

kitchen lighting
kitchen island lights


Pantry door

With literally everything getting ripped out and tossed, it’d be a shame if we left the runty little pantry door as-is.

kitchen and pantry door

My babes has a few ideas brewing. How about this for a pantry door upgrade??

pantry door

Of course, we’d have to frost the glass because unlike some folks online, we actually inhabit a world where pantries are filled with a Technicolor hodgepodge of canned and boxed comestibles better left unseen to casual passersby and roving photographic lenses.

Wall work

Before we get to Asraful’s beautiful renderings, let’s talk about some wall reconfiguring we’ve already done. You’ll recall the before of this wall:

kitchen before

We’ve recently walled up the door on the left, raised the window on the left, removed the two little wing walls and the cabinetry between, removed the sliding door on the right, and expanded and raised the opening to be a much grander pass-through.

Over on the oven-side wall…

Kitchen and Family Room Remodel Plan by

If you’ve been following along with our garage entry makeover, you’ll remember we re-routed the staircase pictured above and walled up that opening. That’s where the refrigerator will be in the new kitchen layout.

new wall

Turn a staircase, gain some wall space! It’s a win-win!

The vision

Okay, you’ve waited long enough. Let’s have a peek at how this kitchen is actually going to look. Words and inspo pics are great and all, but nothing beats the real thing as brought to life by Asraful’s skilled hand.

Current situation:

empty kitchen


FL Kitchen Remodel Render by
kitchen and pantry door
FL Kitchen Remodel Render by
empty kitchen
FL Kitchen Remodel Render by
FL Kitchen Remodel Render by
FL Kitchen Remodel Render by
FL Kitchen Remodel Render by
FL Kitchen Remodel Render by

Let us know what you think! Demolition begins tomorrow!

See what happened with demolition!

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  1. It looks great!! Can you tell me the length of your island and how much counter space you have on each side of your sink? Also your sink size? I am trying to figure out the sink placement on my 9′ island and I don’t want it centered.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Our island is 144″ by 55″. We wanted our sink centered with our range (just like in our Georgia kitchen), but not with the island. So on one side of the sink we have 33″ and on the other side we have 75″ of countertop space. Sink is 33″ and sits on a 36″ cabinet.

  2. It’s gorgeous! One thing you may want to investigate is whether there are any refrigerator repair companies in your area that will service a Samsung refrigerator. I’ve been very pleased with all of my Samsung appliances (I’ve had many)but when it came time for a repair on my fridge I was told over and over again that “we don’t repair Samsung refrigerators”. Finally I found one company that did–and this is in a large metropolitan area. Maybe things have improved since then but it was really frustrating at the time!

    1. We had a Samsung fridge back in CT, and we were able to get it repaired under warranty with no problems. We again bought the warranty, so whatever may happen, they’ll have to find someone and send them here!

  3. Your plans are always spectacular! Handan really needs to go into home design and decorating business (with you as her sidekick, of course). You two make dreams come true.

    1. Hi, I would go with the touch faucet, the touchless often don’t turn on unless you know just how to wave in front of the sensor…. The touch ones you can just use the tip if your fingers anywhere on the faucet.

      1. Good to know, Terri. We had a touch faucet in GA and I loved it. Probably go for that again considering what you’ve said about the touchless.

  4. Greg your remodels are amazing! I follow your blogs and love them! We have also recently moved to Florida from the Midwest. We are going to start a kitchen remodel in the near future and don’t even know where to start. Our kitchen isn’t very big and has an island that wraps all around it separating it from the living room. I digress sorry. We have a pantry I would like to enlarge, and my husband thinks we would have difficulty doing that and should just build one next to the existing one. Uh…no.
    So I need to research it, he says. LOL Well I really enjoy reading and seeing your progress. You and your lovely wife are amazing and meant to be together!
    A fan,

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! Hmmm, if you have room to build a second pantry next to the first, there’s always a way, even if the pantry wall is load-bearing!

  5. Wow! Moving the stairs made huge difference. The island is absolutely gorgeous. And that range! I replaced our microwave with a GE Advantium. It is so handy.
    I love everything but the floor. I am just not sure abot it. Maybe it is just the pictures but my eyes kept going right to the floor. Something just seems off. Maybe it clashes a bit with the beautiful granite?
    I can’t wait to see your updates. I am sure it will be perfect when it is finished. We gutted and completely remodeled our kitchen several years ago. It was like building a house. But it was the best thing we ever did.

    1. Don’t worry, Lyn, that’s not the floor we got, just a simulation that the rendering software gave. The real floor is a little more subtle, and we’ll have a few well placed rugs! 😊

  6. Samsung fridge? Every salesperson we have talked to has said that Samsung should NOT be in the refrigeration business. We had a pricey one a few years back and luckily took the extended warranty. Nothing but trouble, especially with the icemakers. After 5 service calls, Samsung gave us all of our money back, plus the warranty premium. They left the beast at our house. It limped along for another year or so before it just finally quit. Replaced it with LG. Just our story

    1. I think we had the same fridge in our CT house! The icemaker was bad, and they finally sorted it out by replacing the brain. We had an extended warranty from Home Depot, and it couldn’t have been easier. We’re banking on them having learned their lessons. Everything else they make is fantastic, so I’m sure their fridges will be too…someday. 🙂

  7. i love watching your makeovers. I too am planning on renovating my kitchen but it includes removing walls between the entry “Living room” and the kitchen living room. This will involve structural, architects and a hired GC. However, I am torn on the color of the cabinets. I detest white cabinets and I am leaning towards the wood tone you show on the island. I just need to visually see what that might look like. Maybe some white cabinets in the end… Good luck to you and the shrimp on this project. Can’t wait to see the finished result!

    1. You’re doing it right, Susan! Never let walls stand in the way of your vision! As for your cabinet color, look into some light beige colors like SW Shiitake or Behr Creamy Mushroom or Roman Plaster. These colors look fantastic with wood.

  8. That will be absolutely gorgeous! My husband and I bought kitchen aid appliances and we have had nothing but problems with them, so I don’t recommend them. Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen!

  9. First, I love how airy it feels. Second, I thought you lived in the real world! What’s with all the glass door cabinets? Third, It was a great idea to move the staircase. It felt too much like lunchtime in high school with it coming into the kitchen. I love that you fixed the window. My OCD was totally kicking in when I saw it. It looked like the contractor couldn’t be bother to frame all of it. If there’s was room in the budget, I would’ve made the window larger, because no one wants LESS sunlight in a kitchen. I can’t wait to see the final reveal.

    1. I’m planted firmly in the real world, Jennifer! The renders don’t show that the glass won’t be see through – it’ll be mottled, so all of our ugly, non-instagram-worthy crap will be nicely hidden! 😂

  10. OMG! I’m so envious! Love a white kitchen! Great choices, only one question….why no cabinets with lites (glass) at end of island (where stairs were)? Just think it would keep a continuous line with the cabinets. But its not my kitchen, just first glance observation. Love that great big island with all the storage, and your appliance/fixture choices are great! Always enjoy reading your posts and getting your emails. You have some of the best ideas out there! We’re a bit older than you, and trying to get my hubs to do anything is quite a process. Waiting for a fence install for 5 years now. This IS the Year though, or he’s bunking in the garage! LOL Can’t wait to see actual finished kitchen!

    1. Good eye, Carolyn! That ceiling over the oven/fridge area is lower, so cabinets with wouldn’t look right, as they’d be lower than the other glass cabinets. Good luck on your fence! I have every faith that he’ll deliver this year!! 🙂

  11. Don’t want to be negative just trying to save you some headaches … Samsung refrigerator 🫤😬 I’d stay away from them. We got a new one with ice and water in the door… the ice machine leaked ALL the time… had it repaired 3 times!!! (Even the repairman told us to stay away from Samsung ). Got rid of it and bought a Bosch… LOVE IT!!! Good luck with your remodel, it will be amazing.

    1. Our first fridge was a Samsung, and it gave us some issues. They were resolved under warranty and then it worked fine. We love everything else they make, and we’re banking on them having sorted out their refrigerator issues!

  12. Former kitchen designer here. I would NOT put a marble, or any shelf above your stove. If you thought your glass orbs above your former island got greasy and you wasted time cleaning them every month, that’s nothing compared to what your marble shelf will get. Besides, what are you going to out on it? Spices should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place. Ie, a drawer or cabinet, not above a hot steamy stove. If you’re still not convinced, picture yourself getting on a stool every month, leaning precariously over the big stove, and sealing the shelf, top AND bottom. Oh and don’t forget to wipe off all the grease before you do it.

    1. Hi Hanna, the ledge is basically a decorative feature. I would never keep spices out in the open, especially above the stove! It’ll be a sealed quartzite shelf, so cleaning it won’t be an issue – I’ll wipe it down after every meal just as I would the backsplash!

  13. Very nice!
    Love the warm wood of the island with all the white cabinets.
    Whatever your pendants are made of …they will get that greasy kitchen dust…these should be easier to clean though.
    Last but not least….you keep your tomatoes in the fridge?

    1. Thanks, Margie! Oh yes, everything will get greasy, but brass will hide it better than glass! As for tomatoes, once they’re ripe, they go in the fridge to prolong their life. During summer if the tomatoes are good, no fridge needed. Crappy winter tomatoes aren’t in high demand, so in the fridge they go!

  14. That’s not a kitchen, it’s a kitch-mahal !! It’s going to be beautiful! I’m also going through a gold phase myself, re-doing the guest bath with brushed gold touches.
    I would look into samsung fridges a little bit more. There was a class action a few yrs ago regarding their ice/water equipment. And just like someone else mentioned, the appliance sales people don’t recommend them. I was looking into new fridges last year and the stuff you read online or watch on YouTube say most any new fridge now lasts about 4-5yrs. Yikes! Sub zero was mentioned many times as a winner, lasting 20 yrs and more. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer, just wanted you two to be aware. Can’t wait to see it all finished! But give us some sneak peaks!!!

    1. It pretty much is, Marlene! We’ve had a Samsung fridge in the past along with the faulty ice maker. It was fixed under warranty and worked like a champ until we sold the house. We love the brand and have faith they’ve sorted out their fridge problems!

  15. It’s going to be awesome! The new layout makes more sense, and the streamlined island doesn’t take up as much floor space as the old one. The white shaker cabinets will really brighten up the rather dimly lit space your current kitchen is – ie not a lot of natural lighting. I also really like the new floor tile choice. It just freshens the room up.
    Enjoy the process of demolition; it can be quite the cathartic experience, smashing things to smithereens!! I just don’t like how long it takes to clean up the mess afterwards! But you’ve already been there, done that, so have fun!

  16. The refrig you choose is really fancy and nice, but you should consider a refrig that really integrates into the kitchen. A refrig that can be fitted with a wooden front made by your cabinet builder would be the cherry on top. It would allow your refrig wall to be one solid unit in looks. It is so custom and visually appealing, perfect for your stunning kitchen remodel.

    1. We do appreciate those built-in refrigerators, but we also love our high-tech gadgets! The new fridge is already here and humming along beautifully in the family room (now that the kitchen is gone). It’s amazing – we can watch TV on it or listen to audiobooks while I’m preparing dinner! 🙂

  17. Beautiful! Very curious as to how the tile removal goes. We have a lot of tile to remove in our kitchen to do a remodel. We built the house originally and we know what all was done to lay the tile “so it would NEVER move, shift or break… and it would be permanent.” Famous last words. Ugh… gonna be miserable to remove. Cant wait to see your progress!!!!!

    1. Best to hire out a job like that, Carol! It takes a lot of work, but it can be done. Just today, we had a guy cut through the foundation so we can reroute the poumbing and electricity for the new island. Nothing is impossible given enough time, money and manpower! 😂

  18. It’s going to look beautiful and function beautifully! Love the design and great use of space. Can’t wait to see it completed. Good luck and have fun!

  19. I love an all white kitchen, but not the sharp contrast with the wood Island and door. It needs lots of pops of color, and a rug certainly will help. 2 months w/o a kitchen, and another month to clean up all the dust…. 🙁 I’m sure the result will be much nicer than the renderings.

  20. The newly-envisioned kitchen feels so peaceful and free. I know it will be far from free$$ but so beautiful! Those old wing walls and extra doors made no sense at all, and took up so much room! I can’t wait to see the final product in a year or two. 😀

  21. Wow, that kitchen will look a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Absolutely stunning! Can´t wait to see it. I am already excited. Just one minor comment: on the rendering the pot filler looks like it is sitting relatively low; make sure you can fit a larger or higher pot under it (like for spaghetti for an army-type pot).
    Also, I love your writing style! So entertaining – and today´s youth could maybe learn from it with their use of visual stimulation rather than reading, They may not know the meaning of some words you use. Do I sound like a boomer? Sorry. Keep writing like that!

    1. Thank you, Regina! We’ll make sure we place the pot filler at the right height. Likely, the guy who made the renders didn’t have the height for that so he just guessed! I’m happy you still enjoy the written word – seems to be going to way of the dodo! 🙂