Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

Gallery of the Faceless – Easy Halloween Wall Decor

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This easy, creepy lighted mask Halloween wall decor idea will definitely turn some heads this season! Make just one or a whole gallery wall!

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

Once in a while you get shown the light

In the strangest of places if you look at it right
The Grateful Dead

Jerry had it right back in 1974 when he first sang those lyrics – inspiration can come anytime from anywhere. But you have to be open to it.

It’s historical folklore, but Isaac Newton is said found the light (and the inspiration to formulate his law of gravity) in an apple that had fallen from a tree under which he slumbered and bonked him on the noggin.

Had he just grabbed the fallen fruit and crammed it into his mouth, we may still be wandering about unsure of why we fall down instead of up. But he grabbed that apple and peered into its very core (pun intended) and was rewarded with a mental leap the likes of which the world had seldom seen.

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

Like Isaac and Jerry, Handan is always open and receptive to “the light” when it comes to her crafting and project ideas, and this is especially true around Halloween. She’ll buy things – materials – without knowing why, trusting that somewhere down the line, she’ll see the light and make the connection that will inspire a new idea. I’ve seen it so many times. When you know about it, it’s fun to watch.

In the old days, Younger, Handsomer, and Magnificently Dumber me used to badger her and question what I considered to be irrational and unnecessary expenditures on crafting materials she couldn’t justify.

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

Of course, I wasn’t really complaining about the money – most of the supplies came from Dollar Tree. But what I objected to was the confounding clutter – the pile after pile and bag after bag of Dollar Tree detritus that just sat in various corners of the house like indolent schoolroom dunces. Inevitably, they’d become my responsibility, but I never knew what to do with all of it because I didn’t have the foggiest notion what the heck they were for!

In time, I started to see order in the chaos, a signal in the noise. She may or may not know why she is buying certain materials – she just knows that she’ll probably figure something out with them eventually.

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

Recently, she started buying round mirrors from Dollar Tree – those plastic jobbies that don’t have actual glass in them. She had a certain idea for a Halloween project (mind you, this was a couple of months ago). I can’t say what that project is, because we’re still planning on doing it.

But I’m here to tell you, first and foremost, about inspiration and the places it can strike. For this project, all the tumblers fell into place last weekend when Handan and I were out searching for those plastic orange pumpkin candy pails we all had when we were younger. It’s damn near impossible to find them these days.

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

You want pink? Gotcha covered, Princess!

Blue? You got it, Bucko!

You prefer a teal pumpkin pail? Here ya go, Tiger!

But orange? The color that started it all? The One True Halloween Color and the One to Rule them All?

Yeah, not so much – at least not in any stores I looked in this year in Florida and last year in Georgia.

Anyway, Handan and I were valiantly searching every Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Dollar Tree in a reasonable radius when we stumbled upon a Five Below.

“They may have it, my babes. Let’s go in!” said the one who never turns up the opportunity to browse potential craft supplies.

“Ho-kay, my babes,” I said and parked the car.

Three seconds past the threshold told us that there were no orange plastic pumpkin pails.

Now, at this point, were I alone, that would have been my cue to make like a tree and leave.

But my babes?

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -


When one door shuts, another opens. Defeat in finding one craft supply means the opportunity to look for others!

So over to the Halloween wall we went. And lemme tell you, sister, this wasn’t some big selection like Dollar Tree or Walmart. This was a meager affair on a scrawny slice of wall space.

But great ideas are born in lesser places, madam, and right there in that very Five Below, standing in front of the unspectacular Wall o’ Halloween, Handan saw the light. She discovered why she’d been buying those cheap plastic mirrors from Dollar Tree.

There hanging on the runty seasonal display rack were row after row of blank faceless masks. They had white, they had black, they had green.

And they were only one dollar.

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

My babes knew, right then and there amidst the cacophony of Saturday afternoon mall traffic.

The idea leapt into her head as children jostled around us, fleet-footed terrors outfoxing exasperated parents who admonished them from a clearing in middle of the store.

“My babes,” she said, “we’re going to make a gallery wall with these masks, the Dollar Tree mirrors and some lights.”

I was impressed. It was a fantastic idea.

“Ahhhh,” I said, “a ‘Gallery of the Faceless.’ Great idea, my babes!”


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Gallery of the Faceless-112

You may want to watch our short video below for an overview of our DIY Halloween mask lights before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Halloween Mask Lights tutorial

I love these masks – that’s a whole lotta creep for a buck! Also, one of my all-time favorite guitarists wears one of these onstage when he performs, along with a rather unique hat. Anyone know who he is? I’m guessing not, but you guys never cease to surprise!

faceless mask

I first cut off the headbands and tags from the eight white and one green mask. See? This project is so easy that I’m describing the most basic procedures.

cutting the headband from a halloween mask

Next, I unwrapped and cleaned the mirror. A clean mirror will hold the glue better, it will look better, and it will reflect light better, so don’t skip this step!

dollar tree plastic mirror

These little Dollar Tree super glue gel tubes are perfect for crafting.

man holding super glue gel

I put a small dab of glue in the area shown below and the corresponding area on the other side.

putting super glue on a halloween mask

The places I put glue are shown in red in the picture below.

halloween mask

The mask fits perfectly in the mirror. Once in place, I set it aside and made the rest.

gluing a halloween mask to a mirror

Once I had glued all the masks, I left them for about 20 minutes to give the glue more than enough time to fully set.

halloween mask glued to a mirror

We chose to hang these on the wall and then add lights, but you can certainly do it before you hang them. The lights are battery-powered, remote-controlled fairy lights.

fairy lights and remote

I dropped one bundle of fairy lights behind each face. There’s no need to unwrap them – they’ll drop right behind the chin. Note: it’s imperative that you buy the remote-controlled fairy lights, otherwise you’re going to have a heck of a struggle turning them on and off if you’re making a gallery wall like ours!

Before we get to the rest of the beauty shots, let’s talk about price. Making a gallery wall of 9 lighted masks will cost $46 – that’s $27 for 12 lights (you’ll have 3 extra), $9 for the masks, $9 for the mirrors and $1 for the glue. That calculates to $5.11 per lighted mask. If you want to make just 6, your total cost would be about $26.50, and the price per lighted mask would be about $4.42. Not bad considering how badass this display looks!

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -
Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

We love to see our DIY Halloween decor out in the wild! If you make this Halloween DIY decor for your home, take a picture or video and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag us @TheNavagePatch!

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

If you prefer a cooler look, you can use cool-light fairy lights, and get something like this.

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -
Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

This Gallery of the Faceless is such an easy project, but it looks like something from Grandin Road’s Halloween Haven! It’s amazing what dollar store (or near-dollar-store) supplies can create!

Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -
Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -
Gallery of the Faceless | Easy Halloween Wall Decor -

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Gallery of Faceless -
Gallery of Faceless -

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  1. You all surely do love Halloween. I enjoy these posts but not Halloween. Don’t like being scared at all. It is impressive how Handan’s mind works.

  2. Handan and Greg,
    Love it! If I weren’t moving myself I would make it. A future project for my new craft room for sure. Since you’re in an apartment how did you hang them? Thank you both for sharing your ideas with us. You guys are a great team just like my Bill and I.

  3. I am not into Halloween at All, never have been but the things you have been showing us is truly amazing…and dollar store prices is right up my alley! Though I give away all that I make…I sure do so appreciate all the beyond clever ideas that you two come up with. It has gotten me back into crafting & I love it!!!!!
    Bless you & Handan in your new life in sunny, warm Florida. I wish you the best.

    1. Hi Deb, thank you so much for this lovely comment! I’m so happy to hear that we’re an inspiration to you. We are absolutely loving Florida – I always knew Handan would love the weather here, but I’m surprised at how well I’m adapting to the heat and humidity! 🙂

  4. I love all things scary but my husband is out of town right now and I think this would really creep me out! 🤣Awesome idea – love it!

  5. So, this week has brought eyes without faces, and faces without eyes. Interesting. (Yeah, that’s all I’ve got; I can’t even be clever with it today.) But these are great! And small enough to pack away easily for storage–which is always a plus. If you truly get desperate for plastic pumpkin buckets, there’s always spray paint. Those pink buckets should take orange on top quite well, I would think. The sad thing is, you should still be able to find orange ones at October 1, but that’s no longer the case nowadays. Looking forward to the next project.

    1. Thank you, Deb! I know – all the symbolism, right? What does it all mean, lol! BTW, we finally found a few orange pails at a Walmart near Handan’s work! 🙂

  6. How did you get the ‘eyes’ onto the masks in the middle? Did you command hook each mask/mirror individually? I think it’s a really cool look… I may even attempt this to display in my office at work!

    1. I wondered that as well, but as you look at the different pictures, you will see “eyes” appear and disappear from different masks. I think it is just a function of the angles and either seeing a reflection from across the room or seeing the edge of the mirror frame peeking through. Cool effect, though!

    2. Those “eyes” from the straight on picture are an optical illusion due to the angle and the light! The mirrors are all hung with Command Strips. 🙂

  7. Okay, already. Love the creativity, repartee, role-model marriage, and all-around cleverosity, but what have you done with your son? Since your migration to Florida, I have been reading your posts to see if you stashed him somewhere, sent him off to boarding school, if he’s trapped in one of your endless PODs, or if I should call the Florida Craft Investigators (FCI) to find out if he’s glued to a wall somewhere.

    Put my mind at ease; where’s the baby?

        1. yep… tried to tell someone to kiss my asp (yep, the snake) and ended up ‘kiss my aspirin’… predictive text is a treat.

          thx for the update

  8. I love that they’re easy enough for me to do. If I was having a party I’d definitely make a few. I, too, wondered how you got the pupils in the eyes. Happy that you’re really enjoying the climate.!

    1. Mom, anyone can make these! Those pupils are an optical illusion. We’re loving it down here! When are you and Dad coming to visit?

  9. You guys come up with the most creative ideas. I had to copy this one. I did not find mirrors at Dollar Tree but they had metal silver trays and I painted the edge of them black. I used a skeleton mask in the middle space. I put outside on a big wall. I LOVE how it looks. Just what I need out front along with my tree guys. LOL!! Happy Halloween!