DIY Butterfly Wreath -

DIY Butterfly Wreath

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This butterfly wreath is an easy and inexpensive craft that will bring some much-needed spring cheer and vibrant color to your front door!

Apparently spring comes in February ’round here in North Georgia.

There’s a tree in our neighborhood that has blossomed in a floral explosion of pastel pink. On our daily walks, we see green shoots climbing towards the sky and yellow flowers drinking golden sunlight. And yeah, it’s like 80 degrees, so I’m pretty sure spring has sprung.

Which is awesome.

It’s why we’re here.

We’ve endured enough snow and wind chill and gray and mittens for several lifetimes. Our middle-aged bones crave sunshine and warmth.

DIY Butterfly Wreath -

But with spring comes all the cutesy spring crafts – Easter this and pastel that. If I’m being totally honest (which I totally always am), I’m not the biggest fan of spring crafts and spring colors – unless those colors are outside, in nature.

I don’t know, I guess when I see too much color all at once, it reminds me of Kindergarten art class. Or maybe it just reminds me of the art class I took senior year in college.

I had satisfied all the requirement of my economics major, so I had some free space in my schedule to fill with whatever my little 21-year-old heart desired. Since I couldn’t even draw a stick figure without offending the local tree population, I reasoned an art class might be a fine and fun thing to train the fingers and open the mind.

And it worked. To a degree.

My line drawings with pencil improved tremendously, and I was a natural with charcoal. But then came pastels.


Apparently, color was my Achilles heel.

I couldn’t make heads nor tails of all those colored sticks in my box of pastels. How was I supposed to know which ones to use?

(use ’em all, dipstick!)

It was just one of countless times I’ve been woefully misled by the idiot residing between my ears. Whereas the month before, my professor had submitted one of my charcoal drawings to the school’s art publication, with my first pastel, I had become the class dunce whose knowledge of color theory began and ended with a box of Crayola. Taking the good old American “More is Better” approach, I used every pastel I had to create a still life of two puffy Cheetos on a table.

DIY Butterfly Wreath -

It was an abomination. I could see the shame in my professor’s face.

And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t get much better. In fact, it took more than 20 years for me to start getting a handle on color and how to use it judiciously. I have this blog and my camera to thank for that.

So what does all this have to do with a butterfly wreath?

Well, as usual, Handan informed me that I’d be making this wreath, and as usual, I nodded and said, “Okay, my babes! Butterfly wreath. Got it!”

She’d already bought the butterflies from Amazon, and we just bought one of those wreath forms made of sticks from Michaels. [LOL, it’s called a grapevine wreath form, you silly bugger! -Handan]

When we returned home, she explained her plan, and then I saw the butterflies.

All those multicolored butterflies.

My mind reached back to my senior year art class and dredged up all those hideous pastel memories.

Technicolor Cheetos.

Orange trees.

More pink than 1986.

I pushed the memories aside and got to work.

DIY Butterfly Wreath


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For this butterfly wreath, I used a 14 inch wreath form, though I think bigger would look good, too.

grapevine wreath form

Any flat white paint will do for this project. I happen to have a lot of Rustoleum Chalked on hand, so I used that.

wreath form and can of spray paint

Action shot! Look at that paint fly! I used a bungee cord suspended from the bottom of the deck stairs to hold the wreath while I painted. This was an easy way to paint all around the wreath, and I could pull down on the bungee to paint the top.

painting a wreath form with white spray paint

All painted and ready for butterflies.

white painted wreath form

I gotta say, these are a really good deal – $11 for 108 butterflies!

plastic butterflies and a wreath form

I opened all the packages and sorted my butterflies by color. If I could help it, I intended to avoid the color catastrophes of years past.

butterflies and wreath form

So at this point, I started putting butterflies on the wreath form to see how they looked. My first instinct was to stick with colors I liked – namely, blue, green and yellow. I even tried flowing from one color to the next.

But nothing looked good to my eye. Nothing looked natural.

I was overthinking what should be a stone simple craft. I was getting caught up in the colors.

(use ’em all, dipstick!)

Well, that advice didn’t work in 1994, but maybe it would work now? What the heck, let’s use ’em all!

I shut off my brain and started gluing.

This guy seemed as good a candidate as any to start with.

green butterfly for wreath

A little hot glue…

making a butterfly wreath

And press him into place.

making a butterfly wreath

I carried on grabbing random butterflies and gluing them randomly on the wreath form. I did try to stick with the smaller butterflies, as the big ones took up too much real estate on the wreath.

making a butterfly wreath

Eventually, I found myself here, and believe me, the ghosts of college art class were stirring! So. Much. Color.

diy butterfly wreath

But it looked good I guess, though something was off. It looked a little, I don’t know…flat.

I called Handan over to have a look, and it turns out I was right.

“Oh, it looks awesome! Good job, my babes! But why don’t you bend some of the wings to make them look more real?”

bend the wings?

It was face-palmingly obvious, but I didn’t know I could bend their wings. What a difference it made to the overall look!

diy butterfly wreath

And yes, though this butterfly wreath is a riot of spring-ish color, I actually like it, and I think it suits the beautiful weather we’re having down here in the South.

DIY Butterfly Wreath -
DIY Butterfly Wreath -

This butterfly wreath is really so simple to make. No skill required!

DIY Butterfly Wreath -
DIY Butterfly Wreath -
DIY Butterfly Wreath -
DIY Butterfly Wreath -

By the way, unless you make more than one wreath, you’re going to have a lot of leftover butterflies. If you have a young daughter or granddaughter, they’d look great swarming on her wall!

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DIY Butterfly Wreath -
DIY Butterfly Wreath -
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  1. The wreath is nice, but I have to say that your description of spring in the south is spot on. I once heard the phrase “you don’t shovel sunshine” and I pull that one out all the time.
    That said … just wait for pollen season to start! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that.

    1. I love that saying! Totally going to use it! As for pollen season, Handan and I both went through it last March. I thought we both had Covid – it was awful! But no fever, so we knew it was just allergies. Pounding headaches, constant sneezing and coughing, runny nose, watery eyes, tired. That was fun, especially during a pandemic, lol!

  2. I luv the butterfly wreath…I’m fascinated with those little critters on our butterfly bush (which needs “cut back”…oh, “hubs??!!??) I actually had those same butterflies…used remaining on napkin holders and, o0oh, dear…(I HAD TO DOIT) coordinated them on the layer cake with the white royal frosting….franki

  3. I love this so much. However, it would not hold up to the wind in my state. Maybe Iโ€™ll just make one to keep indoors. One year I made a summer wreath out of drink umbrellas and by the next afternoon there were drink umbrellas blowing everywhere.

  4. Have you thought about approaching Fritolay with your Spring Cheetos idea?? Look what they’re doing with all the Mtn Dew flavors! (Fritolay is a division of PepsiCo) After all, the kids need more than just orange to smear all over everything!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. So simple and so pretty!! Tennessee here! We had a day last week that got as warm as 75 degrees. Today we’re at a cool 48. It’s been all over the place here followed by lots and lots of rain. Oh allergy season is coming too. I can feel it already! With it comes the darn Bradford Pears and their ultra stinky flowers that send my allergies in to high gear. Looking forward to spring but not that!

    1. Thank you, Karen! Handan and I are bracing for allergy season. Hopefully our bodies have gained a little immunity since last year – that was rough!

  6. My front door gets the sun. I once bought an easter wreath and the eggs started falling off or shifting because they had been hot glued on. The sun warmed the glue up and melted it. Can you recommend a heat proof glue that would work for this? I can only buy or make wreaths where things are wired on. Thanks for sharing such a pretty wreath.

  7. We were in the 90’s on Sunday but that’s Florida for you! I will totally have to make this. It will definitely draw the hummingbirds in as they will think the bright colors are flowers. Again, welcome to the South… y’all may not have been born here but you got here as fast as you could and that makes you one of us!

    1. Handan is always jealous of your weather, Jessica! I wish we made it down here sooner, but better late than never, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have the same issue with the sun melting the hot glue on my front door decor! I was wondering if Gorilla Glue would hold up to the intense heat behind our glass storm door so those cute little butterflies don’t meet an untimely demise??

    1. Hi Maggi, Super Glue gel would certainly work. You’d just have to hold the butterflies a little longer until the glue sets.

  9. I was truly hoping for your own butterfly creations so we can make our own wreaths using them. I sure do appreciate all the art that you share with us. And, great idea Handan! (You two are so cute!)

    1. Sometimes, it’s just easier and cheaper to buy, Pam, lol! Making all those butterflies would have been a chore for yours truly (and would require a Cricut which not everyone has), so best to buy them for this wreath. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you so much for this post – I love it (even though I usually try to avoid the “use them all” approach, too!) and I found it just on the right day: When I woke this morning (I live in Bavaria, Germany, by the way) I was dismayed to find a thin layer of snow on the ground, a sky grey and low with clouds and three children having to get ready for school. Life needed to be better than that – and it immediately did become better when I saw all those butterflies ready to fly away (bending their wings was a brilliant move ;-)). Thanks for your blog, I love it!