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Digging Up Numbers in The Patch

The year in review – Navage Patch style! A quick and funny look at the numbers and stats that made 2017 a great year here at The Patch. Let’s dig in and see what we find!

I know, I know, I already did the 2017 year-in-review post. So what the heck am I doing now, in 2018, still yammering on about 2017? It’s so…it’s so…twenty seventeen. Okay, look – the official story is that 2017 was a great year for us here at The Navage Patch, and we wanted to share some numbers and statistics with you.1

First off, dearest and most wise and exalted reader, there were far more of you in 2017 than there were in 2016. I checked our numbers for both years, and Google Analytics tells me there were 763,389 readers last year. Google calls you “users,” but really, that makes you all sound like a bunch of drug addicts, so I’ll stick with “readers.” That’s a 415% increase over 2016, so great job and a hearty welcome to all of our new addicts readers!

Over the course of 365 days, you readers slid your eyeballs across 1,659,433 pages of exhilarating text and titillating pictures. While I don’t have hard data to back up my claim, I’m practically almost certain that the number one picture of the year was this one:

Garden Shed Organization | Creating a Rodent Proof Shed | Simpe and Easy #garden #shed #organization and #cleaning | TheNavagePatch.com

Hoooo weeee! It’s getting hot up in here. Somebody get me some ice! Oh wait, it’s 4 below 0 outside, I’ll just have a stroll around the yard.

By the way, those pageviews were up 459% from 2016. Way to go!

And while I’d like to think it was all thanks to my Calvins, the cold hard truth is that it was really because of Handan and her Waterdrop Solar Lights.

DIY Waterdrop Solar Lights | Step-by-step tutorial for DIY waterdrop solar lights | Upcycled candle sticks | Upcycled plant watering globes | DIY whimsical garden lights | #TheNavagePatch #DIY #Upcycled #SolarLights | Easy, budget friendly DIY backyard ornaments and landscape lights | TheNavagePatch.com

On June 18, that post went viral and led to our single biggest day in Navage Patch history. When the clock struck midnight on the 19th, we stood at 40,744 pageviews. I thought Handan was going to tear her face in half, her smile was so big! Now compare that to our weakest, most pathetic day in 2017 which fell on January 4th and only gave us a paltry 603 pageviews. What a difference! We never would have guessed on that bleak and lonely January day almost one year ago where we would be in only 6 months!

Speaking of going places, we put a few miles on our car, zipping between home, work and all the craft stores in Connecticut. 23,744 miles to be exact and 4 new tires, to boot. A good many of those miles were made with Handan sitting right by my side. Can you guess what her most common phrase was while riding with me?

“Babes! Watch the road!”

“Yeah, but all the good stuff is over there!”

Okay, so I didn’t count every time she said it, bu I’ll put the estimate at 276. Might be a bit low, actually.

And, hey, I did eventually get my eyes back on the road, and I returned us safely home so we could continue to write content for the blog. Last year, we wrote 78 posts, and that was down from 2016, when we wrote 97. The drop is mostly due to Handan not writing much last spring. She wrote 27 posts in 2017, down from 45 in 2016. As you may recall, she quit smoking in January, and for a while, it sapped all of her energy and creativity. While she was working to rebuild herself, I kept humming along. I racked up 51 posts in 2017 – one less than I wrote in 2016. You may remember those spring months as The Great Gregory Borefest of 2017.

And you must have been bored, because even though I wrote fewer posts in 2017, I wrote about 3% more words – 96,581 to be exact. 6,603 of those words came in that vacation post I wrote.

The Navages' Universal Studios and Disney Holiday | Orlando theme parks review: Universal Studios vs Disney World | Hilton Buena Vista Palace review | The best Starbucks shop in Orlando | Orlando theme parks and attractions | Hotels in Orlando | TheNavagePatch.com

Can you believe it? I’m always bitching about vacation posts, and then I go and write a novella about our holiday. Kudos to you, if you read the whole thing! Handan gets the nod for the second longest post at 6,266 words with Painting 101: The Complete Guide on how to Paint a Room.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, Handan wins in the “shortest post” category with her Faux Succulent Wreath post that clocks in at a lean and mean 426 words.

Yep, I’m definitely the yapper in the family, for better or for worse! [and yet, he keeps telling me to “clam it!” – Handan]

Writing all those words really worked up a thirst that could only be quenched by the 300+ dry martinis I quaffed throughout the year. Although, come to think of it, I may have needed some of those to tune out some of the several thousand “Hey Babes!” I had to endure in 2017. As you may remember, “Hey Babes!” is never followed by anything good.

And did you know, my dearest addicts readers, that you have pulled off a singularly amazing achievement in 2017? Though there are currently only 195 recognized countries on our fair blue planet, Google (in all its infinite wisdom) informed me that we had readers from 206 countries in 2017. So, yay! We’ve discovered 11 heretofore unknown countries! I’d like to be considered for the ambassadorship to one of them. Preferably a warm one. With a lot of beaches. And a rum distillery. Thank you.

Ahhh, I can almost feel the sea breeze and the sand in my toes. On a sunny tropical island in a newly-discovered country, I might be able to break my 2017 record for the longest stretch without a shower. How long, you ask? I mean, do you really want to know? Very well, madam, if you must know, I once abstained from the cleansing waters for 7 days. I’m proud of it, too. I still smelled like rose petals on day 7. [No comment! – Handan]

And speaking of relaxed standards, did you notice how many times Handan wore pajamas while working last year?

Guest Bathroom Renovation | DIY pocket door installation | How to install a pocket door | How to cut a door opening in a wall | How to make a door opening |How to paint a door | Before and After | TheNavagePatch.com
Handan’s Ongoing Pajama Counter: 5

In total, I counted 21 times she couldn’t be bothered to properly dress herself, and I don’t think I started counting until spring! Yeesh, I may not shower, but at least I dress myself in proper clothing!

Behind the Scenes At The Navage Patch | TheNavagePatch.com

Ahem. Well, yes, as I was saying…

Enough about pajamas! Let’s give a shout out to our most prolific commenter, Chris Tucker. She suffered through every post and left us 76 awesome comments! You keep commenting, Chris, and we’ll keep writing and creating. Thank you for your support – we wouldn’t be here without you and everyone else who takes the time to write to us. Seriously, we would have thrown in the towel after a year without the encouragement we’ve received from our awesome readers.

Hey, remember that mailbox makeover I did?

Mailbox Makeover| DIY mailbox and post installation | How install a mailbox | How to increase curb appeal in a budget | How to remove your old mailbox | How to create a mailbox garden | DIY mailbox landscape | Budget friendly Before & After | TheNavagePatch.com

Okay, well I still haven’t received any checks in it. Large checks received: 0. Still waiting, people…

And while I while away the days waiting for someone to stuff an enormous check into my mailbox, Handan has been busy wishing for Better Homes and Gardens to invite her to their group Pinterest boards. I think she wished for it on all 365 days of 2017. Who knows, maybe one of the all-powerful deities at Better Homes and Gardens will read this post and take pity on two puny dirt-scratching bloggers and invite us to their board?

And the final number, dearest addicts readers, is so large, that Handan just calls it “countless,” and that is the blessings we had in 2017. We again hope to grow all of the our numbers and statistics this year. 2017 took us to a new level, and we’re aiming to go much much higher this year. With you lot of addicts by our side, we’re sure to get really high, eh?? Hehehehe… [Oy! Be nice! -Handan]

Sayonara 2017! Aloha 2018!

(And that’s the last recap of 2017, I promise!)

1The real story is that Handan made me do it! I had 2017 tagged, bagged and hanging on the wall. But Handan wanted one last hurrah. And you know how it goes. If my babes wants a post about stats and numbers, my babes gets a post about stats and numbers!

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  1. I love you guys! I’ve never responded to a blog before so, thank you! Greg, you’re an awesome writer, like making a living at it…Hugs from Oklahoma ya’ll

    1. I’m so happy you chose us to be your first! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year to you and your family in Oklahoma from ours in Connecticut!

  2. Happy 2018. 2017 was fab! You both write with such enthusiasm and such a sense of fun that it is always a joy to read all your posts. Looking forward to what comes next.

  3. Happy New Year!!, always enjoy reading your posts, and love your humour!!! but Iโ€™m not one to comment much!!! Will have to try and do better in 2018!

  4. I would like to wish you a happy 2018 from Australia (although for some reason my name comes up as living in NY – no idea why). You are so popular because you have great posts and you both write so well. Love your sense of humour and the fact that you both seem so happy together.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you, Suzanne! I love hearing from the other side of the world! You must be enjoying some beautiful summer weather while we’re here freezing our butts off! Happy New Year to you!

  5. Please please please keep creating and writing. We love you stories and pictures from where you lived. Iโ€™ve โ€œhookedโ€ other readers(addicts ?) to your blog. All your โ€œreadersโ€ wish you a Happy Healthy 2018

  6. Love, love your refreshing sense of humor! New reader, but am So happy to have found you. Wish I could great your Better Homes wish, but broke my magic wand in 2017! Keep up your awesomeness!

  7. besides loving you guys, i guess i have as big a mouth as greg lmao i comment because i never want y’all to quit, i don’t know what i would do without the patch in my pitiful life xx and happy new year xx

  8. i am a newbeee…..found the Navage Patch from a Pinterest link this fall checking out the Halloween labels. Only to discover that I had checked out some of the other postings but didn’t make the connection to your blog. I look forward to your postings and projects.

  9. Babes I mean Greg,
    I love you two and your blog. I did make 2, count em 2 of the water drop solar lamps. Mine is so-so and the one I made for a gift was FAB!! I scan my email and look for a new Navage Patch before I read anything else. You guys ROCK. Happy New Year. XO Keep your posts coming.

    1. Thank you so much, Arlie! That’s awesome that you made some of Handan’s waterdrop lights – we love it when that happens. Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Well……….Thanks for my Fix…..oops……For the good post…lol. We luv u guys here in our home. Thanks.

  11. I’m so glad I found you two on Hometalk with those awesome Waterdrop Solar Lights!! They are so awesome I had to share them on my facebook page so everyone could see your (Handan’s) awesome creativity. I keep coming back for more because you are funny and make great DIY everything!! Looking forward to 2018!

  12. Happy New Years! Congrats on your numbers for 2017. Now get back to writing some amazing posts for us addicts. Canโ€™t wait to see what 2018 holds for us all!

  13. I loved the post about the pipes freezing under the deck so much that I saved it (also read it to my 90 year old mother) it makes us connected because I always worry about my 1/2 bath freezing.( I’ve had 4 plummers in the first 4 years i lived here) I’m now here 13 years and keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. Not sure how I found you – probably a post shared on “Art IN the Garden”. I do believe it was the Waterdrop Solar Lights. However, I’ve been reading all the posts since and follow Just do it Yourself. I love the underporch water issue blot. Reminded me of when our pipes burst under the concrete in our laundry room. They were buried in sand. I had to crawl under the house due to the same ‘body build’ conditions to turn off the water and insulate the pipes going forward. Love your blogs and will keep on reading.