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Beautiful Furniture Makeovers

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These beautiful furniture makeovers will get your creative juices flowing for the next time you see a roadside junker or a tag sale bargain!

Look, I know what you’re thinking.

“Another roundup post? I don’t know what’s going on over there at The Navage Patch, but I think four roundup posts in the past month is too much! They must be getting lazy! Hmph!”

But this time, you’re wrong!

(And I say that with the utmost respect, madam. A woman of your obvious charm and intellect can never be truly ‘wrong.’ Perhaps ‘mistaken’ would be a better choice of words?)

Okay, you’re not mistaken about the lazy part. I was born lazy, and I’ll die lazy, but I promise this deluge of roundup posts has nothing to do with my laziness!

On the contrary, madam.

Today’s roundup post (and the very first post of a brand new decade, I might add) was not shoehorned in because we couldn’t think of anything else to write about (I assure you, my project calendar is full)!

Today’s roundup post serves as an inspiration for us as well as you!

Beautiful Furniture Makeover curated by

We stand at the dawn of a new decade, and as Handan and I peer into the bright future, we see the opportunity to accomplish great things.

The opportunity to grow.

The opportunity to build.

And the opportunity to take old things and make them new again.

I get so much satisfaction from building furniture – from rustic to farmhouse to industrial – but there is a special place in my heart for a good furniture makeover.

Nothing is more gratifying than taking something old and worn, something unloved and broken, and giving it new life and a new purpose through perseverance, patience (and usually a bit of paint).

To get us primed and ready for all the projects that lie ahead in these sure-to-be-roaring twenties, Handan and I have collected some of our very favorite furniture makeovers.

These pieces were rescued from roadsides and bought from tag sales and second-hand shops. They were given the time and effort needed to transform them from ugly ducklings into graceful and gorgeous swans.

Join us as we seek inspiration through transformation!

Estate Sale Desk Makeover

When it comes to furniture makeovers, Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer is one of the best in the business.

A little bit French cottage, a little bit farmhouse and a whole lotta beauty, her furniture makeovers are a feast for the eyes. Check out this gorgeous blue and white desk makeover. She took a $19 estate sale snoozer and turned it into the stunner you see below!

Antique China Cabinet Restoration

Oh, my! Would you look at that – it’s us! This Antique China Cabinet Restoration was real bear. The shell of this piece sat in our house as a storage depot for a couple of years before I finally got around to giving it the love and attention it deserved. It was a ton of hard work, but the result is well worth the effort! It is one of our proudest pieces, and it shall always hold a place of honor in our dining room.

Dusty Blue Floral Painted Dresser

It doesn’t matter how homely the original is, with the right vision, some good paint and a little bit of skill, almost any piece of furniture can be breathtaking.

Denise at Salvaged Inspirations started with a well-made (but kinda clunky) old dresser, and what she did with a little paint and some floral transfers is nothing short of amazing. Kudos, Denise!

Antique Black China Cabinet Makeover

So many great furniture makeovers involve painting, and Fallon at Market House Restorations is one of the best in the biz with a brush.

There’s slapping some Annie Sloan on a piece of furniture and calling it a day, and then there’s painting. Fallon is a painter through and through.

Her antique black china cabinet makeover is one of those rare furniture makeovers that started with an already-gorgeous piece.

But she made it better. So much better. And the result is not only beautiful, but handsome and striking as well. Great job, Fallon!

Antique Desk Makeover

Back in the very first months of The Navage Patch, back in the days before we really knew what we were doing, I undertook an Antique Desk Makeover project.

It was the first time I worked with veneer, and it consumed three months of my life.

I named the post “Veneer and Loathing” – a testament to the pain and misery that resulted from my decision to cover an antique desk in 3 types of exotic wood veneers.

The process was brutal, I learned a ton, and the end result still blows me away to this day!

DIY Faux Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

This stunning beauty by Tereza at Cityscape Bliss would be impressive (to say the least) if it were merely stenciled.

But Tereza didn’t go that route for her faux bone inlay chest of drawers. You’ll be floored when you find out how she did it!

DIY Painted Chair

Painting upholstery is a controversial subject. Some love it, and some can’t stand it. But Kristy at Robb Restyle handles the issue with aplomb, and her painted chair looks like something out of a museum!

I think it’s time to find an old upholstered chair. Now where’s my paintbrush?

Beautiful Furniture Makeover curated by
Source: Robb Restyle

Balayage Inspired Painted Media Console

I’ve often said that anything goes in the world of DIY, so why not a furniture makeover inspired by a hair coloring technique? Carrie at Thirty Eighth Street takes the latest rage in hair color – balayage – and tries it out on an old media console.

I’d say she nailed it! What about you?

Whitewashed Buffet Makeover

When it comes to furniture makeovers, sometimes simple is best. Mary at Orphans With Makeup uses a simple whitewashing Lime wax to transform a nice (but basic) buffet into a classic work of art.

So simple. So easy. And so quick!

5 Dollar Stool Makeover

Here’s another winner from Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer. Not all furniture makeovers have to be big bulky dressers and desks. Christy shows the power of DIY upholstery with her cheap and easy stool makeover!

Turquoise Inlay Console – An Antique Dining Table Upcycle

This project was one of our very first posts, and it’s something I made before the The Navage Patch was officially born. This Turquoise Inlay Console was my first foray into the world of stone inlay.

So did I buy crushed turquoise like any sane man would?

Of course not!

I bought raw turquoise ore and crushed it myself!

Click on over to the post to find out how it all went down.

Tallboy Makeover with Gold Transfer

The right rub on transfer or stencil can make a good project great, and Denise at Salvaged Inspirations always knows when to take her projects to the next level!

We love everything about this tallboy – the color, the simplicity of the piece, and of course, the transfer!

Stacked Suitcases Dresser Makeover

Our friends Michelle and Shaun at A Crafty Mix hit it out of the park with their stacked suitcase makeover. Inspired by the vintage-looking suitcases so readily available in The States (but so prohibitively expensive in their native South Africa), they decided to Do It Themselves and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece. They’ve got a ton of brilliant projects, and this is one of the best of the bunch!

Beautiful Furniture Makeover curated by
Source: A Crafty Mix

Melamine Wardrobe Makeover

This is one of those furniture makeovers that makes your scrolling finger freeze. When Handan showed me this incredible wardrobe makeover, I couldn’t tear my eyes away! And then she showed me the before, and I just about fell out of my seat! Kristine at The Painted Hive has taken an entirely different route with this makeover, and I am in awe at what she has created. (Just wait until you see how it looked before!) My hat’s off to you, Kristine!

Dresser Turned Vanity

Sometimes a furniture makeover is also a repurpose. Such is the case with this gorgeous whitewashed dresser by Jenna Sue at Jenna Sue Design. Once at home in a bedroom, Jenna Sue gave it a quick and classy makeover and repurposed it into a vanity for her master bath. We love the makeover and the whole vibe of her master bath!

Tea Cart Makeover

When my babes finished this Tea Cart Makeover, we had no idea how popular it would become! This is the first project of ours to be featured in a magazine (Country Sampler Farmhouse). These tea carts are everywhere (have you ever been in a thrift shop without one), and this simple makeover breathes new life into a dated classic!

Vintage Desk Makeover

With many furniture makeovers, the piece will dictate the process. Susan at Saw Nail and Paint had one thing in mind for this vintage desk – a strip, sand and re-stain – but as so often happens with veneered pieces, a little too much sanding can burn right through the veneer, and then you’ve go only two options left. The first would be to tear of all the old veneer and re-veneer the whole damn thing. Now that is a ton of work! The simpler option is to paint over the problem area, and in Susan’s case, also keep some of the stained wood.

Mixed paint/stain projects are almost always majestic and striking, and Susan’s is no exception!

Stenciled Cedar Chest

There’s stenciling, and then there’s stenciling. Kathy at Petticoat Junktion uses a layering technique to give beautiful depth to her stencil on this cedar chest makeover. Check out how she did it!

Painted Refrigerator

This one’s sure to be a hit with the guys! Rachel at Craving Some Creativity shows us how to paint a refrigerator with probably the greatest stencil you could ever want on a fridge! I have a feeling I’ll be making one of these for my son when he heads off to college in a couple of years!

We hope you found some inspiration in this collection of beautiful furniture makeovers.

Which ones do you like most?

Are there any you’re likely to try?

Let us know in the comments, and we’ll be seeing you soon with some new projects!

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Beautiful Furniture Makeover curated by
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  1. I love looking at furniture makeovers! My favorite is that turquoise inlay table though–the top came out fabulous. These two from the Honeycomb Home blog are great too.
    I actually remade an oak console table by painting it the same Green Leaf as the dresser in the above link and changing the drawer hardware. I bought the table new but planned on painting it from the get-go to give room some color to contrast with all the wood..

  2. Loved these! After fall & the holidays Iโ€™m itching to redo something. Maybe Iโ€™ll try a small table and figure out how to give it a natural wood finish. Time for a project!

  3. Happy New year! Christy, Carrie and Denise are my absolute favorite Furniture Artists. They have taught me all I know. Thank you for showing off their work. I look forward to seeing more from you and Handan.

  4. Happy New Year guys and a big fat “buy a donkey” ๐Ÿ˜‰ for including our luggage chest of drawers in your round-up. OMW!!!! There are some stunners here. Carrie’s balayage makeover took my breath away when I saw it a few years back and then there’s that heavenly cart that you guys did. Most definitely magazine-worthy. Thanks so much for the inspo