DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

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This DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath is a 100% DT craft! It’ll only cost you $10 to make, but it looks like something you’d pay $40 or more for!

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

It’s tough to be a wreath around here.

The pressure to perform is crippling.

You gotta be the best. You gotta put in the long hours to make sure you look better than all the other wreaths, because competition is fierce, sister.

I’ve seen wreaths throw themselves off doors because they thought they couldn’t measure up.

I suppose we’re party to blame for all these nerve-wracked wreaths lying around the craft room, propped up on chairs and bravely clinging to doors. After all, we did make them and bring them into this world.

And we loved each one and hung it with pride. And all was glorious in that young wreath’s world.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

For a time.

But then my babes would get a glint in her eye, and she’d look at me all funny, and I’d start to sweat, and then I’d say, “whatcha lookin’ at babes?” and then she’d say, “let’s go make a wreath!” and then she’d grab my arm and pull me into the craft room so we could get busy.

And 9 minutes later, another wreath would be born.

Then the wreath, the new apple of my babes’ eye, would be carried gleefully to the front door, whereupon she would open it, grab the wreath currently hanging, toss it aside without a thought and hang her latest darling for the world to see.

And thus the cycle perpetuates.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

Yeah, it ain’t easy being a wreath around here. But it’s not all bad, right?

I mean, my babes’ new wreath addiction (along with her pillow addiction, rug addiction and gnome addiction) just means I’ve got another wellspring of content for this blog!

Now for this latest wreath (bless its little heart – it’s hanging on the door as I write this, and it probably thinks it’s going to stay there forever) was an interesting one…for two reasons.

Reason #1: This wreath can be made from 100% Dollar Tree materials. You know how most of the time when bloggers (ourselves included most of the time) squawk about Dollar Tree projects, there’s almost always non-Dollar-Tree materials tossed into the mix? Whether it’s spray paint or embellishments or ribbons or tools or even hot glue – there’s almost always something that didn’t come from DT. But this wreath is 100%. Right down to the scissors (just in case you didn’t already own some).

Reason #2: Handan had the brilliant idea to start challenging me to do certain crafts with a certain budget (as if being married to a nitro-fueled squirrel wasn’t challenging enough already, amirite?)…

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

CRAP! She heard me!


Phew! lost her. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, challenges. So as we were wandering around the Church of Handan (you all know it as Dollar Tree), she said to me, “Hey babes? Do you think you can make me a wreath for $10 or less?”

The gauntlet had been thrown.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

Only a few years ago, this challenge would been so much harder, but Dollar Tree has stepped up to the big leagues. Honestly, they made this challenge easy.

Okay, I may not be the most stylish dude on the planet, and I couldn’t spot a trend if it was whipping me in the face with a Magnolia branch, but I’m pretty good with faux flowers. My favorite part of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby is the huge floral section. I guess I have a good eye for color, or put another way – I know what I like.

So here’s the thing – until kinda last year, but really this year, Dollar Tree’s floral section kinda….oh what’s the word? I’d like to say it sucked, but I remember as a kid I used that word at the dinner table of a friends house and his mom yelled at me for swearing. I was shocked. “Suck” was a swear? She was a Bostonian, so I just assumed things were different up there. So I won’t say DT’s faux florals used to suck, because, golly, I’d sure hate to offend anyone! I guess I’ll just say they used to blow banana chunks.

There. That’s better, right?

Anyway, semantics aside, this year Dollar Tree is, if not on par with Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, at least doing an admirable job of catch-up. They finally have florals that we can use as-is.

And that’s exactly what I did for this Dollar Tree Wreath challenge.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
  • Dollar Tree gold-colored wire wreath form – yes, they have them now!
  • Fall Floral picks – we used 4 white/blush and 4 blue
  • Dollar Tree zip ties
  • Scissors (if you don’t have scissors and need to get them at DT, that pushes this wreath to $11)
  • Wire cutter (optional – it’s not necessary to trim the stems, but I did it to make them easier to work with)

Let’s all just take a moment and revel in the fact that Dollar Tree now carries gold-colored wire wreath forms, shall we? Sayonara Michael’s!

dollar tree wire wreath form

And helllooooo Floral Garden!

dollar tree wire wreath form

These are the two types of floral picks I used.

fall flora picks from dollar tree

DT carries a few more colors, including an orange one that isn’t bad, but I think these two together is the best looking combination. To keep this project at exactly $10 I used 8 picks in total (+ $1 for the form and $1 for the zip ties). If you don’t mind forking out a couple more clams, this wreath would also look great (and maybe a teeny bit better) with 10 picks.

Zip ties. If you already have these, you just saved yourself a buck. You can now either retire or mail me a yacht. Your choice.

man holding zip ties in his hand

If you have wire cutters, you can cut the pick stems about halfway up. This makes them easier to work with, but it’s not necessary. If you don’t have wire cutter, just bend the wire stem to follow the curve of the wreath form.

man holding a dollar tree floral pick
man cutting the stem of a dollar tree floral pick

To start the wreath, place the first pick as shown below.

man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form

Next, wrap a zip tie around the form and the stem and pull it tight.

man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form
man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form

Trim the excess with scissors.

man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form

Repeat this process for the remaining picks, alternating colors as you go.

man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form
man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form
man attaching a floral pick to a wreath form

Once you get all the picks on the form, you can make sure they’re arranged nicely and then go back in and add a second zip tie to each stem. This will help to keep them in place when you hang the wreath.

And that’s it! Easy and cheap – what more do you want from your fall decor?

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -

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DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath -
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  1. Fabulous! Looks a lot more expensive than dollar-tree supplies!! I’m going to go and see what my dollar-tree has available!!

  2. Usually not a “wreath” fan, but I love the colors on this one. Perhaps I will have to rethink the wreath…

  3. The wreath is so pretty. I love the colors together, blue is my favorite color. Thanks for always bringing us laughs and smiles on our face.

  4. I had this idea of finding a Christmas wreath making workshop locally to attend with my daughter this year. Did a little search and found exactly what I was looking for at the Botanical Gardens here in Wausau. With one snafu: it’s adults only. So I swapped out the kid for the husband in my head and sent him a text. “Would you like to go on a craft date with me?” He texted back that we would discuss tonight at home, his way of saying “I’ll think about it,” which we all know means No. I told him there was a fall grapevine wreath workshop as well, on our anniversary no less. Yeah…, no. So now we’re going to an apple cider pressing workshop.

    I love your wreath and see a Dollar Tree trip in the near future. Happy Friday!

  5. Dang, you have the Disneyland Dollar Tree! I’ve been to ours multiple times this fall and not found anything as cool as these stems – just mostly the same old ugly foam pumpkins, which I’ve DIYed the heck out of over the years!! It looks great!

    1. That’s too bad! It’s weird how they can be so different store to store. We’re lucky – we live in DT-dense area, so it’s easy to hit 5 in a day if we want!

  6. I love the colors of your wreath! It is so pretty! I need to check out my DT again. Last time I was there they only had your standard orange and red fall colored flowers.

  7. I love your blog, love you, love your family. Your instructions were great, and the writing entertaining as always. BUT a few white pumpkins do not a Fall wreath make. There is no blue in fall. Sorry. It looks like spring to me. It it were a baby, this is when I’d say β€œ Awww, just look at her,” instead of going into any details. Apologies again, but I’ve just got to bless this one’s heart. You can decide on the meaning.

    1. LOLOL! I know the meaning very well, Thea, lol! But look, you’re directing your displeasure at the wrong people. Blame Dollar Tree! Yeah, that’s right! It’s Dollar Tree’s fault! (No really, it is. We got these picks from their “Harvest” section!) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Some people! I think you can make a fall wreath out of any colors you want – including purple, lol!
    Your wreath looks beautiful! But all Dollar Trees are not created equal! Mine sucks! I rarely see all the beautiful items bloggers share. We just had a new one to open recently and it’s worst than the one I frequent. Anyway, Handan is right! We love to switch out our door wreaths on a regular basis. We get tired of seeing the same old, same old! You’re in big trouble, Greg!

  9. Hi Greg,
    Im heading to Dollar Tree right now. Those are the colors of my Fall Pillows. I’m going to use my wreath on the wall in the family room. Thank you and Handan for coming up with these creative ideas.

  10. Oh, superb! We don’t have Dollar Tree here in the UK (obviously!) but you can often find bits and bobs in the Β£1 shops. Once again you have taken less and made so much more. Keep it up young man, you never let us down!

  11. I love the idea of zip tying the stems to the wreath form. I’ve never thought of that and now I can’t wait to see if my DT has these supplies.

  12. What a beautiful wreath! I absolutely love the peaceful & inviting colors! Even with the minimal price increase at DT it is still a bargain for sure! So many are complaining about the extra 25 cents but where on earth can you buy things at such a reasonable price? I don’t begrudge them the need to increase prices. If it keeps them in business it’s well worth it to have a source for affordable craft supplies! I can’t justify spending Etsy prices for a wreath! I love that this wreath may actually fit between my storm & front doors! I’m thrilled that your wreath may fit the description of a pancake wreath! The closest DT to my home is in the process of becoming a DT Plus so I will keep my fingers crossed in the hopes of finding the supplies to make this precious wreath!
    Thank you for all the beautiful & affordable projects you share with us! They are always classy, tasteful & affordable!

    1. Thank you, Chris! I’m with you on the price increase. Dollar Tree started in 1986 with that same dollar price point. Through normal inflation, that one dollar in 1986 had the same purchasing power as $2.67 today. But on top of that, DT’s quality has increased exponentially, so the $1.25 we’re paying today is still a ridiculously good price! By the way, Handan and I were at a DT in Panama City on Friday and we found (and bought) the exact same flowers I used for this wreath, so the fall stuff is starting to appear! Good luck with your wreath – I hope you find the supplies!