Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Easy DIY Christmas Candles

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These easy DIY Christmas Candles are the perfect gift for your spouse, coworkers or even yourself. They’re easy, inexpensive and look fantastic!

Candlemakers kinda hate us.

And who could blame them? They’ve been riding the gravy train from your wallet to the bank for far too long. Have you seen the prices they charge for blobs of wax with a piece of string sticking out?

People bitch about corporate America turning a profit, yet they have no issues vomiting 50 hard earned clams for a stinking candle and then sinking another 8 dollars into a half skinny double caff latte with the apple-caramel drizzle on top to celebrate their purchase.

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Well, the wick stops here, madam. Our candle-splurging days ended back in 2013 when we took Baris to visit the Yankee Candle Sensory Overload and Wallet-Emptying World Headquarters in Massachusetts.

Bowls of what are essentially scented chapstick selling for 20, 30, 50 dollars and more.

And I’m convinced that visit turned my son off of bacon forever, a fact that still sticks in my craw. How, you ask?

Those self-anointed scentmasters decided it would be a smashing idea to produce a bacon-scented candle. Baris – then an impressionable boy of 10 – opened the lid and inhaled deeply.

This was followed by a fit of gagging and dry-heaving so severe I though I might be dealing with a physical comedy genius.

But it was real. The smell so repulsed him as to make him nearly stain the wooden floors a deeper shade of yellow.

And ever since then, my beloved boy has harbored a deep and abiding hatred of anything bacon.

I blame you, Yankee Candle, for depriving my son of one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

But I’m losing the thread here. The point is, the Candle-Industrial Complex has held a stranglehold on your minds and wallets for far too long, and they’ll do anything and stoop to any level to hold on to their power and the dollars that come with it.

“You can’t make candles in a bowl. It’ll EXPLODE!” they’ll scream at you as they clutch at their pearls.

“You can’t put plastic anywhere in a candle, it will melt, and your house will burn down and then you’ll EXPLODE!” they’ll wail and gnash their teeth and then implore you to think about the children, WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

These are the rantings of someone at risk of losing power or perhaps the ravings of one of their internet-educated disciples.

You may ignore them and use common sense as your guide.

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

I made 4 candles in 4 containers, and I’ll talk about each container as I get to them.

Now, let’s make some Christmas candles!


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Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our easy DIY Christmas candles before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Watch Our Tutorial On YouTube


Candle 1 – Shimmering trees

This candle sits in a large and shallow ceramic bowl we found at Goodwill for $2. I put 3 wicks towards one end of the bowl. Though we proved this candle to be safe via a long-burn test, if I were to make it again, I’d shift the left and the right wicks a little more towards me in the photo below. Not much, maybe a half inch shift at most.

3  candle wicks in a large bowl

I secured the wicks with a wooden spoon, a bamboo skewer and some small hair clips.

candle ready for wax

I then poured in the contents of 8 melted Dollar Tree jar candles. This was a big bowl! The 8 candles didn’t fill it all the way, and that’s how I wanted it. I left the candle to cool for a few hours, and then I returned to add some trees.

When the wax had solidified but still wasn’t hard, I arranged the trees around the rim opposite the wicks. These Dollar Tree bottle brush trees have small wood bases that I pressed into the soft wax.

man putting small trees in a candle

The key here to avoid a tree-in-the-flame situation is to position the tall tree at the farthest point and the small trees far enough from the wicks so that even if a tree did fall, it wouldn’t fall near the fire. Two inches or more is fine.

All the trees below survived the long-burn test, but again, if I had to do it over, I’d just place the wicks a little closer to me.

After placing the trees, I poured one more jar of wax into the candle to seal in the trees.

man making a shimmering tree candle
making a tree candle

And just so we’re clear: yes, I know this candle isn’t going to burn evenly. That’s the whole point! I don’t want those trees sinking in melted wax!

tree candle cooling

I let the candle cool and harden overnight, and then I trimmed the wicks. The other key to a successful and safe candle is not to keep the wick too long.

shimmering tree candle

This shimmering tree candle is a real beauty, and as you’ll see, totally safe if made correctly.

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com
Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Because so many experts on social media insisted that we were in imminent danger of exploding, we made this long-burn video to show that the candle (and the trees) are safe.

Candle 2 – Relaxing Rudolph

Look, it was an accident, okay? My babes had bought 3 ceramic reindeer figurines from Walmart, and I kinda sorta fumbled one.

broken figuring on floor

In my defense, he was looking at me funny!

Well, “broken” has never stopped me before, so I scooped up his brittle remains…

…and smashed him a little more.

With two front legs, his head, and a piece of neck I glued onto it, I had the makings of an awesome Christmas candle.

I brought him upstairs along with a dollar treed ceramic bowl and two wicks. But first, I gave him a red nose, two beady little eyes and the hint of a smile.

man making a rudolph candle

I then hot glued the head to the side of the bowl.

man making a rudolph candle
man making a rudolph candle

Then I painted the bottoms of his shoes red and glued each leg into the bowl opposite the head.

man making a rudolph candle
man making a rudolph candle
man making a rudolph candle

Next, I put two wicks in the center of the bow. I aimed for the center, but it seems I missed my mark a little to the north.

man making a rudolph candle

I then secured the wicks in the usual way, and Rudolph was ready for his hot wax treatment!

man making a rudolph candle

He took 2 1/2 jars of Dollar Tree wax, and then I set him aside to cool.

man making a rudolph candle

When the wax was hard, I trimmed the wicks, and Rudolph was ready for action. Actually, scratch that. He wasn’t ready for anything but a whole lotta lounging and loafing!

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Rudolph seems to like his spa day a lot more than flying around the world at breakneck speed, freezing his hooves off delivering presents to the Naughty and the Nice.

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com
Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Candle 3 – The Happy Elf

While perusing the shelves of Walmart the other day, I happened upon a set of Chrismtassy measuring cups with an elf head acting as the handle for the one cup measure. It was only a few bucks for the set, and elf was perfect for a small candle.

There was just one little problem. By the time I got around to making this particular candle, I discovered I was out of wicks – I’m talking about real wicks that candlemakers use – not the recycled wicks from Dollar Tree candles I also sometimes use.

Well, I could have gone digging through the trash to find one of the Dollar Tree ones, but then I saw the look on his face, and I had another thought: would a birthday candle serve as the wick for a larger candle?

I dug out a gold birthday candle from our stash, put some hot wax on the end and stuck it in place.

Can you see where this is going?

making and elf candle for Christmas

I then filled the candle bowl with hot wax.

making and elf candle for Christmas

The birthday candle was popping up out of the wax, and I supported it with a bamboo skewer.

making and elf candle for Christmas

The elf is very happy you’re here reading this post, and he seems very excited to see you!

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com
Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Oddly enough, he didn’t seem as excited after burning for a few minutes.

Candle 4 – A simple hat

Okay, let’s shift gears here and simplify things a bit. This was the third candle I made – just before Elfie.

We found a covered bowl in Target Dollar Spot that I thought was an acorn. My babes informed me it was a winter hat.

man making candles

I still say it’s an acorn.

Anyway, I first pulled off the plastic gasket around the rim of the bowl, and then I stuck one wick in the center. I then filled it with wax, and that was it!

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

When I light this candle, I remove the lid and prop it against the bowl.

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

Handan loves her new Christmas candles. They look great as decor pieces, and when we light them, we do so responsibly. That means we only burn them while we’re in the same room, and we don’t burn them for ridiculously long amounts of time.

These candles are safe when used in a safe manner. That means not leaving them unattended while burning and not burning them for extended periods of time. Decorative candles like these should be burned sparingly, so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com
Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com
Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com
Easy DIY Christmas Candles by TheNavagePatch.com

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  1. Hey folks,
    I love your ideas and your fun and witty dialogue! I wanted to let you know that 3 of the links that are given in this post refer to some Halloween Decor items. They are as follows: candle wicks, Elf Measuring cups, and the Golden birthday candle. Again, thanks so much for sharing all of your fun and ingenious ideas!

  2. They said they would explode? Bit of a drama queen aren’t they? They are all nice. Love your wit Greg.

  3. I love all your ideas, thank you for sharing! Do you have any tips on the best way to melt down the Doller Store candles you use?

  4. Love the reindeer but my favorite is the frozen tundra candle with the beautiful glittering trees. It’s laid out so nicely and looks so beautiful burning. Funnily enough I have had a candle explode before…one of those very expensive, over scented ones from a fancy store! Glass shattering everywhere. I’m guessing the glass hadn’t been tempered correctly or there was a fault line. Ironically I’d feel safer with Rudolf there! Like you said, use any kind of flame responsibly and never leave anything burning unattended!

  5. I am a chandler and the only way it would explode is if the wick was really off center. Making candles in a bowl is fine as long as you have enough wicks to burn evenly. To this day I have never charged that much money for a candle I have made. I charge for the price of the vessel it’s in, the wick, the scent by the ounce, and the price of the wax by the pound, or if it is only a votive or tea light is by the ounce or half ounce. You must have been talking about the big name candle makers. Yankee, Better homes and gardens . Had to be. Lol

    1. Yes, Ellen, I am talking about those big guys, lol! Total rip-offs! I’m so happy to hear there are chandlers who make reasonably priced candles! Do you sell online?

  6. Oops. I messed up my comment. It must have been because I thought you were calling me a big time candle retailor. Lol

      1. No, I haven’t sold online in a long time. I’m not making them anymore right now because I don’t have a shop at this time. I want to start up again but the prices of wax and scents have gone up big time. Whew! I’m going to have to buy them slowly and build up on stock again. There’s even more scents than I remember from the companies I ordered from. Wow!! I’ll get there and keep you informed. Hopefully it will be before I’m 70. 66 now. I will have to go faster than a little bit at a time. lol

        1. Oh, I almost forgot. If a wick is not placed as close to the center as possible, the glass or molded candles will explode. When I was starting out, I went to a class at my local fire dept. on the safety of burning candles so there were no chance of fires. In there investigations they showed some of them and the wick was off to the sides and everywhere but the middle. I would also like to warn all of the ladies and gentlemen if you ever go to flea markets or craft shows, always look to see the wick placement. In the big box stores also. I have found them out of place in them too.

  7. Rudolph for the win. Just curious but why didn’t you use one of the wicks from the candles you melted instead of a birthday candle?

    1. Thanks, Karen! I’d thrown out the DT wicks in favor of shorter new wicks I had bought a couple of years ago. By the time I got to this candle, I’d run out. I could have rescued a DT one from the trash, but I decided to try a birthday candle to see if it would work as a suitable replacement. And for small candles (not deeper than the height of the birthday candle) it does!

  8. Oh, who gives a s*** if they explode!! C’mon, people, I’m gonna try this as soon as I get all of the stuff to make ’em, and I’m not gonna be stupid enough to light a single wick on ’em, lest the wax start melting down even an eighth of an inch and ruin them for next year and the year after, etc. And Greg, I think we should refer to you now as DR Greg, as it is clear you’ve become a master at, ahem, to put it gently, Christmas character gender fluidity, and you have done a magnificent job with at least two characters here, helping ease them into whatever gender best suits their, you know, whatever….. again clearing throat, sensitive topic and all that. But I saw right through that wick placement, oh yes I did. Can’t fool us older folk. Mm-hmm. Spa indeed….