DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights

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Learn how to make these brilliant broomstick pathway lights from Dollar Tree materials for a simple & gorgeous Grandin Road dupe!

Last October we published our Grandin Road inspired lighted witch hat tutorial:

DIY Lighted Witch Hat (Grandin Road Inspired) -

And it spawned the following comment thread:

Well, my babes had also seen those same broomstick pathway markers in the Grandin Road catalog, and she was already mulling over some ideas. But Mo’s comment was the push she needed to kick her thoughts into high gear. There’s nothing like a friendly reader-challenge to get us going!

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

But last Halloween we were living in a third-floor apartment in Jacksonville. Lights like these demanded a yard, or at least a walkway. Oh sure, there were sidewalks all over the apartment complex, but without the context of a front door and some other Halloween decorations, we just didn’t think it was the right year to make them.

And we’re glad we waited, because the Dollar Tree gods smiled upon us with their bountiful fall florals this summer!

Would it surprise, shock or offend you to learn that my babes dragged me to every Dollar Tree within driving distance on July 1 in a bid to find the first fall florals? While children were running past us in bathing suits and reeking of Coppertone – screaming at the top of their lungs because summer break had really just begun – my babes was hunting for autumn pumpkins and picks. To her credit, we did start finding the fall florals a few days later.

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

And her desperate play to be the first to find Halloween items at Dollar Tree has kept me and my poor truck running on fumes since mid-July! When it comes to Halloween, the woman is a cackling idea machine fueled by caffeine and Dollar Tree!

She may cackle and make me drive her to the ends of the earth in search of supplies, but I can never argue with her vision. These Dollar Tree broomstick pathway lights are incredible. And at night? Stunning.

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

I’m not going to sit here and tell you they’re the cheapest decorations you can make this Halloween. They’re not – even with Dollar Tree materials. But they are far cheaper than Grandin Road. Let’s a take a quick look at cost.

Grandin Road broomstick pathway markers – set of 3 for $150. There is no option to buy one, so your cost is $150.

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

Our broomstick pathway lights – about $28 per light if you make them with the lights we used or about $22 if you use battery-operated lights from Walmart. Dollar Tree sells orange lights, but they are labeled for indoor use only, so I can’t recommend them for this project. You can probably find outdoor-rated plug-in lights for cheaper at Amazon or Walmart. You can also bring the cost down by using fewer branches. I used 14 for each broom, but you could shave a few off to save a little money.

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

DIY BroomStick Pathway Lights SUPPLIES LIST

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Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights VIDEO Tutorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our broomstick pathway lights before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights Tutorial

Step 1 – Prepare the broomstick

The Dollar Tree broom handles have a plastic hanging loop at one end – this will stay, as you’ll be covering it with the branches. There is a threaded piece of plastic on the other end for attaching mop heads, broom heads, etc. I used a pair of vice-grips to pull it out.

man holding broom handle
man holding broomstick

There’s a label on the handle that needs to go, but it won’t go without leaving some sticky residue.

man holding broomstick

You can leave the residue if it doesn’t bother you or clean it off like I did with Goo Gone. Dollar Tree sells the small bottle shown below.

man holding goo gone

Step 2 – Glue the branches on the handle

I used black glue sticks on the low-temp setting – this allowed the branches to set much quicker.

man gluing branches to a broom handle
man gluing branches to a broom handle

I glued the branches, one after another, until I worked all the way around the handle. It took 14 branches to complete the circle. As I mentioned earlier, you can put a little space between the branches and use 10-12 instead of 14 to save some money.

man gluing branches to a broom handle
man gluing branches to a broom handle

I made a total of 6 broomstick pathway lights – 2 black and 4 with various fiery colors.

man gluing branches to a broom handle

Step 3 – Wrap the ends

I wrapped the ends of the bristles in two ways – with twine and with burlap webbing, though you can use any scrap fabric. It will be covered in lights in the end.

man wrapping a broomstick with twine
man wrapping a broomstick with twine

The twine looked nicer, but it took much longer!

man wrapping a broomstick with twine
man wrapping a broomstick with twine
man wrapping a broomstick with twine

Step 4 – Fluff the broom

I gave the broom head a little more body by gently pulling the branches outward.

man making broomstick pathway lights

Step 5 – Wrap the lights

Our fairy light strings were really long, and at first we thought we’d gotten them too long, but because they’re fairy lights and not bulbs, I just kept wrapping and wrapping until I used up the whole strand.

man holding solar lights

I started by securing the end near the solar collector with a dab of hot glue, and then I started wrapping.

man wrapping solar fairy lights around a broom handle to make broomstick pathway lights

Every so often, I put another dab of glue to keep the light string from shifting.

man wrapping solar fairy lights around a broom handle to make broomstick pathway lights

Up and down, crisscrossing the previous run until I used up all the lights.

man wrapping solar fairy lights around a broom handle to make broomstick pathway lights
man wrapping solar fairy lights around a broom handle to make broomstick pathway lights

Step 6 – Install ground stakes

I used stakes from a tomato cage system I haven’t used in years and hammered them into the ground until about 4 feet was showing above the grass.

man hammering in ground stakes

Then I slid our broomstick pathway lights onto each ground stake and let them charge up for nightfall!

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

They look great in daylight too!

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

How do you like our broomstick pathway lights? Let us know in the comments!

DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -
DIY Dollar Tree Broomstick Pathway Lights -

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    1. Thank you, Mary! Currently, they think we’re weird. We’ve had full-blown Halloween since the kids were still on summer break. That said, the neighborhood kids think it’s amazing! πŸ™‚

  1. Awesome job! Your crafts and projects are genius and I have learned so much from you and them. Thank you, thank you for rekindling my love of DYI projects and crafts. Love the website and blog.

    Good Hope, GA

    1. Thank you, Carol! I’m so happy to read that we’ve rekindled your love of DIY. Trust me, I know it can all get stale without inspiration – from the smallest crat to the biggest room renovation. If you don’t love what you’re doing, it’ll show in the end!

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG, these are better than the originals 😍 I knew you guys would rock something cool and you guys surpassed my expectations!!!

    I am so excited to recreate these! Thank you so much!! πŸ€—

    1. WooHoo! Thank you, Mo! We are thrilled you like them! They turned out better even than we thought, especially considering Handan thought she bought lights that were too long. I told her just to wrap the whole thing and see how it looks. Well, it looked amazing! πŸ™‚

      1. Love them!! Thank you again for coming up with something better than the original. I came thisclose to breaking down and purchasing the Grandin Road version last year. But I quit huffing the silver paint and came to my senses. I figured if anyone could come up with a way to recreate them without breaking the bank it would be you guys!!

        LOL – longer with more twinkle is always better than shorter and sparse.

        Now, back to shopping for supplies…

  3. These are awesome! I’m living in an apt complex so no yard. However, I have two daughters living near that DO decorate their yards! I might make some of these for them!

  4. Love, love, love the lighted broomsticks! You guys keep coming up with the cutest and most decorative ideas. I really enjoy seeing each new creativity. Keep up the great work.

      1. These are awesome! I absolutely love any decor with fairy lights. They truly make things magical. If I can get all the supplies I might make a couple to put at the entrance to my stairs. I think I’ll add lights to the “broom” part though.

        1. Gail, my thoughts exactly! I love the project, but at night the broom part gets lost. I would intertwine it in the broom branches for the full effect at night!

  5. Amazing! Love all your ideas! Can’t wait to see what is next and your instructions are so clear anyone can do the projects you create. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful Fall idea! If you wanted a little more light you could put a small solar light stake in the middle of the “broom straw” too. Would be nice for country folk like us! I love your creativity!

    1. That’s a great idea, Geni! That was actually in our original plan, but we omitted it to stay a little more true to the GR design. πŸ™‚

    1. I certainly hope so, Terry, because I’ve been hearing stories about a Christmas house that is so complex, he starts the process on September 1st. We won’t be competing with him, but I’m hoping we’ll own Halloween! πŸ˜€

  7. The two of you are nothing short of AMAZING!! Just a wonderful, wonderful Halloween Display. (I got nothin’, maybe your brother could come over and help me with my front porch display!) Nice Job!!

  8. Damn, another trip to Dollar Tree, glad the hubby loves me.
    They turned out great!!
    Was thinking I would do a broom I just saw on YouTube, it’s done with a mop head & a remote controlled car. It’s really cool, but cost a bit more, and probably more time consuming. I think I like this (yours)one better, and save the other one for when the grandbabies come down to visit. We are in Port Orange, FL which is just below Daytona Beach.
    Have a great week-end!

  9. Those look amazing! Do you put the solar charger on the top somewhere?? I am all things halloween all year long sokeep those ideas coming!!Love your blog!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! We put the chargers on the ground. They have enough wire that we could keep them far away, but we just bunched up the wire and kept them right near the bases.

  10. My daughter would absolutely go crazy for these. She just loves halloween. A serious LOVE for it.

    I always try to make her something for Halloween and this year I’ve gone with making her pillows for her Birthday coming up on the 5th of September.

    Maybe this could be a possible project for her for next year!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  11. Looks fabulous. How about one of those flickering flame solar lights for inside the branches. I might get one made this year since I already have the branches and my DT is already sold out. There is always next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I have been trying to contact you to let you know that the tinsel witch hat you were looking for is in stock in Palm Bay FL

  13. Okay, what the trick removing the ends from the broom handles? Did you use a vice as well as vice-grips to remove the ends or just brute strength, (which I obviously don’t have)? lol

    1. Oh, did you get a stuck one? I pulled 6 of those from 6 handles. Four came out easily, but two required a lot more force. Shoot! Do you have someone to help you? For the finicky ones, I had Handan hold the other end while I pulled on the vice grips with two hands. Or, yes, if you have an actual vice, that would certainly help! Good luck! I hope it doesn’t give you too much trouble! πŸ™‚

      1. Easy way to remove those ends. Take a small drill bit and drill through the dimples and easy-peasy, removes easily! Thanks, can’t wait to begin assembling my brooms! Fun project!

  14. I really like them, great idea. I had one thought. What if some of the lights were up in the branches so they might show more at night- burning brooms?