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16 Beautiful DIY Easter and Spring Wreaths

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This stunning collection of 16 beautiful DIY Easter and spring wreaths will have you running to the craft store for supplies to make your own!

I told you last week in our watercolor tattoo Easter egg post that Handan wanted me to write a couple of Easter posts this year. She wanted two, I wanted one, so here’s the compromise. It’s part Easter, part spring and all fabulous!

We’ve scoured every cubic inch of the internet (that’s a lot of scouring!) to find you a specially curated selection of the very best and most beautiful DIY Easter and Spring Wreaths.

All of these wreaths are DIY, so you can pick your favorites, gather your supplies and start decorating those doors, walls and windows!

Oh, and would you look at that! Some of our very own wreaths made the list! Golly, what are the odds?? 😉

DIY Spring Carrot Door Hanger Wreath

This Spring Carrot Door Hanger wreath by Holly at Love The Tompkins is the perfect blend of spring and Easter. She wisely replaces the carrots with tulips for a gorgeous door-hanger that won’t attract chew-crazy rabbits to your doorstep.

I once hung carrots from our door, thinking they would make a cute wreath.

Big mistake.

The next morning, the front door was scratched up, the carrots were nibbled to their stems, and I found a scribbled note that read, “Hang more carrots, or else!” It was signed, Bugsy and the B. Boys.

Yeesh. These rabbits are getting fierce!

DIY Cheerful Spring Wreath

Oh my gosh, this next spring wreath was made by…could it be? Why, yes, it could! It was made by my very own wife, Handan! Her Cheerful Spring Wreath is perfect to welcome both spring and Easter!

DIY Rainbow Floral Spring Wreath

This Rainbow Floral Wreath by Rachel at Lines Across kinda makes me want to hop on a plane, skip spring and fly right to a tropical island! But since that’s not very practical or affordable, we can just make one of these beauties and dream of warmer weather!

Rainbow Floral Wreath by Lines Across
Source: Lines Across

DIY Tulip Wreath

Kylie at The How-To Mom shows how to make this beautiful DIY Tulip Wreath. It may look complicated, but there’s no crafty skill required with this spring wreath!

Farmhouse Style DIY Spring Wreath

With a galvanized metal tire from Hobby Lobby, Jennifer at The Craft Patch created this gorgeous Farmhouse Style DIY Spring Wreath! Her wreath became so popular that Hobby Lobby had to start sticking these metal tires year-round. Check it out!

DIY Lighted Garden Hose Wreath

This spring wreath is stunning during the day and pure magic at night! Our DIY Lighted Garden Hose Wreath can be placed against a door, it can be framed, or it can be hung in the garden. Wherever you display it, heads are going to turn!

DIY Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

This Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath by The House That Lars Built was made with wooden eggs and rainbow crepe paper, and it looks amazing!

DIY Bunny Wreath

Rachel at Sprinkle Some Fun has a great Easter / Spring wreath for you bunny lovers! Her awesome Bunny Wreath is quick and easy DIY, and it’s a nice twist on the traditional wreath form!

DIY Embroidery Hoop Bunny Easter Wreath

Here’s another on for the bunny lovers! Amy at Positively Splendid has a great tutorial to make this Embroidery Hoop Bunny Easter Wreath. Hop to it!

DIY Easter Chick Wreath

No, it’s not made from Peeps! 😛 This Easter Chick Wreath by Emma at Adventures and Play is one of the most vibrant and cheerful Easter wreaths you’ll see! And who doesn’t love baby chickens??

DIY Cherry Blossom Umbrella Spring Wreath

I love the colors in this Cherry Blossom Umbrella Wreath by Julie at Red Head Can Decorate! You can never go wrong with teal and orange!

 DIY Faux Succulent Spring Wreath

Our Faux Succulent Wreath (A Dollar Store DIY) is proof positive that beauty can come cheap! Inspired by Pottery Barn’s $100 succulent wreath, Handan made this one with dollar store faux succulents for a fraction of the cost!

DIY Fairy Garden Wreath

If you like fairy gardens, you will love this DIY Fairy Garden Wreath by Angie at The Country Chic Cottage! All that’s missing is a little toad on the mushroom!

DIY Moss Spring Wreath

Simple and beautiful, this DIY Moss Wreath by Apartment Therapy is perfect for any season, but we especially like it for spring!

DIY Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Spring Wreath

Wagon wheel? Check. Galvanized watering can? Check. Country flowers and greens? Check! This Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Wreath by Lydi at Lydi Out Loud hits all the right notes for a farmhouse wreath, and we love how all of the elements work together!

DIY Spring Pink and White Tulip Wreath

And last, but certainly not least is this beautiful DIY Spring Pink and White Tulip Wreath by Ann at On Sutton Place! I know, I know, we already showed you a tulip wreath in this roundup, but hey, my wife loves tulips! Besides, Ann’s wreath is made in a different manner than the one above, so both deserve a place here!

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  1. Oh my goodness so many beautiful wreaths! The fairy wreath is my favourite followed by the moss and the wagon wheel. Oh so many things i want to do, so few hours in the day, so little space, so many boring things that have to be and an over active imagination that is threatening to explode my brain!

  2. I always wondered to myself, did Americans really decorate all year round with wreaths? And time and time again I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, you do! And it’s so pretty! I think more of us need to embrace the wreath.

    My favourites are – and you’ll never guess – the bunny ones. ? The embroidery hoop bunny bum and that gorgeous willow branch bunny? Gorgeous. I think I might end up making Mom a smaller embroidery hoop bunny for Mother’s Day because I know she will love it. I’m also a big fan of Handan’s succulent wreath. I wouldn’t guess it was made from dollar store parts at all! Very nice.

      1. And I do! Thanks, Handan! I’m going to make one of the embroidery hoop bunnies for my real buns new house ??