DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

DIY Skull Sunflower Halloween Wreath

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This skull sunflower wreath is one of the easiest Halloween wreaths ever! It can be made with a store-bought wreath or one you made yourself!

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

With fall already declared and embraced, you didn’t think we’d just wait around twiddling our thumbs, did you?

I mean, look, “happy fall, y’all” and “pumpkin spice all the things!” are all well and good, but let’s be real here for a minute, shall we?

Okay, lemme put it this way – last year I saw something around Christmas that I’d never seen before. I can’t remember if I saw it on Instagram, Facebook or the bumper of someone’s car – but it read, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” I remember reading and thinking, “I suppose that’s kinda true,” followed by, “and it’s catchy!”

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

Well, I was thinking about that bumper sticker (or Facebook post) the other day, and I thought that it also applies to fall…except you swap Halloween in for Jesus.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but think that every crisp morning, each yellowing stalk of corn, the winds that whip up little cyclones of dried maple leaves, the pumpkin-spicification of America, the wool sweaters, the shorter days and longer nights, the yellow harvest moon – all of them serve to set the stage for Halloween.

But Halloween is much more than a night, isn’t it?

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

To be honest, Halloween night has been a bit of a letdown lately. The past couple of years have been marred by Grand Theft Chocolate and Conspiracy to Commit Diabetes.

But what the night itself lacks, the months (for us) and weeks (for most people) leading up to it are magical. My babes and I get so much more joy out of decorating the house, inside and out, for Halloween than we do for Christmas.

Especially the outside.

Especially here in Georgia.

Our neighborhood loves Halloween. It’s a sight to behold!

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

We never saw anything close to this level of engagement in Connecticut!

So with renewed enthusiasm, we look forward to fully participating in Halloween this year. Last year, we still hadn’t entirely unpacked, so our Halloween decor wasn’t up to our usual standards.

This year, we’re firing on all cylinders, and we intend to be at the top of our game.

In fact, we’ve already begun.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, fall has been declared. And since we’ve established that fall only exists to serve Halloween, then we’re well within our rights to start decorating for Halloween in August.



Let’s start with something easy. And I mean like stoooopid easy. The kind of easy that’ll grab the attention of sloths and procrastinators everywhere!

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

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DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

DIY Skull Sunflower Halloween Wreath video tutorial

You may want to watch our short video below for an overview of our DIY Skull Sunflower Halloween wreath before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.


The beauty of this skull sunflower Halloween wreath is that you can make it with a store-bought wreath, or you can make and modify the DIY Fall Bead Wreath I showed you guys last week.

DIY Fall Bead Wreath -

For this post, we just bought a nice fall wreath from Joann that was on sale for 40% off its regular price.

wreath gif

For now, our DIY fall bead wreath is still skull-free, but that may change in the very near future!

Step 1 – Trim the skulls

To make the skulls look like they’re part of the sunflower, you’ll first need to cut off the back of the skull.

man holding a small plastic skull

This is easiest done with a small pair of pointy scissors. Just stab in where the neck would be…

man cutting a plastic skull with scissors

…and start cutting up towards the top of the skull.

man cutting a plastic skull with scissors
man cutting a plastic skull with scissors

Then turn the skull over and cut up form the other side, meeting your cuts at the top of the skull.

man cutting a plastic skull with scissors
man cutting a plastic skull with scissors
man cutting a plastic skull with scissors

The cut should be flat.

man cutting a plastic skull with scissors

If it’s not, just keep trimming until it is.

man cutting a plastic skull with scissors

Step 2 – Glue the skulls onto the sunflowers

Run a thin bead of hot glue around the cut edge of the skull.

man putting hot glue on a plastic skull

Then stick the skull in the center of one of the sunflowers.

man stick a cut plastic skull with glue on it onto a sunflower on a wreath

Repeat for as many skulls as you’d like on your wreath.

man putting hot glue on a plastic skull
man stick a cut plastic skull with glue on it onto a sunflower on a wreath

Step 3 – Pour yourself a glass of wine or a martini and enjoy your new wreath!

That’s it! Done! Finito! Easiest Halloween wreath ever!

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

We love to see our DIY Halloween decor out in the wild! If you make this Halloween DIY decor for your home, take a picture or video and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -
DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -
DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -
DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -
DIY Skull Sunflower Wreath -

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  1. Love it. I also saw a cool one made with entwined rubber snakes that were painted black for a spooky look. Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. My childhood neighborhood used to go all out on decorations, costumes, and creating haunted houses to scare the trick or treaters. My current neighborhood, not so much. People are too busy with work probably.

    And you can come out with “Grand Theft Chocolate and Conspiracy to Commit Diabetes” and leave us hanging wondering what the story is behind that statement.

    1. Okay, so two years ago in CT, it was a crappy cold and rainy Halloween, and Handan and I didn’t really feel in the mood to celebrate. We just wanted to hide out and watch scary movies. I put out an enormous bowl of candy around 6:30. Enormous. The bowl is about 2 1/2 feet wide. It was filled with hundreds and hundreds of candies. I put it on a small table just outside the door with a sign telling everyone to help themselves to a handful. Pretty generous I thought – no “take one and beat it, kid” but a whole handful. And the bowl was big enough to last the whole night. Sometime after 7, the doorbell kept ringing, and I kept thinking what the heck is wrong with these kids? Don’t they see the huge bowl that’s blocking the door? Around 8, I became suspicious, so I looked out and saw that the bowl was gone. Not just the candy…the whole damn bowl! I went out searching and found the empty bowl in the cul-de-sac near our mailbox. So that’s the Grand Theft Chocolate. The conspiracy to commit diabetes is what that little hellion did to himself by eating all of that pilfered candy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I love your blog but it would be nice to be able to read it with a gazillion ads popping up. I understand the purpose about affiliate ads but this blog is ridiculous

    1. Bear in mind, Leslie – the ads we serve (none of which “pop up”) keep this site and all the useful DIYs and craft tutorials, all of the SVGs and printables we create FREE. This is my business, and I have every right to be paid for my work. So either it will be ads or we will have to turn this blog into a paid membership site like many others already have. Can you tell me what your preference is, Leslie? Would you prefer paying a membership fee so you wouldn’t have to deal with ads? It’s something we will entertain if enough people would prefer it that way. Thanks for your input!

      1. Whoa, friend, a bit harsh, don’t you think? Leslie is right, the blog has become very annoying to view on a phone, but is much more ad-free on a desktop. Of course we want you paid, but I wish there was a user-friendly compromise.

        1. No Pamela, I don’t think it’s harsh. In what other profession is it okay to criticize the means by which someone earns a living?

        2. Pamela, I’m not sure which part of Greg’s response you thought was harsh, because when I read it all I see that he is simply asking for reader input on the topic.
          Please note that the desktop and mobile ads are the same amount on our website. We have no pop-up ads, nor do we have ads that cover the pictures or the screen in an annoying manner. What we have are in-content ads which get placed in between pictures or paragraphs. While other blogs use all types including in-picture ads, pop-up ads, screen-cover ads, etc, we never wanted that kind of intrusive view for our users. Also note that the ad mix on our site is exactly the same with other DIY & craft blogs on the internet. The only difference is our posts are longer than other blogs, as we have more pictures and more writing. Hence the number of ads seems more, but I can assure you the % of pictures + paragraphs vs ads is the same.
          If you guys really think our blog has become so annoying on mobile, then we certainly can start a membership site where you would pay a monthly fee to view the site entirely ad-free. And that’s all Greg is asking – for reader input on that topic.

          1. I love every bit of your blog. I can scroll right past the ads and they donโ€™t bother me at all. You totally deserve some income from all of his work you !

          2. Every once in a while an ad throws me off while I’m reading but I’m a huge fan of free, so I’ll happily scroll by even if that means that sometimes I end up trying to figure out how concrete surfacing fits into a Halloween craft tutorial. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. OMGosh, this is soooo pretty and kinda badass at the same time. I made a replica of a wreath from that place on Grandin Rd (๐Ÿ˜‰) that looks cool outside. We have a double-sided wreath hanger for our door, and I am thinking I need to do one like this for the inside of the door!!!

    We are a bit nuts at Halloween time. We now have more totes full of Halloween decor vs Christmas decor.

    Tip: Last year we put out a box with a bowl of candy inside and wired it to our bench. We had a hole cut out to put your hand into and colored plastic over the hole (attached inside) with a slit for kids to reach into. I thought about attaching anti-bac wipes because they are damp and would keep down germs (we are in a hot spot) but didn’t want anyone with sensitive skin to break out. Worked great and we were able to enjoy an indoor scavenger hunt for the kids (and PLENTY of wine/beer for us adults) without having to answer the door. ๐ŸŽƒ

    1. Oooh, Mo, good idea on the candy dispensary! Last year, we tried the same deal here in GA that we did two years ago in CT. While no one stole the bowl (we used a smaller one), they did pick it clean in minutes. Meanwhile, our neighbors who had done pretty much the same thing had their bowl last throughout the night. I guess kids just like to rob us, lol!

  4. Love the story of your thieves. As to the ads…. if you look at ANYTHING these days you have to deal with ads. One time your ad cover content, it was brought to your attention and corrected quickly. You and Handan provide a wonderful service for all to enjoy. If the ads bother you that much “switch the channel”

    1. Thank you so much for your input, Debi! We love what we do, and all we ask in return is for you guys to put up with a few ads, lol! ๐Ÿ˜

  5. I love your blog, don’t listen to rude people. I agree with Debi change the channel. Keep us entertained and making new projects. Have a blessed day.

  6. I must really ignore the ads because … mostly, it’s “What ads?” Whiners will be whiners. Love your blog!

  7. Loved this wreathe! Wonder if I can do it to my “spring” wreathe of peonies that is still up. AND if his nibs would even notice. Now, if I moved his recliner 3″ or forgot to make supper, that he’d notice! My daughter’s favorite holiday is Halloween and I have loved making her some of your great jars/bottles of icky stuff!