making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Easy DIY Fall Wreath

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This DIY fall wreath can be made in about 10 minutes, and it takes no skill at all! The decorating possibilities are endless!

easy diy fall wreath

I know, I know, enough is enough, right?

Another year, another loop yarn wreath from the loop-heads over at The Navage Patch.

But lest you think I’m just resting on my laurels and trying milk every last drop from this unexpected viral sensation:

DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath -

I’m not! It’s just that my babes has loop yarn on the brain. Ever since that post, she’s been champing at the bit to (have me) wrap loop yarn around anything circular!

Okay, maybe “viral sensation” is a bit dramatic.

Yet people seemed to really like it, especially on Pinterest.

Some folks even made their own versions.

Of course, among all the ooohs and aaaahs and oh, Greg, you’re such a handsome genius was the usual smattering of sour grapes, as if this simple winter loop yarn wreath was the cause of all the bile and misery in their lives.

Yeesh, what an odd place, this internet.

Like I said, my babes had loop yarn dreams after that. She wanted to make a Halloween spider wreath (which we did):

DIY Spider Wreath hanging in front of a fireplace

She wanted to make the Easter Bunny (which we didn’t).

And she definitely wanted to make a loop yarn wreath for fall.

Now, remember madam, these loop yarn wreaths are easy. I mean stupid easy.

Look, maybe you’re new here. Maybe you missed the first two loop yarn wreaths. So lemme level with you, sister.

There’s “easy.”

And then there’s “man easy.”

Think of your favorite craft or DIY. Maybe it’s sewing? Maybe it’s acrylic painting? Furniture restoration, perhaps?

Now imagine your significant other trying it for the first time.

Easy DIY Fall Wreath -

There would likely be grunting. Lots of grunting.

And swearing. A man ain’t tryin’ if he ain’t swearin’.

There might even be some sweat stains.

And muttering! Can’t forget the muttering! When we’re not swearing at a confounding task, we’re certainly muttering about the futility of it all and wondering how the hell we ended up in this predicament in the first place!

My babes calls my displeased muttering, “man tantrums.” They’re more subtle and far more silent than youthful tantrums.

Always one to play with words, I’ve offered her an alternate term – a more streamlined and efficient label: “mantrum.”

Just last night I threw a classic mantrum. Handan wanted us to move our old power-reclining loveseat from the kitchen area to the basement. Since it weighs about as much as a baby elephant and I had no desire to move it any direction that wasn’t towards the curb, I started muttering about the damn thing. It went something like this.

“…stupid mutter mutter mutter. Freakin’ heavy mutter mutter mutter…Who’s gonna muttermuttermutter.” And so on.

You see, the whole point of a mantrum is to avoid saying what you really feel, namely that I wanted to toss it away or sell it for a song, because I was too damn lazy to carry it to the basement. But I didn’t say that.

Instead, I muttered.

Easy DIY Fall Wreath -

Unfortunately, the Land of Feelings is where women reign supreme.

Men are outlanders.


Strangers in strange land.

This is why mantrums are inevitably doomed to failure.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that this easy DIY fall wreath is so easy that even your unshaven sofa sprout can make it in about 10 minutes.

With no muttering.

That is Man Easy!

Easy DIY Fall Wreath -

So let’s hop to it, because fall is just around the bend. That used to mean cool weather and crunchy leaves swirling in the breeze when we lived up North. But now that we’re in Georgia, I’m really not sure what to expect. Maybe it’ll just cool down from “humid blast furnace” to “comfortably sweltering.”

That’d be nice.

Easy DIY Fall Wreath

supplies for an easy diy fall wreath

Okay don’t blink or sneeze, madam, because you might miss the tutorial! If you are one of our regular readers, you may be familiar with how to make this DIY fall wreath, so I invite you to read on for a refresher course, or you can go outside and dance a minuet if that suits your fancy. For our new readers, behold the simplicity of loop yarn!

In fact, go find a man and tell him to make this wreath for you! Seriously! It’s time for you to put on some slippers, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the spectacle of Man Crafting. Just don’t leave the room, or something might explode.

Step 1

Tell Bob to find one end of the loop yarn. Inform him (because he will be entirely ignorant of this fact) that yarn pulls out nice and easy when you start with the end buried in the middle of the skein. Also tell him what a skein is. He’ll have no earthly idea. Trust me.

Step 2

Inform Henry that this DIY fall wreath is dead in the water if he doesn’t stop picking his nose. Instruct him to pick up a sewing pin instead.

Step 3

Now that he’s holding a pin, your Clarence is Armed and Dangerous (to himself), so keep a close eye on him! Tell him to lay one end of the loop yarn onto the wreath form as shown in the picture below and then secure it in place with the pin.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Step 4

Tell Charles to grab the skein (that word again!) and start wrapping. Pull it up from behind…

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

…and toss it in the hole. Make a basketball reference if you have to. The male brain is wired to understand new concepts better when they are analogized with sports.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Grab. (Men are naturally gifted grabbers).

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn


making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn


making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Grab, yank & toss. It’s that easy!

Every 3 or 4 passes, tell your Larry to slide those loops together so they’re nice and snug.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Grab, yank & toss,

Grab, yank & toss,

Grab, yank & toss,


After a few more loops, tell George that he’s doing a fantastic job and let him show you what he’s accomplished thus far.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Repeat the above until your Larry reaches the end of the first skein.

Step 5

Now, at this point, Roger may be looking a little lost. I mean, there he was grabbing and yanking and tossing like a born champion, but then his yarn ran out! Tell him not to worry and show him the second skein. Tell him to fish the end from the new skein.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Now ask that he grab a pin (Armed and Dangerous again!) and pin the end of the first skein and the beginning of the second skein together on the wreath form.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn
making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Step 6

Grab, yank, toss & slide.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn
making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn
making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn


Hey, weren’t they big in the 70s?

Oh right. That was CSNY and NRBQ.

If he reaches the end of the second skein, and you still see some exposed wreath form, instruct Gary to start in on the third skein.

Step 7

You’ve done a tremendous job so far, madam. Have another glass of wine to celebrate your impeccable managerial skills! If you have a cheese platter nearby, grab a hunk for yourself and toss a grape at your husband.

Step 8

Once he covers up the wreath form, tell Ned it’s time to tie her off!

Give him the scissors and a stern warning not to use them for any sort of shenanigans, tomfoolery, buffooning or skylarking. Instruct him to snip the loop yarn.

Then tell him to stick that snipped end into the wreath form.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Just like so…

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn


Look how proud he is! You may now give him a beer and have him take a few sips before embarking on part 2 – the decorating!

Step 9

Ask Mickey to pick and cut a few choice sprigs, leaves and flowers from the faux flower assortment. This part is all up to him and whatever strikes his artistic fancy.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn
making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Fair warning though, madam! Less is more when it comes to wreath decoration, and men are not renowned for restraint!

So if your bearded weirdo starts getting a little too frisky with the foxglove, you can gently (but firmly) remove some flowers from his hand until he’s holding just the right amount. Then you’ll probably want to help him arrange them in an eye-catching manner.

When he’s assembled the perfect sprig of autumnal beauty, tell your Alistair to poke the ends of the sprig into the wreath form.

making a diy fall wreath with loop yarn

Step 10

Leap to your feet and give that man a standing ovation! He’s just gone where few men have gone before!

Here’s a look at our DIY fall wreath.

Easy DIY Fall Wreath -

It looks pretty awesome on our new front door.

Easy DIY Fall Wreath -
Easy DIY Fall Wreath -
Easy DIY Fall Wreath -

Have you made any loop yarn wreaths?

easy diy fall wreath
Easy DIY Fall Wreath -

Let us know in the comments and email me some pics, if you’d like.

We love it when you share our posts on Facebook and Pinterest!

Easy DIY Fall Wreath -
Easy DIY Fall Wreath -
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  1. Wow, I think even I could do this wreath! It looks much more complicated but I’ll just have to keep that to myself! I love the spider version!

  2. I’ve been meaning to make one of these wreaths ever since you made the white one. As far as the hubby making it that would be a big Negative! He’d mess it up so I wouldn’t ask him to do something crafty again. Plus he knows my controlling and perfectionism personality. He will ask a bunch of questions and I’ll get perturbed and just take it from him. Or it won’t be to my high standards and I’d have to redo the wreath. I use him when I need muscle. And as for the weather in Georgia it will go from as you say, “humid furnace blast” to “poor excuse for winter”. We only have two seasons in the South. Fall and Spring are just a blip on the radar. There will be a few teaser days of Fall weather in mid to late October. I can remember Decembers in short sleeves. It’s a crap shoot in the good ole South. LOL

    1. LOL, awww, give him a chance, Stayce – he just may surprise you with this one! Better yet, you could both make one and see which one turns out best! 🙂 I hear ya on the weather. Looking forward to that one day of fall!

  3. Thanks. This wreath is beautiful. I must admit I lost interest in learning how to make the wreath and was just hanging on to reading your directions. I could not stop laughing. Thanks again for your teaching and wonderful humor??

  4. I hope you can see the ads on this post! My jaw dropped when a beautiful, red letter A popped up in one of them, which I thought was your loop yarn wreath influence…on a Chick-fil ad! Thanks, as always, for the great entertainment. I know it was meant to poke fun at the menfolk, but it reminded me to involve my young sons in making one for our front door. Now I am off to add that to things my future daughters-in-law should thank me for!

  5. Great man job Greg. But I think I’ll make it myself since I’m pretty sure I’d still get questions from my husband. Think I’ll see what colors are available since it would look sweet in a mustard yellow (my color of choice right now).
    Look out September!

  6. I am new to your blog but I just love it. I am going to get my husband started on this right after he finishes the millionaire shortbread I had him put together for a party tomorrow. No LOL he is really doing it ofcourse with my guidance

  7. Oh i needed a Greg blog to make me smile, i’ve had a battle with my pyracantha hedge today i feel like a pincushion! I love these loopy wreaths but haven’t had a go yet, even my Tony ‘i can’t do craft/art/DIY’ could do this. I must remember ‘mantrums, he’s very good at those 🙂

    1. Hi Catherine, Handan and I had to look up what a pyracantha is, and WOW, we can imaging the pain! You need to ask your Tony to make you one of these, and then please share the results! 😀

  8. I haven’t tried a loop yarn wreath–yet! I really like the ones you have done. I love your writing style and would read how to make one just to “hear” your humor! I’ve been busy with more cloth pumpkins. Broke my sewing machine so I am busy making small ones from GW sleeves and pant legs so far!

  9. 😀 😀 😀 You made my day Greg. My gorgeous bearded weirdo will do something like this in a heartbeat, with beer in hand and a smile that crinkles up his eyes and makes his moustache twitch. Looking at some of the comments I’m guessing Handan and I are some of the luckiest ladies out there. 10/10 for you.

  10. Greg, You gave the information on where to buy everything except the loopy yarn. I did the white Christmas wreath the year you did yours and I absolutely love it and then I did an medium purple and white one for my granddaughter. It’s a short time to make it but when your done it looks like it took hours. So that a quick accomplishment that makes you feel good as alot of your crafts do. I did the decopoge (sp) ha of the world maps on candles. Made my grandson so happy cause he is a history buff. Any way I want to make the fall wreath and I love the black one also for my granddaughter. Where do I find the loopy yarn as Michaels no longer carry it. Thanks Diane White

      1. Hi Greg, I would love to do the blue &white pumpkins except I went to 3 dollar tree stores with no luck so then I went on the website and could not find them anywhere so now I am asking where do you get the blue & white pumpkins? They are absolutely gorgeous. So I never made it Joann’s so maybe tomorrow. Thanks Greg

        1. Hi Diane, Maybe it’s too early, but Dollar Tree always has little foam pumpkins in the fall. You can also find them at most craft stores, but they’re cheapest at Dollar Tree. The color doesn’t matter, because you’ll be spraying them white anyway. Good luck!

          1. OMG Greg the way they look I thought they were like dinner ware. ok I see what you mean now and can get them anywhere. But I will wait for them to come to dollar store as they are white. I bet alot of people did not realize they were foam. You do a fantastic job hiding that fact cause I thought they were real.. One of your best ideas (kudos to Handan). Gotta give her the credit. Anyway job well done by both of you… Thanks

  11. My 8 year old grandson came up with an idea for the leftover yarn. He wrapped around a foam cone we had and put a jack – o- lantern on top. A Halloween Tree?