DIY Paper Bats -

DIY Paper Bats

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Paper bats are a quick and easy last-minute Halloween decor idea that can be made with or without a cutting machine. It’s a perfect DIY for the kids!

DIY Paper Bats -

Admit it. You slacked.

While the neighbors were planting witch legs and filling their Halloween Apothecary Shops, you were relaxing on your porch with a glass of sweet tea and a sizzling bodice-ripper.

“I’ll put up the decorations tomorrow,” you told yourself.

But tomorrow became today, and another tomorrow took its place and the decorations remained in their boxes.

Hey, it’s okay! I’m not judging!

I’m the Sultan of Slack…

The Prince of Procrastination…

The King of Can’t-it-Wait-‘Til-Tomorrow!

I know what it’s like to feel that last-minute pinch.

So here’s an easy decor project that you can make and put up, lickety-split. These paper bats are a perfect project for your Cricut cutting machine, but they can also be made with scissors or an X-Acto knife. It does take a little longer, but if you have a few little helping hands, it’ll go much faster.

Oh, and these paper bats are cheap! Our entire display cost less than $3 to make.

Let’s see how it’s done.

DIY Paper Bats -

DIY Paper Bats


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DIY Paper Bats -

Making paper bats with Cricut

Okay, look – when Handan first informed me I’d be making paper bats and sticking them all over the wall, my first reaction was something akin to my reaction when she told me I’d be crafting with embroidery hoops.

Do you remember? I told you guys I’d be going Full Gertrude for that post. I felt a little something like this:

DIY Halloween Wreath (an Easy 10-Minute Craft) |Quick and easy DIY spider wreath with Dollar Store supplies | Upcycled embroidery hoop wreath | Upcycled and Repurposed Halloween decor | #TheNavagePatch #Upcycled #halloweendecorations #halloween #easydiy #DIY #DollarTree #DollarStore #halloweencrafts #spiders #halloweenparty |

Well, it looks like I’ll be going Full Kindergarten for this post, since my babes told me I’ll be making some bats with scissors.

What’s next?

Macaroni art?

I may as well sit in the corner, drink Juicy Juice and eat paste.

Anyway back to the bats…

I grabbed a sheet of poster board and a light-grip Cricut mat.

poster board and cricut cutting mat

Then I cut the poster board to fit within the 12 x 12 confines of the Cricut mat.

measuring and cutting poster board

For the record, that is grease on my shirt. I was eating leftover buffalo wings just before making these paper bats, and of course, I dropped one on myself. Just keepin’ it real over here, ladies. I told you I was going Full Kindergarten for this post!

By the way, I’ve perfected the Buffalo wing. I know, I know, that’s a pretty bold claim, but it’s true. If you love wings, you’re gonna want to try Greg’s dirty buffalo wings!

cutting poster board

I loaded the bats into Cricut Design Space.

cricut design space

Then set the dial as indicated in the picture below.

rotary wheel of cricut explore air 2

Thank god for this Cricut machine. I knew kindergarten hell still awaited me, but at least some of these paper bats would be cut by a non-judgmental robot.

cricut explore air 2 making paper bats

Cricut makes it so damn easy!

cricut explore air 2 making paper bats

My first round of paper bats.

paper bats cut on cricut explore air 2
removing bats from cutting mat

Here are two rounds of Cricut bats and the adhesive dots I used to hang them.

DIY Paper Bats -

Making paper bats with scissors

paper bat supplies

Just as I was getting into the bat groove with Cricut, my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Navage told me to turn it off and pick up my scissors. She said it was time for me to start cutting paper bats with scissors.

Like I said. Full Kindergarten.

DIY Paper Bats -

I was instructed to fold a piece of poster board in half.

folding a piece of poster board

Then I was told to fold the bat pattern printouts in half.

folding a paper in half

Teacher then told me to cut one of the bats from the sheet.

cutting paper

I put the folded printout on top of the folded poster board, taped them together and cut out my paper bat while teacher looked over my shoulder and offered helpful criticisms of my scissoring technique.

cutting a bat shape from poster board

Ta-da! A perfect bat! I dare any 5-year-old to do better!

cutting a bat shape from poster board

If all this scissors gobbledygook is too much, you can also use an X-Acto knife to cut the bats. Simply lay the printout on the poster board and trace with the knife. Don’t forget to use a cutting mat!

No matter which method you choose, just keep making bats until you have enough to fill your wall space. We used two sheets of poster board.

Before sticking them on the wall, fold the wings a bit, and then stick on an adhesive dot.

DIY Paper Bats -
DIY Paper Bats -

Press it on the wall and repeat with the remaining bats.

DIY Paper Bats -

I got this far and realized it didn’t look very good, so we changed the shape of the flock (a group of bats is actually called a colony, not a flock, but for clarity’s sake, I’m calling it a flock).

DIY Paper Bats -

There, that’s better!

DIY Paper Bats -

As kindergarten crafts go, I have to admit this one looks really good!

DIY Paper Bats -
DIY Paper Bats -

Do you feel like you’re being watched?

DIY Paper Bats -

Or is it just me?

We love to see our printables out in the wild! If you display our free printables in your home or use our free SVGs in your projects, and take a picture and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

DIY Paper Bats -
DIY Paper Bats -
DIY Paper Bats -

Okay, that’s if for the Halloween crafts this year, but we will be sharing a little outdoor Halloween tour as we get closer to the big day! Stay tuned for some fall crafts, and then we kick it into high gear for Christmas!

DIY Paper Bats

As usual, here is some information on the printables: we designed these free bat patterns in two formats: PDF and SVG. As you know, PDF is not scalable, but the SVGs can be scaled up or down as necessary. If you need help with scaling these vintage Christmas banners, then make sure you check out Handan’s “How To Easily Resize Pictures” post.

Now it’s time to click on the button below to download today’s free printable bat patterns – they are all in the “Halloween” and “SVGs-Stencils” sections of The VIP Patch.

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DIY Paper Bats -

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  1. We made bats years ago and still have them. But ours are larger and hang on fishing line from the ceiling. This will make a great addition to the ones we already hang up! Thanks

  2. OMGGreg. I haven’t even read the blog yet,(and I can tell it’s going to be enjoyable) but thank you for my first morning chuckle with that grade school, art class, classic Beatles haircut photo of YOU. You’re the best !!

  3. Hahaha Great post today. Perfect timing too! My preschoolers saw all the bats on the wall and they said Oh My Goodness! Bats are our theme this week? I don’t own a Cricut machine, so I guess its manual labor for me! We’ll “see” (I spy a Grandin Road eye?) how that goes?I’m ROFLMBO with the irony of the “wing” sauce on your shirt and the bat post???Recipe please!!

    1. LOLOL! I didn’t make that wing connection! And hey, you don’t need a Cricut – you’ve got all those little hands to help you out! 🙂

  4. Wow! I just poked around in your free downloads and I am AMAZED! What talent! And thank you for sharing it! I am very excited about the bats! I have been seeing them all over blog/vlog land and kept thinking “I can definitely make those!” This is just the push I need!

    Thanks again for all of the beautiful svg files!

  5. I so enjoy your writing and pro Photoshop skills! Your crafting projects are a close second to them. Thank you for sharing your stories and talent!

    1. Good question, Diana! Dollar Tree poster board is about the same weight as light cardstock. At the setting shown above, it cuts perfectly through without cutting into the mat. We also tried one setting lighter, but that didn’t cut fully through in some areas. The perfect setting for Dollar Tree poster board is the one shown in the post. If you get poster board from Cricut or any other store, you’ll likely have to use the poster board setting on the machine.

  6. Not to be a Karen … but I AM Karen…Are the glue dots wall friendly? I just don’t want to be pulling off sheet rock when I remove them after the most glorious holiday of the year.

    1. LOL, don’t worry – we like all real Karens around here! Okay, so we have two types of glue dots – the Pop Dots we got at Dollar Tree and some other type called Magic Dots. I can confirm the pop dots will not harm your walls. I’ve pulled them off and repositioned them many times already with no harm done. I haven’t used the magic dots yet, so I can’t speak to their wall-friendliness. I hope that answers your question, Karen, because we don’t have a manager for you to speak to! :D:D:D

  7. Cuuuuuuuute! I love these! My granddaughter will love making them. She loves Halloween decor (well, we all do, so she must have inherited the Halloween-love gene from us!). I have the perfect place picked out to stick them up, too!

    WHERE did that GORGEOUS medallion come from?!!! That has to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Ok, seen TODAY, but still. OMGOSH, I’m in love!

  8. What a good little boy you have been, did teacher give you a gold star? I love bats why use scissors when you have a machine to do it, that was a bit mean of teach :-). They look fabulous but my hands don’t like cutting out theses days. Never mind i have plenty of Halloween decs to keep me busy. Happy Halloween / Calan Gaeaf Hapus to you all.

    1. Gold star? Pfffft. I got another project! I keep telling Handan what a good boy I am, and all I get rewarded with is more work! LOL! 😀