DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

DIY Painted Wine Glasses

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These DIY Painted Wine Glasses are super easy to make, they look AMAZING, and they’re dishwasher safe! Best of all, they’re made with Dollar Store glasses!

DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

We have a summertime ritual here at the Navage Patch.

When the workday is done, I pour a shot of chilled vodka for Handan. This is accompanied by a glass of cold Coke Zero.

I pour myself a dry martini.

We then head out onto our deck (weather permitting) and ease our aging bones onto the cushions of our deck chairs.

Handan brings her feet up onto the seat cushion and tucks her knees under her chin.

She rocks back and forth, shot glass in one hand, Coke Zero in the other.

She looks out past the pool at the gardens, and her eyes drink in the evening splendor of our years of hard work.

I slouch into my chair and glower at the pool.

Damn pool. No one ever uses it. I wonder if I could just fill it in??

While I fantasize about pouring 100 tons of beautiful concrete into the pool, we raise our glasses and toast another day in the history books.

Refreshed and fortified, I may announce that I’m going for a dip. Someone has to use the damn thing, after all!

So, I’ll go find a bathing suit, waddle to the water’s edge and throw myself in like a walrus heaving itself from an iceberg into the frigid depths of Baffin Bay.

My splashings and sputterings amuse my babes, and she’ll run down to the pool to photograph the delightful aquatic attraction before it tires and hauls itself onto the deck a few minutes later.

And thus, the summer wears on – drinks and dinners and a lot of idle gazing.

DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

My babes has been yammering for some fun summery glasses for this year’s nightly outings. It’s not enough to have the deck and the warmth and the view.

Nope, she wants to hold summer in her hand.

I suggested a cheeseburger and a margarita for that, but she just gave me the look.

You know the one.

Anyway, she told me we’d be painting some wine glasses, and she showed me a few pictures online of polka-dotted offerings from some fancy places charging way too much money.

We could do it better.

And we could do it for about a dollar a glass.

DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

So we hopped in the car and headed out for the one-two combo of Michael’s and Dollar Tree.

DecoArt makes a multi-surface paint that is perfect for glass. With the proper curing and a short visit to the oven, glasses painted with the multi-surface paint are dishwasher safe.

Even better, those paints were on sale for $1 each!

We collected a whole bunch of them in our basket, but then my babes started hemming and hawing over two different shades of yellow.

“Uhhhh, I don’t know.” She said, as she tried to pick one over the other.

I grabbed them from her hand and tossed them in the basket.

“They’re a dollar, my babes! We’ll get them both!” I said.

Her indecision broken, we headed to the cashier. Our next stop was Dollar Tree, conveniently located in the same strip mall.

We made a bee line for the glassware and cleaned out their inventory of stemless wine glasses.

Honestly, these glasses may be the greatest bargain in a store full of great bargains! (Along with the big bags of Wise Cheese Puffs, but we won’t talk about those right now.)

We also grabbed several packs of plastic shot glasses. You get 24 for a dollar, and they’re perfect for holding small amounts of craft paint.

Stocked up with dollar wine glasses and dollar paints, we headed back home to make some summer magic!

stemless wine glasses and decoart multi-surface paint on a table

DIY Painted Wine Glasses

First, I washed the glasses. They were pretty grimy after getting shipped around the world and dumped into the Dollar Store.

Next, I set up my paints and got to it.

There is no wrong way to make these glasses. Paint brushes or Q-Tips – it doesn’t matter!

I just painted whatever I felt like painting. It’s pretty hard to screw up!

DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

After painting, I let the glasses cure for 4 days, as recommended by DecoArt, then I washed the glasses again in warm soapy water and hand dried them. The next step is to bake them in the oven, and I didn’t want there to be any grease or fingerprints on the glasses.

To set the paint on the wine glasses, I put them on a baking tray and then put the tray into a cold oven. I then set the temperature to 325 and started the oven. 30 minutes later, I turned off the oven and cracked open the door.

I let the glasses completely cool before removing them.

And that’s it! The paint is set, and the glasses are now dishwasher safe!

This project is perfect for your kids or grandkids. They’ll enjoy the painting, and they’ll love having their very own glass that they created!

Barish saw me making the glasses for this post, and he got in on the action, too. He made himself a cool ocean-themed glass that he’s champing at the bit to use. It’s still in its 4 day curing phase, so he’ll have to wait a little longer!

DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

We’re running a test by washing our two least favorite glasses every day in the dishwasher with the heated dry setting on. I’m curious how long they’ll last. Without the heated dry setting, this paint will stick for a very long time. We’ll see how long with the heat. So far, so good!

DIY Painted Wine Glasses Video Tutorial

Check out the video below to see how I painted mine.

DIY Painted Wine Glasses |
DIY Painted Wine Glasses |
DIY Painted Wine Glasses |

My babes now has fun and festive summer glasses to hold her Coke Zero.

I’m thinking about tossing a martini in one, but these glasses are big, so that might have to wait for a weekend night! 😎

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! We have a family reunion coming up later this summer and this would be a fantastic, fun project for everyone to do. I guess I better start collecting glasses! Thank you again for a fun project. You’re the best!

  2. Whew! I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to do this since I paint like a half blind gorilla! Lol! These are great and I will definitely be making some! I know what you mean about the size. I have some stemless wine glasses that can hold half a bottle of wine! I definitely have to watch my pours (well, if I plan on sharing! )
    If you want some more art ideas I’ve been watching a lot of videos on paint pouring. Be careful, it can be addictive!

  3. These are sooo pretty! They are so light and summery! Can’t wait to see a picture of Barish’s and to hear how they do on the heat dry setting. What a wonderful nightly ritual! We do the same but on the front porch. Sadly no pool view for us ? but it’s all about who you’re with ?

  4. The ones with the flicks of multiple colours are giving me an awesome mid 90s vibe (which is very “in” again, I hear). These would make fantastic presents for someone who entertains a lot. I’ll have to keep this in mind (along with so many of the projects you and Handan make! I think I need a list.)

    1. Handan agrees with you about the mid 90s glasses. I think I spent that decade drinking beer from plastic cups or plain barware, so I don’t recall that design, lol!

  5. I am curious to know how the glasses hold up in the dishwasher. I think a set of these with a bottle of wine would make a great gift.

  6. OK, it’s been almost a year. How did the glasses hold up in the dishwasher? Inquiring mind NEED to know! Thanks for sharing all the fun. You’re a good writer also.

    1. Hi Alice, that’s a good question! They held up pretty well, however, there are a few things to note in order to maximize their life. “Power” cycles should be avoided with these glasses – it’s just too much agitation. In fact, the lower the setting the better. Also, if you wash them with heavily soiled/unrinsed dishes, food particles can turn abrasive and blast away some of the paint. As with all things handmade, hand washing will make them last indefinitely, but when it comes to the dishwasher, less is more!

  7. I was surfing the old web looking for some information on painting glasses ( and mine, like yours, are Dollar Store finds), and I ran across your site. I caught a few sentences and your dry wit clever writing hooked me right in and I had to read to the end. I recently discovered the Multi-Surface acrylic paint and launched out painting my first wine glasses. I wish I could send you a picture of what mine came out like. I just had to write and tell you how delightful your writing is.

  8. So instead of watching Netflix tonight, I have been reading your blog (drinking wine). It all started with the alcohol inks, rum bottle? and fairy lights, I came across the photo on Pinterest. Then I started reading the story about you and your wife meeting. I haven’t finished reading about your journeys, will have to leave that for another night (reminds me of 90 day fiance minus the crazy). Jumped to a bunch of very cool craft ideas (light switch plates and now glasses) I am doing monthly crafts with some adorable kids that live across the street from me. It gives me and them something to look forward to during Covid. And I have found a few great ideas from your blog. Thanks for the ideas and the good read. Looking forward to what happens next…. ps I did skip ahead to ensure that there is a happy ending. I am very happy to see you two are still together and doing well. Curious to find out where the college aged boy comes from. In case no one else has told you, you are a very talented writer. Keep up the good work and you may want to think about writing a book. You and your wife have had a very interesting life.

    1. Hi Donna – welcome to The Navage Patch! I’m delighted to hear we managed to steal you away from Netflix. As a writer, that makes me feel really good, lol! I hope you’ll carry on with the story (you’ll find out about our son) and you’ll have some laughs along the way. Don’t be a stranger in the comments section! 🙂

  9. Love this idea! Does it have to be 4 days? If it’s only 3 days will it be okay? Thinking of doing this the first night of a girls weekend !