DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath -

DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath

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This beautiful loop yarn wreath is so simple to make! It’s an easy DIY winter wreath that can be made in minutes by adults and kids alike!

“Oh my gawd, he’s making a loop yarn wreath!”

I can hear you, you know.

Just because you’re over there and I’m over here doesn’t mean I can’t hear what you’re thinking and saying.

“What happened to him?” You gasp.

“He used to be so…so…manly!” You clutch at your pearls and wonder at the horror of it all.

“It just doesn’t make any sense!” You shudder and raise the back of your hand to your forehead.

But madam, do not faint! For even though I’m here to teach you how to make a DIY winter wreath with loop yarn, I am still the red-blooded man you know and love tolerate.

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Though I may not spend months alone in my dungeon wood shop building ridiculous things that no sane reader would ever try, like this furniture makeover boondoggle, I am still a strapping stooping young middle-aged man!

Rest assured, madam! I ate a large, rare steak before making this beautiful yarn wreath, and then I ate an entire quiche right after, just for good measure!

Because a real man not only eats quiche, he enjoys every bite.

And a real man not only crafts, he crafts with loop yarn and makes “soft” and “cute” things like the yarn wreath I’m about to show you.

So hop on board the Simple Stupid train, as we continue to steam full speed ahead!

DIY Winter Loop Yarn Yarn Wreath Video Tutorial

Watch our short video below for an overview of our DIY Loop Yarn wreath before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Winter Loop Yarn Yarn Wreath Tutorial

wreath form, loop yarn and bristle brush trees


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DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath -

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Okay, are you ready for the easiest yarn wreath ever? Let’s do it.

First unwrap about a foot of the loop yarn and secure the end onto the wreath form with a pin.

man's fingers inserting pin through yarn into wreath form
man's fingers holding loop yard against wreath form

Still with me?

Good! I knew you would be!

Now start wrapping the loop yarn around the wreath form. Keep the yarn in a bundle so you can easily wrap it around and pass it through the form. I learned that trick from Handan after wrestling the 23-foot-long white snake I created by first unwrapping the entire roll of loop yarn.

I may be a man, but I never said I was smart.

man wrapping loop yarn around wreath form
man wrapping loop yarn around foam wreath form
man wrapping loopy yarn around round wreath form

Press each pass of the loop yarn into the previous pass to ensure a nice, tight wrap.

When you reach the end of the loop yarn roll, overlap the end of one roll with the beginning of the next roll and pin them into the form.

man's fingers holding two ends of loop yarn against wreath form

Look, are you sure you’re paying attention to this lovely DIY winter wreath and not just admiring my chubby, liver-splotched hands??

man's fingers pushing pin into wreath form through two ends of loop yarn

Continue wrapping in this manner until you’ve filled your wreath form. My yarn wreath took about 2 1/2 rolls of loop yarn.

Cut the excess and pin the end into the form.

man trimming excess loop yarn from winter wreath
It’s not just simple, it’s “even-a-middle-aged-doofus-with-a-martini-can-make-it” simple!

Arrange your bottle brush trees on the bottom of the wreath. The great thing about using loop yarn is that you won’t need to glue the trees in place. Huzzah!

man placing bristle brush trees in winter loop yarn wreath
nestling bristle brush tree into loop yarn wreath

This gives you the freedom to swap them out for something else in the future. Maybe some holly leaves and red berries? Maybe some small pine cones? The choice is yours, madam! Might I suggest a wallet-sized photo of yours truly nestled into the fluffy white loop yarn?*

And that’s it! I told you it was Simple Stupid!

Let’s have a look at how it turned out.

DIY Loop Yarn Wreath Beauty Shots

DIY winter loop yarn wreath displayed in a frame on a fireplace hearth
loop yard wreath with starry lights in the background
closeup of bristle brush trees on wreath
cropped photo of wreath with fairy lights in the background
diy winter wreath set upon a fireplace hearth

*C’mon! You know you thought about it for a hot second! 😀

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DIY Faux Fur Trees in a Christmas Display

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DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath | The easiest DIY winter wreath ever | How to make a loop yarn wreath in under 30 minutes | DIY upcycled Christmas decorations | Repurposed Loopity loop yarn | #TheNavagePatch #easydiy #Christmas #Upcycled #Repurposed #DIY #Holidaydecor #DIYChristmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #DIYhomedecor #LoopYarn #Holidays |
DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath | The easiest DIY winter wreath ever | How to make a loop yarn wreath in under 30 minutes | DIY upcycled Christmas decorations | Repurposed Loopity loop yarn | #TheNavagePatch #easydiy #Christmas #Upcycled #Repurposed #DIY #Holidaydecor #DIYChristmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #DIYhomedecor #LoopYarn #Holidays |

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    1. Just finished the wreath. So fast, easy & beautiful. I used. 16” white foam wreath & 2 – 18 yard pkgs of loopy yarn was exactly perfect. Thanks for this brilliant idea

  1. I love it! And don’t for a minute think that we don’t appreciate the crazy furniture projects you do. You even inspired me to make my own dining room table! Photos to follow sometime before the next decade starts.

    1. Oh my, I am making this wreath as I write! I’m using floral wire to attach mine to the canvas!! It doesn’t show because the yarn is so beautiful and thick! Now to figure how to put the lights on.

  2. Greg,
    You are not stupid. You are guilty of being funny and a good writer. You read my mind about thinking you had gone “loopy” (pardon the pun). The whiteness of the wreath really pops on the chalk board. Happy Thanksgiving to the Navage family. Nancy

  3. 5 x 10 glossy nestled in there, yup indeedy, that’s the perfect look to compliment that gorgeous easy peasy lemon squeezy wreath!
    Gorgeous, darling, just gorgeous!

  4. I almost didn’t read this cuz I thought “yarn wreath….hmmmm”. So glad I did! Can’t wait to make one! Where do you guys come up with your ideas? I’m always amazed! And such a fun blog!

  5. I love the Wreath. Do you only use the pins at the start and end of the yarn or do you randomly use them as you are wrapping the yarn onto the styrofoam Wreath?

    1. Hi Bev, I only used pins at the beginning, when ending/starting a new roll of yarn and at the very end. There’s no need to use pins other than that. Good luck with yours!

  6. Just when we think we’ve tried every craft material known to the Western World, we bumble across something new. Like loopy yarn. Oh boy, something new to spend money on ….. Hey, wait…

  7. Wow . . . Wow . . . and again Wow. So impressive and yet so simple! Just what I was looking for to make as Christmas gifts for my friends!

  8. I just stumbled on this and will be looking for the yarn and bottle trees. Can’t wait to start . Thanks for showing us all how to do it

    1. Hi Regina, I built that frame last summer. The black backboard is sheet metal sprayed with chalkboard paint. The wreath is hung from a small magnetic hook.

  9. I love the wreath. I never heard of loop yarn before. Is it possible to do a brief video with your directions in the future? Videos make things much clearer for me, and I assume for others that are starting out new making their own decorations. Thanks

    1. Hi Joan, when you asked this question, we were already preparing to film! Check out the post again, and you’ll find the video in there!

  10. I stumbled on this from a Pinterest pin and I’m glad I did! It turned out very simple but beautiful looking! I wish my husband was this crafty!

  11. I absolutely love this. I loved your entire tutorial on it as well, you made it funny and interesting all at the same time.
    My son wants more and more decorations so this will help me be able to make more decorations for every holiday. Thank you so much.

  12. This would be even more amazing if u added some white twinkle lights. Off to the store for supplies. Merry Christmas all. Ooo’s

    1. Tis the season ?☃️What a brilliantly adorable wreath! Another project to add to my list! Thank you for sharing, btw I love your mantle decor great idea! Simplicity!!!!! Gotta love it!!! ?

  13. Absolutely perfect! This will also make very nice gifts. I can’t wait to make some and experiment with different additions to each according the different personalities of the receiver. Thank you for the wonderful idea and beautiful pictures. Keep it up.

  14. Greg! Thanks to you, we had our first ever family craft night! I bought the round forms at the dollar store. They were smaller and so only one full skein of the loopy yarn was needed! Even the husband made one—you totally inspired him! Loved the appearance of your hands and the special guest star! Haha! Kids loved your credit listings! We stuck candy canes in the loops and hung ornaments with various colored ribbons! Total fun with lots of loonie loopie laughing!

  15. I just finished mine and I had a skein and a half left over. I thought I bought the wrong size wreath, but no it’s 12 inch, then I noticed your label said 7.2 yards so I checked mine…18 yards from Joann’s Loopity. Now I have enough to make another one☺

  16. This wreath is so striking yet so simple to make. Your tutorial was very helpful and your sense of humour was an added bonus. I will be off to my local craft store to buy my supplies to make this ASAP. Thank you your time and effort to share this with everyone.

  17. I almost skipped this pin thinking “yarn wreath…eh”. SO glad I didn’t. THis wreath turned out beautiful! I can’t wait to get supplies to make my own. Thanks for posting!

  18. Beautiful! Do you know how thick the wreath is? Trying to find a wreath that will fit in-between door and glass storm door.

      1. Could you cut the foam in half, do you think? I saw other pins where they did that and got 2 wreaths out of them.

  19. Love this! Just made mine in less than twenty minutes – I was able to tie it all together, so no pins needed!! I can’t wait for my little trees to get here (our Michael’s didn’t have any :()

  20. Wow I did not attempt this but kept reading because you are very entertaining ! The thought of a Pinterest post comes to mind where it says why buy it for $12.00 when you can spend $30 trying to make it yourself! Ha I am sure it’s cheap to make but I am also lazy! I am subscribing for the entertainment only I doubt I will try any of your projects

  21. Awesome idea. I just finished an Afghan out of the loopy yarn. This looks easy and the wreath is adorable! One my To Do list.

  22. So nice! I’m off to Michael’s to find some yarn like this…Plan on hanging it up for January – so wintry looking!

  23. Beautiful wreath!! Very creative. I also love the background music!! Who is the artist/musician who composed that piece? Very beautiful.

  24. I discovered this yarn in September and love it. However, I have not done anything as cool as a wreath. But I plan to at some point when I use up the yarn I have.

  25. Never, never have I found a site that is so entertaining. Your videos are great. I love everything I’ve watched you do and the way you do it. I’ll even happily come back for reruns!

    1. Donna, I could listen to myself reading your comments aloud all day long! 😀 We’re happy to have you with us here at The Navage Patch, and we hope to hear from you regularly.

  26. I was wanting a wreath for our new house and after scanning through Pinterest decided on the coffee filter wreath. It said it was a lengthy wreath, maybe three to four hour. So three to four days later I gave up. No wreath this year as it’s just too late now but I’m heading out and picking up some yarn tomorrow. I will have this done in no time and ready to go for next year. Thanks for saving me.

    1. Rita, you’ll have no problem with this wreath, and it looks awesome! Thank you for writing, and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

  27. Yep-it’s already 2019 & just now finished this once again very entertaining & creative post. Find myself laughing out loud many, many times at your humor! Not much of a commentor – but The Navage Patch is such a fav – just want you to know how much laughter & ideas you bring forth. Love yours & Handan’s love story! Long distance hug to you both from a thankful reader!!! God bless you both in this New Year!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us, Neta! We love hearing from new people (and from our regulars)! Handan and I wish you and your family all the best in 2019! 🙂

    1. Hi Kate, I simply nestled them into the yarn – it’s fluffy enough to hold the trees in place, and the best part is that you can remove them any time and add something different there.

  28. Hi Greg, Your creativity never fails to delight! This afternoon, the hubs and I completed the task of taking down and packing away the Christmas decorations. He brought out a box containing our year-round dining room decor. I opened the box and closed it, none of it looked appealing and I had no desire to do anything with it. I came back here into my office and began to browse my “go to” blogs, when what to my wondering eyes did appear (can I still say that?) but this fabulous, beautiful, oh so creative winter wreath. I’m thinking this would be a great transitional wreath, what say you? Do the evergreen trees call out for Christmas only or do you hear the strains of January, February and the first week of March like I do? I LOVE THIS THING!

    1. Judith, you can do anything with this wreath, and it is perfect to hang well into March! The evergreens could stay, but the beauty of this wreath is that you can just pluck them out and replace them with anything else. I think small red cardinals would look good in there, too! Have fun with it, and thanks for writing!

  29. Now that Christmas is over and things are settling down, I may try my hand at your wonderful wreath. Where can I find the small bottle brush trees this time of year?

  30. Thank you so much for such a wonderful project. It truly is beautiful! I have not seen the yarn yet, but hope it comes in various colors, cuz this wreath would be a beautiful addition to any holiday or season with different color yarn and various seasonal trim. The idea of red cardinals on the white is definitely stuck in my head (there is plenty of room up there). Thank you again!

    1. Hi Elizabeth – oh, yes! That yarn comes in all sorts of colors! You can make a wreath for any season with it! Happy Crafting! 😀

  31. Dude. I enjoyed that video tutorial, including the credits, more than any other I’ve ever watched – so funny! Oh, and I love the wreath and will totally be making one – or some, more likely.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. Love this!!! I am definately making a few of these! Can I ask you where you got the greenery on your fireplace….love how it hangs down like that! Thanks for sharing with us!

  33. I saw the wreath and had to follow it here to your blog, I am in love.. gotta make one, and maybe another with no trees, but 3 dangling red ornaments hanging at different levels if that makes sense . Maybe they could be hanging from silver wires? Anyways.. soo many ideas, I love how soft and snowy it is

    1. Hi Carmen, I’m so sorry for this late reply! Hanging ornaments from wires is a great idea. Send us a pic of yours when it’s finished! 🙂

  34. Hi this is my first time making a yarn wreath. My question is I bought 2 pkg of white loopy yarn. The problem is I’m half way through, and ran out. The store only has gray/white yarn, how would it look to mix it with the white. I’ve never seen it done, so I’m asking before I buy. Thanks so much

    1. Hello Anita, I’m not sure if you’re using Pinterest but here are a few examples of the colorful loop yarn wreaths and they all look great in my opinion:
      I remember one of our readers making a loop yarn wreath: It was mostly white loop yarn, and she used dark blue loop yarn only on the 1/3 of the wreath – that was part the top part of the wreath. As she was creating a winter night scene, she put some stars on the dark blue part, and she added some trees together with a deer on the white part. To me that wreath turned out just gorgeous!
      So coming back to your question, it really depends on your taste and imagination. You sure can mix white loop yarn with other colored loop yarn and make a beautiful wreath like the examples I mentioned above.

  35. My creative juices are flowing after seeing this pin. I think I will get 3 different size forms and make a snowman using this technique. I will hang it on my grandmother’s door at the assisted living facility where she lives. She will love it (and hopefullye all the attention from complimnts from other residents) if it turns out to be what I have pictured in my mind.

    1. I think that will look awesome, Patricia, and I think everyone at your grandmother’s facility (including Grandma!) will love it! 🙂

  36. Hi! I love the wreath and the idea of using a chalkboard to hang it. What are the measurements of the chalkboard you used? Thank you!

  37. BEST. WREATH. EVER. I made mine a nautical theme with dark multi blue for the ocean on the bottom third, a multi blue/white/gray on the top third for the sky and a nice solid blue for the sky in the middle on both sides. Then I found a cute little wooden sailboat to put in the middle! I love this so much! Entering a city wreath contest with it this year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. I really enjoyed reading how u made this!! I usually skim through but your so funny u make it interesting!! Thanks for the great idea fellow crafter. Happy crafting!

  39. I really wanted to make this wreath, but the cheapest I can find the yarn is $8 on sale, and the wreath form is nearly $10. I just can’t. It’s a gorgeous thing though.

  40. I’ve been stalking your blog for several years now, ever since I stumbled on Handan’s Halloween apothecary labels. I read every post – your writing is hilarious! I finally made this wreath for my door and it turned out perfect! I’ve also made the feather boa tree for my mantle, and 4 of your Halloween projects. Love your creativity and talent.

    1. Hi Kat, thank you so much! It’s great to hear that our ideas are getting put to good use. 🙂 Thanks for writing and have a great new year!

  41. Absolutely stunning!!!!! I know what I’ll be making for myself, daughter and daughter in law. I also am going to be a first time Grandma so I think I’m going to try one with the theme of the nursery! Thank you for the fabulous idea!

  42. What a nice wreath! I use this yarn to make toys on crochet for my kids, it’s gorgeous, so soft. But I’ve never used it this way. This Christmas maybe I will:-)

  43. I tried this and I absolutely love it! I had to modify mine a little but still am thrilled with the ease to make and the looks of the finished product. Thanks so much for your post.

  44. Hello,
    I need a little help regarding what glue works best on these wreath forms? I want to use a different Faux Fur yarn and would like to use a some glue for extra hold, but I am unsure as to what glue is best to use on the wreath form you used above. I tried researching, but there are a few with good and not so good reviews. Thank you so much.

  45. Thanks for sharing this! I can’t wait to make this. I just had an awesome hardwood floor refinishing done and this is going to be the perfect decoration to make it pop.

  46. It took being quarantined with Covid to make this beautiful wreath. Thanks. Could not figure out how to leave a photo. Take my word for it. It is very cute.

  47. I think you were born to decorate because the display with this beautiful wreath is just as perfect as the wreath! I love loop-it yarn, it’s so fun to play with and work with and just fun! I bought some just because I loved the look of it and still haven’t used it yet. I now have a use! This is one of the prettiest wreaths I’ve ever seen and such a quick and easy project.

  48. Love this wreath and all your Christmas decorations. What do you have the wreath hanging on? Love it.

  49. Yarn is my go-to craft medium so when I saw this, it was “yessss”! Made it today during craft day with my husband, daughter & granddaughter! Soooo fun! The hardest part is deciding what to put in the center 🤷‍♀️ thank you for posting it!

  50. Love the loop wreath, but what size photo frame with black backboard did you use? And how did you hang it?


    1. Hi Laura, that’s a magnetic chalk board I made in a frame I also make – 24×36 if I remember correctly. I used a magnetic hook to hang the wreath! 🙂