DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

DIY Dollar Tree Lighted Mop Gnomes

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These DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes are an inexpensive (for only 5 dollars), simple and brilliant (pun intended) take on standard mop gnomes!

America is about to have a dirty floor problem.

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

From Kotzebue, Alaska to Key West, Florida, there will be no escape from dust bunnies and mud tracks as the Great Mop Shortage of ’21 grips the land.

Dollar Tree will try its best to keep up with demand, but in the end, the crafters will win out over the cleaners. Already, shelves are being cleared of duster mops, as hordes of Crafty Cathies gobble them up to make mop wreaths.

DIY Dollar Store Mop Wreath -

The string mops have weathered this insanity thus far. While creative hands have been slap-fighting over those duster mops, no one has paid any attention to the humble and lowly string mops hanging right next to the duster mops. So while the dust bunnies have been quietly multiplying, at least the muddy footprints have been kept at bay.

Until now.

As of this moment, mopageddon is here. Go now, before it’s too late, and get your mops.

No, wait. Don’t go now! Stay here and read this post. Then drop a comment. Then run to Dollar Tree to buy all the mops.

Better yet, drive to Dollar Tree…it’s much faster than running. Running is for the birds.

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

Okay, look, I know what you’re thinking. Mop gnomes? He didn’t come up with that idea! I’ve seen them on Pinterest! Mopageddon indeed! Hmph!

But, madam, there’s something no one else has done with their mop gnomes…something we did.

We made them lighted mop gnomes! It’s a scientifically-proven fact that light makes everything better!

And because we prefer to pay less rather than more, we got all (well, most) of the supplies at Dollar Tree.

And because we prefer simple (stupid) over complicated, we made these lighted mop gnomes easy.

Just go on Pinterest and see how The Others make mop gnomes. You’ll see all sorts of mop-cutting and string-gluing and obscene amounts of time invested in a simple Christmas prop.

It shouldn’t have to be like that!

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Not only are these mop gnomes easy peasy chicken squeezy, but they look fan-tiddly-tastic. And did I mention each one only costs five bucks?

So let’s cut the yapping and get on with making some lighted mop gnomes!

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

DIY lighted mop gnomes VIDEO Tutorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our DIY light-up mop gnomes before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

How to make lighted mop gnomes

Lighted Mop Gnomes SUPPLIES LIST

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DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

Making the Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnome Hat

supplies for mop gnome hat

These Dollar Tree cone-shaped tinsel trees are the perfect framework for gnome hats. Oh, sure, you could make the hats the old-fashioned with by cutting and gluing (or sewing!) fabric, but really, why waste your time? This is an easy solution, and the results are fantastic!

man holding cone-shaped tinsel tree

For the hat material for this particular gnome, I chose an old pair of flannel pajamas. Now before any Waste-not Wandas accuse me of ruining a perfectly good pair of pajamas for this project, I’ll gently inform you that these pajamas are nearly 10 years old, and they served me honorably and well during those long, cold Connecticut winters. But I’m Florida Man now, and I’ve put those cold-weather clothes behind me…except for the ones which might make good gnome hats – like these pajamas!

man holding blue flannel pajamas

I just needed a leg, so I cut one off and saved the rest of the pajamas (pajama?) in our Gnome Supplies storage tub. Yes, we have a gnome supplies storage tub, and you should, too! It’s filled with all sorts of fabric and old pajamas and sweaters and bags of beans and Mongolian faux fur and all the goodies needed to make all kinds of gnomes!

man cutting the leg off a pair of pajamas
man cutting the leg off a pair of pajamas

I then slid the pajama leg onto the tinsel tree with the hem folded up.

man putting a pajama leg over a tinsel tree

I ran a line of hot glue along roughly 1/3 of the circumference.

man gluing a pajama leg onto a tinsel tree

Then I folded the hem under the bottom of the tree.

man gluing a pajama leg onto a tinsel tree

I repeated this two more times until I had the pajama bottom glued to the tree.

man gluing a pajama leg onto a tinsel tree
man gluing a pajama leg onto a tinsel tree
pajama bottoms glued to a tinsel tree

The tinsel on the tree is a little puffy, so I pulled the pajamas tight to flatten the gnome hat a little.

man holding a gnome hat made from pajamas

And then I secured the shape with a small rubber band.

man holding a gnome hat made from pajamas

Next, I put another rubber band about where I wanted the hat to end.

man making a gnome hat from pajamas

And then I trimmed off the excess fabric.

man making a gnome hat from pajamas
man making a gnome hat from pajamas

Making the Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnome Body

Now for the hard part.

I’m kidding! There is no hard part! (duh)

Okay, here’s the mop head. Now you can go one of two ways with this – and I made both ways, as you can see from the final pictures – you can leave the mop as-is…

man holding a string mop head

…Or you can untwist the ropes to give your gnome a fuller-looking beard.

man holding a mop head
man holding a mop head

The untwisted mop gnomes look a little better, but untwisting those mop ropes takes a bit of time…which makes it a perfect kids’ activity!

With my mop head ready to go, I grabbed the glass vase and got ready to gnome.

man holding a glass vase

I flipped the mop over itself exposing the underside of the head and put a blob of hot glue on it.

man putting hot glue on a mop head

Then I pressed the mop head to the center of the vase.

man gluing a mop head to a glass vase

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you could also do this step with super glue (I’d recommend the gel kind, but any will work).

man gluing a mop head to a glass vase

I then flipped the mop head over the vase and tidied up the beard a bit.

man straightening a mop head on a vase

Next, I put the hat on my mop gnome. There was no need to glue it – it’s a perfect fit. It’s almost like these three Dollar Tree items were fated to be joined together one day. 🤔

man putting a gnome hat onto a lighted mop gnome

I parted the beard to make room for his nose. Or maybe it’s a her. Who knows with these gnomes? They’re very secretive, you know.

man making a mop gnome

We like how this gold ornament looks with the white beard and blue hat. I put a little dab of glue on the stem.

man putting hot glue on a christmas tree ornament

Then I glued it to the inside of the hat rim. Because the ornament will want to ride up on the mop strings and stick out too much, I also put a little glue on the backside and glued it to the glass.

man gluing a nose onto a mop gnome

Though in the end I kept his hair straight, you can experiment with mustaches, if you’d like. Styled facial hair is all the rage in Gnomeland these days, you know.

mop gnome on a table

Next it was time for the lights!

man holding fairy lights

I simply shoved the lights up his…vase.


adding string lights to a mop gnome

I used a little blob of poster putty to affix the light switch to the inside of the vase.

man holding poster putty
man putting lights in a mop gnome

The moment of truth…

man holding a mop gnome

Let’s check them out! First in the daylight…

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -
DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -
DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

And now all lit up…

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

We love to see our craft projects out in the wild! If you try this seasonal craft project, take a picture and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -
DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

So what do you think of our Dollar Tree mop gnomes?

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -
DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

Here are some more super cute DIY gnome ideas for you!

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DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -

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DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -
DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

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    1. We drink a lot of coffee and have lots of creamer containers left. I thought about trying those for the hat part. Love the lighted idea, will have to try. Love all your ideas!!!!

  1. Greg, I think these gnomes are so cute! I think I will speed over to the Dollar Tree and see is there are any mops left. I’m not really into gnomes, but these are lighted!!!!!!!! It makes all the difference in the world. Thank you.

  2. These are Over the Top Gnomes! I tried to share and save them on Pinterest- neither of the Pinterest buttons has actually saved the Pin! I’ve tried a couple of times and then checked my “gnome board”- this sweet little gnome is Not there!
    Now- the World will never know about these cuties! And that is a shame!

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for letting us know about the Pin buttons. I checked the Pin buttons just now and they seem to working with no issues. Are you on your phone? If so, you need to tap on the picture (any picture) to get the Pin button to show. On desktop they readily show. I am not sure why it didn’t work when you tried them, but if you’d like to pin them now you should be able to 🙂

  3. You two are too smart for your britches!! I would never have thought of lighted gnomes or the way you constructed them. Love all the gnomes. Keep up the great crafts!!!

  4. They look great but… please someone tell me what is this obsession with bloody gnomes?! Just when we Brits laughed them out of our gardens, they’ve marched stealth like across the pond, like a big-nosed, bearded army. They even infiltrated Halloween! 😀

  5. Headed to my favorite Dollar Tree yesterday to pick up supplies. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but my Regular Tree had upgraded to Super Dollar Tree!! So excited to see all the new stock so a mere $20 later I headed home to make the gnomes and a bunch of other crafty things. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas 😊

    1. Ah, excellent news! I noticed yesterday that a regular DT in Suwanee had started a rack of $5 items. I think the transformation of all DTs has begun!

  6. I love these! I have a couple of tall spaghetti sauce jars that I’m going to use.
    Alas, my dollar tree has no little trees and I have no pajama bottoms! I am bottomless! Any suggestions?

    1. Spaghetti jars are a great idea! You can find really cheap bottle brush trees at Target dollar spot. For the hat – any material will do – as long as you like the pattern!

  7. This is the first time I have seen one of your posts and so happy I saw it. Love your ideas, instructions and humor! I enjoy making gnomes (and all other crafts) and look forward to seeing more of your ideas. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Dawn! The vases are 7 inches tall. You could use a drinking glass, mason jar, cloche or hurricane vase in case you can’t find the same ones we used.

      1. It looks like the black part of the mop is flat when glued on, Dollar tree mop heads have a higher part in the middle. Do these get cut off somehow?

  8. I love this idea but I’m having problems finding the lil Christmas tress ! Mayb a funnel would work? Can’t wait to make make these !

    1. Thanks, Dawn! Another reader also couldn’t find them, so she substituted Styrofoam cones, and they turned out great! Yo might also try cardboard cones, as they would be hollow. Good luck!

    1. Hi Marsha, thank you for alerting me to the fact that I forgot to share the video here on our blog. I just added both Tiktok and Instagram videos to the post, so now you can watch on those apps whichever you have 🙂