DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron by

DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron

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This DIY smoke bubbling cauldron is sure to make the other witches in your neighborhood green with envy. Read on to learn the secret!

A really good witch’s brew needs a great many things.

In addition to your standard “Eye of Newt” and “Wing of Bat,” there are the more subtle ingredients like “Bottled Fart of Mottled Frog” and “Exasperated Sigh,” the latter only found in married women.

Then there are the esoteric and the arcane like “Fool’s Whimsy,” which if improperly handled can have ruinous consequences for both witch and bewitched or “Whirled Peas,” an ingredient so rare and so volatile that no witch in living memory can truthfully claim to have seen it or handled it.

But needs must or cauldrons rust, so a resourceful witch muddles through with what she has and improvises what she doesn’t.

DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron by

Fortunately for me, my babes – who has been known to dabble in green skin and warts from time to time when September chills into October – has come up with a fabulous new witch’s brew that requires nothing more exotic than “Juice of Fog” and “Solution of Bubble.”

Of course, like all crafts, witch or otherwise, there is some specialized equipment involved, but if you want to serve up the best brew on the block, you’re going to want to read on.

To add to the effect, I’m also going to show you how to make a faux glowing ember fire to put underneath your cauldron.

And as for the witch? Well, you can use any old hag you desire. We got ours from Home Depot back in the summer, but they’re pretty much interchangeable.

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Fog Bubble Cauldron VIDEO Tutorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our smoke bubbling cauldron before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Watch Our Tutorial On YouTube

DIY SMoke Bubbling Cauldron Tutorial

Step 1 – Make a faux fire

Before we get to the smoke and bubbles, let’s build a fire for old Hagatha Christie.

I started by placing some small birch logs around a wire wreath form. This step isn’t necessary, but I think it looks great. Then I sprayed just enough spray foam around the form to hold the logs in place.

man spraying foam on a wreath form

Before the foam hardened, I placed a string of orange battery-operated LED string lights around the foam.

man placing lights around a wreath form

I followed this with just enough additional foam to cover the lights.

man making a faux fire from foam and lights

Step 2 – Paint the fire

The next day, I painted the foam with flat black and gloss red spray paint.

man painting foam to simulate fire
man painting foam to simulate fire

Step 3 – Secure the hag

Our witch came with nothing more than a flimsy pole to secure her in the ground. With every puff of wind she turned like a ballerina. To solve this and keep the witch tending to her cauldron, we zip tied her to a narrow garden trellis.

man putting a small trellis in the ground
man and woman attaching a witch to a trelis

Step 4 – Cut the cauldron

I cut a square hole in the back of the cauldron with a utility knife to allow the foggy bubbles a way into the cauldron.

man cutting a hole in a  plastic cauldron

Step 5 – Ready the fog bubble machine

I filled the fog bubble machine with fog juice and bubble liquid. After trying a few different types, we found concentrated bubble liquid diluted to work with bubble machines (ratios vary by brand) produces much better bubbles than the standard bottles of bubble liquid sold with those little plastic bubble maker rings in them.

fog bubble machine

A successful test run!

man testing a smoke bubble cauldron

Step 5 – Add lights

I first coiled a Govee outdoor rope light and set it on green, but I later swapped it out for Govee flood lights set to green. Any green outdoor lights will work.

rope light in cauldron

When darkness falls, the witch starts to brew!

DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron by
DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron by
DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron by
DIY Smoke Bubbling Cauldron by

Still images don’t do the cauldron justice, so I encourage you to watch one of the social media videos at the beginning of the post!

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  1. OMG!! You make the coolest things, where were you when my kids were younger?? It’s always such a pleasure to read your blog. From how to fix things to painting, I know I will learn something new. Now I am 70 and just cannot fathom doing all this, but its fun watching you on your blog. Thank you so much.

  2. Love all of your ideas and decorations. I especially love the lights along the house. I only have an outside light that projects ghosts on the wall. You have given me so many more ideas. Thank you.

  3. Where did you find an affordable fog/bubble machine. Like the idea, but the bubble /fog machine is really pricey. Cheapest I saw was $170

    1. Hi Cheryl, unfortunately there are no cheap options for the fog bubble machine. We made the splurge because it will always get heavy use around the holiday season here.

  4. This is so flipping amazing!! Love it! The bubble/fog machine is made to do this thing? Or, did you hack it?Genius, either way, from one or the other!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. My hubby has just said he didn’t know I had flown on my broomstick to your house to stand by your cauldron!!! … how rude!!

    Wonderful ‘make’ blog post as always

  6. Amazing! Love the fog/bubble idea especially with the green lights. I’ve duplicated quite a few of your wonderful inventions/ideas and my Halloween yards is all the better for them. Thanks for sharing yours (and your witch’s) talents!