Laundry Room Remodel Plan

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*There’s a poll at the end of the post. We need your help deciding on a part of this remodel!*

Good lord, why do I even bother?


It’s common knowledge around these parts that I spend a grand total of zero hours each week reading other blogs and (at most), zero hours on Pinterest.

Look, I just like to do my little own thing here at The Navage Patch in my little own way, and I don’t need any outside influence.

I build my little crafts, I snap a few pictures, and I write.

(The writing is my favorite part, in case you hadn’t noticed.)

It doesn’t really matter what I’m building/making/crafting – it could be a table or a room or a Barbie dollhouse.

What matters is this: can I photograph it and make it look good, and can I write about it and make you laugh?

If I can answer “yes” to those two questions, then I don’t give a fiddler’s fart about what I’m making, nor do I particularly care where it ranks on the home decor popularity scale.

To say that I’m up on the trends, hip to the scene, on point, on fleek or in any other way clued-in to what’s chic, fashionable, or popular would be a grievous abuse of both the truth and the English language.

To sum up: I live in a cave of my own design and choosing, and I quite like it that way, thank you very much!

So why on earth do I do it?

Why do I poke my big ugly cabeza out of my cool and comfortable cave on rare occasion to root around the world of farmhouse fashionistas like a truffle pig in some Northern Italian forest?

It always ends the same way, and that way is never “well.”

Case in point: a few years ago I regaled you with the tale of our laundry room makeover plan. This was the laundry room in The Navage Patch v1.0, mind you, not our current sudsatorium.

Until that fateful post, I thought a fine and proper laundry room consisted of precisely two things: a washing machine and a dryer. I suppose the room earned bonus points if it had a shelf or a cabinet or something similar to hold a container of detergent.

But then my babes wanted to renovate, and that meant searching out what others were doing in their laundry rooms.

Others, madam!

They’re the ones I’m most interested in avoiding!

The fashionable whimsy of others is directly correlated to feelings of immense inferiority in Yours Truly, and I don’t like to feel inferior!

There I was thinking we had a right and proper laundry room when Handan fired a few links my way. I clicked on them and understood that I was a filthy barbarian for only having a washer and dryer in my laundry room.

Apparently the others had laundry rooms larger than most apartments and more well-appointed than a penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton.

Well, that was it. My innocence was shattered, and my definition of “laundry room” was forever altered.

I suppose the upside is that we built a handsome laundry room, and my babes absolutely loved it.

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So here we are, two and a half years later, in a new house and about to embark on a new laundry room remodel.

But it’s all good, right?

I mean, I already stuck my head out of my cave a couple of years ago and filled it with pictures of all the latest and greatest advancements in the field of Luxurious Laundering, so I know all there is to know about laundry couture, right?

Well….just out of some sort of mis-guided curiosity, I had a peek at Pinterest to see what was up in the world of washing.

Big. Mistake.

Things have changed.

At least, they seem to have changed based on the 5 minutes of terror I witnessed on Pinterest.

Because, you see, madam, it seems that one washer and one dryer are no longer sufficient for many of the others.

Oh no!

Now, it seems, that in order to really shine among the stars of social media and Pinterest, you need to have two washers and two dryers!

I kid you not. Everywhere I looked, I saw double! I checked my martini. Did I have one too many?

Nope, all good.

Double washers and dryers is a thing!


This is why I don’t venture outside my bubble, madam. It either annoys me or makes me feel inadequate.

But fear not!

The Navage Patch v2.0 Laundry Room Remodel is going to be nothing like the others.

It’s going to be simple.

It’s going to be functional.

And it’s going to be as inexpensive as we can make it.

So, let’s break it down.

First, here’s what we were dealing with when we moved in.

Laundry Room Remodel Plan -

It’s actually a pretty big room, as far as laundry rooms go…in my opinion, that is. Compared to some of the Laundry Palaces I saw online, it barely rates above a postage stamp.

Anyway, we can work with it.

Laundry Room Remodel Plan -

One of the best features of this laundry room is the chute. There’s no better feeling than tossing the old-n-smellies down the chute and waiting for the fwop when they hit the ground!

But the first thing my babes pointed out is that the door placement makes it so we could never put anything against the wall where it opens.

So, task number one is to move that door. We’re going to remove the door and frame, drywall it, and then cut a new hole and install a new door facing out of the room. For some added storage, we’ll raise the “floor” up about 3 feet which will make the gathering of stinky laundry easier (no bending), and it will give us some added storage below (always needed in this house).

We already have a new washer and dryer – those were the first two things we bought after moving in.

Laundry Room Remodel Plan -

But as you can see, there is absolutely no place to put anything in this room.

So that is going to require some cabinets. Now, in the old house, I made all the cabinets from scratch, because the sizes and shapes we needed for that tiny room were entirely custom, and it would have cost a small fortune to have them built by a professional.

But here, we have the luxury of buying pre-made cabinets. Now, because this is a laundry room that is entirely sequestered from the rest of the house (unlike in Connecticut, where it was right at the garage entrance), we don’t need anything fancy.

In fact, we have chosen the absolute cheapest model available from Hampton Bay at Home Depot. They won’t be winning any design or construction-quality awards, but honestly all they need to do is hang there and hold stuff. Not a tall order!

Laundry Room Remodel Plan -

And let’s always keep in mind that this room is, first-and-foremost, a rehabilitation center for dirty underwear.

Never forget that, madam. Always remember that when thinking about your own laundry room remodel and looking at all those fancy Taj Mahal laundry rooms.

In the end, they’ll all be processing dirty underwear.

One thing any laundry room should have (and this is especially true for DIYers) is a sink. Sure you could do laundry-related stuff in that sink, but really, we all know that its primary function will be to clean paint brushes and paint buckets!

We’ll have San (our incredible cabinet guy) install and plumb a sink about where that stepladder is in the photo below. It will be against the wall where the laundry chute door currently swings.

(Yes, I’ve already gotten a jump on this project by painting the walls with Sherwin-Williams Bohemian Lace.)

Laundry Room Remodel Plan -

Next to that will be another base cabinet and then the washer and dryer.

Up top, we have room for 4 upper cabinets – two 24 inch and two 36 inch cabinets.

For a countertop, we have decided to again go with a butcher block from Home Depot. We used two of them for Baris’s floating desks, and I used another for our dog feeding station/beverage cooler/seasonal display area. The one below is acacia, and it is ridiculously cheap for its quality. Bonus: acacia is one of the most water-resistant species of wood due to it’s high oil content, so it’s the perfect choice for a  laundry room and sink area!

Kitchen Remodel Reveal -

Against the left wall in the picture below, I will build some shelves. What kind of shelves, you ask?

Well my babes wants shelves made of Pipe and Pine, just like she did so many years ago. And if my babes wants shelves of Pipe and Pine, my babes is gonna get shelves of Pipe and Pine!

Remember, we’re trying to go as cheap as possible here, and I still have all the pipe from those old shelves linked above. All I need is some new wood.

Laundry Room Remodel Plan -

But this time, they’ll be a little different.

This time, they’ll be even better!

Now, once we have those cabinets, sink and countertop installed, we will need some sort of backsplash. We haven’t decided yet, but we’re mulling over wallpaper, thin vinyl tiles or even faux brick. More on that in a future post.

There’s very little natural light in this room, so one of the first things Handan thought of was to install a window in the far wall.

But that would be expensive. And even worse, it would look directly onto our neighbor’s house. We ditched that plan, and instead, I’ll install a new fixture with a bright and cool-temperature bulb.

And that leaves us with the floor. It’s currently a cheap linoleum floor, but Handan and I have no problem with the color. In fact, we kinda like it. The best time for a new floor was when we first moved in, but that didn’t happen, so now any new flooring installation would have to contend with the washer and dryer. There’s no way we want anything fancy in here. At most, we’d be getting peel-and-stick vinyl tiles.

The only downside to those is that there are so few color choices!

So here’s where you come in.

We’d like to know what you think.

Should we keep the floor as-is, or should we lay down some new vinyl?

Here’s a closeup of our current floor:

And here’s the design we’re considering for peel-and-stick vinyl:

Please choose one of the two options below and be a part of our decision process!

Which flooring option should we choose?
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  1. I love the design on the new tile but having installed and lived with cheap peel and stick, I prefer the old. Peel and stick always separates and the space in between the tiles gets so dirty because it is almost impossible to clean. Unless you want to get down on your hands and knees to scrub, it is going to get dirty. I know some tiles can be grouted so if that is an option I’d go that way. Honestly though, how many people are really going to see or notice your laundry room floor? As long as it’s clean and in good shape, I’d leave it. I can’t wait to see the end product even if you do only have ONE washer and dryer! Lol!
    P.S. I just was reading about how North Americans use more energy than any other part of the world. Apparently, it’s all the laundry we are doing in our fancy multi-machine laundry rooms!

    1. That’s a good point, Giselle. Handan and I watched some videos of people installing the peel and stick. What they don’t show you is what it’s like a year later! No surprise on the energy usage – where would we be without our cars, tvs and washers, lol!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful plan! You have such a great space to work with! I voted on the new floor option, simply bc I wonder how much more noticeable it would be once all the new and bright items are installed. Have you considered rollout vinyl? We did this a few years ago in our old kitchen. I was surprised at the improvements in quality and design when we looked around. My concern with peel and stick are the corners and seams. Good luck with whatever you decide- I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

    1. Hi Tabatha, you bring up the same concern as Giselle did, and I think you are so very right about the seams and corners! More research is needed on this topic…

      1. I felt lucky to have a space for a washer and dryer. Anything above that was icing on my cupcake. Can’t wait to see the finished pictures!

    1. No worries, it’s not their normal brand. That was a last-minute substitution bag back in the summer. They’re back on their Kirkland Signature food. 🙂

      1. Greg, if you don’t want an infestation of moths, you need to put the dog food in an air tight container. We just got rid of an infestation.

    2. I don’t hate the existing either, but looking at your new choice, why don’t you paint your existing? There are stencils that look very much like what you want, and porch paint with a few coats of sealer will last at least a year or two. It gets you the look you want for now and when you replace it, well, you were going to anyway so no harm, no foul!

  3. You have a laundry chute? I always wanted one of those!!! My dream house I’ve built in my head has one. Heck, I will take an official laundry room. Mine is the crappiest room in the whole house. The first room in the basement you walk into from the garage that also functions ( I use the term function very loosely) as a mudroom and tool/work room for hubby’s tools. It is the only basement room without a ceiling, has mismatched walls (part unpainted wallboard and part weird dingy white paneling, a beat-up linoleum floor probably from the 60s and stacked Rubbermaid storage containers in corners. Someday I will have the time to move everything out and put a new floor and walls in and try to get hubby to ditch some of the supplies stored in those containers. I can’t wait to see your remodel. I loved the cabinets you built in your old house.

    1. The best part about having a laundry room like you describe, Laurie, is that when you do get around to remodeling it, the transformation is going to be incredible! Be sure to take lots of “before” pics. I’ll be very interested when you get around to it!

  4. My first thought was why not just change the swing of that door to the chute? It would sure save a lot of work and solve the problem of the unusable wall. Just have the hinge on the left side of the jam. It will also allow for no extra steps between the chute and the washer. Seems to me if you drywall that closed and make the opening around the corner, it will be more inconvenient. Just a thought.

    1. True. However, we plan on having base cabinets right up to that wall, so even with the swing reversed, we wouldn’t be able to have cabinets anywhere in the “swing zone.” By moving the opening around the corner, we gain a ton of potential cabinets space.

        1. It’s a great idea, Karen! We could do it, but we’d have to re-route a lot of power, as that wall is full of outlets and switches. It’s something we will consider though!

  5. Hi Greg!
    I feel the same way you do about checking Pinterest for what others are doing-annoyed AND inadequate! I chose the new floor only because with the remodel the old may look dated. I think think the old is fine though. I can’t wait to see the end result. Good luck!

  6. Although not as inexpensive as solely a new light fixture/bulb, you could put in a fixed, high-up, horizontal rectangle window on the outer wall — you’d still have plenty of room below for shelves/counterspace, get natural light, and not really see the neighbors… Example:
    Keep the old flooring (I voted) to save money. But whatever ya’ll do, I know that it’ll be lovely.

    1. Wow, I never thought of that, Cynthia – thanks for the tip! I will discuss this with Handan. Price is the limiting factor here, especially with Baris going away to college next year. But I really do like the idea of some natural light in there!

  7. I’m of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought. I’m also a pragmatist. If you like the old floor and it is in good condition, then I’d say save the time, money, and effort required to change it for another project. But on the other hand, if every time you walk in the laundry room, you are going to wish you’d changed it, then by all means do so. Either way, the room is going to be awesome.

    1. We’re on the fence, Marguerite. I won’t say which way we’re leaning (and I’m not even sure we’re both leaning the same way!), so I’m curious to know what you guys think!

  8. Keep the old flooring but maybe paint the dark square parts. I agree with others about the seams in the peel and stick getting dirty after time. I think the tile is pretty but I think it is going to be get dated in a few years too. We also had a laundry chute in an older home we had before but could only shoot smaller items down it as a pair of jeans would block it up. We loved it!

  9. I voted for the existing floor for the same reasons against the peel and stick. And I agree that with all the new goodies, the floor will not really be noticed and, anyway, do you want to be friends with anyone judging your laundry room? My laundry room has one appliance pair, cabinets that match the kitchen (it is just off the kitchen) a large pantry and a pocket door. And vinyl flooring (that does not match the kitchen’s wood laminate) that I had to look at just now to remind myself what it looked like. Talk about non-descript! Looking forward to the finished re-do!

  10. Hi Greg! I agree with Marguerite and voted to leave the flooring as is. If, of course, the existing flooring is in good condition, and you are not going to wish you replaced it every time you walk in the room. Also, with the peel and stick design you are thinking about, you may notice every little piece of dirt and every mark; maybe not something you want for a laundry room. The existing floor color and design will be much more forgiving in this regard.

    Also want to say that I am new to The Navage Patch, and I absolutely love following your blog. I am an avid do-it-yourselfer, and I thoroughly enjoy your DIY and craft posts. Can’t wait to see the progress on the laundry room. Good luck!

  11. I voted for new flooring. Everything else will be new and bright. Cannot wait to see the final project. Thanks for your blog. Always entertaining.

  12. Have you considered painting the current floor?? Rustoleum Home is a popular brand and, with a stencil, could come close to the peel and stick pattern you’re considering. I’m sure it’ll look great no matter what Handan chooses. Looking forward to the after post! Happy New Year to y’all!

    1. It’s a good option, but I’m not sure I want to put in that effort for such a hidden room. We’ll see what Handan thinks about the idea. Happy New Year to you!

  13. No no no! Don’t do the peel and stick tile. Sorry to say, but I think that kind of thing just looks cheap. Not to mention, I’m not sure how well it will stay stuck in a humid laundry room. I vote for leave what you have right where it is. Besides, the tile you’re thinking about? I have seen that on so many of my blogs. Like everyone seems to have it. Next year it will be something different. If you need a change, throw a runner down on the floor or something. Save your money to put towards new craft supplies to teach me one of your crafts! ??

  14. Hi Greg and Handan…
    I voted to keep the original flooring because I like it better than the peel-and-stick option pictured. I’ve never had peel-and-stick but, I have seen them ‘in action’ and, just like everyone is commenting…they get pretty grungy looking at the seams.

    Regarding the windows…
    Have you considered installing glass blocks..? They are relatively cheap, come in a TON of styles where they would let the light in but still allow plenty of privacy and…they’re pretty easy to install when using them as ‘windows’. The layout is only bound by your imagination. : ) Just a thought because I am going to try it out in a couple of our rooms that don’t have windows.

    1. Hi Hope, ooooh, glass blocks would be a good option, too! Any sort of window will have to happen a little more in the future, but I like that idea! 🙂

      1. Yes! Here I am again! We had glass blocks in high up windows that faced the street..and the west sun!, I had forgotten about that! Excellent!???

  15. If you want to do new flooring why not just do one new piece of vinyl? As talented as you are you should be able to lay it no problem! Love to see your remodels and all your crafts. Handan has quite an eye for things. You also keep us entertained. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  16. I was torn on the vote. My first thought was in agreement with Margarite “if it ain’t broke…” The old looks like the dark squares are blue which would coordinate with kitchen. Don’t know if laundry is even close by. After reading comments I would like to change my vote from new to old bc I didn’t realize problems with seams and corners.

  17. Cabeza! Boy, do I like that word. I had to look it up and I’m definitely going to add it to my lexicon.
    And I voted for the peel and stick, but that was a mistake. Leave the original if you’re not going to replace it.

  18. I choose door number three! It’s not a big room, install tile. Or have someone do it for you. It’s not a big room so it shouldn’t be too expensive. Water proof, won’t separate or lift, durable and easy to clean. I live in the southwest where tile and wood floors are popular.
    and I see where the adjoining room is wood so it will look great side by side. I highly recommend this alternative. If you want to install it yourself it’s not hard to do. (Look on online for tutorials). The only drawback is a tile saw, but you can rent one if you don’t want to purchase.

    1. Tile would certainly look fantastic, but perhaps if we chose that route, it would be a little down the road after living with the current floor for a while.

  19. It’s a no-brainer! You already know the pro’s and con’s (too many to list here) of the vinyl slip-and-sticky floor——Just throw that idea outside the new raised horizontal window that Cynthia mentioned in a previous response, and that we all know Handan will end up with. Keep the existing floor (looks to be in great shape and even you said—“we kinda like it.” Once you install the cabinets and your what-nots in there, and you put the washer and dryer back, I venture to say there won’t be that much floor showing anyway. Then, honestly think about the floor traffic in that room, and also how the vast majority of accruing “dirt” will be the inevitable floating dust (and resulting dust bunnies) created by the dryer. I humbly offer two suggestions—-both of which are pretty much “dirt” cheap. First suggestion is to get a machine-washable, blue throw/scatter rug to put down the middle of the room or better yet, right in front of the washer/dryer in case clothing falls onto the floor and you don’t want it to get dusty. Easy peasy! Second suggestion would be to invest in a couple of the raised slatted wood mats (for lack of a better term), and they appear in the last picture you posted of the laundry rooms, just behind the green gardening boots. They’re not machine washable, but you could just tip them up on end to do a quick pass under them with the vacuum. Hmmm? I can envision stubbed toes with this idea, especially if you frequently do laundry in your bare feet, in what seems like the middle of the night, as is frequently done in our house by you-know-who. That being said, I’ve said my piece, consider your toes and make your choice. (Hint: Go for the existing floor!) Best of luck, stay covered and stay safe, and have a happy, healthy New Year!!!!

    1. Great comment, Sue! I agree with everything you said! I know which way I’m leaning, and I’ll gather Handan’s thoughts on the subject tonight. Happy New Year to you and your family! 🙂

  20. I completely agree. Leave your existing floor. It looks good. I really think if you put down peel and stick tiles you will be driven to drink. They will curl, look dirty, and trip one of you up with an arm full of dirty laundry. Ughhh. Your laundry room should be a clean, easy to tidy and clean functional room. Not Everyone is lucky enough to have a space to use as a laundry room. I do. It is more of a hallway to the back door. But it works for me. I am looking forward to seeing your new room. Don’t forget the double machines and dryers
    !!!. Why? Why would anyone need double machines or dryers, unless it’s a bed and breakfast house with lots of bedding to be washed.
    Happy New year ? from Ireland ??

    1. You guys are great! Seriously, I’m pretty much sold on keeping the old floors. I’m going to have to ask your opinions more often! Happy New Year, Sandra! 🙂

  21. I chose the existing tile because I’ve noticed you all have pops of blue and colors of the universe scattered about your home. I think working off of those shades of blue and incorporating them in your laundry room would work well. I also like the ideas of “if it ain’t broke”, and “getting down on your hands and knees” to clean the proposed new tile.??? I’m pretty sure Cinderella didn’t move in with ‘ya! ???I would consider the idea of using that new tile design as a backsplash on the sink wall instead as it is very pretty! Good luck on your decision! BTW…I missed the Merry Christmas shoutout, so I will say, I hope you all have continued success in all of your endeavors going forth into the new year. Many blessings and thank you both for what you inspire in all of us!! Happy New Year???

    1. You are so right about blue and the colors of the universe! On that note, just wait until you see some of the printables Handan is cooking up as we speak! Oh, wow, you guys are gonna be blown away – I know I was when I saw them! Anyway, thank you for your input, Cindy – Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  22. Greg, you’re making me want a laundry room, with a chute! But… our washer and dryer are on the main level, centrally located between the master bedroom, kitchen, and bath, and only the guest room is upstairs, lol. And with only a louver-doored closet to stash the machines in – I’m thinking your laundry room will seem like the Taj, next to ours – and while small, I think ours is nice! Happy New Year – and happy dirty underwear processing!!

    1. You’ve seen those vacuum tubes at the bank drive through – whatif you did something similar for your laundry room? A sideways, vacuum powered laundry chute? Oh, I think it would be awesome, lol!Happy New Year to you and your family! 🙂

  23. I like the pattern on the new option. However, I don’t think peel and stick vinyl is very durable. Is there an option of vinyl on a roll at your local Home Depot/Lowes/Menards that you like? We did this in our old house for the laundry room and it was easy to install, durable, and it looked very nice. The other thing to consider is that in a laundry room you can have water on the floor (I’ve had a washing machine leak water all over the floor before) and I don’t think peel and stick floor tiles would hold up if that would happen.

  24. I work in real estate and from what I’ve seen with peel & stick floors after a couple years of use, it is my opinion to keep your existing floor! I think you may regret doing peel and stick as it does not really stand up well to wear and tear.

  25. Hi Greg and Handan…
    I voted to keep the original flooring because I think the new tile pattern is just too trendy. The old is a bit dated, but it’s also classic in a way. Just adding my two pennies. Stay safe, and have a happy, healthy New Year!
    PS,,,, who’s hand is peeking around the corner on the main LR door? 🙂

    1. LOLOL! We’ve been waiting for someone to notice Handan’s hand! The laundry door tends to swing shut, so we needed to keep it all the way open for the picture. 🙂

  26. I love your blog! You make me laugh with your quick wit and honesty about social media and life’s expectations. I think your new laundry room will be really nice and I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    That being said, I know that your babes would like to have shelves in the laundry room for storage. I made that mistake when we built our home. I have some cabinets and some shelves. Unfortunately, due to the “dust” produced by the dryer. I’m constantly cleaning everything on the shelves. I regret not having a full wall of cabinets for storage and only having shelves over the washer and dryer. I hope this information will help you make a informed decision from a person that’s living with her decision ?

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Right now, we’re planning a full wall of cabinets over the washer and a full wall of shelves across from the machines. (we’re going to be using some of that laundry room space for craft storage, hehehehe)

  27. Well I can’t believe two washers and dryers unless you have 6-7 kids LOL. I love the existing flooring it looks great give it a good clean and after you have finished the walls cabinets etc. I know it will be a beautiful laundry room. You should see mine it is a horror. I am way too old to worry about it one day when I can have someone come in and do it I will Love what you have done so far on your beautiful home. Be Proud.

  28. I love you guys! So happy to have discovered you in time for Christmas crafts. I love your writing and how you call your wife “babes”. I’m happy to have learned recently the boy is a teenager! So now I know my family and yours have the same structure: mom and her teenage boy with husband. I look forward to reading all your posts in the new year!

    1. Hi Jennifer and welcome! Not just a teenager, but soon off to college. Yowza! Happy to have you with us – wishing you and your family a healthy and happy new year!

  29. I love the old floor. As for two washers and dryers….well, I wish I had ONE of each AND a laundry room! I live in a very old apartment with no hookups OR even paid facilities. My laundry room is the local laundromat! I’ll be moving back to Georgia in a few months. If my new place doesn’t have laundry available, I’ll be spending extra time at each of my daughters’ houses! LOL!

    1. Hey, welcome back to GA, Jana! You must be thrilled! Fingers crossed for your very own washer and dryer! Happy and healthy new year to you and your family! 🙂

  30. Hey guys!

    Look for “groutable” vinyl tiles. I know Lowes has them. You get the endurance of vinyl with the look of real tile. My girlfriend used these in her powder room at a fraction of the cost. It looks uh-may-zing!

    NOTE: if you do peel-n-stick, the trick is to add contractor glue. The glue on the tiles is not long-lasting, which is why many end up hating them. Problem solved with the addition of the proper adhesive.

    Hope these hints help!


    1. Excellent tip, Mo, and a DUH! moment for me, lol! I use contractor adhesive on everything, but it never occurred to me to use it with floor tile. Thanks and have a fantastic new year! 🙂

  31. I am all about function (especially in a laundry room) so I will agree with most of those who commented earlier and say that they existing vinyl is better than peel and stick tiles. If I were looking at replacing flooring I would go with a sheet marmoleum product (wears soooo well) or what I have had for the past 19 years – cheap VCT tiles laid in a gingham pattern. Both are great for an easy clean up when needed and great in a potentially damp environment. I may have missed it but you have not mentioned the important(to my laundry approach) movement of dirty clothing to washer and what happens after they are clean. Are you planning a rolling bin, in the laundry chute area, to roll to the washer? Any laundry sorters? Baskets for folded items? My enquiring mind wants to know lol. Looking forward to your results. Oh – add lights under the cabinets and anywhere else you can stuff them. Never enough light in laundry rooms for me.

    1. Ahhhh…curious minds! Okay, so what I do is sort from the chute floor into two baskets. I then wash each basket and dry. Depending on the size of the loads, I try to fit all the dry clothes into a bigger collapsible basket to carry back upstairs. Handan has converted us to an all-hanger system, so I then spend 30 minutes (yes, I timed it several times) hanging everything that Handan and I own, except for small clothes, socks, shorts and pajamas. No rolling baskets or bins, but that idea intrigues me! Regarding lights, I forgot to mention in the post that I’ll be sticking a whole bunch of pop lights under the wall cabinets. Happy New Year! 🙂

  32. Hi Greg & Handan,
    I think your present floor looks fine, and you said it’s in good condition. There’s no good reason that it needs replacing at this time. A long runner might give a little color to the floor in front of the washer and dryer. And most of the floor will be covered with the appliances and cabinets anyway.
    You could remove the door to the shoot, and have a large catch-basket on wheels to receive the wash accumulation.
    Also, I like the idea of ‘glass block’ instead of a regular window. We have 3 in our basement and they’re safer than just glass.
    One has a small section which is screened and can be opened for ventilation if you’d
    like some air.
    Good luck with your new look laundry room.

    1. Yep, I think we’ll be keeping the floor as-is for now, mom. We like the glass block window idea and might do that a little later down the road. Happy New Year!

  33. I also would heavily caution against anything peel and stick. It looks like a great, inexpensive alternative to other flooring, but it will not last. We installed peel and stick vinyl in our kitchen 4 years ago. My husband followed the directions exactly, watched every YouTube video out there, and did all the extra steps for a thorough installation. Four years later, it is in simply awful condition. The edges peel up, the top layer separates, and it is impossible to clean. One of our children has cut his foot on the edge of a tile because it had peeled so badly. He caught his foot on a corner, which then snapped off. There are chunks missing out of several pieces. This was not user error – it just doesn’t last. I wish we could replace it, but that just isn’t in the budget right now.

    1. Thank you, Heidi. Yours and many others’ comments have warned us well away from peel and stick! I think we’ll be keeping the floor as it is, at least for a while. Happy New Year!

  34. I am of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school. I’d go for a colorful runner and glass blocks for light. By the time the current floor is worn out, you will have fallen for something else. The only appliance that I’d like a double of is a dishwasher–one for cleans, the other for dirties and then I’d use my dish cupboards for MORE dishes!. Seeing as there is only 2 of us and I run mine once every 3 days, I don’t think it’s gonna happen–unless Publisher’s Clearing House knocks on my door! But then I’d pay someone else to up and just move me to a nice house with new linoleum, a real laundry room, plumb walls and floors, all one level……Happy New Year to you all!!

    1. Good point about putting them in a wet area. Anytime we clean the washer’s filter, it creates a minor flood on the floor, so that’s that for the peel and stick! I do also like that LVP you link to. That is something we’ll be considering a little further down the road.

  35. The existing floor is clean and not in poor condition. I’m all for saving time and money… I would keep the existing floor. Having said that, if you decide to change it, I would look for a linoleum with a modern/updated pattern to your liking. No peeling, no sticking, no seams and easy cleaning. There are some nice ones out there these days. Got a beautiful (light grays) style for my mom’s laundry room.

  36. Glad you are keeping the current flooring for the time being. It has little pops of blue that match parts of the rest of your house. I put peel and stick tile in both our kids old bedrooms once they moved out. The one room is currently my husband’s computer room and the wheels of his desk chair has made the peel and stick flooring flake and come up. We are looking at putting tile down in the future. The kind that looks like wood flooring. We live in North Florida and keeping the house cool with the tile is a plus, except in the winter when it does get cold for a day or two. (then we wear slippers!). I have loved your blog, (went down the rabbit hole, when I was searching for Christmas crafts). And I haven’t stopped since. Keep on posting, love your writing. Happy New Year.

    1. Yep, current floor it is, Sara! And I’m so happy you found us! Wishing you and your family a very happy new year, and we hope so hear from you again here in the comments!

  37. Sending laundry down the chute and hearing that fwop…double bonus! Toting it all back upstairs…ugh. DIY pulley dumbwaiter?

  38. First, I have to say that I have been following your blog for a year or so and I love all your projects. Your blog is the first spot I check to see if you have any diy advice on a new project I plan on undertaking!! And I always get a chuckle from your blunt point of view.

    As for the flooring in your laundry room remodel, I would keep the old one as you say it’s in good condition. Throw down a cheap rug as someone else mentioned and you will never notice the floor. And as for the window, it would be nice but such an added expense for just a laundry room. I am sure once you have updated your lighting in the room that your problem will be solved. As your said, it is a room for cleaning dirty underwear!

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your remodel. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your input, Astrid, and you’re right about the floor. We’re going to keep it as-is, and I think Handan will be keeping an eye out for some nice little rugs or a runner. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  39. We are in the process of a laundry revamp too. Only we don’t have a nice large space to work with. Our laundry is about the size of a closet. Dryer on one wall and washer on the other. I looked at ideas on Pintrest and thought to myself ” who are these people?” Why do they need two sets of machines? Do the do laundry once a month and need to speed things up? Are they running a laundromat from their home?Ridiculous!
    I voted for the new floor (but NOT peel and stick!) Only because it might look fine in current state but once you upgrade its surroundings THAT’S when it looks dingy and dated! After you complete the work! Then its back to removing everything and replacing the floor and putting it back together a second time. Ask me how I know?
    BUT, then again. Not my dime so easy for me to say change it.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do. I loved the last laundry room make-over in your last house.

  40. I am late to the game, but glad to see that you are keeping the current flooring. Ditto to all of the comments about the peel and stick. And, as a couple others have mentioned, the blue squares in the flooring are a great starting point for some pops of color in the room.
    Since you have not yet decided on a backsplash, maybe consider the same blue worked into that somehow. Or just a piece of colorful artwork that echoes the blues. Painting some of the cabinets the same blue would be cool if you had a window in the room for light, but since that little project is on the back burner, it would probably add too much darkness.
    One suggestion: if there is a spare wall to put this on, you might find it handy to have a wall-mounted, collapsible lingerie hanger. Maybe your tighty whiteys are ok in the dryer but the beautiful Handan probably has some fine items that you don’t necessarily want hanging from your shower curtain rod. ?
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    1. You’re reading our mind regarding the backsplash, Julie! Stay tuned for that! I’ll run your hanger idea by Handan – that would be her decision, lol!

  41. Well I’m one of those silly people when trying to do a cheap bathroom Reno used peel n stick tiles. ? Now does anyone know how to get them off? They look horrible after a few years of use.

    1. Oh no! Well, I’m sure glad I asked everyone’s opinion – I think we avoided a major future disaster! Have you tried using a heat gun to remove the tiles? The heat should warm the adhesive enough for you to peel each tile off. We have this Wagner here, and it works great:

  42. This inspired us to renovate our laundry room! We explored using the same peel and stick tiles (i even bought them). And then at the last minute we went with luxury vinyl plank instead. I am glad we did as they are waterproof and it only took us 2 hours to install and wasn’t much more expensive than the peel and stick. Thank you for the inspiration! Our progress is slow though since we are installing a sink where there has never been a sink before. I can’t wait for your post outlining how you will add yours!