DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath

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This DIY Gnome Wreath is clever upcycle of Dollar Tree gnome Santas. You’ve got gnomes on shelves – now it’s time to hang them on walls!

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -

You may think that there exists somewhere in nature an optimal number of gnomes – like a group of, I don’t know, 27 of them in some chilly Nordic forest somewhere living in perfect harmony because 27 is the perfect number for gnomes.

Or you may think that there is an optimal number of gnomes that you should have in your house, like say, 11, because 11 seems to be a really nice number when you think about gnomes and all the little nooks and crannies in your home in which you can display them.

Now as to the first point, I really couldn’t say, as I’ve not spent nearly as much time as I’d like to have spent gnome-watching in the Nordic forests of northern Finland. But as to the second point, well, according to my dearest babes, there does not exist any number which could be described as optimal, and therefore neither is there a number that could be described as too many.

Skeptical minds need look no further than our apartment, which has become somewhat of a flop house for itinerant Nordic gnomes.

Silly me thought we had reached our gnome quota last year after we made these scented broom gnomes.

DIY Scented Broom Gnomes –

To be honest, I thought we were well-and-properly gnome’d up after our first Christmas gnome post.

DIY Christmas Gnomes

But then this year, my babes had me gnoming around Jacksonville looking for Dollar Tree mops and vases so I could make her these lighted gnomes!

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

Surely there was an optimal number of gnomes, and surely we’d achieved that number!


Not by a long shot down a country mile.

Not content with an apartment full of Lapland layabouts, my babes recently instructed me to fashion her a Christmas wreath…a Christmas gnome wreath.

I guess the only difference is that instead of laying about or sitting around like their bean-stuffed brethren, these three big-nose amigos just wanna hang.

Still, if my babes wants a gnome wreath, you know what’s gonna happen, right?

You got it!

If my babes wants a gnome wreath, my babes is gonna get a gnome wreath!

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath


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supplies for a dollar tree gnome wreath

First I pulled off the dinky pom poms from the three Dollar Tree gnome Santas. If you find it too hard to pull, you can cut it off with scissors.

man pulling top of gnome

Next I unfolded some fabric and placed it over the tinsel hat.

fabric on a gnome

Leaving some excess on the sides, I cut out the same curve as gnome Santa’s brim.

man cutting fabric

I pulled down on the brim, put a dab of hot glue and then pressed the fabric onto the glue.

man gluing fabric to gnome

I did this all along the brim. This secured the fabric to the gnome.

man gluing fabric to gnome

Then I went around again and hot glued any spot where the white brim was too loose. This time, I put the glue on top of the fabric.

man gluing fabric to gnome

This made the fabric very well-secured to the gnome frame.

man gluing fabric to gnome

I flipped the gnome to work on tidying the fabric in back.

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

I pulled one side over…

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Cut the excess…

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

And then glued the bottom to the frame.

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Ditto for the other side.

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa
man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Then I cut the excess fabric from the top, leaving about an inch more than the height of the hat.

man cutting fabric

Next I cut the excess down the centerline for one side.

man cutting fabric
man cutting fabric

Then I cut the excess down the center for the other side.

man cutting fabric

I then glued to two flaps down, one over the other to make a neat-looking backside.

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa
man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Why a neat-looking backside, you ask?

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Why not a crappy and messy backside, right? Isn’t that how backsides are supposed to be?

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Well, I asked my babes that very same question.

“Who the hell is gonna look at the backside of the wreath??” I said, confident that she would see the time-wasting error of her plan.

“My babes,” she said, and I knew the argument was lost, “what if they want to hang it on a glass door?”

Damn woman thinks too much!

Anyway, you don’t technically have to make the backs as neat as I did unless you’re afraid someone might see them.

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

With my backside all neat and tidy, I put a little hot glue near the top and folded over the excess at the tip.

man gluing fabric to dollar tree gnome santa

Back around front, I grabbed my puffy white balls…


…of yarn, madam! Puffy white balls of yarn! Mind out of the gutter, please!

And then I cut off their strings.

man holding a pom pom

A little glue up top.

man putting glue on a gnome hat

And then I glued the pom pom to the front of the hat (not the tippity top) and my gnome was finished.

man gluing a pom pom to a gnome hat

Two more gnomes and my red-nose amigos were finished. Now they needed a place to hang out.

three gnomes on a table

I pulled the stand off of the Dollar Tree chalkboard.

man pulling the stand from a small chalkboard
man holding small chalkboard

I put two big blobs of hot glue on the clamping part of the embroidery hoop.

man putting hot glue on a big wood hoop

Then I glued the chalkboard to the hoop.

man gluing small chalkboard to an embroidery hoop

I positioned the gnomes how I wanted them.

three gnomes on a hoop

Then it was a simple matter of securing them with hot glue at all the points they met with the hoop. Here:

man gluing gnomes to a wood hoop


man gluing gnomes to a wood hoop

Don’t forget that place down there:

man gluing gnomes to a wood hoop

Now repeat for the right-side gnome.

Middle gnome gets a blast up top.

man gluing gnomes to a wood hoop

And then where the side gnomes overlap his beard.

man gluing gnomes to a wood hoop

Now, if you have good handwriting, you can write whatever you want on the little chalkboard. I do not have good handwriting, so Handan printed me a sign. We’ve included this at the end of the post because we think you’re special, and you deserve it!

man holding a gnome for the holidays printout

Four dots of hot glue would hold it in place and let me swap it out if I want a new cutesy little phrase. I’m partial to “Chillin’ with my Gnomies” or “Gnome or Mister Nice Guy.”

man gluing a printout onto a gnome wreath
man gluing a printout onto a gnome wreath

So this was supposed to be the end of the project, but then Handan declared that it needed some green. Hey if my babes wants green, who am I to say no? She had a couple of these wreaths on hand (naturally) that she got at Target for $3 each.

man holding small wreath

Those $3 wreaths come right apart. I’m tempted to say something like “it’s almost as if they want you to pull it apart,” but I’m afraid you guys will be like, “Oh, you didn’t know? Of course they do! That’s a convertible wreath, dummy!”

Well, how the hell am I supposed to know what a convertible wreath is? I’m still a stranger in this world, madam. Do try to cut me some slack!

man unhooking a small wreath

I hot glued the end and stuck it to the hoop behind Red’s hat.

man gluing faux greens to a wreath
man gluing faux greens to a wreath

Then I worked my way down the wreath, gluing and pressing.

man gluing faux greens to a wreath
man gluing faux greens to a wreath
man gluing faux greens to a wreath

I repeated this on the other side with the other convertible wreath.

The final step was a little embellishment for the sign and for the hats. I made that embellishment – not bad if I do say so myself!

man putting embellishments on a wreath

And with that, our DIY Dollar Store Gnome Wreath was finished and the three amigos were ready for some serious hanging around.

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -

We love to see our craft projects out in the wild! If you try this seasonal craft project, take a picture and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -
DIY Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath -

Do you like those antique brass bells in the picture above? Find out how we made them in our DIY Faux Antique Brass Bells post!

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  1. I admit I am not a big gnome fan BUT I absolutely LOVE your wreath! You and Handan come up with the best ideas! Now I need to run to the Dollar store lol!

  2. This is adorable. I’m with Handan, one can never have enough gnomes. (But that may just be my Scandinavian heritage speaking.)

  3. I have been a gnome fan since the early 1970’s, so this wreath is ab-so-lutely adorable. I am going to put one together right away so I can enjoy it til after Christmas. Thank you very much for the idea!

  4. This wreath is so cute!!
    Good thing I’m picking up my daughter and we’re going to Dollar Tree today!
    Hopefully they will have something. lol
    I would have gone with Chillin with my Gnomies. That one is my favorite. lol

  5. These are so cute and so cleverly done! If one isn’t careful, one could become gnome-mad. I so enjoy your projects! Thanks for the excellent directions, too.

  6. Amazing! You gave us so many wonderful ideas. You also gave outstanding step by step tutorial on how to make these fabulous gnomes. Yours are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays

  7. I have to say… are my favorite post! I have just started to follow you. You are funny and witty and……have the best ideas. I just made the wreath with loop it yarn. It is gorgeous! You are a breath of fresh air…I find that most blogs are all the same and (yawn) boring. Thank you to you and Handan for an enjoyable read with my coffee in the morning.

  8. I love your gnome wreath. So cute. Did you make your own pompoms? You two have the best ideas. Love your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. LOL, I have no idea – it’s a term I made up for this post, but it fits, right? The wreath converts to a garland, so…convertible wreath! 🙂

  9. The gnomes look wonderful!! The extra decorations really takes them to the next level. I am also so glad you add those pictures at the end. I haven’t seen some of those craft so I must have joined a lot later than I thought. You know, BH&G (Before Handan & Greg). Thanks for all the great crafts and ideas you both share!!!

  10. Babes, I am confused, you keep saying apartment? I thought you bought a house when you made your move? Love the gnomes, love all Handan’s ideas, oh yeah yours too..
    XO A

    1. Arlie! You’ve been slacking! Scroll back to September, so you can read all about our move. Right now we’re in a corporate apartment. The FL house will happen in ’22 🙂

  11. Perfection! I have NOT been on the gnome train until this year when I came across your tutorials. Who can resist them now? You make them too adorable. Thanks for all the great ideas and all the other wonderful crafts throughout the year!

  12. I wish we had a Dollar Store/Tree! The stuff they sell there is incredible! The closest we have are what we call “variety shops” where stuff is pretty cheap, certainly cheaper than most department stores, but still going to cost far more than $1. IF they sold these same items I think it would be about:

    $4-6 per gnome
    $8-12 for the embroidery hoop
    $3-5 for the greenery
    $4-6 for the blackboard
    $5 for a small packet of glue sticks

    Australian dollars, of course, but still a large difference! We definitely don’t get the range of cool items y’all do, either. Those “create a trendy decor item from dollar store items” challenges would be much harder here!

    1. That’s so odd, Jay. Someone in Oz with an entrepreneurial spirit should open a nation-wide chain. It makes perfect sense given your proximity to China compared to ours!

  13. I absolutely love gnomes! I love making them even more. Early this year I decided I had to sell them, due to lack of room. I am still making and selling them at craft shows. But, I wanted to share with you that I learned about your site through a client of mine who is a gnome lover too. She sent me your link and asked if I could make her a Gnome Wreath. I just love this wreath and I will be making more. I wasnt able to find the Dollar Tree Santas you used but I made a pattern out of foam board to attach the hat and beard. I love it. Sharing on Instagram and tagging you. Thank you for sharing these instructions.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! If you like gnomes, you’re going to love what we’ve got coming up this holiday season (starting VERY soon! )