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Amazing IKEA Hacks

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Let these amazing IKEA hacks inspire you to create something new and beautiful from your plain IKEA furniture!

As the years roll by and we move from house to house to apartment to…? we’re finding our tastes are changing, and we’re craving simpler things. Simple decor. Simple colors. And simple furniture. We used to make a point to collect every roadside castaway, regardless of its age or attributed style, and make them over into something we’d shoehorn into whatever mishmash of style we had going on in the house. These days, we’re looking more and more towards IKEA for many of our furnishing needs. IKEA furniture is cheap, it looks good, and best of all, their pieces are infinitely hackable.

I used to be anti-IKEA on the premise that one shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of building one’s furniture. But the world has gone entirely the way of IKEA. Unless you’re willing to shell out absurd amount of money for high-end furniture, you’re going to be building it yourself. And I can say for absolute fact after years of building every brand under the sun, IKEA’s quality trumps them all – even brands that cost several times more. You can expect more IKEA projects and makeovers from us in the future when we get settled again, but for now, here’s a collection of some of our favorite IKEA hacks.

Amazing ikea hacks

Arched Billy Bookcase Hack – Crack the Shutters

The Billy Bookcase is one of IKEA’s most humble offerings, which makes it perfect for hacking. Jen from Crack the Shutters gives Billy an elegant arched makeover that makes it right at home in a formal dining room.

IKEA Billy Hack

Check out the video tutorial below. Don’t worry if you’re not on TikTok, you can watch the video without leaving our site!


Ikea Billy bookcase with Oxberg doors hack – more details on my Instagram @crack_the_shutters #ikeahack #ikeahackers #fy #ikea #diyhomedecor #upcycle

♬ Up – Cardi B

IKEA Hauga Cane Cabinet – The Navage Patch

Besides having a fun-sounding name, the Hauga is another of IKEA’s rather bland offerings. For those going for a modern, clean look, it fits the bill, but with a little effort, you can turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. We used cane reed to give a whole new look to our Hauga linen cabinet.

DIY Cane Cabinet (IKEA Hack) - TheNavagePatch.com

Here’s the video tutorial for this caning process.


IKEA Tarva Cane Dresser – House on Longwood Lane

Here’s another cane hack from Kourtni at House on Longwood Lane. It’s a little more involved than our Hauga cane hack, but it’s beautiful, and it is one of Handan’s favorites.

ikea tarva hack

IKEA Moppe Apothecary Cabinet Hack – Style Squeeze

Pati at Style Squeeze turns an IKEA Moppe cabinet into a MCM apothecary stunner!

IKEA Moppe hack

IKEA Alex Drawer Unit Update – Kate Hollingsworth

We’re suckers for map drawers, and Kate has made a beautiful one from an old and beat-up Alex drawer unit. I’ve got these same drawer units in my office, and I think something like this will be in their future!

IKEA Alex hack

The video below will take you to Instagram, but for those who don’t use it, her process is simple. For each drawer face, she cut, stained and glued three pieces of thin wood paneling. She then added vintage-looking label holders and pulls.

DIY Pillow Covers – The Navage Patch

IKEA sells more than just furniture, and almost everything can be hacked in some way or another. Here’s how we easily updated their plain and basic $4 GURLI pillow covers.

Easy DIY Throw Pillows - TheNavagePatch.com

DIY IKEA Hack Hicks Pendant Light – The Gathered Home

Kudos to Brynne for this incredible pendant light hack! The Hicks light is a $900 beauty that most of us wouldn’t dream of buying, but Brynne came up with a beautiful knock-off for the price of an IKEA pendant lamp and a few supplies!

IKEA vaster hack

IKEA Kallax TV Cabinet – The Navage Patch

The IKEA Kallax is another bare-bones, no-nonsense and no-style unit (well, I suppose some would consider it stylish) that begs to be hacked into something a little more interesting. I’ve hacked 3 of them so far, and this was the first: a TV console for Baris’s bedroom in our Connecticut house.

IKEA Kallax Hack TV Stand final picture

IKEA Ivar cabinet with Louis Cube Update – IKEA Hackers

I guess we can file this one under “Look, don’t try.” The original poster on IKEA Hackers begins her post with a warning NOT to try this hack, as it drove her nuts. Still, we can’t argue with the results!

IKEA Ivar hack

IKEA Besta Cabinet Hack – Crack the Shutters

Here’s another hack from Jen at Crack the Shutters. This time, she gives the cane treatment to a Besta cabinet.

IKEA Besta hack

Here’s a quick video tutorial of her Besta hack on TikTok – you can watch it right here even if you’re not on TikTok.

IKEA Malm Dresser Makeover – Life on Willow Creek

With only a little effort, Morgan from Life on Willow Creek turned a snoozer Malm dresser into a real beauty!

ikea malm hack

Here’s the video tutorial on Tiktok (video will play on our site).

IKEA Vittsjo Hack Laptop Stand – The Navage Patch

Speaking of little effort, our Vittsjo hack was one of the easiest ever! I don’t know about you, but I’m just not a fan of glass-topped side tables and coffee tables. But the wood top? It looks fantastic on this IKEA hack!

IKEA Laptop Stand Hack

IKEA Billy Bookshelves Hack – The Makerista

This absolutely brilliant Billy hack by Gwen at The Makerista is another of Handan’s favorites and my number on favorite on our list. Someday, somewhere, I will do something similar!

ikea billy bookcase hack

IKEA Rast Hack – Media Console – In Between Chaos

Marianne from In Between Chaos joined 4 IKEA Rast chests to create an incredible 8-foot-long media console for their living room and saved thousands of dollars by doing so. Excellent work!

ikea rast hack

IKEA Kallax Hack – The Pink Dream

Ceres from The Pink Dream gives her Kallax unit a classy makeover fit for a dining room!

ikea kallax hack

IKEA Kallax Hack – The Navage Patch

We had two black Kallax units that the years (and our son) were not kind to. Did you know there’s a way to paint even the smoothest of IKEA furniture? In this IKEA hack post, I not only teach the proper way to paint IKEA furniture, but I also show you a neat little hack. These two hacked Kallax units not only functioned as shelves, but they also acted as dwarf walls to delineate space in our son’s old bedroom.

Painting IKEA Furniture & Kallax Makeover | TheNavagePatch.com

IKEA Billy Room Divider – Carro Malmberg

Carro Malmberg made this genius room divider from Billy bookcases, and wow is all I can say! This takes IKEA hacking to the next level. It’s hard to tell from the video, but if you decide to embark on a hack like this, stability will be a main concern, so make sure it’s secured to walls, ceiling and floors wherever possible. Really great job by this Swedish couple!

ikea billy hack

So which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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    Those are just great. Also the one that needs to be attached to within a floor and wall.

  2. That w/b like picking a fav child…since I’m “light looking” that black, copper stripe…is brilliant!! You make these we buy them!! 🤔 franki