DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

DIY Dollar Tree Light-up Mop Ghosts

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These Dollar Tree light-up mop ghosts are some of the cheapest, easiest and cutest Halloween crafts you’re ever likely to encounter!

It was only a matter of time before my babes noticed the obvious.

I mean, it was right there in front of her face for almost a year!

But I suppose her mind was busy dreaming up entirely new projects for Halloween and Christmas so she just didn’t see that this:

DIY Dollar Store Lighted Mop Gnomes -

Could so easily be made to look like this!

DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

In fact, it’s even easier, because there’s no need to make a fabric hat!

Still, when she finally figured it out, it was one of those moments where the world comes screeching to a halt (because she told it to), and life is turned upside down for the next hour (because she willed it to be so) until Yours Craftingly produces the thing that’s been crowding her brainwaves.

It’s weird. Handan has a sixth sense about which projects and crafts are likely to go viral, and there is no peace on Earth until she gets the bug out of her brain.

And that’s how it was with these Dollar Tree light-up mop ghosts.

She had the idea. She told me the idea…

DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

And I yawned, stretched, scratched my belly and looked around.

“Yep,” I might have said. “Good idea, my babes.” And then I likely yawned again and wandered off in search of food.

But she was having none of it.

She turned me around and marched me upstairs to the craft room where I was informed in no uncertain terms that I’d be making light-up mop ghost.

In fact, I’d make her two, because one of anything is just not enough, unless it’s an ass-kicking, and then one is plenty.

DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

And you know what? She was right (duh). I posted these ghosts on Instagram and TikTok, and as of this writing, they’re at 4 million and 1 million views respectively.

The lesson in all this is that I should never question my babes when she gets that bug on her brain. Of course, she’d tell you that I should probably never question her on any topic, but what fun would that be?

So enough of my yapping. Let’s make some Dollar Tree light-up mop ghosts!

dollar tree light up mop ghost supplies

Easy peasy chicken squeezy is the name of the game with these ghosts. And if you can’t find a Dollar Tree vase or to save a couple of bucks, you could also use a mason jar or really any other tall glass you may have on hand.

DIY Light-up Mop Ghost SUPPLIES LIST

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Dollar Tree Light-up Mop Ghost VIDEO Tutorial

Watch our short and fun video below for an overview of our DIY Light-up Mop Ghost before you read the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

DOLLAR TREE Light-up Mop Ghost Tutorial

Step 1 – Put glue on the mop

I’m hesitant even to use steps for such a ridiculously easy craft, but the Google Gods like to see steps, so here ya go Google! Happy now??

Okay, now that Google is happy and off my back, let’s get back to our mop ghosts. Flip the mop head over and put a bunch of hot glue all over the piece of plastic that lives under there. You could use super glue or E-6000 or any other strong adhesive for this step if you don’t happen to have a hot glue gun.

man putting hot glue on a mop head

Step 2 – Put the mop on the glass

Ugh, I feel like I’m writing a recipe for boiled water here. That reminds me of a recipe I once saw on Epicurious long, long ago for Salted Water. The comments were hilarious. The recipe is no longer there, but it created such a stir that Epicurious wrote an article about it.

Anyway, yeah, stick the mop head on the vase. Like, where else are you going to stick it?? o_0

man gluing a mop head onto a vase

Step 3 – Add a hat

I sure hope Google is having a good laugh at these steps.

After letting the mop strands fall back down the vase, put some more hot glue around the mop top.

man gluing a hat to a mop ghost

Then (you guessed it) plop a hat on top! Yep, just make sure to put the hat on top of the mop and not somewhere like, you know, the side or something. Jeez, maybe I should have added an extra step about how to hold the hat so it doesn’t slip through your fingers. Forgive me, Google Gods!

man gluing a hat to a mop ghost

Step 4 – Add eyes

Cut two eyes from a piece of black felt or fabric. Remember that ghosts have two eyes. Not three. Not one. Two.

man holding a piece of felt

Glue those two eyes onto the mop.

man holding a light up mop ghost

Step 5 – Add lights

man holding fairy lights

Stick one or two fairy light strands up into your mop ghost’s nether region and secure the battery pack with a bit of FunTak or a piece of tape.

man putting lights in a mop ghost
man putting lights in a mop ghost
man putting lights in a mop ghost

Step 6 – Spread the word!

Go now and make your own Dollar Tree light-up mop ghost and then spread the Word of the Ghost to everyone you meet! Tell ’em it’s another Navage Patch original!

DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

Or, you know, just plop him on your mantel and go about your day.

DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -
DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

Oh, and in case you missed them – you can find the tutorial for these (faux) macrame rope ghosts here.

DIY Macrame Ghost -
DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -
DIY Dollar Tree Light-Up Mop Ghosts -

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  1. What a GREAT Ghost!!!
    You make it look so easy.
    I just made the mop head gnome over the weekend and I am sold on them!!
    Although I forgot to buy the dollar store cone hat, I improvised with a styrofoam cone and I LOVED the finished product!!!
    You & Handan have the absolute best ideas and always show us easy directions. Thank you so very much!!! Keep up the wonderful ideas coming, they are so appreciated!!

  2. Hey Greg, I was looking at an August post where you were lamenting about leaving Schlage Encode door locks on your Georgia home. I need to update the locks on my doors, what is special about these locks? Are they the wifi ones? They look to be available now, but they are expensive, like $280/per does that sound right?

    Thanks for your advice. Ruth

    1. Hi Ruth, yes that’s how much they are now, though when we bought them, they were $250. Great locks, though. I love being able to lock them from anywhere!

  3. I LOVE the narration in your video! 😀 And a clever way to repurpose your basic mop gnome from earlier. They are so cute that I may need to make some. Okay, I WILL need to make some!

    Thanks for the smiles.

  4. vind deze super leuk ga ze morgen maken. snel spullen halen in de winkel en samen met de kindjes 7 en10jaar eraan beginnen. dank je wel voor deze leuke spoken . ze zijn er weg van. zeiden gaan we die maken. dus oma is de klos he?? maar vind dat zelf ook super om te doen . dank je wel ervoor. ann peters