DIY Paper Angels -

DIY Paper Angels

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These DIY paper angels are a cinch to make, and they look great hanging from a Christmas tree or anywhere you want to display them!

DIY Paper Angels -

I don’t know what’s happening to me – I really don’t.

The last time der Kommandant forced me to do paper crafts was last year before Halloween, when she tasked me with the creation of paper bat army the likes of which the world hadn’t seen since the time of dragons.

We had a Cricut at the ready to make quick work of the bats, but because my babes loves to torture your long-suffering author, she first made me make whole bunch of them by hand.

By hand, madam!

Said it was because if fat-fingered little-ol’-me could do it, then literally anyone on planet earth could do it.

See how I’m the litmus test for doability around here?

I’m like the Mikey of crafting, but instead of eating a delicious bowl of cereal, I get plopped in front of hot glue guns, scissors, yarn, fabric, glitter and paper and told to make things. If the ensuing results of my grunting, snorting, sweating and swearing are deemed acceptable, the craft is green-lit for the blog.

If I can do it, you can do it. Hell, your geriatric golden retriever could probably do it!

Anyway, in my early days of crafting in general (and paper crafting in particular), I often approached the projects with a dollop of reluctance, a few dashes of reticence, and a sprinkle of hesitance. When my babes announced that I’d be making an embroidery hoop wreath, for instance, I kinda felt like this:

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And years later when she conscripted me to construct legions of bats from black cardstock, I was having flashbacks like:

DIY Paper Bats -

So it came as something of a surprise this weekend when craft time rolled around and I wasn’t dreading it. It was a paper craft, after all – I should have been plotting my escape! I’ve long considered paper crafts to be the Vienna sausage of the crafting world: not the worst thing in the world, probably won’t kill you, but certainly not something you whip out when company comes over. I just can’t shake the notion that paper crafts are the sole dominion of 5-year-olds with blunt-nosed scissors.

Look, I know I’m wrong about that. I understand that paper crafting is a vast and varied world with projects for all skill sets. It’s just a prejudice I have trouble shaking.

So as I said, I surprised myself this weekend when I discovered I was looking forward to making these paper angels. In fact, it is one of the only times in recorded history that I initiated craft time instead of my babes dragging me into the craft room by my ear.

And not only that, once I had a handle on how to make these paper angels (which took all of 5 seconds – this is a simple craft), I booted Handan from the craft room so I could muck about at my leisure.

These angels are a follow-up to last year’s DIY tassel angels.

DIY Tassel Angels -

They were certainly simple enough, but the wood wings were much easier to cut with a Cricut or other cutting machine, and not everyone has one. This year, we wanted to share angels that anyone can make. Paper angels are easy enough for the little-handed ones to make, but they sure don’t look like a cheap kiddie craft.

The secret to success with paper angels is in the paper. Start with interesting paper, get beautiful angels. We used book pages, but they’d look amazing made with sheet music, too.

Let’s check it out!

supplies to make paper angels

DIY Paper Angels


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DIY Paper Angels -

Since we don’t have all our crafting supplies here in Florida yet, including our stockpile of old books, we settled for this highly-acclaimed read from Dollar Tree. We actually have two copies of this book, which is great, because if I can ever find the time, I’d love to read the intact copy!

man holding a book

As long as the book has small print, you’re good to go.

man holding an open book

I made sure to harvest pages with full writing on both sides. This particular Norwegian author has a penchant for short chapters, so I had to hunt around for suitable pages.

man holding pages cut from a book

These paper angels are made with accordion folds, and the easiest way to get evenly-sized folds with no waste is to fold the page in half…

man folding a book page in half

It helps to get a good crease with the scraper.

man folding a book page in half

Then fold it in half again.

man folding a book page in half

And again…

man folding a book page in half

Scrape between folds.

man folding a book page in half

And one last fold.

man folding a book page in half

I unfolded the page.

man holding a folded book page

Then I began folding it like an accordion.

man accordion folding a book page

I used the scraper on it every few folds.

man accordion folding a book page

The final fold.

man accordion folding a book page

One down, one to go.

man accordion folding a book page

I set it aside and made another just like it.

man accordion folding a book page

For the wings, I folded down a little less than a third of the accordion. My accordion fold was 4 3/4 inches tall, and I folded over 1 1/2 inches.

man making paper angels

I used the folded-over half as a guide to fold the other half.

man making paper angels
man making paper angels

Once folded, I gave them a good squeeze.

man making paper angels

You can make the hanger string as long as you want or need. I made mine as shown below.

man holding a piece of string

I will be sandwiching the hanging loop inside the two halves when I glue them together. But to get the string to stay in the middle and to free up a hand, I first put a small dab of glue near the top and then glued the string in place.

man making paper angels
man making paper angels

With the string in place, I ran a line of hot glue down the rest of the paper.

man making paper angels

Then I pressed the two halves together.

man making paper angels
man making paper angels
man making paper angels

Next, I put some glue in the angel’s armpit area and then pressed it down.

man making paper angels
man making paper angels

And then the same on the other side.

man making paper angels
man making paper angels

The last step was to slide a bead over the string.

man putting a bead head on a paper angel

And she’s done!

man holding a paper angel

Of course, one or two paper angels would never satisfy my babes, so I made her a cool five.

DIY Paper Angels -
DIY Paper Angels -
DIY Paper Angels -

DIY Paper Angels -
DIY Paper Angels -
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  1. Great idea! My dog has taken to ripping up books lately. I thought he was going senile, but now I know what he’s up to! 🙂

    1. Our dog, RIP, was a bibliophile. He would eagerly devour books and make them quite dog-earred. I would happily sacrifice more books to have him back. But I want to pick the titles this time.

  2. I work at a library and our Holiday party is this week. You better believe we’ll be making these little lovelies as part of our festivities! Thanks for a super cute idea and impeccable timing on your part!! Keep up the good work Greg and Handan:)

  3. OMG you guys moved again. I was loving all the remodels and projects you did at the Georgia house. Are we going to see the Florida home remodelled in the New Year. I think you should have held a sales auction with your followers . I adored all your projects. My guess is the Florida home will also have projects can’t wait. The angels are beautiful. especially if you glue on little tiny hoop halos. Thanks for this blog it makes me both smile and try my hand at something creative. I also love the stars made out of the treat bags. I can’t seem to fined those glassine bags or I would make more. Keep on doing what you do it is wonderful and appreciated.

    1. Hi Christine, yes we’re in Florida now! We’re currently in a corporate apartment, but we hope to be buying here around May. Then the real fun begins, lol! 🙂

  4. Nicely done!

    If you are hankering for a bit of sparkle on your angels, give them a shot of glitter spray (not paint… craft spray.) If you can’t find it, go to the women’s toiletries section and get glitter hairspray which will also fix it in place. You could use glitter body spray instead but it won’t fix it in place.

    By the way, Greg, don’t bother reading the book. I zoomed in on a couple of your pictures to read a bit… I believe there’s a reason it was at the dollar store. 😊

    1. Good tip for the glitter spray, and LOL about the book! Yeah, I’d be pretty bummed if I were an author and I found my $26 book languishing at Dollar Tree. But hey, those dollar books make great craft supplies! 😀

  5. These are so cute! I can’t wait to make some. Our Dollar Tree for some reason sticks more to the cardboard kindergartener books but I don’t think even a scraper would help with that. Lol I do think I have some scrapbook paper that might work so I’ll give that a shot.
    Thank you so much for everything. I absolutely love to read your posts and do your diys!

  6. I purchased a few novels from the bargain bin at my local department store, and I feel bad every time I rip out some pages to craft with them! As an aspiring writer who would some day very much like his book to be available in print, I always wonder how it would feel to find my book in the bargain bin, and then having some schmuck rip it up to craft with! 😭 But I suppose if something beautiful is being made with it, then at least that’s something positive! Not every book is going to win a Pulitzer, is it? 🤣

    I’d like to see you take on some paper quilling! Maybe some quilled snowflakes, or some new year decorations? Now that you’ve embraced paper craft 😁

    1. LOL, I thought the exact same thing, Jay! Okay, I’ve never heard of paper quilling, so there’s something to research. As for your writing, let me know if you get something in print – I’d love to read it!

  7. I don’t know where my comment went so here is a similar one. You would be happy if we all wrote books, lol. Crafting using my followers stories etc!! Now does any one else remember making trees out of “old readers digests”. I love these ideas. I plan on using the maps I get from the historical village I work at Thur the summer and at Christmas. Thank you for all you do. I came to look at your calendar. Best be off. LOL Happy New Year to all. BL

    1. Hi Bernice! You are so very welcome! Did you find the calendar? Let me know if you’re having trouble finding it. Happy New Year!

      1. Find a book a tad larger then your weekly pill caddy. After the pages are removed, can use the handbook cover to slip your pill box into. Cut two pieces of thin foam board to go on the sides. No one will know it is not a book, so, BE CAREFUL CHOOSING TITLES!

  8. I didn’t want to go buy wooden beads. So I made salt dough and made my own beads. Worked out great. All homemade. The kids enjoyed making faces on the salt dough beads and some glued yellow yarn for hair.