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Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs

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This collection of Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs has the best (and easiest!) Anthropologie-inspired projects you’ll find!

I am intrigued and bewildered by Anthropologie.

Of course, as a man, I find most womanly things intriguing and bewildering.

But there’s something about Anthropologie…

They make beautiful decor items, there’s no doubt about that. Pricey, yes, but beautiful.

And their clothing looks to be tolerable, if you’re into that sort of thing.

But who actually shops there?

Have you ever met anyone?

Have you shopped there?

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a hermit and avoid malls at all costs, so I’ve never actually been in an Anthropologie store.

Maybe it’s because I’m pretty tone deaf when it comes to fashion and trendy decor.

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like nobody actually shops there, but folks sure love to copy their stuff, Handan and I included!

I suppose it’s just the myopic perspective of a curmudgeonly middle-aged grouch who spends all of his time in the basement, in the yard or online.

Whatever the case may be, I know one thing for sure: Anthropologie is a fantastic place to shop for ideas!

Many of their gorgeous (and pricey) decor items can be pretty easily knocked-off by the casual DIYer (like you, madam!)

So why pay hundreds (or thousands!) when you can do it yourself for a small fraction of the cost?

Today we’re going to show you some of the very finest and most amazing DIY Anthropologie knock-offs that we’ve curated from the very farthest corners of the internet.


Anthro’s Faux Fur Stool costs about $350. For that kind of cash, I’m pretty sure I could buy a grown ewe and have her stand by a window to act as a real fur stool!

Or if sheep-tending isn’t your thing, you could just make your own Faux Fur Stool with this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess! All you need is an inexpensive stool, some faux fur and a few supplies. Check  it out… you’ll to love the results, and I promise it’s way cleaner than a real-ewe stool!

Anthropologie’s knobs are pretty neat, but they run anywhere from $8-$14 per knob! Jeezum Crow, a simple dresser makeover would bankrupt you! Instead, check out these Anthro-inspired DIY Designer Knobs by Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow. She uses Mod Podge to decoupage those awesome boho designs on cheap wooden knobs. If you’d like to give these knobs a whirl, she’s sharing the free printables on her blog.

We love these Anthropologie-inspired DIY Tasseled Throw Pillows by Sugar and Cloth. and they are super easy to make! You only need a couple of tea towels (from Anthropologie) and a DIY tassel for each corner.

Couldn’t be easier.

Couldn’t be cheaper.

And everyone knows you have the willpower of a kid in a candy store when it comes to throw pillows!

Ah, our beloved Anthropologie Inspired Storage Cabinet! There’s quite a story to this one, you know. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do so now. I’ll still be here when you get back.

Anthropologie used to sell globes like these. But like so many of their most beloved decor items, they discontinued it so they could sell more potato sacks fashionable dresses. But fret not, fair maidens! With an old thrift store globe and A Joyful Riot’s tutorial, you can make your very own Anthropologie-inspired Floral Quote Globe!

This stunning Starburst Mirror was inspired by Anthropologie’s Queen Anne’s Lace mirror. No need to break out the big bills though – this beauty can be made on the cheap! wouldn’t it look great in your entryway or bathroom?

Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs |
Source: Blitsy

Sewers, this one’s for you! Here’s a fabulous way to bring a pop of color into your home – Anthropologie style! Check out this fun Canvas Flower Wall Art over at Tea Rose Home!

When it was in stock, the Anthropologie original sold for $7500! Holy smokes! But with $25 worth of dollar store plates and a projector, you can make this Anthropologie knock-off Plate Art by While They Snooze! This is a really beautiful DIY that I’d love to try here at The Navage Patch!

You can use a cutting machine or scissors to make this No Sew Anthropologie Inspired DIY Tea Towel by Katie at Hello Glow. This is a simple and quick project for any skill level, and it’s the only way to get a tea towel like this since Anthropologie discontinued them!

Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs |
Source: Hello Glow

There are so many ways to make incredible coasters with resin, and Sarah at Sarah Hearts knocked it out of the park with her Anthropologie-inspired DIY Gold Leaf and Resin Coasters! If you make these coasters, you better make a few extra sets, because your friends will want to beg, borrow and steal them from you!

Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs |
Source: Sarah Hearts

If you have a steady and artistic hand, then this DIY Anthropologie Knock-off Cheese Board by Jen at The House Of Wood is right up your alley! She hand painted those flowers, which makes this project impossible for a club-fisted Neanderthal like me.

Okay, for those of us lacking the artist’s touch to make a cheeseboard bloom with hand-painted flowers, this Anthropologie Inspired Painted Plate by Linda at Burlap & Blue is more our speed. It’s still hand painted, but a little more achievable for the stick-figure set! 🙂

Handan loves monograms. Seems like every trip to Hobby Lobby yields another wood or metal letter “B” for Barish’s room. I think he’s getting a little tired of his letter, lol!

But hey, with this DIY fabric and wood Anthropologie Knock-off Ikat Monogram from Butterflies and Baubles, she’ll have even more reason to stuff The Boy’s room full of his first letter!

I’m sure he’s quivering with anticipation! 😆

So, despite my earlier musings about who in tarnation actually shops at Anthropologie, lots of people must, because they keep selling out of stuff! Once again, it’s DIY to the rescue! Such is the case with this Anthropologie Knock-off Tassel Blanket by Kristen at Arie and Co. It’s perfect for those long winter nights by the fire!

Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs |
Source: Arie and Co.

Oooh, we love the Anthro frames pictured below! We also love the Anthropologie Bamboo Inlay Frame Knockoff by Shanna at Daily Dose Of Style!

I’m a sucker for anything bone inlay! Anthropologie sells a magnificent 7-drawer bone inlay dresser for $2500 that is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture around.

But $2500. For a dresser.

C’mon. There is zero point zero percent chance of that happening.

Fortunately, bone inlay can be faked with some good stencils!

Check out this incredible DIY Bone Inlay Painted Dresser Makeover by Cutting Edge Stencils. It may take a little time, but the results will blow your mind!

Though the exact basket has been discontinued (naturally), this Easy DIY Tassel Fringe Basket by Curbly is a close match to the Anthropologie original. Find the deets at Curbly and get tasseling!

Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs |
Source: Curbly

Here’s one where the knockoff is so much more vibrant than the original! Anam at Delicious and DIY made this gorgeous Anthropologie Knock-off Vase with a dollar store vase! Her colors are stunning – check it out and make one for yourself!

That wraps up our our collection of Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-Offs! Which one was your favorite? Have you ever shopped at Anthropologie or made a knock-off? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear about it!

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Amazing DIY Anthropologie Knock-offs |
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  1. Great post – lots of good stuff. But I have to say, I about choked when you posted “sewers” as someone who sews. Greg, a sewer is something you have to pump out periodically-LOL. A person who sews is called a sewist. Thanks for making my day with a smile! WINK

  2. Love these Anthropologie diy’s! Have to admit I had a bit of a chuckle when I read sewer, like Tracy, I read it the same way she did. LOL You are right tho, Greg. If you had put sewist I would have thought…”what the heck is that?” Great blog, I really enjoy it. Keep thohse Anthropologie knock offs coming!
    p.s. my Mom’s boss collected the letter A for his first name of Aaron.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! Yeah, sewists just doesn’t sound right to me, lol! I’m sure we’ll have more Anthro knockoffs in the future! 🙂

  3. What a great post ,Greg! Enjoyed it very much..Some good resources and ideas here. And yes,some of the “ originals are just out of reach ,how very cool to say,this is a knock off of…blah blah,and I made it for 5 bucks! ?
    Great post! Loved it! ???

    1. Hi Bernice! Thank you – I’m so glad you found some value in this post! It is a GREAT feeling to say “I made it for five bucks!” and it’s an even better feeling when you make something better than the original! 🙂

  4. Hi! New to your post and love your style of writing. I have driven by the Anthropologie store many a times and when I saw an available parking space out front- it was a sign. I thought I was going to get kicked out for screaming whenever I saw the prices!!! Holy moly! The $245 basket art I copied for $2 from a garage sale basket!! You have a lot of great links and I am going to check them out. No more visits to the store for me unless they offer complimentary cookies and cocoa again or if I am in need of a potato sack dress. I do love their stuff though!

    1. Hi Judy, and welcome to The Navage Patch! Handan and I are so happy you’ve joined us. Take a look around – we hope you’ll find a lot to love! 🙂