DIY Wallpaper Art -

DIY Wallpaper Art

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Wallpaper Art is a quick & easy DIY that can add a pop of color or interest to any room, and it’s a great use for leftover scraps of wallpaper!

DIY Wallpaper Art -

You knew she was gonna use it somewhere, somehow, didn’t you?

My babes is not the type to waste. Ever.

So even though the two rolls of wallpaper she bought last summer weren’t going to be used for the originally-intended project (which was scrapped), you just knew she’d find a use for them.

Granted, I thought that use might be years off…

I’ve heard sailors whisper tales in hushed tones of a Turkish woman who knows the full inventory of her crowded basement and can tell you when, where and for how much each item was purchased. They say certain treasures have moldered in that cold and dark basement for years, marking time while fading from memory of those overhead.

Fading from all memory…except that of the Turk Who Lives Above.

The sailors tell that once a year on the brightest full moon, the woman will issue a decree to her manservant, ordering him down into the basement to bring up some forgotten trinket, whereupon the curly-haired Turk will incorporate it into the manservant’s latest crafting project.

And it almost came to pass that the wallpaper was shunted to the basement to be inventoried by the Turk and disremembered by Yours Forgetfully.

But then came my babes’ idea for a wallpaper backsplash in the laundry room, and those two rolls were thrust back in the limelight.

Why stop at a backsplash? She was on a roll!

My babes thought that wallpaper could be turned into art.

The idea was a little wacky, but those same sailors told me far stranger things happen at sea…

So. Wallpaper art. Why not?

DIY Wallpaper Art -

She wanted to make it two ways: with old frames we found years ago at the Put and Take in Connecticut. (Yes, we moved those frames and countless others like them. Do you think if a dragon moves to a new cave, she just leaves her treasure behind? Your eyeballs would pop out and splash into your teacup, madam, if you saw how much crap “project supplies” we hauled from Connecticut to Georgia!)

Anyway, as I was saying, Handan wanted wallpaper art from old frames and from embroidery hoops.

But not just any embroidery hoops. She found these awesome faux-wood embroidery hoops made of a strong, flexible rubber that are perfect for this little project.

Let’s see how it’s done!

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DIY Wallpaper Art


Here are the frames we started with.

old pictures frames

I’m sure they served someone well for many years, but their glory days had faded, and only my babes’ ever-searching eye saved them from an unceremonious interment in some smelly Connecticut landfill.

Though the frames were given a stay of execution, the art they held was not so lucky. Apologies to artists Glynda Turley and Dawna Darton – I really needed those frames! I removed the art and bade it farewell. The frames and glass were in great shape. The glass just needed a good cleaning, and the frames needed some fresh paint.

old picture frame

I used a combination of gold and champagne bronze spray paints, since our wallpaper pattern was blue. Nothing beats the blue/gold combo!

painted picture frame

I used the frame’s glass to find the section of wallpaper that we wanted to make into art.

measuring wallpaper for art
measuring wallpaper for art

Then I used an X-Acto knife and cut around the glass.

cutting wallpaper for art

After cleaning the glass, I placed it in the frame. As you can see, Handan already stuck some Command Picture Hanging Strips in the corners.

cutting wallpaper for wallpaper art

Then I placed my wallpaper art face-down onto the glass.

scrap wallpaper art
adding wallpaper art to a picture frame

I had saved the original backing – easier than cutting a new one!

putting backing onto a picture frame

Finally, I used our Logan Dual Point Driver to secure the backing.

securing a backing to a picture frame

And here it is – easy DIY wallpaper art!

framed wallpaper art

We have this one hanging in the craft room.

DIY Wallpaper Art -
DIY Wallpaper Art -

And the other one is in the laundry room.

DIY Wallpaper Art -
DIY Wallpaper Art -

Okay, now let’s have a look at the embroidery hoop wallpaper art. It’s so simple!

We bought this 5-pack of hoops (and this 4-pack).

embroidery hoops and wallpaper

Let’s start with this one.

embroidery hoop

I just rolled the rubber ring off…

embroidery hoop
embroidery hoop

Here I’ve placed the inner ring on top of the wallpaper to show you the design I want.

placing a hoop on wallpaper

Next, I put that inner ring underneath the wallpaper and used my fingertips to move it around and feel if it was in the right location.

making embroidery hoop wallpaper art

When I had the ring in the right spot, I placed the outer rubber ring on top…

making embroidery hoop wallpaper art

…and pressed it into place. The rubber ring rolls over the inner ring until it is seated.

making embroidery hoop wallpaper art
making embroidery hoop wallpaper art

For the final step, I used my blade to trim away the excess.

making embroidery hoop wallpaper art
making embroidery hoop wallpaper art

And here it is! Wallpaper art using an embroidery hoop.

making embroidery hoop wallpaper art
DIY Wallpaper Art -
DIY Wallpaper Art -
DIY Wallpaper Art -

If you’re wondering where we got those elephant picture hangers, you can find them here.

DIY Wallpaper Art -

But hey, you don’t have to stop at wallpaper with these hoops! Got doilies? Here’s one Handan’s mother made.

making embroidery hoop doily art
making embroidery hoop doily art
making embroidery hoop doily art

It looks great!

doily art

And those rolls of wallpaper aren’t even close to finishing, but don’t worry, we’re cooking up something new to do with them…something altogether and entirely new.

Stay tuned!

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DIY Wallpaper Art -
DIY Wallpaper Art -
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  1. Love the ideas (and the wallpaper). Have you tried transferring it to fabric so she can have pillows and window treatments? I’ll bet that pattern would make a nice valance and tie backs.

  2. Wow, just love the wallpaper art. I am in the process of redoing my private bathroom, and I am going to use the idea for the walls. Thanks for the tips. Just love all your wonderful ideas and stories. You’re my favourite diy blog. Cheers

  3. I read your blogs all of the time but decided now was the time to talk about how much I LOVE this project. I’ve been having a creative block and this will help me kick it in the right direction. 🙂

  4. I use leftover wallpaper on picture mat board (Ikea Ribba) for some of our framed photos. Works and looks great – and helps tie the look together.

    I love the idea with using the doily! I have a pretty one made by a friend, and this is such a cool (and more modern) way to show it off. Definitely using this idea.


  5. Hey Greg, Not loving the gold frames with the wall paper. Maybe a silver/gray would make them pop more? JMO. I have used paintable wall paper as the back ground in frames. I have lightly stained it. I used it for a paint by number picture I did as a kid.

    1. I love the idea for using it as a photo mat! We’re not gold people when it comes to decor, except when paired with blue. Handan isn’t a fan of silver/blue, as she thinks it’s a bit too cold.

  6. Hi Handan and Greg
    I just love these ideas, especially the crochet doily! I’ve got some really old ones and they would look lovely framed! Thank you both ❤️❤️

  7. I love easy project like this that look so absolutely cool! Love how your wallpaper looks in both frames and in hoops. Your frame color choice is perfect. Where did you get those fabulous hoops!?!

  8. Just saw the link for the hoops – sorry! Love your blog! The way you show step by step photos is so helpful!

  9. Holy Moly Greg!! LOVE these DIY’s with wallpaper! What could be EASIER than squishing in between an embroidery hoop!!!! I can’t wait to try!
    Thanks so much to you & Handan, for sharing your creativity and humor!! Enjoy the day!!! Valerie

  10. OMGoodness! Thank you! Love what you guys did here! In the process of revamping my MIL’s living room and she has doilies made by her Great Grandma. What a wonderful idea to display them instead of stashing them in an unseen plastic tub? PS…I thought for sure Handan would display the porcelain art printables in the laundry room.?.

    1. Awesome! I’m glad to hear they’ll be displayed instead of stored! As for the porcelain art – I suggested it, but she had other plans already, lol!

  11. Great job. I did almost the same thing but used peel and stick tiles that I used on my fireplace surround (just for the summer, since the heat would make them fall off). They were 12 inch by 12 inch blue decorative tiles. I used old picture frames and left the sticky paper on and just reassembled the frames. You two come up with the best ideas!! Thanks

  12. I have been displaying doilies like this for awhile and yours is killing me. Doilies are beautiful in their symmetry and this is framed off kilter. It takes a little work to get them centered because it will pull to one side or the other but then you get the beauty that was lovingly crocheted into it.

    1. LOL! Don’t worry, Cindy – we just did that one to show an alternative to wallpaper! After Handan took that picture, we removed it from the hoop. Handan’s mother made those ages ago, and it would have needed trimming to fit properly in that hoop…something Handan definitely didn’t want to do! 🙂

  13. Great projects. I bet those framed “tiles” would also look good as a “tray” on a coffee table with some candles, a plant, etc. I have seen doilies with larger “holes” framed and used as spider webs with a plastic spider for Halloween decor. The elephant hangers add such a classy touch (coming from someone who hung 5×7″ pix on (hidden) pearl headed pins today!

  14. HI,
    I am starting to remodel my weekend getaway and fell in love with your laundry room wallpaper.
    I am planning to paint the lower kitchen cabinets in the same color as your words titled “Wallpaper art” and trying to find a wallpaper that slightly matches that color which is more of a teal tone. On the web and even in some of your photos it looks like there is some of that teal tone in this wallpaper. but on others, it looks just blue. Can you tell me if this is ALL blue or is there a hint of teal in it?

  15. I am new to the Navage Patch, Thank you for all your fantastic ideas-it’s AWESOME!!
    I was wondering if the gorgeous paper you used for the picture can be used to cover up tile, like for a backsplash in a kitchen?
    I also have so many old frames, this is the PERFECT solution to make them new again!!
    Thank you so much for your easy step by step directions. You make it such a treat to see what you two will come up with next!

    1. Hi Deb, and welcome! My two concerns with covering tile with wallpaper are 1) will the wallpaper stick properly to the tile, especially considering it’s a humid environment (at least behind the stove), and 2) would the recessed grout lines show through the wallpaper? I suppose if you’re considering getting rid of the tile anyway, it couldn’t hurt to try! Let me know how it turns out if you try it.