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Gift Guide for Crafters

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Our Gift Guide for Crafters is loaded with fun and useful gifts that any crafter (new, experienced, young or old) would be thrilled to find under the tree or in a stocking this year! But hey, even if you don’t know any crafters, you can always gift yourself!

Compiling a list of the best gifts for crafters is a daunting task. “Crafting” is such an open-ended and broadly-defined term that one could spend days searching through the myriad and ever-growing list of niches. To keep things simple, I narrowed my focus for this Gift Guide for Crafters to a group of fun products that anyone who calls themselves a crafter will appreciate. And for the DIYers on your list, don’t forget to check out our Gift Guide for DIYers!


Gorilla Hot Glue Gun

I’ve used a boatload of hot glue guns in the last few years, but this is the one I keep coming back to. I’m not a fan at all of the full-sized version, but the Gorilla mini hot glue gun is on point!


Cricut Maker 3

You should know by now just how much we love our Cricut Maker 3. This is one of those game-changing tools that will take your crafting to the next level and put a smile on your face every time you use it. I know it’s pricey (and it’s the most expensive item on this list), but what you get for that price is so so worth it! I wouldn’t expect you to buy this for anyone but yourself, or you can start dropping hints now, so The Hubster warms up to the idea by Christmas! Pro Tactic: be like a kid and keep asking for it over and over and over again until your husband gets so sick of hearing about that he buys one just to shut you up! Heheheh, the perfect plan. 🙂


Rub’n Buff 9 Color Assortment

This stuff is the best! We’ve been using it for years from mirrors to frames, to lamps to anything you can think of… and we’ve got an amazing project coming up that features it!


Tim Holtz Titanium Mini Snips

I know it’s weird to get excited about snips, but these things are totally awesome! They’re my go-to pair around the craft room, and when I can’t find them (because Handan has stolen them for her own nefarious purposes), I freak out a little until I can get them back in my chubby little hands.


Cricut Mug Press

The most fun you’ll ever have with an empty coffee mug!


Craft Storage Cart

Since putting together our Georgia craft room, I’ve got a pretty good handle on our storage situation, but I know many crafters still struggle to keep things neat. We’re a big fan of rolling storage, and this little craft cart delivers a ton of useful (and mobile!) storage for a very reasonable price. Bonus: the top doubles as a little work area!


Fiskars Rotary Cutter

I discovered this tool when I was working on my first veneer project back in the early months of The Navage Patch. Handan had been using it for years to cut this and that, but I stole borrowed it from her to give it a try on wood veneer. It took her a year to get it back from me. I held it hostage in the basement and used it to cut pretty much everything! It’s just an amazing and fun little tool! Be sure to pair it with a self-healing mat (featured later in this list).


Cricut EasyPress 2

If you’re into HTV or know someone who is, then you may want to take a serious look at the Cricut EasyPress 2. Available in 3 sizes (plus a mini size, featured later in this list), the EasyPress 2 offers up to 400 degrees of even heating across the heat plate – that’s more than enough heat for HTV, and it will allow you to break into the dye sublimation game with Cricut’s Infusible Ink line of products. Can you hear it calling you? I can!


Hot Glue Gun Stand

My glue gun pad is getting a little long in the tooth and a little cruddy (plus, it’s discontinued) – I think it’s time to upgrade to a stand!


Ultra-sharp Scissors

I can’t stand dull scissors, so I’m always on the lookout for a sharp pair. This set is as sharp as they come. I’ve claimed the blue one as my own, and I guard it jealously.


Mini Pliers Set

Mini pliers are a must-have for any crafter. We’ve got an old set of Husky mini pliers that we still use, but I think their days are numbered. I’ve got my eye on this set to replace them.


Adult Coloring Book Set

Sure we offer some free adult coloring pages in The VIP Patch, but you don’t want to gift someone with a link to a web page! This 3-book set has some of the best designs out there, and it is Amazon’s most popular adult coloring book set.


Canon Inkjet Printer

We’ve said it over and over in our posts – we absolutely love this printer and recommend it to all! You can’t beat the QPR (Quality/Price Ratio) on this one! We use it for most of our printables and crafts that involve printing.


Soap Making Kit

Everything’s better when you make it yourself! This soap-making kit has everything needed to make beautiful and fragrant soaps in all different shapes and colors. Bonus: the gift recipient will no longer stink!


Candle Making Kit

I got a candle making kit a few years ago and made some really cool cinnamon/vanilla, blue/white swirl candles. Candle-making is a ton of fun, and the possibilities are endless! This is a great gift for all ages, and it’s the perfect gift-making gift! What else are you going to do with all the candles you make?? 🙂


Brother Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are sorcery to me. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t wrap my head around how the hell these things work. Fortunately, I don’t have to understand the infernal thing to operate a Brother computerized sewing machine. It has more brains than I do, apparently, because complex stitching is effortless for it. Handan bought a previous model of the one pictured above a few years back, and she keeps threatening me with it. No, not like, “If you don’t shape up, I’ll smash this into your head.” More like, “Hey babes, I’m going to teach you how to sew on the Brother!”

It makes my blood run cold.

Sewing: The Final Frontier for Craft Man.


Cricut EasyPress Mini

The little heat press that could! This cute little thing has been a runaway success for Cricut, and for good reason – it’s a ton of fun to use!


Alcohol Ink Set

You’ve seen us put ’em to good use here, here and here. See what all the fuss is about, and hop on the alcohol ink bandwagon yourself or give it as a gift for someone else to enjoy!


Pom Pom Maker

Pom poms: The final Final Frontier for Craft Man beyond which there is no turning back. But did I let that stop me? Heck, no! I jumped right in, pom pom’d like a boss and somehow managed to keep my dignity. See the results here. And yeah, the pom pom maker is kinda fun! 🙂


Self-Healing Mat


These large self-healing mats are a must-have for anyone with a rotary cutter or any other type of cutter, for that matter. For years before our craft room was ready, One of these lived on the family room floor. Handan spent half her time on the sofa with a laptop, half her time at her crafting table behind the sofa and the other half of her time on the floor, crawling around this mat. (For most people, 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 would equal 1 1/2, but somehow my babes is able to squeeze three halves into a whole!)

I just hope they come out with a self-filling martini soon!


Happy crafting everyone and Merry Christmas!

Gift Guide for Crafters -
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  1. Hmmm, I guess it is time for you to meet with the men who make quilts so you can put your time on the Brother to good use!!!

  2. A glue gun with a light! Why is this only just now a thing?! That’s brilliant!

    I’m still holding out hope Santa might bring me a Cricut Maker for Christmas this year. I’ve been…pretty good?

  3. When you really learn to sew, my friend, you will want an INDUSTRIAL sewing machine, such as a Bernina 950 if you can find one. Powered by a motor and hinged in its own table, now you are in my area of expertise. Do you feel better now, knowing you could have such a powerful ‘toy’? My Bernina is a part of me, just like another arm. Thanks for another wonderful post, and I am already planning to gift myself several of your ideas. Thanks!

    1. I just looked up the Bernina 950 on Google – it looks like it’s all business! Wow, what an impressive machine! One of these days, I’m sure I’ll be diving into that world! 🙂

  4. The ceramic Yarn Bowl is lovely but wood is more mobile. It’s lighter and can take bumping much better. Mine goes with me wherever I take my knitting. As for sewing machines, ALWAYS sit down and sew with a machine you consider purchasing, no matter how recommended it is. Unless of course you can pick it up used for under $50.

    1. Good info on the yarn bowl, Derry! As a non-knitter, I never would have thought of that! And I can see the importance of trying out a sewing machine. I supposed it’s like a musical instrument. I’d never buy a guitar without first playing it! 🙂